The Complete Woman Episode 38


It was the long throat of tom tom that sold my husband away, so all along it was my fault. I watched as Sophia kept confessing her wickedness.

Sophia: I waited till I was sure that he must have eaten from my tom tom and so I called him and made up stories about him winning a contract. I paid the guy 5000 to make that call. When he came, I made sure she was never going to have him anymore.

Me: Sophia what did I ever do to you?

Sophia: you married him, that is your sin.

Me: but you urged me to marry him didn’t you?

Sophia: I thought you won’t accept, which will push me to be his consoler, but you did and that is why I made sure he was quick to beat you. Hahahaha how was the beatings, did you enjoy it?/(she started laughing like a deranged woman)

Isaiah: Sophia I never knew you were this evil. You are evil.

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Sophia: but you married me stupid. You married this evil. I made sure you married me and brought me to your house. The plan was to frustrate this witch out of this house. But she refused to go. I wanted her to get tired but she wouldn’t leave then I made to provoke her to hit me or shout at me so that her edge would be broken, so that I can finally kill her and be free, but she wouldn’t retaliate. And her edge of protection was there. If only she insulted me once just once, but she wouldn’t, stupid, you just were quiet, taking everything. Stupid, why? Why didnt you fight back why?

Me: Because I know God would fight for me, why do I need to fight?

Sophia: And this night she started praying, heaping fire and pepper on my head. Why? Why? (She suddenly started dancing around, turning round and round until she fell. I tried to hold her from hurting herself/while daddy collected the knife from her)

Me: please help me hold her so she won’t hurt herself, she is pregnant.

Sophia burst into uncontrollable laughter.

Sophia: stupid, who is pregnant. Am not pregnant, I only lied to him to hasten the wedding and this fool fell for it. Stupid man. (She started laughing and laughing again non stop, and I just stood and watched her just like everyone)