The Complete Woman Episode 23


Mommy went over to my house over and over again but didnt meet my husband at home. She called him severally but if the phone runs twice it switches off. And so after several attempts to reach him and no avail, she sent him a text.

”My son how are you? I’ve been trying to reach you for sometime now but it seems you are currently engaged. Please we need to see, there are things I want to discuss with you. Meanwhile, call me when you get this text. Your wife is currently in the hospital”.

When mummy came back to the hospital, she told me how her movement went and about the text she sent my husband. I was hopeful that when Isaiah sees mummy’s text he would call and hurry to come and see me. I was glad that mummy didn’t tell him of the pregnancy, I want to be the one to tell him, I want to watch the expression on his face. But first I decided to ask mummy.

Me: Mummy do you think Isaiah will be happy about our baby?

Mummy: of course, every man is excited to have a baby, so he will be.

Me: mummy I know he will regret hitting me, I will make him beg me and I will tell him he has to bribe me before I will forgive him.

Mummy: And what if he doesnt apologise or ask you to forgive him what will you do?

I suddenly became quiet, I haven’t thought of that.

Me: Mummy if he doesn’t say sorry, I won’t forgive him o, we will stay like that in the house. He hurt me, he hit a pregnant woman and so he should apologise .

Mummy: But he didnt know you were pregnant.

Me: even if he didnt know he wasn’t suppose to hit me so he has to apologise if not there won’t be peace in that house o.

Mummy: you are still a child my dear, there will be peace in that house. There will be peace in your house. Listen child in marriage no one is wrong or right. Both the man and the woman works together to get it right and build a successful home.

Me: But he should say sorry.

Mummy: do you know that the one who says sorry is the stronger and the wiser person?

Me: huh?

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Mummy: yes dear, the one who says sorry is wiser. Saying sorry does not make you weak, saying sorry is because you are more matured and you want peace.

Me: so what are you saying mom?

Mummy: I am saying if your husband does not say sorry to you say sorry to him. It doesn’t make you foolish, it doesn’t make you stupid, it makes you wiser, and when your marriage stands till the end it makes you a complete woman.

Me: mom, what are you saying? Where is my pride?

Husband: In marriage dear, there is no pride. There is humility, submission and love. If you love your husband, if you love your home, if you love this baby you are now carrying then build your home. Do not give the devil a chance to win. Dont be like a foolish woman that destroys her home by her pride. Give everything and expect nothing in return. At the end you will win. That my dear is what marriage is.

Me: Mummy I dont have the strength for this.

Mummy: you are stronger than you think love and you have me here for support.

Me: thank you so much mom, I dunno what I’d do without you.

I smiled and hugged my mom in the most loving way ever!