The Complete Woman Episode 22


I was laid in a stretcher and rolled into one of the rooms, I didnt know what the nurses and doctors were saying or doing but I could see them faintly running up and down, I could see them like shadows, I felt like sleeping and I didnt struggle to stay awake I quietly allowed the sleep take me.

I woke up few hours later to meet the faces of smiling doctors and nurses, I was feeling very weak.

Me: Doctor what is happening? Why was I bleeding?

Doctor: calm down dear, what really happened?

I didnt want to tell them or anyone that my husband slapped me just less than two months after our wedding.

Me: I fell down in the house, I tripped and fell.

The doctor looked at me as if he knew I was not saying the truth.

Doctor: well madam, please be careful next time. If you were brought here another 5mins late you would have lost the baby.

Me: Baby? What baby?

Doctor: Madam, you are six weeks pregnant.

Me: (surprised) am pregnant? (Tears flowed from my eyes, I forgot the pains and hurt that my husband had caused me, at least he will be happy to learn that I am pregnant)
Doctor, I am pregnant. God bless you doctor, thank you doctor.

Doctor: its okay madam, but you cannot go home for now. You will have to remain on bed rest for the next three days so that you will be very strong before you go home.

Me: Yes doctor! But can I call my husband and inform him.

Doctor: sure madam, you can.

I greeted the doctor and nurses as they left. Excitedly I picked my phone and I dialed my husband’s number. I waited for him to pick the calls, but he didnt. I tried it again and he didnt pick and that was how I continued calling over and over again and my husband refused to pick my calls. Eventually he switched off the phone. I had to call mummy.

Mummy: Hello daughter how are you?

Me: mummy am fine, mummy where are you?

Mummy: sweetie are you okay? Am at home, are you fine?

Me: Mummy please come to st Maria’s clinic.

Mummy: clinic? Who is in the clinic? What are you doing in the clinic?

Me: Mummy please just come please.

Mummy: okay dear, am on my way.

Exactly thirty minutes, mummy was in the hospital. When she saw me she ran and held me as I wept in her arms.

Mummy: my child the devil has been defeated years ago and he cannot raise its ugly head against you.

Me: Mummy he slapped me, Isaiah slapped me. (I started crying again)

Mummy: its okay child, weep not my child.

Me: Mummy am pregnant, I’m 6weeks pregnant. The doctor just told me am pregnant.

Mummy: God be praised, I know He will never fail me. I prayed for you to get pregnant immediately after marriage and that is what he has done. God be praised my child.

Me: The doctor has said I will stay here for the next three days on bed rest, ive been trying to call my husband but he has refused to pick my calls. Mummy I dont know what is happening. I dont know what to do, I dont even know what I did wrong. Mummy please help me, please.

Mummy: Dont worry dear, I will go and see him. I think it is time I speak with him. Especially now that you are with a child. He can’t be hitting you.

Me: mummy please talk with him please.

Mummy: I will child, now enough of the talk and rest, while I go home and prepare something for you to eat. Or have you eaten?

Me: no mom, it was my neighbour who brought me here. I haven’t eaten today.

Mummy: Dont worry dear I will come back. Rest now.

Me: Yes mom.