The Complete Woman Episode 24


And that was how i ended spending three days in the hospital and my husband was no where to be found.

Out of anger I told mom I was going to spend three more days. She tried to persuade me to go home but I refused. And so she let me be. And after my extra three days, Isaiah still did not come. I told mom I didnt want to return back to the house, but she was not going to hear of that. And so on my sixth day in the hospital , I packed my bags and left the hospital.

When I got home, I knew Isaiah had not been in the house at all because I saw the house was exactly how it was when I left. Suddenly fear gripped me. ”What if something bad has happened to him” I quickly grabbed my phone and called mummy.

Me: mummy!

Mummy: Am not even in my house yet and you are already calling me. What is it?

Me: mummy I think something is wrong with my husband.

Mummy: how do you mean?

Me: Mummy six days he didnt call me, now I get home to discover for the six days he has not been to the house either. Mummy something is wrong. Isaiah is not home yet.

Mummy: how do you mean D

Me: mummy for the six days I was away he didnt come home, the house is exactly the way I left it.

Mummy: meaning?

Me: mummy I mean something is wrong. Something must have happened to him.

Mummy: so what do you want us to do now.

Me: mummy am going to report at the station. I am going to declare him missing and I will go on TV too.

Mummy: D wait for me. I am coming back to your place, let’s go together.

Me:/okay mom, please hurry.

When the call ended I was practically pacing up and down in the house until mummy finally came. We got to the police station and reported the case of a missing person. I also dropped Isaiah’s picture. I informed the police I was going on TV to announce my husbands disappearance. Mummy told me to call his parents first and I did that. His mom was crying profusely and saying I would have informed them from the first day he left the house. They also told me they were coming over but I discouraged them and told them to inform me if they hear from him
Then I called mama and papa and told them what was happening. And finally I went to the TV station. I spent the sum of 14,500 but I finally did the broadcast.

After the announcement was made, different calls flooded my phone, so many persons called to sympathize with me, others called to assure me that he will be fine, nobody called to say they saw my husband and this got me Eve. Worried the more. Until later that evening when my phone rang again. I thought it was another sympathizer but it wasn’t.

Me: Hello,

Isaiah: hello woman,

Me: Jesus, baby its you. Where are you? You got me worried , thank God you are safe. Honey where are you?

Isaiah: who told you I was missing?

Me: Dear, you left the house for days now and nothing has been heard of you. I thought,

Isaiah: You thought, you thought, you are always thinking. You better go back and inform the people you told that I am missing that I am not missing. I am very much okay.

Me: Honey, thank God for that. What happened to your line.

Isaiah: Dont ask me questions. I said I am not missing and that is why I called you.

Me: its okay dear, where are you ? When are you coming? I’ve got something important to tell you.

Isaiah: when I come you will know.

Me: baby am preg….

He cut the call and ended it.

Me: hello, hello.( I looked at my phone, I couldn’t believe what just happened. My husband had cut the call on me.)

I picked the phone again and called mummy and told her that Isaiah had called me, I also called his mom, papa and mama. They all wanted to ask more questions to understand why he had left the house and kept mute for such a long period. But I just ended the calls because even I didnt understand why or what he was doing.