The Complete Woman Episode 25


Its been two weeks since I returned from the hospital and my husband is no where to be found. Depression and sadness had become my new friends but I made up my mind to focus all my time and attention on my pregnancy. I will not let the thoughts of Isaiah weigh me down.

That evening, he walked in, he was smelling of a woman’s touch all over him and I needed no body to tell me he has been with a woman. I greeted him and he didnt answer. Without saying a word he went straight to the room and entered the bathroom.

I quickly arranged his food on the dining and then waited for him to come out of the bathroom. When he came out I knelt down before him holding his legs.

Me: My husband, my crown my pride. I know you are angry with me, I want to beg you to please forgive me. I am sorry

Isaiah: you are sorry? (He suddenly started laughing like a monster) you are sorry, sorry for what?

Me: Baby I am truly sorry.

Isaiah: ehn, I’ve heard you na, so am asking what are you sorry for?

I was confused at his question to me.

Me: I’m sorry for everything, whatever it is I have done that is making you angry with me, then I am sorry. My husband please dont leave me again please.

Isaiah: so I should stay at home and look at your face. What kind of a woman are you?

I bursted into tears as I watch him dress up and pack a bag.

Me: Isaiah dont leave me please. I am sorry, but dont leave me again. I can’t be without you, I dont want to be without you, come back home, come and stay with me please.

He ignored me and went into the bathroom to pick some stuff. And then I heard his phone ringing. I stretched to see who the caller was and it was boldly written in the screen. MARVIS! my heart chattered in pieces as I saw this but I kept calm and watched as my husband snatched the phone from me and warned me never ever to touch his phone.

Isaiah: hello, how are you?/oh really? Dont worry sweetheart. I’d be with you shortly. I will send you the card that’s a small thing. Dont worry yourself too much okay? I love you.

Isaiah was bold enough to call Marvis sweetheart before me, he had the guts to tell her he was coming over, and he told her that he loved her. I dont even know what those words meant anymore. My heart shattered in pieces. Isaiah was cheating on me barely two months of our marriage and he was boldly doing it to my face. I stood and allowed my tears fall.

Isaiah: (on his way out) if you like go and start calling everyone that I am missing OK?

I held onto him again and then he dragged and pushed me away from him and walked out.

I cried out as I felt a sharp pain in my abdomen, I have felt this pain before and so I know what it was, only this time I dont know what is causing it. I shouted for Isaiah to come back but he ignored. I saw him enter his car and drives off. Then I picked my phone and called him.

Isaiah: hey dont call me, why are you calling me.

Me: Baby please come back, I am having a mis….

He ended the call before I could finish my statement. I tried to call my neighbour but nobody was around. And so I called mummy.

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Me: mummy please come, its happening again. Mummy please hurry.

Mummy: oh my God, am on my way D, hang on baby.

I screamed in pains as I fell to the ground. It took about thirty five minutes but mummy finally came. I was soaked in my own blood by the time she came. Mummy was terrified when she saw me, and together with the driver. They helped me to the car and off to the hospital. I was almost loosing my consciousness when we got to the hospital. I was quickly rushed to the theatre and immediately the doctor and nurses started attending to me.

After about an hour I was taken back into a room, the pain had stopped and I was better than the way I was when they brought me in.mummy had been with me all through

Mummy: Doctor how is my baby girl doing?/and how’s my grand child growing in her?

I turned and looked at the doctor because I also wanted to know.

Doctor: Am sorry ma’am, Daniella I am sorry but you just had a miscarriage.

My heart chattered once more again as I broke into tears. And as usual, mummy was there to hold and support me. I do not know what I will do without her.