The Complete Woman Episode 17


Sunday finally came and I was excited. Its the first time I’d be going to church with my husband. I was singing joyfully as I hurriedly got things ready. When I finished dressing I went to the sitting room to see if my husband was ready. Surprisingly he was there sitting and watching TV.

Me: Honey, you are not ready?

He kept quiet.

Me: Honey I am talking to you, why ain’t you ready, dont you want to go to church?

Isaiah: No I dont,

Me: Honey dont say that, why won’t you go to church. Please go and get dressed am waiting for you.

Isaiah: Honey, honestly i dont want to go to that church again please.

Me: Baby , (I said rubbing his head) let’s go today, just today and I promise you that after the service if you still feel like this, then we will stop.

Isaiah: no no

Me: Baby please (I said in the most loving way ever, knowing fully well that he can’t say no to me) Baby please….. (I bent and gave him a kiss on his lips)

Isaiah was not ready to go to church but for my sake he got ready and reluctantly followed.

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The service was beautiful, once in a while I took a glance at my husband and I caught him severally smiling as papa blasted on the topic ”LOVE”.

At the end of the service, different members of the choir came to shake hands with us. I saw sister Marvis walking up to shake hands too but I quickly blocked her way.

Me: what do you want?

Marvis: I only wanted to welcome you guys back to church.

I looked at her and imagined what could have given her such guts to be able to approach me

Me: sister Marvis, thank u so much for welcoming us back to church. You can now go.

Marvis: Let me at least shake hands with brother Isaiah.

The way she said the brother Isaiah drew out all the anger in me and I felt like tearing her to pieces. But I remembered what mummy taught me that sometimes silence is the best punishment to offer. And so I kept silent, but my looks said it all, and sister Marvis turned and walked away, raising her hands in surrender!