The Complete Woman Episode 16


The next few weeks was heaven on earth. My husband and I started a fresh honey moon in our house. He was so nice and caring and I was the happiest woman on earth. I have totally forgotten about all that transpired on my wedding night. Isaiah was the best thing that any woman could pray for. He was involved in everything in the house. Cooking, washing, everything and he didnt even allow me go out alone. In the evening time, we would sing and play. Life was just beautiful.

Me: honey. It s exactly a month since our wedding, and we are going back to church by Sunday how do you feel?

Isaiah: (sitting up) baby, I actually wanted us to talk about that.

Me: what is it dear.

Isaiah: baby, I dont want us to go back to that church.

Me: what? I I I dont get you.

Isaiah: I said I dont want us to go back to that church.

Me: (burst out laughing because it sounded funny) dear, sorry am laughing am just trying to understand what you mean. How can you just wake up and say you want us to stop church. The church where you and I met, the church that supported our wedding and the church that wedded us, you just want us to stop, just like that?

Isaiah: baby, I know the church did all of this for us and I will be forever grateful to papa and mama. But I think its time we left the church.

I studied my husband for sometime and I realized he wasn’t joking. So I sat up.

Me: Baby you are not joking I can see that. Now tell me one, (I raised my one finger to make sure he understood me) just one reason why you want us to stop and I will not argue. I will just follow you.

Isaiah: sweetheart the truth is, I dnt know. I dont have any reason, I only know I dont want to go there anymore. My spirit is no more there, something feels odd there, I just dont want to be there anymore.

I looked mockingly at him before lying down on his legs again.

Me: Baby, relax, you are feeling this way today. On Sunday after papa’s message trust me you will feel better. Am sure you are just tired that why you are talking like this.

Isaiah didnt argue. Instead he raised one of our songs and then we sang together.

My mind quickly went back to what he said about stopping church. I started thinking of many reasons why my husband would want to stop church.

Me: (could it be because of Marvis, is he thinking of going back to her? I quickly wiped the thought of my head. My husband is a good man and will not go back to that witch)