The Complete Woman Episode 18


I was filled with anger as I watched sister Marvis walking away, I wanted to run to her and tear her into pieces but I couldn’t. I turned to find my husband so we can go home, but I met him talking with papa and mama sobi sat and waited for him.

Sister Sophia my only friend in the church walked up to me, since she encouraged me to accept Isaiah as my husband I have learnt to respect her specially. She was holding some tom tom in her hands and she offered me some before sitting with me.

Sophia: Dani my friend am so happy you are back to church. I really missed you.

Me: thank you Sophia, I missed you too.

Sophia: Gist me girl (she giggles) how was the honeymoon?

Me: (smiling) what is there to gist? Nothing to gist jare.

Sophia: Nor do o, gist me jare.

Me: Don’t worry, I will gist you, but not today.

Sophia: promise?

Me: I promise

I stood up because my husband was already signalling me to come. I quickly hugged Sophia and told her bye. Then I ran to my husband and together we told mama and papa bye.

Isaiah took the only tom tom left of the 4 I collected from Sophia, and then he asked me if I saw Marvis .

Me: (shocked) why? Did I come to church to look for Marvis?

Isaiah: hey! Easy babe, am just asking

Me: you just wanna spoil my mood

Isaiah: its okay babe, its OK. Am not saying anything again.

Me: please dont say. Let’s just go home in peace.

And the rest of the journey was silent.