The Complete Woman Episode 19


That evening, I asked Isaiah if he still felt like leaving the church.

Isaiah: With a message like that? No way, I am going no where.

I bursted out laughing

Me: but I told you so.

And just then his phone rang, I sat up to listen. Ever since my wedding night incident I get alert whenever I hear his phone ring.

Isaiah: Hello, yes, you are onto Isaiah, who is this please? Really? (He was smiling) okay! No problem. I’d be there.

At the sound of I’d be there my mood and expression changed.

Me: Honey who was that?

Isaiah: Babe God is good.

Me: All the time, but what is it?

Isaiah: Our music was shortlisted among the 10best gospel songs for 2018. And we have to join the competition to win a grand award of 10million naira and a chance to record abroad with popular gospel artist TRAVIS GREENE!

Me: oh my God! (I started jumping and shouting, and then I noticed he was putting on his trousers and shirt. I quickly stopped) Babes, are you going out?

Isaiah: yes but not far! Just our junction here. I need to rush out to pick the letter of our short listing.

Me: Bu bu bu…..

Isaiah felt the fear in my voice and then he placed his hands on my shoulders.

Isaiah: Don’t worry babe. I will be back before you know it.

Me: But can’t I go with you?

Isaiah: sweetie, relax, I will be back soon okay!

I nodded sadly, I was scared again. I watched as he walked away and only one prayer was in my heart.

”Lord bring him home safely to me”