The Complete Woman Episode 13


It was already passed midnight. I paced up and down as I wondered where my husband was. Its been 4hours since he left and not a word from him. I was beginning to get scared. His number was switched off. I didnt have sister Marvis number. What might have happened? Did Marvis die? Was the accident critical? Or did my husband get into an accident. Various thoughts filled my head as I paced from room to parlour and back. This is my wedding night for crying out loud. Why me? Why Isaiah? Why would they call him ? Of all the people why call a man that got married on the same day of his wedding.

I decided to try the number again, and it was still the same thing. It was almost 2am. I was really terrified by now. And so I decided to call my mom. At first she didnt pick but after two more tries she answered!

Mummy: my child, you are not supposed to be calling me, you are on your honey moon.

Me: (crying) mummy!

Mummy: (I could feel her jump and sit up upon hearing me cry) what is it? Why are you crying?

Me: Mummy, mummy help me(/I cried even more)

Mummy: talk to me D, what is it ? Why are you crying on your wedding night? Where is your husband?

Me: Mummy that’s why I am calling. I don’t know where Isaiah is?

Mummy: what do you mean you don’t know where your husband is?

Me: mummy that’s the truth, I don’t know where he is.

Mummy: I am not understanding, oya calm down and tell me what happened.

Me: Mummy we were together o, and his phone rang, somebody told us that sister Marvis was involved in an accident and needed to be rescued immediately and that it was only Isaiah they could call. He left since 8pm and up till now he didnt come back. I have called him over and over again but his number is switched off.

Mummy: The devil is a liar! That Marvis again.

Me: mummy I shouldn’t have let him go

Mummy: shut up and stop crying, you shouldn’t have let him go but you did and we’ve past that stage. Now is not the time to should have or shouldn’t have. I can’t have my daughter crying on her wedding night.

Me: Mummy what do I do.

Mummy: You and your husband are no longer two but one, your spirits are connected and so you alone have the control over him, you are going to pray, you are going to call your husband home. The God I serve never fails, he has never failed and he won’t start now. And so you will get those knees on the ground and you are going to pray. That every power that is holding him down should lose their grips over him, weather spiritual or physical. Are you hearing me?

Me: yes mummy!

Mummy: Listen to me, the marriage has just started. Every marriage is a war zone and only a prayerful woman wins in that fight. The moment you said I do, your opponent springs forth and the battle begins. So its either you are ready to fight or quit. Are you ready?

Me: Yes mummy, I am ready.

Mummy: then stop those tears and get your knees on the floor, and call your husband home. As I speak to you I am already on my feet.

And then mummy started blasting in tongues, I was immediately charged up in my spirit and so I started praying too.

Me: I prayed for four hours, casting and binding, speaking in tongues and setting lose every rope that had been tied. I prayed and prayed until I slept off.

I woke up by 8am in the morning. It was the sound of knocking on my hotel that woke me up. I jumped up and ran to the door, I had prayed and cried myself to sleep. Thank God he is finally back. I swung the door opened.

It was mummy!