The Complete Woman Episode 14


I will not say I was disappointed when I saw it was mummy but I was not happy that it was not my husband.

Mummy: Is he not back?

Me: No mom, he isn’t back.

Mummy: Do you have an idea where he went?

Me: no mom

Mummy: do u have any of his friends contact?

Me: Isaiah does not keep friends , the choir members are all the friends he has.

Mummy: What about that Marvis? Do you have her number?

Me: No ma I don’t.

Mummy: you don’t?

Me: no mom, I used to have it, but then I discovered she told a lie to me some time ago and so I deleted her number.

Mummy: okay, do you have anyones number who can possibly have her number?

Me: Yes, sister Mary from the choir keeps the contact of all the choir members.

Mummy: call sister Mary.

Me: But mummy I am supposed to be in my honey moon. Should I be calling?

Mummy: This girl it’s like you don’t understand what the devil is trying to do, the devil is about to destroy your marriage right before it begins and you are there speaking English. My dear call sister Mary.

I quickly grabbed my phone and dialed sister Marys number, my heart was beating as she picked the call.

Sister Mary: hello

Me: Hello sister Mary, good morning .

Sister Mary: The youngest wife in town I greet you ma. I must say I surprised to get your call.
I hope all is well.

Me: yes sis. I just need you to help me with something.

Sister Mary: What is that Dani

Me: I need to call sister Marvis, but I can’t find her number on my phone, so I need you to help me with her number please.

Sister Mary: oh sister Marvis. Its alright, but I will have to text it to you, because its stored to the phone.

Me: That will be no problem , thank you so much.

And I ended the call. Not long, she sent the number and I gave it to mummy. I watched her as she pressed the figures on her phone and waited.

Mummy: ehn! Erm, hello.

Marvis: Hello, who am I unto please?

Mummy: Please put Isaiah on the line.

Marvis: what?

Mummy: I said put Isaiah on the line

Marvis: who is this please?

Mummy: my dear, I am his mother inlaw and I want to speak to him so give him the phone or ask him to put on his phone.

Marvis: (stammering) erm erm, sorry ma, he is sleeping, I can’t wake him up.

Mummy: He is sleeping, marvis he is sleeping, a married man is sleeping in your house Marvis. Not just a married man, a married man that got married yesterday to my daughter is sleeping in your house.

Marvis: Am sorry ma, but I was busy before your call, I have to go.

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Mummy: Before you go, tell Isaiah I said he should pick up his phone and come home, that his wife, my daughter, is waiting for him. And my dear, do not forget that part of the Bible that days ”I will visit the wicked in my anger and bring upon them my wrath”

And mummy ended the call. I was filled with anger.

Me: mummy so you mean to say Isaiah is with Marvis and slept in her place and Marvis was never in any accident. Is that what you are saying mom.

I quickly grabbed my bag and packed in my things there was no need remaining in the hotel. Once we were out. I stopped a bike that would take me to my moms place. But then she stopped me.

Mummy: where are you going?

Me: mummy I am coming with you, there is no way I will wait here for that man.

Mummy smiled and then answered me.

Mummy: did he go with his house keys?

Me: No ma, we moved most of my things to his house yesterday and so the key is still with me.

Mummy: my dear you can’t come with me.

I was shocked to hear mom say that.

Me: what? Mummy what did you say?

Mummy: you heard me baby, you can’t come with me.

Me: so where do I go to?

Mummy: you have to go to your husbands house

Me: what husband? Someone that abandoned me on our wedding night and went to some other woman? God forbid I won’t go there o.

Mummy: You will go. You and your husband have become one. And you will not let some devil take him away from you. You will fight for what is yours.

Me: mummy what are you saying? What am I fighting for?/someone who left me on our wedding night? Ah no na.

Mummy: do you think Isaiah loves you?

Me: I know he loves me mom, I know this, I just don’t know why he changed. Even last night he was reaffirming his love for me before all of this.

Mummy: Listen to me D, you will go to your husbands house and you will fight for him. We will not let the devil win we will fight and win this one. Do you understand me. Go to your house and pray and I will pray OK?

I reluctantly agreed. Even though I was confused at what mom was saying. She stopped a cab for me and told me she would lead me to my house before leaving me and that was exactly what she did.