The Complete Woman Episode 12


The party continued at home, there was lots of food to eat and drinks was surplus. Surprisingly Marvis came to the party.

She kept on rushing to us and shaking hands with us. I was no longer comfortable with what she was doing and I noticed my husband wasn’t either, but we couldn’t just walk her out in the middle of all this crowd. And so I kept my cool, after all in few hours the whole thing should be over and done with.

She was drinking anything she could lay her hands on including alcohols. I was so surprised because Isaiah and I didnt buy any alcoholic drink. But we kept on seeing her drink from one bottle to the other.

She picked up a wrapped parcel and came to me and handed it over smiling.

Marvis: This is my wedding gift to you.

Me: Thank you (I said collecting it from her, from the moment I collected it I knew I was never opening it, my husband was just looking at her with her drama. She turned and left).

About two hours later, the party ended and everybody left.

Isaiah: Ah! Finally I can now have my wife to myself.

He lifted me and carried me inside our hotel room. When we were inside he put me down and looked me straight in the eyes.

Isaiah: Daniella, my love, my wife. I want you to know that I love you so much, you and no one else. You are everything to me. No matter what you will hear about me, do not judge me by it. I have never journeyed on this part before but I am choosing to journey it now along side with you, I may not be perfect or strong as you expect, but dont give up on me. I may be weak along the part, be strong for me and for both of us, I may be blind in a lot of things but be my eyes at that point. Dont ever leave my side.

Me: (with tears in my heart and with joy in my heart I said) Yes me love. I promise I’d be with you always…..

We hugged and kissed and slowly he removed my zip and we fell on the bed still kissing and just as we were about to make sweet love his phone rang.

Me: Honey just ignore it please!
Isaiah: honey this is the last one. Just let me answer please.

Me: okay honey, just this one. (And then this)

Isaiah: hello

Caller: Mr Isaiah could you please come to no 13 grace street.

Isaiah: who is this please.

Caller: well am a good Samaritan, there is a lady here who just had a serious accident and she is battling with her life, your name is the only number on her phone that’s why I called.

Isaiah: a lady? What Lady!

Caller: well from the ID card on her bag her name is one MARVIS OKOBEDO! Do you know anyone by that name?

Isaiah: Jesus ! Marvis had an accident ? Where and how?

Caller: just come over sir. Thanks and bye.

Me: honey who was that?

Isaiah; I dont know but I think Marvis had an accident on her way from here.. I must go to her.

Me : and you are the one they called? What about her parents ?

Isaiah: I dunno o. I have to go to her

Me: no wait. I will call her family.

Isaiah: Honey she is battling with her life. Dont worry I’d be back before you Even know.

Me! Okay dear but please return abeg