The Brat and The She Devil-Episode 9


He leans close to the door, he could hear her shouting or scolding or whatever it was she was doing .
He knocked on the door briefly and he heard her , not that he wanted to, he just felt like. he had a mischieveous smile on his face, he was waiting to hear her reaction. And he did
“WHAT???” He heard her scream behind the door.
He snickers wickedly..
He didnt bother replying and ventured in
She had her both hands resting on her desk , eyes blazing and leaning, obviously ready to tear the man infront of her into pieces like a feisty fox that she was
Brian smiles .
The poor man looked visibly scared and shaken
Without a word he walked around the poor man, without permission he sat down and crossed his legs as both their eyes followed him.
Yes Brian, wait for it…it’s coming. That look of curiosity on her face was playing out nicely..
Oh this was going to be fun, he claps his hands over this crossed leg and waited for the obvious question she was going to ask him.

“I am sorry who are you?” I ask as i straightened up and had my hands folded
Who the hell was this stranger who came in without my permission to come? who sat without me asking him to do so and he is looking at me like he knew something I didn’t know, who the hell was this stranger who felt like home in my immaculate sparkling office
“I am your worst nightmare ‘….the stranger replied with a smile
Raised eyebrows
“Excuse me??” I ask again
Who the hell was this guy…the godfather?
He laughs
“Oh you should see the look on your face right now, its quite epic” he winks
“Excuse me ??” I blinked “Are you kidding me right now? How dare you come into my office ??”
“Oh don’t get it over your head,

I always wanted to say that.. Anyhow, “The Godfather” have you seen it though,that movie, MARIO PUZIO? The godfather and his son Christain. ..that mafia flick is really good, are you a mafian movie kinda chick or the chick-flicks kinda girl?” He asks me tapping his jaw tentatively.
“Look Mr” I was losing my patience at every second.
“Nope, I would go for the drag queen kinda look boring, ” he points to me, and nods his head
What the hell!!!

Want the actual F…
“First off you come into my office uninvited, You sat down equally uninvited, and I politely ask who you are and you play the villain off some crazy flick. You watch too many movies I presume ..and you don’t know when to separate reality from fiction, is that right? How old are you? twelve??”
Oh you have no idea missy, Brian thought to himself, but instead he smiles
“Actually I do. But that’s a story for another day, how old I am? Well, old enough to different between black from white which apparently you can’t. And I am not the one who seems obviously confused,clueless and slow to catch up on the joke that obviously got everyone laughing at the moment.

You are just a feisty one what’s your name?” He asks me flexing his fingers
“Get out !!!” I snap pointing to the door
On second’s thought, he checks my name tag on my desk
“Never mind, here it is, Miss Adora Chime, Social Media Manager stroke feisty fox stroke clueless stroke daft and here she is calling this man dumb. Tsk Tsk Tsk !!! “…He shakes his head and dangling his finger index finger at me from side to side
I blink
“ARE YOU MAD? HOW DARE YOU!!” I point at him,my PA shifts back as though I threw a bomb , who was this ..this..this…who the hell!!!!
I need to call security.
“You don’t mind if I call you Adora do you or A.D.C…” He laughs still talking
“It does have a ring to it,

AD.C!!!” He laughs harder holding his stomach , he turns and notices my PA standing beside him trying to hide a laugh too, my expression became dark as I squeezed my hands tight.
The asshole dares to turn back to me, spreading his hands
“You see, even the poor dude here thinks it’s funny, you should relax , smile at least . Laughter is good for the soul they say, I agree, wouldn’t you agree?” He points to me ,a mischievous glint in his eyes, I wish I had a shoe close by,the only thing I saw on my desk was the phone and the files and my bag.
I should fling everything at him at once, remove my shoes and hit him on the face then I would get the security and get him arrested.
How dare him, who dared to let him enter into my office?
Who the hell was he ,how dare he,how dare he !!!!
I fume.
I walk around my desk and go to him, pulling him up by his collar
“What nerve!!

What audacity does this arrogant fool have to talk to me that way? Who are you? Get out from my office. Infact what’s your name? Do you work here? I would have you not only removed from here, but fired. You obviously aren’t a customer but a staff here, you would wish you never stepped into my office you will pray to God for forgiveness by the time I am down with you. I will end your career, do you know who I am,I will call the MD and you are finished, finished !!!! What arrant nonsense ”
I was spitting fire, still holding onto him, he looks at me and then bursted out laughing, he carefully peels my hand from his collar and nudges me away gently then he steps back and adjusts his shirt,
“, infact !!!” With my eyes open and anger filling me, pointing at him I reach for my phone, not to call the secretary but to call the acting MD

“Mr Emeka”
Whoever this mad man was, I wanted the goat out of my office,and fired. The nerve !! The insult !! The arrogance. Did they breed fools here.
What Nonsense !!!

What nonsense!!!!

How dare he speak to me like that.

Me ? Adora Chime in such degrading manner…hey!!! He would regret the minute he decided to walk into my office and insulted me.
I didnt care if he was the best staff they got. I didn’t care, I will not take it.
I will not. !!
Infront of my PA for that matter and the fool of a PA was laughing with this Goat sitting on my chair and and….
Oh my anger doubled.
I was dailing Mr Emeka’s office.
“You will be finished. Finished !!!” I yell at him

He looks at me and then he says,
” You were asking what my name was right? Well allow me introduce myself, so pay attention because this is one of those epic moments of your life and trust me, its going to be legendary. My name ..” He says as he gets up, my eyes followed him, the phone is to my ear as I heard the dail tone go off waiting for the Director to pick, I had dailed his number from the list of numbers placed on my desk,my anger evident,my noses flaring I was thinking what to use to fling at him to get him to shut up and I was wondering whether I shouldn’t get the securities up here first and watch him bundled away…
He even had the audicity to walk to where the books were , taking one and flipping one open and closing another
“Oh Mr , you have no idea what you have just done, me? ADORA CHIME??”
Pick up Man, Pick up!!
The fool was still talking ..

” My name Adora aka A.D.C… Is Brain Andrews, your supposed PA ”

He says
“Yes Mr Emeka” i was speaking but i pause when what he said registered ..
“I am Brian Andrews,your PA woman”
He turns fully, folding his arm and smiling wicked , he turns to my PA and then he says
“And this right here, this poor poor man is erm. ..what’s your name sir? ”
“Wilson, okon Wilson be my name ”

The man who is my PA says…wait…
I don’t get it.
“What ?” I repeat
“This man whom you have been raoring thunder for is none other than Mr Wilson okon, a driver…not your PA , not your errand boy,not your punching bag and definitely not your shouting partner. if you weren’t so daft and slow yourself you would have listened to him and by God you look too intelligent to be confused.

Now do you get the joke? AHA!! Thank you, you are welcome ” he claps his hands together. ..
“Epic baby!!” He looks at me and smiles
Now i am standing there, phone in hand and Mr Emeka’s voice calling my name through the phone, shock washes over me as realization dawns on me.
I replayed the entire scene from the first day i met him uptill this very moment in my head
The lopeholes began to show and the lapses like a gaping mouth.
I look from this person “Brian ” and to the other person “Wilson” and then back to him.
I look again at Wilson, my eyes conveying the message “Tell me this isn’t true,tell me that he is lying and that you are not wilson but Brian? ”
He looks at me,as though he read me and then he nods his head as though affirming
“Madam, na weitin I been dey try to tell you since that day, I be driver no be your PA, ” he says
Fxxk Me!!!
I slowly put the phone back to my ears “Sorry Sir,and honest mistake. ” I drop the phone back and then folded my arms, tapping my feet impatiently,

Tightlipped .
I won’t let this Dude succeed in humiliating me any further.
Crap Adora!!
You just messed up, how couldn’t you tell ..

Dammit !!!
I chided myself.
But if I give in and apologise , there would be no respect.
I will not apologise to a common driver, it wasn’t my fault, no I wouldn’t.
“Yep, you is a feisty unrepentant woman, and stubbone” Brian says observing me
I ignore him.
“You can leave mr Wilson, I obviously have no more use for you ” I say with my teeths clenched
“Thank you ma’am!! See you after work, my number na number 5 on the list..when you won go house just call I go come carry your things and- ”
“I said leave Mr Wilson” I snap , I watch him bolt out of the door.
Now, First off,

I was beyond embarrassed , like beyond. … Secondly I was mad AF.
Mad at myself for not able to discern and avoid this embrassment and the fact that I would have to apologize to the driver? A driver for my behaviour?
And I hate apologising to men, but since I was wrong, I must, right?
But like hell was I going to do it infront of this asshole.
Wait first !!

Speaking of asshole, he is a common PA.

Not even close to being in my level, he is my errand boy, office boy, deal-with-personal-details-boy and he dared to talk to me the way he did.
Ahbaa father !!!
I was going to mess him up big time and he wouldn’t know what hit him.
I still was going to make sure he was fired.
How dare he talk to his boss in such condecerning manner?
My God!!..

I was beyond pissed…angry. Mad.

I was like chilly pepper mad at him this moment, like a viper I could sting, like a bee I could do much worse.
He had no idea the kind of woman I was, no he didn’t.
“Ok, I know i am extremely cute but you don’t have to stare at me that way.

I was doing you a favour, you were embarrassing yourself all over the place and making a scene. I expected more from a pretty girl such as yourself…”
He got back to sitting, putting his legs and crossing it on my table.
Wtf! !!
My head sparked
“Are you seriously out of your mind Mr Brain Andrews? How dare you relate to me that way ?

You do realise I am your boss and I can cost you your job. .?

Have you no fear?” I pushed his feets off my desk with a force.
Ebi-like say this Bobo won die finally oh!!! Hay Gawd! !!
He laughs,he obviously loves to laugh.

He did this heartfelt throaty laughter
” Hate to break it to you Darlyne, You are not my boss neither are you the boss of me missy , and quite frankly, I implore you, I insist you get me fired, i think you should do just that..i am dying to be out of here you have no idea but ..but ” he raises up his index finger, “just incase you don’t succeed, make no mistake, I don’t plan on being your errand boy.
I may not have a choice being here, doesn’t mean I should like it and play by the rules. So I plan to make my stay here extremely excruciating. ..for anyone …and most especially you..If you dare cross me.

So you should be the one to watch your back…”
He gets up and walks to the door
“Oh by the way, If you have things to be done i am sure God gave you two hands for a purpose right? you do them. If you have more things you may need done still,get it across to the floor secretary or better yet fax it to John, he seemed all ready to work for you so why wait. I am sure he can handle it…” he smiles continuing as I look at him dumbfounded
“If you have any use for me other than business, my office is across the hall.

You can come check in and say hi,

And one more thing, don’t forget to report this.
I actually do welcome whatever supposed punishment they would want to give to me”…
He winked…and slammed the door before i could say another word.
I stare at the door, my mouth opens and then closes, ..
I sat down, I got up. I pick my phone, I slam it down.
“Oh Brian, you pick the wrong lady to mess with. You picked the wrong lady. !!” I squeezed my fist in anger ” And I’ll show you why ” I say staring at the closed door

Behind the closed door Brian smiled..
“Please father, listen to her.

I can’t wait to get back to my sweet life and out of this dump” he says to himself He blew the redhead and Tombra a kiss, winked at John and walked to his office
I am still staring at the closed door as I sink into my seat
I reach for my phone and dails Mr Emeka ‘ s number again.
I was literally shaking with anger.
I know how I was going to start dealing with him.
For starters

“Ama get that prick fired..”
Then I would make sure he never gets a job anywhere else again.
I know people who know people.
Brian Andrews is going down.
I mean all the way down.
That would teach him.
I nod waiting for Mr Emeka to answer. .
“Yes Sir, I wonder if I can speak to you concerning –