Natasha Reloaded Episode 9


My dad and all the scientist were being paid huge amount of money for creating the MADE MEN but something uneventful happened that day.
The cheque giving to my father wasn’t signed so he wouldn’t withdraw any money from the bank. He decided to meet Donflex so that Donflex can sign the cheque for him.
When he got to the door, he stopped as he began to hear voices.
***inside the office***
Donflex: now that the made men are ready, killing the president wouldn’t be difficult.
Voice: yes you are right. You have really master minded everything.
Donflex: yes of course, why wouldn’t I. I must become the president of this country whether the devil himself likes it or not. My yes is yes and no is no.
Voice: your scientists really did a nice job on the made men, so when will the attack on the president be….
*door cracks*
My father on his bid of hearing everything didn’t know when his right leg hits the door.
Donflex: who is there?
My dad knew for sure that he will be dead if Donflex found out that he has been listening to their secret plan so he took to his heels.
Donflex came out of his office and found no one outside. He got back inside and called froshberry.
*On phone*
Donflex: froshberry, I want you to use the camera outside my office and review the person who was listening to my conversation.
Froshberry: yes sir.
5 minutes later.
*on phone*
Donflex: who was that?
Froshberry: am afraid it is scientist Ken sir.
Donflex: he must have left this building by now, summon the MADE MEN to my office right now.
Froshberry: yes sir!
My dad quickly got into his car and drove out of the vicinity. He knew his life isn’t safe anymore so he quickly called his younger brother Jude.
Dad: Jude.
Jude: hello bro, what’s up.
Dad: Jude, as I am speaking to you, my life is in danger likewise that of the president. Donflex is planning on killing the president and I heard about it. Unfortunately, I didn’t do too well. By now the IT department must have fished me out. I am telling you these so that incase anything happens to me, You will know what do to.
Jude: bro cool down, cool down. Nothing will happen to you I promise. Just relax. Let me make few phone calls.
My dad ended the conversation and continued driving home.
Donflex: sending all the MADE MEN to go and kill Ken is a waste of man power, you step out.
Alex came fort, the third man in the MADE MEN.
Donflex: I want Ken to be dead before the end of this day. He heard something that no ears should have heard.
Alex: consider it done.
We were all watching television in our sitting room. My dad wanted us to evacuate the house but uncle Jude stopped him from leaving.
My mum kept asking why is he bent on leaving the house but he told her nothing. Uncle Jude later convinced him to stay but it wasn’t easy.
My dad knew he will be hunted but uncle Jude kept assuring him. Sooner or later, he is going to open up to president about the wicked plans on him.
Just then, we heard a knock on the door.
Dad: don’t open it.
He said and before he could say anyother thing, the door was destroyed into pieces by a punch.
The most muscular and heavily built man I have ever seen in this life walked inside.
Dad: natasha, get inside the room.
Alex: oh no, let her stay and watch how I will destroy her parents.
He said with James bond, batman and hulk’s voice combined together.
He cracked his fingers and started to walk close to us when something tremendous happened.
“whooooop!! ”
an arrow flew inside from the window and stroke the light inside. Everywhere was dark. Very dark. I thought it was the handiwork of Alex but when I looked at the window, I could swear that I saw two SHADOWS jumping inside.
What happened next?
Find out in the next exciting and thrilling episode of NATASHA [RELOADED]
one love.