The Brat and The She Devil-Episode 10


“Miss Adora?” Mr Emeka says cutting me off
“Yes Sir? ” I say, I had told him what that that…pig did to me, yes I had no idea that the person who came to pick me up wasn’t my PA but some common mere company driver, it still didn’t give him the right to talk to me that way, he insulted me,infront of the driver, that was insubordination, that was down right disrespectful to my person, and my office and he was a mere PA,a PA, an errand office boy for me and he dares to talk down to me the way he wanted.
Ohhhhhhh!!! No way .
No way.
“Please come to my office” he says
“Okay sir”
I drop the phone and made sure my face matched my cloths and class, with my head held high I exit my office and walked to his own.
Everyone seemed to be busy with work..

Or where they just avoiding to look at me?
Well good, keep your heads down you all,keep it down.
The fool wasn’t in sight.
I reach his office , knock on the door and was ushered in.
“Miss Adora, please sit if you will”
“Thank you sir” I say sitting down.
He looks at me “Coffee?”
I shake my head.
He sips his coffee, his eyes fixed on me.
“Sir, as I was saying -” I began
“Miss Adora, I know you have been told before but let me say it again, not because I like it but because it is out of my hands and I plead for your understanding ”
“Of what sir?”
He sighs ” Mr Brian Andrews cannot be removed from being your PA ”
“But why sir, only for the few minutes he had spent in my presence is enough to deduce that he is a degenerate, he is arrogant , his mouth in foul, his tongue unbridled , he has no form of respect for authority, especially if it’s a woman. He insulted me sir, right infront of the driver and he didn’t apologise and he even dared me to report him,that is the height of insult. I mean,how do you expect me to work with him, I want him fired and removed. Staffs are representatives of a company and if this staff is this way, I already have a not-so-nice perception of the company. Because I am new, just employed to head a unit and the first welcome I get is to have a staff ,my supposed PA be rude to me, it’s just wrong sir and I won’t allow this..not at all. I want him fired”
Mr Emeka chuckles shaking his head ” He can’t be fired either”
“But I dont understand, he is ….he can’t do what he did and be given a pat on his back, no sir. That is not how things are done. When and if an employee messes up,he deserves to be punished right?”
“Then why is it that he doesn’t get that same treatment ?”
He stares at me, opens and then closes his mouth, he takes his cup and sips
Why did I have a feeling that there was something more to this than meets the eye.
He heaves heavily ” Miss Adora, his appointment was made in my absence and it was made by my boss, there are a few persons that have certain privileges here that their appointment and termination is only given permission from my boss. I didn’t employ him, no , my boss did. ”
“So you are saying he is untouchable?”
“No, no one is. I am saying it is out of my hands”
“So I am stuck with him,that absolute-no-manners of a boy ”
“I think someone nearing his 30s is hardly a boy”
“Oh he is a retarded little boy sir, an immature one at that”
“Look Miss Adora, I employ that you are understanding of the situation”
“Understanding is one thing sir, stuck with a lunatic, a cheap excuse for a man is another. I have to come to work everyday , I have to have actual work done and I do need an assistance for that…so what is supposed to happen? I obviously can’t boss him he made it clear I am not the boss of him, so what do I do all the work myself, ? ”
“I am sure you can find away around it and good thing you have other employees at your disposal ”
I raise my eyebrow “I don’t get, what is he? Royalty”
He chuckles “No”
“Then what?”
” You should check out his Cv,very impressive and some projects he had worked on prior to him coming here, I guess he is hot stuff and very useful to the company. We had a couple of kids like that, yes some can be really frustrating to work with but at the end of the day they mean no harm. But in this case as well as others, I only get a call to me telling me that they are sending some people to work here and that I should fix them into a working unit”
“Then fix him somewhere else! If you won’t fire him, please fix him somewhere else sir”
“That too is out of my hands. Apparently something about him learning new things”
“Oh for God’s sake, I can’t work like this sir, I can’t. !! You have to take him off from my unit. Please ”
“I am so sorry Miss Adora, that requests won’t be granted not because it can’t but because I have no power for that. I know….He can be …difficult ”
“Oh you know, how long has he been working here,a year?two?”
“A week”
“Wow!! And he is already like this,give him a month and he would be fighting positions with you”
He chuckles , I wonder if what I said was funny.. but it didn’t reach his eyes
“A lil patience Miss Adora, please. Just do your job and make him do his. I may not be able to fire him nor take him away from under you, but there is nothing wrong in putting him in his place and I will talk to him. You are his Boss Miss Adora so be the boss of him, he may not like it but he wouldn’t have a choice in the matter either”
“What are you saying , I should enforce my will on him?”
“I am saying, He is your PA so make him act like one, I am sure he just needs a good sitting down with and talking to. Nothing a good conversation can’t fix”
“Sir? You think talking to him would fix his messed up Brains?”
He laughs “You are…something else Miss Adora but.. who knows. Miracles happens everyday.”
“I have more important things to do than waste my time on lost causes sir, if he needs a good talking I can recommend a good shrink for him , I am here to work and Mr Brian or whatever his name is won’t be a dent to my good graces , no sir ”
“Please Miss Adora, do take it easy, we don’t want scenes in the office ” he warns
“I don’t promise to make sure he gets served anytime he crosses my part and decides to go all arrogant on me but I will try not be the one who starts it. Since nothing can be done about his appointment and I get to be stucked with the worst PA in the history of the time PA was invented, I will take my leave sir, have a good day”
“And you too Miss Adora ,and welcome ”
I scoff .
With a fixed smile on my face I nod and exited his office going back to mine.
The nerve !!!
The suprising revelation.
I can’t screw that asshole over and dance on his dead body doing the merengue and sipping cold ice tea
It was a painful realization.
I mean, what did Mr Emeka mean my request couldn’t be processed, order from Oga at the top.

What did he mean by..”Brian Andrews should remain as a PA… and that he is sorry for any inconveniences he has caused me and that It would be rectified..”
Inconvenience is an understatement, one day here and I was spitting fire, my insides boiling from anger and my well groomed countenance tossled…all because that He-goat walked into my office to have a good laugh at me for not discerning that the driver wasn’t a PA and what was worse? he called me slow and dumb and what not.
Hay God!!! My chest hurts. It hurts .
You know that feeling you get when a bully manhandle you and you can’t do shit because even if you tried doing shit they’re going to make you eat shit, literary? You know that feeling?
This was worse than it.
This was like, not able to beat a cockroach dead knowing you are bigger and stronger and you are of a higher specie but because that roach could fly. .all black-winged-smelling-roach-fly and that big-flesh-bigboned-all-muscle-body you can’t stand but runs out of the door screaming like a three year old not caring if you have on heels and packing dollars into your account.
You can’t do shit and it hurts..because that cockroach just embarrassed you ..
And Brian Andrews was a cockroach.
But cockroaches gets swamped sometimes ..
It may have wings and seem untouchable but..roaches are nothing more than a disgusting slimy smelling specie that needs to be twarted with a shoe or a folded newspaper.
I was pissed .
Who was Brian Andrews that his behaviour was just brushed under the rug as though it never happened?
I went back to my office, while I came out to drop some work for the secretary to handle I saw John..he was talking about the he-goat with someone he called Peter.
They didn’t seem to like him either.

Apparently he seemed to be getting away with being an ass with almost anyone.
And according to the gossip around in the office, no one could do shit to him..
I decided to move around ,
“So who is this Brian Andrews ,any info about how he possibly is a jerk and nothing is being done to reprimand him?”
They say you know a gossip when you see one and Tombra was ozzing with juices to spill…or maybe she wanted to be in my good graces
“Apparently he is some elite kid..

Some intern elite kid that the Oga at the top wanted to be treated as nicely as possible..”…that was the story I got from Tombra..when I had asked her about the he-goat.
“Does it mean that his behaviour was tolerated?

Well unless his father was an investor or a sponsor or a shareholder…

That’s the only thing that would make sense..”
She shrugs , ” maybe, it would explain his…behaviour. but who knows?”
Yes, who does know?
I asked Tina to run a background check on him but she had come up with nothing useful.
“Other than he schooled abroad, top of his class plus he is an archetitect of some sort and was /is good at his chosen field. .Everything about him thats what the company provided for perusal , family and all that was classified”
“You can’t check from things not posted in the company.?”
“There are possibly a thousand Or a million Brian Andrews listed in the country,you want me to spend days or weeks going through them one by one? ”
“No never mind , That will be all Tina”
Well it wasn’t suprisingly. .

For security measures. ..elite families and topnotch people like to keep their families informations private.
I tap my jaw tentatively, I was back to my office.
But the dude obviously seemed bent on leaving..and this was some sort of his rebellious act, wasn’t it?
I thought to myself.
“I dare you to report me and get me fired, I want that. But if you don’t ..just stay out of my way..” The He-goat has said.
I sigh
I didn’t care about all that..I just needed to do my job and I don’t want no overbearing..pompous and spoilt brat of God knows where to come ruin it just because he can’t handle his shit.
And I was stuck with him..and by God that sucked a thousand deflated balls…
I was hating this predicament.
I sighed .
Trying to get my mind of the fool, I busy myself with settling in, and getting to work.
Work wouldn’t work itself would it?.
It was time to leave the office..
I had to do most of the work myself. ..

I wasn’t in the mood to have another face off with that arrogant fool at the moment..
I did have John do some office errands for me..and he seemed happy to help. Infact too happy…
At the moment, I would let it pass.
I called the floor Secretary to buzz the driver up, it was time to head out and I was hungry and I had no intention of staying home, I wanted to go to some place nice to relax and have dinner, maybe see some new friendly faces that would help me relax my anger..
Another reason why I don’t miss Lagos, here I could possibly be leaving the office by 5pm , go have fun without stress of the traffic, get up in due time, watch a movie if I wanted, worked if I wanted and have a good night’s rest and be refreshed in the morning.
Oh the joy of a new place.
” he should be coming up to the office ma’am”…the secretary tells me
“No, have him wait there, I would meet him out front.

Thank you.

Er…did you get the mails I sent you??..
“Yes ma’am I did…but your PA is meant to handle them ma, that’s not my jurisdiction” she informs me
“Just take care of that for me will you,

I can decide to give it to whoever I want, If you have any issues, call John. He would put you through .Then if you both have issues,have him call me if he needs clarity or a pass for certain levels..Please. Thank you”..
I cut the call before she could protest.
I pick up my bag, and left the office heading down to the reception area and out front when I noticed he was parked and waiting..
I sigh
I held my head up high again and I walk to the car.

I saw him get out, turning around ,
I shake my head beckoning for him to go back inside,

I could open the damn door myself.
Why did I feel I was being watched?

I shrug and enter the car still.
He, Wilson Okon mumbled a good evening and I nod avoiding his eyes.
More than anything i was angry for putting myself into this annoying situation. Looking at him now from the back of his head I should have known that there was no way he could have been a company PA.
The way he sounded, his constant use of the pidgin language, He tried to dress decently as a company driver should but he didn’t have that aura of someone learned and we’ll versed and exposed…
Shit!! Adora …you no try oh!
I scold myself
This was as clear as black and white, night and day, how couldn’t I possibly not know or suspect or even ask questions.
I shake my head.
And was I gonna apologize to this man now?
I was fighting a battle within,

One of pride and stubboness and then the other remorsity. ..
I bite my lips
Flashes of how I had constantly insulted and spoken down at him played back.
I could imagine the state he was in, trying to tell me,trying to make it clear and me not giving him a chance.

If he were me..I would have been so mad I would have eventually had to shout my boss down and damned the consequences. No amount of money should make you look like shit or treated like shit and I did treat him like that.

I wonder what was going through his mind now? And God knew that I didn’t want to ask ..
I look around, It’s so quiet, why was it so quiet inside the car?

Usually he would be chattering nonstop and boring me with disjointed talks, but now, he was so quiet that I could hear a pin drop if it were dropping. He didnt say anything, he just waited as though he was waiting for me to say something,

Like an apology or apologies because my sins were many.
But me?

I was tightlipped and my lips were hurting from my teeth closing in on it..
I look away and pretend to read a book.
But it wasn’t even a book, it was a damn calender. I didn’t want to count days .
Wait !!! Why isn’t he driving ?
I sigh and toss it behind the seat of the car
“Pride goes before a fall”

That verse from the bible seeps into my mind
I roll my eyes at myself,

Really? Really God? Nice try Big Guy, way to go. Very smooth ,very classic.
I frown looking up to the heavens
You just had to roll that in there didn’t you.. of all things to just had to put that in there.

Really nice G!!
I sigh again shaking my head.
“Madam this one you don sigh reach ten times already, I hope no problem oh??”
“Drive the car brai– ” i paused, “Er Wilson, please do well to mind your business ” I say without thinking
He shuts up immediately.
“Damnit! ” ..I mutter under my breath as I noticed the look he gave me
Now or never Adora.
That voice again or was it just my conscience pricking me?
I shrug it off.
Well my prideful side seems to be a badass compared to my remorseful side and it happened to be kicking my ass at the moment.

So what if I was mean and arrogant to him? Aren’t bosses supposed to be that way?

So what if I mistook him for another,an honest bloody mistake.

A boss was entitled to one …plus I am human as well, I wasn’t perfect, no one is,so should I fall flat on my face and beg him for forgiveness? No sir.
I look up towards the heavens of the car..
Another time Big Guy,or maybe never.
I look back at Wilson.
Screw the apology!
I squeeze my face,
He should deal with it, If he was waiting on for an apology he was going to wait a long time
Really long , like-grey-hair-fallen teeths-all -bent-back long.
“Step on it Wilson, I don’t see why we haven’t started moving by now, I need to get home and go out to have dinner”
I cross my legs and settled in at the back of the seat, relaxing
Anyone who didn’t like me should eat a pack of baby dicks, i couldn’t even give a shit.
Besides, I also needed to be apologised to by that he-goat of a PA but I didn’t see him rushing to do so, he is feeling like some Bruce Almighty.
That’s fine, i couldn’t get him fired, but i would make sure he doesn’t eat his cake and have it and like i said,i won’t be the one causing him troubles but if he as much as piss me off? Then i’ll show him I could be a badass as well.
Since i was stuck with him..i was going to make him have a horrible experience of being a first time PA,he would learn not to mess with me..”
With a renewed energy , i relaxed and even enjoyed the silent quiet ride home.
What did he do at work today?
Nothing. Just like every other day he started here.
He crossed his legs, he watched TV and he passed out works meant for him to others.
He literally strolled out of his office with printed mails and files, dumps them on the desk of others walking away, blocking his ears to protest.
He knew they were going to report him, but to who? Mr Emeka, His father ?
He laughs.
He still didn’t do it. When Mr Emeka gets tired of barking ..he sends another person to handle it .
Since his father wants to play ball, he would set the post for him gladly.
But the worse of it all was that that silly floor secretary called to give him some files to work on from that Adorat
He laughs
Oh for a pretty woman she was dumb..
Such waste of beauty, and she dared to threaten him??
She may be pretty but, it didn’t mean he wouldn’t burn her if she dares to cross his paths.
He was on a mission, a mission not to let his father have his way totally.
“Give some. Take all ” Was his motto..
That means, pretend to do what he wants but in retrospect …He was doing NADAH! !!
His father said a year right, after a year of forced PA service he would let him go do what he wanted and maybe allow him manage this company ??
But what can one do in a year??
Well he has a year to think about not doing anything, then parks his bags and leaves. He should get another account separate from his father’s eyes, all this talk of freezing accounts was pissy.
Yes, he should open another account and transfer all the funds his father had put into it for him.
Then when he tells his father to not screw himself,that was gay, he loves his father.
When he tells his father that he wasn’t bending to his rules anymore and he wouldn’t do services like being a PA to a feisty little witch of a woman he wouldn’t be able to do anything other than let him go.