Natasha Reloaded Episode 10


The whole room was dark. I started to hear sounds like blows and groans. Out of curiosity to know what is happening around me, I crept inside my room and picked my special goggle.
The goggle was given to me by my dad during my last birthday event. He special made it so that I can easily see things in the dark and it has helped me alot.
I took the goggles, wore it and switched it on. With the aid of the goggles, I found my way to the sitting room and what I saw made me gasped.
They were two men dressed in black. They wore hoodies and a little black mask was on their face, the first one was tall. His body was athletic. He held a bow with many arrows at his back.
I guess he was the one that shot the arrow that got the light. The other one was not as tall as the first one but he was very huge and muscular. He was just like Alex. He held grenade and little bombs and there was a little black backpack at his back.
The two SHADOW MEN were amazing. They were like ninjas and their stunt was extremely superb . All this while, they never knew I was busy looking at them.
They could see in the dark unlike Alex. The first SHADOW, the tall one did a double front flip and gave Alex a drop kick.
The second SHADOW, the huge and muscular one ran and delivered him a spear.
Immediately Alex got to the ground, the huge and muscular one climbed Alex and started giving him blows upon blows.
The tall one brought out an arrow, he shot it at Alex, the muscular one did a high backflip and dodge it and the arrow got Alex in his arm.
Alex did a Chinese get up, he brought out a goggle like mine and wore it, he began to see in the dark. He rushed the tall one and gave him an upper cut. The tall one flew backwards and landed on our couch.
He rushed to the second one, gave him a blow, the second one blocked it, he gave him another blow and a kick, the second one also dodged them.
This provoked Alex and he raised the second SHADOW guy up till his legs were not touching the ground, he started strangling the guy since his hands were on his neck.
The first SHADOW guy, the tall one got up, brought out a long arrow and aimed it towards Alex.
“Whoooop!!! ”
The arrow flew and pierced Alex at the back.
Alex: ahhhh!!
He groaned and started running towards the tall SHADOW guy, he didn’t know that the muscular one has fixed a little bomb at his back.
Before he got close to the tall one, the tall one quickly did a barrel roll, forward jump and front flip.
“Boooom ”
The bomb blew and Alex fell down. The two SHADOW guys gave themselves a handshake, got to where Alex was but to their greatest surprise, Alex has disappeared.
He was nowhere to be found. The two SHADOW guys flew through the window. I rushed outside so that I can see them.
Thank God, there is light everywhere. When I got out, I looked everywhere but the SHADOW guys were gone leaving no trace behind.
Me: how is this possible?
I asked myself as I got back into our house, my dad has changed the electricity bulb and he was on a phone conversation with uncle Jude.
Dad: you wouldn’t believe what happened?
Jude: hmm, it’s like you have seen the SHADOWS.
Dad: wait, where you the…………..
Jude: yes, I told them about you and they promised to help and always be there for you. Don’t be afraid, they are always in the SHADOWS watching you…
Dad: but who are the SHADOWS?
Jude: I can’t reveal their identity to you. It’s top secret. Just know that you are safe.
Dad: ok, thank you very much.
Jude you are welcome.
Now who are the SHADOWS?
Will Donflex accept defeat and leave Ken alone?
What will be the fate of Alex when he returned to base without succeeding in his mission?
All this n more, find out in the next exciting and thrilling episode of NATASHA [Reloaded]
one love.