Natasha Reloaded Episode 8


The water splashed as Aerofist and Paul jumped out from the helicopter just in time before it blew off.
The remaining policemen including the one that fired the rocket launcher saw two men jumped out of the helicopter.
They took their guns but before they could get close to the edge of the bridge, Paul and Aerofist has swam deep beneath the surface of the water.
They kept shooting at them though they weren’t seeing them and they also knew that the two guys have already escaped.
Professor Johnbull called out Donflex. They both came out to inspect the made men. The made men where standing at the front of a large hall and all the workers of flex empire stood infront of them.
Meet the MADE MEN.
1) Name: lex
Position: leader
skills: martial arts.
Weapon: grenade, rocket launcher, and sub machine.
Finishing move: Spear.
2) Name: Lisa
position: second in command
skill: martial art
weapon: swords and knifes.
Finishing move: three punch combinations.
3) Name: Alex
skill: martial art and kick boxing
weapon: revolver and fist
finishing move: close range upper cut punch.
4) Name: Leo
skill: martial art and Judo
weapon: pistol, six shooter and Ak-47
finishing move: snap kick
5) Name: Rapheal
skill: Archery
weapon: bow and arrows.
Finishing move: paradise kick.
These are the MADE MEN, created to be faster, tougher and swifter than the world’s greatest assassins.
Donflex: wow, they are really huge and muscular. But why did you add her.
He said pointing to Lisa.
Prof Johnbull: sir, she is the second in command. She is as tough and as strong as the rest. Only thing is that she is more wicked than them.
Donflex: show me..
Just then Aerofist, Paul and Peter came inside the hall. Everybody cheered them for a mission welldone and for staying alive.
Donflex: you have really made me proud. The three of you, I want a match between you three against one MADE MEN, her!!
He said pointing towards Lisa.
Prof Johnbull: I am not sure if the three guys can defeat her.
Donflex: you said she is tougher and wicked than the rest? Lets see.
Aerofist: common guys, she is just a girl, we can take her down.
Paul n Peter: ok.
Lisa stepped forward and kept her hands in her pocket.
The three guys came forward with a smile on her face.
Donflex: beginning.
Peter rushed her with a blow but she dodged it. Aerofist came with a kick, she did a side roll and passed him. Paul jumped up trying to deliver a blow at her face. She jumped, did a cart wheel in mid air and he passed her.
Donflex: hmm.
Aerofist charged towards her. this time, she removed her hands from her pocket. She ran towards him and slipped passed him. Before he could turn back, she gave him a punch at the back of his head and he fell down.
Paul who came to her with full force met his fate in an unlucky way. She quickly gave him her finishing move “THREE PUNCH COMBINATIONS ”
He fell down, coughed out blood and died instantly.
Peter: noooo!!
He shouted and rushed towards her with a blow. She did a backflip to archive a little distance away from him.
Peter used the backflip to his advantage, he quickly gave her his finishing move “UPPER CUT TO JAW[ ” before she could gain her balance.
To the surprise of everyone, his finishing move have no effect on her. By this time, aerofist stood up and charged towards her.
She caught him at his neck with one hand, caught Peter with the other hand.
Donflex: wow!!
She raised both of them up till their feet were no longer touching the ground and gave them a double chokeslam.
Lisa: chickens!!
She said, wiped her hands and got back into the line.
Donflex: check the bodies.
Prof Johnbull: they are no longer breathing.
Donflex: get them away from here. I can see that the MADE MEN are though. It’s time to do some really crime in this country.