The Brat and The She Devil-Episode 8


The girl beside him was still talking , he looks away from her to his pocket as he felt the vibration of his phone a second before it began to ring,
He sighs when he checked who the caller was.
“Not in the mood for some father and son talk at the moment, sorry pops, ama have to buzz you later big guy …or not” He smiles putting the phone back to his pocket and lets the call ring for a couple of times, realizing that his father wouldn’t stop calling ,he puts his phone on silence and strolled towards her office
He was told by his father earlier that he was supposed to be sharing an office with the new employee -boss , ofcourse that has got to be a joke.
There was no way he was going to share his personal space with some random stranger he didn’t know and didn’t care to know…

Not knowing whether he or she was a troll dragged out from the bin to head him, he had demanded for a separate office .
“I won’t do that Brian ” his father had screamed over the phone.
“Unless you want me to kick your director in charge out of his position and if you don’t want me to make a scene you will give me an office father , I ain’t asking for much but I won’t be sharing an office with a pig or a dog”
“You don’t call people that, I raised you better Brian”
“Father please , you are already bending me to your will,I am in Nigeria am I not? I am in PH and even accepting to be a PA when I could be the head of everyone here aren’t I? Why can’t I have a little peace ? A tiny office I ain’t asking for the oval office ..” Brian snickers
“That is in the white house ”
“I was being sarcastic father ”
“Well it was lost on me.”
“The office Father, just get your loyal dog erm sorry your spies to get the director to do the arrangements. ”
“Brian !!!!”
“Come on big guy, ”
“Fine ” his father says “but don’t think I won’t still keep an eye on you young man”
“You can have a camera installed if you want just don’t …watch when I have a woman in there”
“You will not -”
“Bye father !!” He had cut the call
He knew his father wasn’t happy about it but let him have his way,this time.
When he got to the office this morning, he had sat in his office and entertained the ladies who were staffs in the company.
Like curious cats they had trouped in seeing a sappy sexy dude like him come in and went straight to his office.
Ofcourse being here for almost a week,they couldn’t get enough of his fine face and bombarded him with questions.
He would have love nothing more than to tell them who he was and why he was here and how he can turn water to wine…metaphorically..
But he smiled and said nothing other than.. he applied for the job and maybe with his good grades and excellent Cv he got it and maybe that was why he was given an office and made to PA for the new Social Media Manager flying in from Lagos.
That was good enough information for them, some of them.
The ladies didn’t necessarily care, they were just happy to have a breath of fresh air in the office in place of a fine stud too sexy for their eyes.
He smiles .
After the meeting he had strolled out not caring what was said and didn’t even look to see who the new manager was .. He was busy pressing his phone there, shit they said he didn’t hear. He didnt need to hear.
Coming out he had been cornered by the girl who was engaging him in small talk,but he knew what she wanted. .
So he flirted with her .
That moment his phone had rang,the floor secretary had called him to inform him that his ‘Boss” needed him to bring her file and bag,
“I don’t have anyone’s file or bag”
“But madame said -”
“Erm…who is madame? Do I look like someone who would be carrying files and bag for a supposed madame?”
“Mr Brian,you do release that your Boss has directed me to call you?”
“Well direct yourself to tell her that I don’t know crap of what she is saying, if she needs her whatever she should go get it herself,i am not with it and I wouldn’t even be with it. Stop bugging me lady?” He cuts the call, he was pissed
Him? So not only has his father reduced him to a PA, now these fools here assume he was an errand boy for bag and files.,they we high on cheap crack.
His phone kept buzzing,

He ignored it, but the stupid ass of a secretary kept calling and then eventually stopped.
“Who is disturbing you handsome ?” The girl beside him asked
“No one important apparently ”
“Good, so ,I was wondering when we are going to have that drink you promised me?” She says tentatively touching his shirt
He smiles. ..
Women, very predictable.
Maybe tonight his bed wouldn’t be empty.
“I’ll let you know, who knows we might fulfill that today,”
“Well that would be nice. So tell me Brian, -” she was saying.
But the sudden noise and someone screaming distracted him.
“What in the world !!” He frowns stepping forward .
He watched as she stormed out of her office and went looking for her supposed PA and screamed his head off.
He held back a laughter, He liked the drama that was unfolding.

And pitied the man she got him confused with.

It was a laughable scene..
Watching how she was roaring and he was wimpering trying to get her to listen to him.
She stormed into her office and he could swear the ground shake with her outburst and the slamming of the door.
Such feisty hot tempered lady!! He had mused
The girl beside him was still talking,and he wasn’t paying attention anymore.
So that was the Social Media Manager right? stroke Consultant?.
Yes, he was definitely going to pay her a visit and maybe laugh at her face.
He watched as the man who was being shouted on leaves the crowd of people and stood apart ,
The feisty fox walks out of her office again , storming out to the area.. everyone freezes, Brian is holding back a laughter.
Dear Lord who is this witch!!!!
“Hey,Mr Brian, if you have a good working faculty in that brain of yours you would follow me into my office , your ignorance is pitiful!!” She spat , she turns around and goes back to her office. He and as well everyone else watched as the man,head bowed, shoulder slouched , still not understanding anything followed the witch back to the office murmuring inaudible words under his breath..
“AHA! !! Hey God, but why isn’t anyone telling her that that isn’t Mr Brian na” someone says placing her hand on akimbo as the door shuts behind the driver stroke assumed PA.
“You wei dey talk,why you no tell am?” someone threw at her
“Ehen so she would use me and do scape goat abi, didn’t you see the fire and daggers coming out through that mouth,you want me to burn abi?”
“Ehen but you want another person to get in the cross fire” they said
Most people were still confused..

John who happened to be in the know strolled back and sees them bickering between themselves, he decided to use the privilege to clear the air for them..
“Una no sabi anything , i swear”
“You that is CNN na, omo aljeezra, Nta-Rstv and silver bird , even reporter in white house, tell us all Mr-know-it-all John, what you think we don’t know” a girl clasps her hands and her breast shook more than her hands slapping together
“Look okay, I was the one who went to her house to give her files okay. She was waiting for her PA at the airport and me I did not know why he didn’t show , it was oga that called me to go and give her the papers. So as I went there now she was complaining bitterly about her PA this and PA that. Then she called him old and all that and me I was shocked because. ..we know Brian isn’t old,he is annoying but not old”
“Ehen.. we know you don’t like him,we don’t care, continue the jist jor” someone throws at him
“Who says anything about hating him, that guy doesn’t reach half of what I am?” John retorted
“That guy is cute, handsome,sexy hot and his body is amazing, I can rock that all night long ” a girl says demonstrating
Everyone laughs.
John rolls his eyes ,clears his throat ” Ehen as I was saying na, I tried to tell her that Brian isn’t old oh but she refused. Then she then offered me his job, because she felt I would do better and you know I can do better”
“Oh really? What did you say?”
“Well,I turned it down because … I am a proud man, I told her I didn’t want it”
“Hmmm,are you sure ?”
“Why, I lie?”
“Sometimes ” a girl says behind him
He turns, shaking his head, he had no time for her.. she was a busy body
“Look, should i continue the story? ”
“Oya na ,”
“Okay so, I left and I called her to make sure she was okay and she thanked me. So this morning I now called her PA to go and pick her as instructed by the director in charge so I didnt know that he didn’t go else I would have told her myself. Because we spoke this morning and I told her the PA was on his way, and I had seen the so called Brian , and I told him and he was acting all bossy but I told him sha. Sometimes I wonder who dey give the guy mind. I mean he is just here for what a couple of days raising shoulders. Now …he is seeing the confusion oh instead for him to go and clear it up he is there standing and watching like a hawk” John shakes his head


“I see” they said and then laughter
“But someone should tell her now?

Poor man.No wonder she was pissed and calling him retarded and slow…” Some girl was saying
“Ofcourse he doesn’t know firsthand what a PA ought to do because he is nothing more than the company’s driver assigned to her , she should calm down jor, this kind women are too hot tempered. Na person need pour her cold water for her to calm down”.
“Chei ya i just dey sorry the guy. But she is too bad tempered and mean, I don’t want to be assigned to her for anything, I’ll just stay clear off her. Me I don’t want trouble” Another redhead girl mentioned. She had a large bosom and thin legs
“Don’t forget arrogant” the girls were taking the lead in the gossip now as though they directed it
“Na wah for una oh, just now now you already say she is arrogant. You don’t know wether the dude sef warranted her to burst out , plus you must understand that she isn’t at fault, I was with her na, she spoke to me well,even smiled and said she liked my person and all that. She isn’t bad” John says
“Hmmm mm John John!!! ” someone taps his shoulders
“Ehen weitin? I am being honest stating facts. You have to stand and talk to her one on one to understand . You people are just jealous. That woman fine die, check out her class now,whether you all work from now till tomorrow you all can’t reach her. Forget all this things you all are doing,first hand jealousy groupies” he says pointing at the girls one by one
“if I hear”
“Please abeg see how you are talking like a man on heat, go hug transformer. That woman is arrogant” the big breasted girl says
” hmmm, if you are saying so,you are forgetting we have another arrogant person in our midst…

Who walks on water and acts like he is better than us ” John says as he sits halfly on the desk..
Soon the area was crowded with Co – workers who loved a good office gossip
“Who is that??” a guy with a minty breath and geeky – glasses asked, he just came hearing the last statement.
John seeing more avenue to spill gossip says for his enlightenment “The original PA na, Mr I-Am-Fine-Boy Brian.

He just watched everything and was laughing by the corner and enjoying the whole shebang “… John had the whole “durh” expression going on
“Yeah! I wonder why he acts like royal. Have you all noticed he doesn’t do his duties when asked to, He comes to work whenever he wants,

Leaves whenever he wants to? ” John’s right hand man Peter joined in resting on Tombra’s desk trying to get her to give him her number for the upteenth time.

She stuck her tongue out at him…
Most people nodded in agreement
“Omo na true oh, I dey reason that thing ”
“Even the acting Director can’t really shout him down ” the redhead girl said thinking
“Maybe he is from an elite background so Oga is treating him like one. You remember those twins that came to do a one year internship here about a year ago?” Tombra asked hitting away Peter ‘ s hand from trying to touch her face..
“Well their parents were close friends with Oga, so they were treated like celebrities and royals around here,

I believe he is one of those sort of kids, that’s why he acts the way he does..” She concluded, picking up a mirror from her bag , checking her makeup if it was still in place and that Peter didn’t clean anything
“Ehen but they have assigned him to be a PA na, he should atleast do his job instead of passing it to others” John was adamant to paint the pot as black as it should be
“But let’s admit it, the guy is finnnnnnnnneeee!!!!” the redhead girl began to fan herself putting both her hands to her bosom and exaggerated her bustyness
“Yes sister….fine AF!! Do you see how cute he looks in everything he wears?

That slow smile of his, the way his eyes sparkles when he laughs, his taut ass, his biceps….” Tombra was literally dreamily
John looks at all of them “So na weitin una come here come do baa,to slut with guys?”
“You are just pissed that all the girls are tripping for him and not for you,oga swerve,you expect us to see hot chocolate and creamy caramel and pick…erm..which word fit you sef?” The girl puts her index finger to her jaw and taps
“Abalumo!!!” The redhead girl offered
Everyone laughs “Abalumo sweet. Na Alomo na kolanut him be! !!”
Another burst of laughter
“I don’t have word for you people, one day you all would come begging me, the novelty of this fine boy fine body go soon wear off, I am here waiting when it does. Carry on” he says frowning
“Omo die that matter, it won’t, and when he is talking to you and looking at you you want to melt into him..chai God Oluwa!!! ” the girl held her breast as she jumped on her toes , another bust of laughter
Peter wasn’t happy that Tombra was thinking about some other guy when he was standing right there hoping she gives him green light…
He had been after her for over a year..

Now some new guy comes in and she is just dying to get her hands on him.

If only he could be half of what Brain is he would get any girl he wanted without breaking any sweat.

He sighed and turned back to the conversation.
“Are you sure you aren’t already wet just calling his name” John spat, he was irritated and upset
“You are just jealous that he is way hotter than you would ever be and that all the girls are drooling over him and all the guys here wishing to be him…and people like you are hating because you can never be him” she folded her arms across her bosom and eyed him “Deal with it John, we will understand . ”
“You wish! I don’t need to be him,

That dude got nothing on me, he is like bobrisky and I am denzel baby ”
“Are you sure? ” he was scrolling through his phone resting on the side of the door from where he was paused from entering her office and listening in on the conversation right from start
Everyone turned.
The girls adjusted themselves, some gave a pose, others drew their top down to show some cleavage and others just gaped with mouths drooling at him.
John stared at him, undeterred .
Brian laughs, ridiculous, that was what this John guy was. He leaves the wall and walks towards him, close to him
“Don’t play the games of men , you are just a little boy…”
He patted John’s shoulders when he got close to him, then he walks away from him turning to the ladies
“Hello lovies!! ”

He winks to the ladies ,
He could swear they’ll literally fall over each other just to get a sniff of his perfume
“Sup dudes?”

He hails the dudes who wished that he could take them under his wings and magically make them him…
He walked past them and straight down to her door,
He said over his shoulders as he paused,he knew all eyes were on him,
“I can understand why the ladies gape after me, but you John and the others , i am sorry.. but i am not planning to be the next Bruce Jenner turned Caithlyn jenner. .or some Bobrisky right John?

I like them soft and sensual. .and wet,

Not hard like granite, so don’t be a perv guys, especially you John and get back to work,the ass is for the ladies to ogle. .thank you”
He laughed , there were another burst of laughter from the ladies when he heard John snort…
How is that John!!!!
He smiles .