Natasha Reloaded Episode 7


Froshberry: here is the plan. For now I don’t know the exact car he is going to enter. So what you guys will do is very simple.
Aerofist: what are we going to do?
Froshberry: Peter, you will use a power bike to get close to the building. Paul and aerofist, you are going to be in a chopper. Paul, you will fly the chopper while aerofist is going to be with a rocket launcher.
Aerofist: bravo!!!!!! Peter will tell us the exact car Mr John is inside and I will blow it up from above the sky.
Paul n Peter: so simple.
Aerofist: and swift.
Froshberry: where are my gifts? Remember, it was my idea.
Aerofist: you will have enough gift Immediately the mission is completed.
Paul n Peter: let’s move guys.
Paul and Aerofist got inside a chopper that was on the roof of flex empire while Peter was on a power bike.
Froshberry: *through headphone* guys, can you all hear me..
Aerofist n Paul: loud and clear.
Peter: loud and clear.
Froshberry: good, we have little time for this mission. You have to be swift and fast.
Paul n Aerofist: copy that.
Peter: copy that too.
Peter rode his power bike close to the building and parked a few meters away from where the conference was taking place.
Peter: *through headphone* am there.
Froshberry: *through headphone* good, stay there and wait.
Froshberry: *through headphone* Aerofist, Paul, where are you guys.
Aerofist n Paul: *through headphone* we are far away from the main target. Our helicopter shouldn’t be seen close to the building to avoid suspicion.
Froshberry: *through headphone* that’s very nice. Stay alert.
Peter: *through headphone* he is coming outside now.
Aerofist: good, make sure you look the car he will enter.
Peter Immediately brought out his binoculars, with the aid of the binoculars, he was able to have a close view of them.
Mr John Okafor, trying to be wise got into his last Benz. The firs two Benz were filled with bodyguards. At the front were police cars and bikes likewise behind them.
Peter: *Keeping the binoculars* He is inside the last Benz.
Froshberry: *through headphone* copy that, now get out of there.
Peter kept his binoculars and rode his power bike at high speed out of the vicinity. His work is done.
Froshberry: *through headphone* they are moving towards the main bridge. The target is seatted inside the last Benz. I repeat, the target is in the last Benz, not the two first one.
Aerofist n Paul: copy that.
Froshberry: Goodluck!!!
Paul flew the chopper and was waiting for Mr John Okafor high above the bride.
Driver: sir, look at that helicopter up above the bridge. It’s not moving, isn’t that suspicious?
Mr Okafor: forget about it, I can not be panicked at the sight of a mere helicopter.
Driver: ok sir.
Paul: he is at range, do your thing.
Aerofist quickly picked a rocket launcher, aimed at the last moving Benz and released the angry rocket.
The driver saw the rocket coming at high speed but it was too late for him to dodge it.
“BOOM!!! ”
The car blew into pieces, the bridge was destroyed and some cars including some police vans fell into the huge water beneath the bridge.
Mr John Okafor, some policemen, guards and citizens were killed.
Aerofist: yea!!
Paul: yeaaaa!!
The both of them were busy celebrating their success.
Paul: yea we did it!!
Paul turned and shouted.
Paul: incoming missile.
A policeman has shot the chopper from below.
Paul couldn’t dodge the missile because the time he saw it was late and moreover, a helicopter isn’t very fast.
Froshberry got the signal of the incoming missile but he thought that Paul knew of it that was why he was silent.
Man 1: we have lost every signal to the chopper.
Man 2: the chopper has been destroyed sir.
Man 3: am afraid but Paul didn’t dodge the missile sir. We have lost both men.
Froshberry: *speaking through the computer* Aerofist, Paul!!
Froshberry: anyone, please answer me..
Froshberry: nooo!!!
Inside the lab
Professor Johnbull: yes, the MADE MEN are ready.
Scientists: Yes!!!!!!
They all shouted!!