The Brat and The She Devil-Episode 7


John squints his eyes “Infact I don’t have time for this, the acting Director has asked me to inform you to go pick up the new Boss for your department, meeting starts by 8am” he says walking away

Brian stares at him..
Father if not because of you I probably would have had that guy licking my shoes with tears in his eyes.
But, your time will come John.
Your time will come and I would be the one laughing when you come to realise who you are talking to.
But for now, he’ll let the puppies play.
Sighing , he looks away.
So they want him to go pick the PA eh?
He will go pick her up alright, in their dreams.
He goes back down ..
“Ikechukwu sir” the driver stroke everything else says stepping out of reception area
“Whatever , where can I find an amazing breakfast this morning, I am starving” Brian says

“I was told we are going to pick up the Madame and bring her to the office for the meeting”
“Who gave you that information? ”
“It came from her office ,your office I mean, the office in which you would be working from”
“Who gave you that order Ikena?” Brian repeats
Ikechukwu winces ,
“What is my order Ikena?”
Brian smiles entering into the car “Then Breakfast it is”
“I know a nice place for your treat, and where to from there sir ?”
“Back here to the office”
“And the Boss madame?” Ikechukwu frowns
“What is my order Ikena? ?”
“Very well sir”
“Good boy Ikechukwu, good doggy” Brian smiles.

Ikechukwu shakes his head,enters into the car and drives into a five star hotel for him to have breakfast.
Done, he brings him back into the office.
Brian climbs out, and disappears into the building, he threw something over his shoulders saying he was going to find some chick to while away time and wouldn’t care less about the meeting, that he was going to go there in his own time.
Ikechukwu shakes his head staring at Brian retreating form.
“Hello??” He says into the phone as it brings
“Where are you , aren’t you supposed to go pick the Madame from her house with the PA?”
“Sir, He had other plans ” he says “I could not force him sir”
“Incompetent!!! you don’t want your Boss to fire you do you?”
“No sir but I can’t force a grown man unless you want me to cuff him and pull him by his balls,excuse my french”
The person at the other side of the call sighs ” where is he?”
‘”He just entered the building.”
“Fine, I would send the driver to go get her, but do your job” the line cuts
Ikechukwu sighs
Think about the money, think about the money
He squeezes his fist, takes a deep breath and releases it.

* 8am*
Mr Emeka, whom I was introduced to be the Superior Departmental Lead to the company was addressing the team of crowded people.

I was standing not so far away from him pretending to look through some files while he barbed about work ethics and all that
Then I heard him say…
“Finally before we go about our day’s duties, i would like to introduce the newest addition to the company, all the way from lagos, Nigeria ofcourse”
Which got everyone smiling, even me
“Miss Adora chime.

She is the Social Media Manager and a consultant , she would be incharge of everything worth anything about the social media for the company , which her basic duties are all about reconstructing the company and putting it in the limelight, give it the appropriate spunk it needs which includes recognisition and attractiveness and also to sell the company and bring in more customers. She will be our consultant to other companies and also to our sister company’s around the country, that is her department.
She is good at what she does, best in her field and don’t think she is all about the social media, She is good with figures as well and she is equally smart, having a degree in Economics and a masters in Accounting , she has worked in a bank and an Accounting firm as well. So she knows her onions, be rest assured if you see her hovering over you, asking questions, taking snapshots or interviews etc,

Holding meetings and giving out needed budgets…don’t feel agitated ..she is just doing her thing.
I implore you to be corporative and help her if needed.
Ladies and gentlemen, make a warm welcome to Miss Adora Chime”
I look up smiling at him , I give him a nod walking towards him and smiling at the crowd of people.
Look at him introducing me as though i am supposed to have an award or something
I said to myself before dazzling them with my killer smile.
“Hello everyone, goodmornig.

Well Mr Emeka has said it all, so there is no need to re-emphasis.
I am here to help put the company on the spotlight it deserves. It’s the new age, everyone needs their company not only at work, but also for the world to see and to have that and make it sparkle, you would need someone who knows the inner workings of social media, how to get the target market well enough to bring the needed customers and sponsors to your door, and I can say that is what I would give to you.
So please fill free to go about your duties and don’t let my presence make you uncomfortable.

I will just do my thing and try not to damper on yours.
I am here for abit, i hope you will tolerant my lil tantrums if I happen to throw them…”
Smiles, laughter and applause as they cheered me a warm welcome.
I wonder if they thought I was joking.
I do throw a mean tantrum.
But I don’t bother , in time they would understand .
I step back to my position but I could still feel all eyes were on me.
I even heard a side comment.
“She is a sexy vixen, that body is just amazing, shit!”
I smile
Men!! So typical.
I hope that fool doesn’t dare come to my front and tell me that.

I would surely put him in his place.
“So, department heads, any more briefing? Announcements etc before we we go back to work?” Mr Emeka looks at a group of five people standing together
“Oh yes!”

The one named Bola stepped out, adjusting his tie trying to impress me. maybe…
Because everyone i assumed who needed to be there was there, the door was closed and the hall was calm, it took everyone’s eyes to the door when it opened and someone walks in.
From where I stood, I could see that it was a guy, with dark shades on and a straight face, a face I couldn’t very well make out.
I frown
I wonder who walked in as though he owned the place, with dark shades on in a non – sunlight room?
I looked around, trying to catch the eye of Mr Emeka.
Shouldn’t he be reprimanded?
My eyes conveyed the message , but he doesn’t answer but looks away.
I look at my watch , it was 9:10 am, I look up at him again,he was close to the door and people standing blocked my view from him,but then I notice a movements and then I see him raise his hands up, tip his head back and pours liquid into his mouth as people begin to murmur.
And he was drinking a coke!!!!!!!!
I couldn’t believe the nerve of who ever the person was, wasn’t this Mr Emeka seeing this person ??
I would walk him out if I was in charge here.
I notice the person leans to the door, and turns away from the crowd.., I could swear he was pressing his phone.
The nerve!!!
I shake my head, whoever employs this people needs to be fired.
Everyone was muttering.
Bola had to raise his voice a notch to be heard.
When it doesn’t still allow him to be heard , Mr Emeka had to pull the hush on them…
“Calm please, everyone he calm and be attentive”!! He cautions, suddenly the room grows still again.
I scan the room quickly as something occurs to me, and I wondered why my stupid good-for-nothing PA wasn’t even in the room.
After I entered the conference hall,

I thought he was behind me but apparently he didn’t follow me in.

Shouldn’t he be here taking notes?

Or i’m supposed to do everything myself?
I felt the anger rising again.
I need to talk to Mr Emeka..
He was the acting Director, according to Tina.
As the meeting ended, Mr Emeka comes to me
“Nice to have you here Miss Adora, i hope the city is doing you well?”
“Thank you Sir, it’s good to he here , Port Harcourt seem like a nice city ”

“Yes indeed it is”
“Thank you for having me here.”
“Good! I will walk you to your office. .

You have a departmental secretary stationed at your departmental floor,

But your PA will handle every other thing you need within and outside the office.
I am sorry for any inconvenience he must have caused you…” he was saying..
“Yes about that sir…

I spoke to the HR but was told he can’t be changed.

Since you are the director I feel you can override that..

He is clueless and awkward and would be a dent to my work and I can’t have a slow poke in my everyday work…

So I would like very much to change him if you don’t mind…”
He smiles and pats me on the back..
“My dear, bear with him a little while..I know he can be insufferable and spoilt but he is a good lad…well I would like to think so, Besides he is new at this PA thing but he has other impressive skills i assure you are worthy of thoughts, but the refusal is order from above .”
“Why do you call him a lad, that is a full blown elderly man, whose place shouldn’t be running errands and mine would be pretty tasking.

I need someone with a little energy and not entirely daft” I say to him
He looks at my obviously puzzled.
“I am sure Brian could be anything. …but daft isn’t one of them.

He is just being difficult and I will do well to talk to him”..
We have walked to a door and stopped..
On it had my office and name..
“Social Media Manager/Consultant

Miss Adora Chime”..
He opens the office and motioned me to follow him.
It was immaculately clean and arranged. A desk, a table and two guest chairs, cabinet for files and books and a window to overlook the city .
Everything had a touch of red and vast enmass of black and dots of brown. I loved the combination.
A round table at the center with two sofas and a TV. .
I was liking my office the more I looked at it and temporarily forgot about the PA.
“I hope you find everything to your satisfaction yes?”
“Yes indeed. “I reply in admiration, strolling around my office taking note of every detail.
My name tag was placed on the desk…with a “Miss Adora C.”. Initialled on it .
I sat down behind my desk and ran my hand over the desk.. it was made of mahogany. I like.
“If you need anything, anything at all, please feel free to call or come to my office, it’s the 28th door at the end of the hall, “Directors office ” name on it. Let me leave you to it , i am sure you are itching to get to it , to settle and get to work?”
Are you kidding ??
This was beautiful.

“Thank you sir”.. my smile was broad
He was out of the door in another few minutes

Crap!!!! I almost forgot.
“My bag and files”
Mtcheww, that PA!!!
I pick up the telephone.
There was no where I was going to go out there looking for that fool.Shouldn’t he have been here waiting atleast since he wasn’t in the meeting?
“This guy was going to be the death of me..” I mutter
Thankfully all the office numbers and heads of departments were typed and placed on my table…
I dialed the floor secretary’s number…
“Yes please, who am i speaking with?”
“Ruth ma’am, how can I help you?”
“My name is Miss Adora Chime and I am-
“I know who you are Madame, how may I help you ma’am, please tell me ma’am, I am happy to help you ”
Oh, okay!
“Yes please I need to get in touch with my PA, ask him to come to my office with my files and bag,

I need to get started with immediately ”
“Okay madame ”

“Good thanks.”

Line went dead.
I get up and pick out a book from from the shelve. ..
It was about the company. …written by one of the prestigious writers in the country. The book sold a ton.
It’s a good place to start, by getting extra information about the company’s little beginings.
The phone rings from the desk, i pick it up at the third ring.
“Er ma’am, he said he is busy at the moment and he isn’t with your files and bag”
I frown , holding the phone tight.
“What nonsense is that? He carried it for me from the car, did he fling it somewhere? Where is he?”
“Downstairs ma’am”
“Tell him to come right this minute. No, Infact never mind”
I slam the receiver down and storm out, retracing my steps to the reception area.
I saw the big fool seated , making small conversation with someone else.
I didnt bother to notice a few people along the passage way…passing the cubicles and nor did i see a guy leaned in to talk to a flashy girl
“Mr Brian Andrews!!” I bellowed as soon as I got to the reception area, i swear my voice could be heard to the high heavens

“Do you find it satisfying to make me get constantly upset with your lack of common sense? Look I have no time or patience, I didn’t bring those out of the house to decorate your outside but to be used in the office.. why would you say you don’t have it when you obviously do” I say pointing to my bag and flies in his hands

“Are you quite stupid? ” I add
I didn’t get his shocked expression.. he looks at me and then everyone else opening his palm and showing me, as though he was really confused.
Dear lord !!!
“But madam nobody tell me say you dey look for me naw? I been dey here dey wait you as you enter the meeting because I no fit enter the meeting with you, i never know wether una don finish una meeting naim make I dey here , and lady here no allow me go your office say i am not allowed unless madam dey inside , so naim make me sitdon here since”

He replies me
I swear he even looks and sounds as though he was serious telling me the truth
“Oh cut the Crap Mr Andrews,

You must think I am stupid when you are obviously the one in need of a re-orientation. You are a sorry excuse for a PA. …I don’t even know what to do with you”
I hadn’t realise people were staring and someone had also left his initial position and the flashy girl by his side and slowly walked to where I was and was staring at me with a laughing expression on his face at the corner of the room..
Obviously enjoying my outburst.
” Give me my bag and files, give them to me!!! You are useless and incompetent Mr Andrews….”I order with my outstretched hand.
He awkwardly gets up and rushes to me with my items..
“Sorry ma’am, no vex. But madam de confuse me for another——-” He tried to explain
“Oh shut up!!”
I take it and storm back to my office.
My eyes red.
I didn’t want this PA.
I didn’t .i didn’t ..I DIDN’T !!!
They would have to do soemthing about him.
God forbid.!!!
I find my way back to my office and slammed the door shut.

Everyone silently watched the showdown.

Confused and puzzled expression playing on their faces..
John had walked in right as I was leaving. ..
As he greets me I snub him and walk pass waving my hand dismissively at him.
“Hain what is making her upset this first day at work…? It’s a beautiful morning oh…abeg oh madame take it easy, what happened to her? Why is she upset?” John turns asking anyone randomly
“She was shouting at her driver calling him Mr Brian Andrews “..someone offered.
“But Mr Andrews was just there staring at her. …she didn’t even look at him, she was shouting on the poor man, kia i felt for him oh.

I don’t want to be in his shoes,see the way she screamed at him and Brian was just there looking at her and he too didn’t say anything “… Another interjected
Realisation dawns on him as he thought of it..
“She probably have got him confused .

No wonder she said he was old and retarded the other day”

John says more to himself nodding his head and touching his temple “No wonder I understand now, and I thought she was high on crack that day, she didn’t know that the driver isn’t her PA,hmmm”
“John, what was that?”

The first person asked etching closer to him
“Una too like gossip.

Shift abeg, I have work to do” he throws off his shoulders and strolled away to his spot,
“John, what do you mean na?” They call at him, he doesn’t answer. “John, hoarding gossip is against the federal law of Nigeria ” another person says
They laugh
“I hear you ” John throws back
The girl who was standing close to the other person smiling looks at him..
“Brian?” She calls his name to get his attention
“That’s your Boss right, the one whom you are to PA for ?”
“She looks mean” she says
But Brian is smiling , rubbing his jaw
He looks towards the elderly man who is complaining to a few people who gather him to console him.
He laughs..
Oh,that is the Boss eh, such anger, such outburst of energy . And she mistook the poor man for him.
He laughs again..
Oh how pitiful.
“Brian, I am talking about your Boss, I hope she wouldn’t make you a laughing stock, see the way she treated that poor man, why didn’t you tell her that you are Brian Andrews and that he is but a replacement driver? She is too …Argh I don’t know. Just today she has caused tension. I don’t like her” the girl crosses her arms over her large breast.
“She is a feisty one…” Brian stares at the door she went into “I like!!”
He smiles.
This should be fun.
Maybe he should go toss her some stones and see if she would bark.
No maybe a bone, dogs likes bones.
He smiles broadly.
A clueless hot tempered “supposed ” Boss eh.
This should be fun.