The Brat and The She Devil-Episode 75


Meanwhile ,back at the Police Station. ..
Teca is standing in front of the desk, his Boss is seated staring at him.
“You say he wouldn’t break?”
“No Sir. Done everything. He wouldn’t bulge.”
‘”Well, do more. He needs to give us something. ”
“Okay Sir.”
“Any news on the 50 boys?”
“No Sir. Not yet.”
“How can 50 boys just up and disappear from the face of the earth. It’s not possible. They have to be somewhere. It sort of feels as though all 50 boys are connected somehow. Each parent or sibling or friend claims the boys each had received calls or text telling them to meet at a supposed venue at around 6pm. No one knows why or where they went. It doesn’t make any sense. They didn’t turn up for a party. They didn’t turn up at school. They didn’t return home. This is like how many days now? They haven’t even turned up anywhere. Phone lines are either not going through or disconnected. Their last seen profile on their social media accounts is the day they diappeared. They cannot just vanish into thin air. There have to be something. A glue. Parents are going balistic. We are the law, we should be able to find and protect. I don’t understand this. ”
“Me neither Sir.” Teca admits.
“Okay. Drill him more until he can’t take any more, that Gillard Officer. And put more men on this Boys case.”
“He wouldn’t break Sir”
“Do anything to make him talk. The sooner we catch Vampire. The safer our streets and family’s would be.”
“Okay Sir. ”
Teca leaves the office and heads back to the cell.
Gillard’s head is dangling to the side. He is awake. He spits out blood. His eyes are swollen.
“Bring it in” Teca tells the officer.
They roll in a burning stove. He grabs an iron and lays it on it. Then he sits down.
“Hello Gillard how are you doing?”
Gillard laughs “You will never break me. You know I am a policeman. I understand torture. I know how it works so just save it. You are not getting anything from me. No. Not at all. ”
“Were a police man Gillard. Were. And I will break you”
Gillard spits again and then laugh. ..”you sent your boys in here and they couldn’t even break a sweat. You think you can do any better. You can only drill me Teca. You won’t touch me further that. It is against the law . It is against police conduct. You know your limits. And thankfully I can pass that . You will get nothing from me. I want my lawyer. ”
“You were an accomplice to the death of Chinedu, a cleaner ”
“The fool was easy catch ”
“I am recording ”
“Like I give a shit. You can’t get me to confess to shit I didn’t do. I need my lawyer ”
“You are not entitled to one”
“Fxxxk I am not entitled to one. I am a police officer and you lot would pay for wrongfully accusing me of shit I didn’t do”
“Oh really, so it wasn’t you in that house that a neighbour saw?”
“That’s your business. Get out of my face Teca. Your tactics wouldn’t work on me.”
“Oh yes I figured but still, it wouldn’t hurt to ask nicely. At least it would be on record. So…i would appreciate it if we begin.
Who was the person you allowed in here in the guises of Victor Nedum? Do you know who Alex aka Vampire is? Do you know what Alex is using now as his alias.? Do you know where his new Base is? Would you give us an address to get to him. Would you rather take us to him? Do you know his clients and operation of business. Does he have people? How many? Do you have any idea if he still kidnaps girls for prostitution and recruit boys to be assassins? Tell me what you know”
“I already told you..I ain’t telling you shit. So you better book me. If not…fxxk off. But know this. Vampire doesn’t leave his loyal people behind. He would come for me and when he does… you would be sorry.” He spat
“Koko was one of his loyalist. Look at where he ended up. And you helped”
“Koko was a collateral damage. A necessary evil for the better cause”
“And you think he would think twice off you?
“I am his loyal dog Teca. Something your police department lacks that’s why it is easily penetrated even by the underdogs.”
“Are you going to give me the informations I need? You are going to go to jail for a long time Gillard. Give me something and then we can talk”
“You can suck my dxxk as you wait while I give an actual fxxk Teca”
Teca smiles “Atleast I tried. Now, what would Ikena do” he has a finger tapping tentatively to his lips.
“Who is Ikena?” Gillard raises an eyebrow suspiciously.
“Oh, you wouldn’t want to meet him my friend . You wouldn’t. But..I would pick a leaf off his book today. Have you meet my friend?” Teca points to the iron already turning red on the stove.
“What is that for ?” Gillard eyes him.
“This my friend is called… the sense stick. Once it touches you, you will do anything just to get rid of the pain” Teca stands up wearing thick gloves.
“You wouldn’t dare use that on me. You wouldn’t dare. You will not go beyond your limit”
“Oh that is what you say. I can do what the hell i want.”
“You can’t! You are a policeman. You have no right to exceed torture level. ” Gillard eyes his hands as Teca holds on to the iron burning red.
“Oh, for now.. I am something else for the moment. I am my friend…and he goes all the way to make sure the needful is done.” Teca turns the burning iron to Gillard..
“Now I repeat, do you have those information I need”
Gillard eyes him, he wouldn’t dare. Teca wouldn’t dare. He was only going to scare him.
But he wouldn’t break . No he wouldn’t.
“Fxxk you Teca. !”
“Wrong answer ”
Screams were heard from the cell across the hall.
The scream didn’t stop till Teca was done. The screaming continued.
Ikena got to his house first, taking a shower and picking a jacket over his shirt.
He leaves almost immediately to Brian’s place.
Entering into his house he goes to his warddrop and then contemplates between a dark suit or black with a white shirt.
He picks up his phone to call Brian. But decides against it so he doesn’t disturb him during the meeting.
He grabs the black one instead, locks the door and heads to the car.
Twenty minutes later he is on his way to pick Adora.
Alex is smiling at them as they stood confused. Brian looks around the room, he frowns.
“Excuse me?”
“What is this nonsense ?” John exclaims “what do you mean?”
“Me, what do I mean? Let me clear your air ways so you can hear better.’”
He nods to Mikel. Before John could understand what is going on, Mikel slaps him from the back of his neck and then clears him with his leg. John hits the ground with a thud, groaning in pain.
Brian is alert …

“What the hell?” He goes towards Mikel to push him off John.
Chike brings out a gun and points at him.. “Tsk Tsk Tsk pretty boy.. stand where you are. Make a wrong move and you would have your brains splattered all over the place. Be nice. Stand there..that’s right. ”
Alex is laughing.
“Who are you guys. What do you want? Why do you have us here?”
Brian folds his fist, taking a look at them in the room.
One had a gun. The other hasn’t shown a weapon yet, it didn’t mean he wasn’t carrying one. And this Harrison guy…
Who the hell was he and why did he bring them here?
Were they kidnappers?did they want to kidnap them and ransom them for money. Is that it?
Did they know who he was? Is that why? Did they come for him?
Can he be able to take them three?
No. They had weapons. Even if he manages to take two down, the third would kill him.
But how can he and John escape from her unscathed.
“Who are you. Why..I didn’t do anything ” John cries out “let me go please ”
“Shut up you fool! !” Mikel kicks him hard against his stomach. John groans in pain holding unto it.
‘”Leave him alone. Why don’t you take someone your own size huh?” Brian addresses Mikel. Mikel smiles getting up..
“Someone like you?”
“Well, why don’t we handle this like men. What do you want from us. Why are we here? Are you actually clients or that is just cover? And did your mother ever teach you not to hit a man when he is down…come at me and I would teach you a thing or two. Leave the man alone. Answer me!!”
Alex laughs clapping “Brian Andrews. You are one hell of a man. In the face of adversity you have guts. I applaud that. You even care for your enemy. ..if only you knew. You would ask for a gun yourself to shoot that muderfxxker to his death. But men like you are rare…i tell you”
“What do you mean?” Both John and Brian ask in unison
“Oh you would want to know wouldn’t you. Come..i will tell you a short story from where it began and you can fill in the blanks. Sit down. would only take a minute while I bring you up to speed” Alex sits down and crosses his legs.
“No thanks,I rather stand ”
Alex nods to Mikel.
In a quick reflects , he reaches for Brian and clears him from his legs bringing him to his knees. He has a gun behind his head. Chike pulls John on his knees. Both of them face Alex who has a smile on his face.
“this sight of both of you here is giving me some sort of excitement. I wish there was a girl here to fxxk. Would be the height of my evening. Damn!!”
Brian is disgusted “Are we going to get to the part why you have us here and what is it that you want. ?” He looks around. Assessing the situation.
“Oh oh yes. I will. Story story?”
“I said story story?”
Silence again.
He sighs and rolls his fingers.
Chike and Mikel slap Brian and John’s head really hard.
Brian winces in pain, he shakes his head..
“I said story story …you are supposed to complete it”
‘I am sorry, my education wasn’t depleted by such slangs. So forgive me if I don’t indulge you” Brian smirks.
Alex laughs “I like this guy already. I do. Funny guy Brian..funny !” He scratches his jaw. ” Anyhow because I am excited to see you both I would just get to it. You see, a few weeks ago…I got a call from someone..he wanted a certain someone taken care off. And I did do as I was told. Put my boys to it. The fool should have been buried 6 feet under by now. But nope. In the middle of the operation, something magical happen. Someone, who I am still trying to figure out saved the day. Put two of my boys down. Saved the prey. Now..that is where all my shits began. That is where all of it changed. That person, that ghost is the missing triangle here my friends. Now…if you would be so nice to tell me who he is and how to get to him, i would try to make your deaths easy”
John chokes “Death.? You are going to kill us? What did we do. No.. I didn’t do anything. I didn’t do anything. I don’t have money. But..I can withdraw the little I have and give to you. Please … let me go. You can keep him here ..just let me go. Please ‘” John begs.
Brian throws John a look. He literally just stopped the dude with the fxxked up face from kicking him to a pulp and he is here still trying to sell him off for his safety?.
Brian shakes his head.
“John John John. John Efegor. For someone who paid another to get rid of someone. He sure is mighty scared to die isn’t he? John John. You shouldn’t be afraid to die.”
“But what did I do what?” He begins to fidget. “What do you mean?”.
“What do you mean he paid someone to get rid of someone.?” Brian didn’t understand what he meant.
“Yes. He did”
“I didn’t do anything. What the hell do you mean. I didn’t do anything. ” John is confused.
“Oh. You don’t remember John? Let me refresh your memory. ” he mimics ” hello Frank Anayo. I want Brian Andrews gotten rid off. I want him gotten rid off ” Alex smiles wickedly.
John suddenly pauses as it dawns on him.
“You are Frank. Frank Anayo?”
“You mean if he was one of my Aliases..yes,I am Frank Anayo”
“What? ” they both stare at Brian as he exclaims.
“You were the one who tried to kill me?” He directs it to Alex who nods.
“But he…your colleague here was the one who ordered. Isn’t it suprising huh? And only a second ago you were about going to stop my man here from beating him. You are a rare breed Brian Andrews ” Alex laughs.
Brian’s head begin to spin…he opens his mouth then closes it. He spares John a glance..
John is staring at him, no remorse. No shame..just hatred fills his eyes.
“Why?” He had to ask. He had to know. It didn’t make sense.
“Why?” John sneers at him.
“Yes. why did you try to kill me?” Brian cannot believe his ears
“Isn’t it obvious? I hate you. I hate you . I hate that you can just waltz into a place and assume authority even without doing it. I hate that everyone who used to like me likes you. I hate that you succeed while you cannot even be able to get something done. I hate that you and Adora are close.. infact fxxking each other . I hate that she likes you and picked you over me. I hate that you are handsome and that everyone wants to be like you or want to be friends with you or wants to date you. I hate that you could be annoying and yet still get to change to be a better person allowing me to fxxking call you out and you suddenly take the higher road. I hate everything you stand for..I hate that you don’t remain low. You refuse to stay down but you rise. I hate that you even escaped death. I hate you. I do with a passion and the more you breath the more anger fills me Brian.”
“In all this you have said. Did I even do anything to you to warrant this hatred?did I?”
“You don’t need to do anything. You Just have to be Brian the Fxxking Andrews and everything falls on plate like gold. I hate it. That is why and I have no regrets. None”
“You have none. To want to take another’s life for stupid reasons you have none? To want to end a man who never did anything to you. You have no regrets. To think of spilling blood over a woman who never looked your way you have none?to literally want to stop a heart because I am who I am you have none? No regrets? ” Brian is shocked.
“Yes. I have no regrets. ”
Brian shakes his head. “There is no point trying to understand the blackness in your heart John. There is no point.”
“You don’t need to. Atleast I am happy you know. If not because of someone saved you, you would have been six feet under by now” John spat.
Brian’s mind is working..
Everything is beginning to make sense. It was.
Ikena was right to suspect John.

Ikena was fxxking right.
It was John who planned the attack against him. It was all John.
And God!!! That day at the office when he showed up right before John said he was dead. He should have known..or suspected somehow.
But how could he?how?
Ikena had suddenly been in John’s face. He should have figured out something was off.

When he had asked Ikena what his problem was suddenly with John…
He had just said he didn’t trust the guy no more and warned him to be careful about him.
If only he knew what he meant by that.
Dammit! ! So it was John who sent those boys to attack him,ripping his stomach.
If Ikena hadn’t shown up.. he would have been dead.
If Adora hadn’t turned up in his house and called Ikena when she found him passed out. He would have been dead.
What would happen to his mother.

What would happen to his father.

What would happen to Adora..realising that he is no more.
Truly, you really don’t know the face of the devil right beside you.
And for the stupidest reason. They would kill you.
He shakes his head again.
“Okay, now that- that is all cleared up ladies. Let’s get to mine. You first John..” Vampire says
Now John is back to fidgeting “Me?”
“Oh yes you. You see, I sent out my boys like you wanted. But two turn up dead. Two of my skilled boys turn up dead and I didn’t realise it until days later you see. The fool you tried to kill was saved. He was. The one who made it,one of my man was damaged and sent to jail. He knew a little something so I had to off him. But..since then, since that night of the almost attack or the attempt at attack on this boy wonder here..everything, I mean everything has sudden gone to shits from my end”
“Wha..what do you mean. How does it involve me. My deal ended with you when he turned up a life and i-‘
“Shut up when I am talking unless I would take out your tongue and sholve it down your throat ”
John swallows. Brian is accessing the area.
There is just one door here.
He is on his knees, how does he make it out of here alife?.
Ikena knows he is in this hotel. But there are like what, over 99 rooms . Yes, the lady at the reception had been speaking to a customer and told him the amount of rooms they had.
How would he know which one?
They were in room 58.
Most importantly, how would he know that he is in danger and come to him?
He would need to call him. But how? If he puts his hands into his pocket for his phone they might very well cut off his hand.
He sighs.
There is a window?but how far from the ground is it?
The best way was through the door. He can take two down, but what about the last one.?
They obviously had weapons.
No wait.
They were not three bad guys in the room. They were four.
Even if he is on his knees now like him. He had tried to kill him. He was the beginning off all this, sending the same people who had them on their knees right now.
But wait…
Why are they here..
Did they come to complete the Job?is that why?
How come John isn’t standing with them and pointing a gun at him too.
Is this another job. Is this a different hunt for him.
Or this time it is something personal.?
“Are you going to get to the part when you tell me..why we are here and why you have me on my knees? I am yet to understand why you also have him on his knees. From what you have said, you both should be paddies and John. After all. . He was the one who contacted you to end me. Apparently you don’t know shit about your job because I am still standing. So…you came here to complete it? You both should be hugging it out instead of he being on his knees. Is that how you treat your friends..?” Brian tests the waters.
Alex smiles. . “Oh pretty boy. I am getting to it. ” he grabs a bottle of wine and gulps directly from the bottle. He places the bottle back on the table next to him.
“As I was saying.. everything went to shits. Whoever saved you boy..messed everything up. He showed up at my sanctuary, caused my loyal bitch slave to turn against me. I had to burn her with the church. ”
Then it clicks..
Church. Burn. Ikena.
Where did he hear something like that of recent.
Ha!!! This man Harrison had mentioned something like that when they met at the garage with Mr Emeka and his bodyguard and he had come to join them.
When he had said Ikena lost a friend in the church. Where he called Ikena Jude Robertson. When he said Ikena had a child.
It comes to him.
That means. .. Ikena had suspected something was off. Ikena said he had lied for reasons best known to him.
If Ikena had to hide his identity and say something which weren’t true.
It would mean Ikena knew something he doesn’t know.
It would mean that Ikena had found out who tried to kill him. .

It would mean…Ikena knew who this guy was…
“Stay away from him” he remember Ikena had said in passing.
Ikena knew. He should have told him.

How would he get to him now?how would he knew that he was in danger?
The fire at the church. The girl dying. Ikena..had been distance since this all started at some point. He said he had lost a friend who helped him.
It’s the same person this Harrison had mentioned right.?
Her name was…
“Let me guess… Juliet?” Brian asks.
“Yes..Juilet! I sent her home early you see. Because she opened my doors to a ghost. And you know the funniest thing? He never showed up to save her. That was how I knew she had messed up. She kept looking out of the church as I praised my God. She kept fidgeting as I gave my congregation the holy communion. She gave herself away waiting on some ghost who never showed up to save her. And I sent her to hell yes I did. But…because I knew I had been found out.. not because I am frank. .well my alias is frank and did the target on you. I am much more than a frank. Much more than the other alias I have used and identities I have stolen. I am a wanted man son.. and when the city hears my name they tremble…I am a god! !” He laughs
Then he continues “but you see.. I knew if Julie had given him the information she claimed she had given him,it would only be a matter of time before the police came. So with her and the church…i sent up holy incense to the heavens. Picked up what I could and left black smoke on my wake. And because me and the police share a very strained relationship the bitch, I knew like a jealous lover it would want to go by all the places I have been or worked from due to that information the cunt gave the ghost who I believe would give it to the police. I brunt down all my bases and moved camp. Lost a few fortune you see. And what do I do? I had to tie up lose ends you see. So I go looking for my men. Guess what?
We found out two died in that attacked. The last sent to the cell. I sent my man to take him out. And for the boys I work with… I didn’t want no one getting to them. I told them to give them up like a prayer too. How many where they again ?” He turns to Mikel.
Mikel remembers the cries of the boys. Of burning flesh ..of generation wiped out from the surface of the earth. He remembered the blood he had on his hands. He looked at them.
He wondered where his son is. If he is save. If he is following bad company.
He should tell him.. nothing was good in this life. He should warn him.
He wouldn’t want to lose his son like that. He wouldn’t.
“Mikel? ”
“Yes Sir. 50 boys. 50 boys ”
Brian felt suddenly paralysed … “50..50 boys. You killed 50 boys? People’s children? Brothers. Siblings. Sons…you killed 50 children? ” Brian suddenly felt like puking… “50..!!”
Vampire laughs “oh that is small. One time, we went to a village. Gathered the community of women and children. ..raped the women. Killed the men. It was three times that amount. Well that was when I got caught and sent to prison. But they were not smart enough. I escape. And I have been off the radar for years. Over 5 years man. And I was hiding in plain fxxlong soght. As a teacher. As a priest. As a clerk man. As anything I wanted to be. And they passed me the law,and even greeted me and protected me without knowing who I was. It was fantastic. See.. I am rihht now wearing an Harrison Ekweme now. . I walk into your company and say “I have some proposal for an E-libray. What does your company do? They give you to me when I ask…I want your best designer. I want Brian Andrews.. and oh some supervisor. .can I have John too. I have tones of money. I will pay. Can I see them this weakend? And bla bla bla” he mocks. “And your Boss. ..what is his name? Emeka quicy signs you both to me. If only he knew he was sending you both to the slaughter house.

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If only he knew.. but even no one knows when Jesus would come..did they not say in the goodbook like a thief in the night? They did, did they not? Yes! So I took a leaf off that…I did and viola! You fools are here and I am ready to end all this. Now John…do you see where you fall in all this?”
John shakes his head

“I didn’t do anything”
“You set me up!!”
“I didn’t do anything I swear. I don’t even-”
“You did you did. Because no matter how I look at it. It all started with you and that bloody phone call to get rid of him. Since then everything went to shits. Everything. Do you know how much it had cost me to to set Base all over the city and lose them.?do you know how expensive it was to recruit boys,feed them,train them and buy weapons for them? Do you know how expensive it was to manage girls I plucked off the streets and made them into sex slaves for me, my boys and for my clients? Do you know how I lost so many things just because I had to move camp. Run back under so the black devil’s with uniform don’t get me back into that black cell and make me wait for the gas chambers? Yes I have been a bad boy John, and I love it. But do you know how annoying it was for me to now be looking over my shoulders, cracking my head to find that bloodly ghost who I can’t seem to place who the fxxk he is? Do you know how infuriating it is not knowing who is coming for you aside the police, do you see how mad I am? Do you see why I think you set me up? Because I come out with a new face and begin to piece my life back together and I told myself. ..I would get John for setting me up. Yes.”
He gulps wine.
“But I didn’t set you-”
Vampire flings the bottle of wine at John,it hits his stomach, he slouches falling backwards in pain. The bottle hits the floor and shatters. John is writhing in pain.
“Leave the man alone and talk to me…why do you have me here” Brian frowns as John is groaning.
Okay, He tried to kill him yes but still.. it was both of them on their knees right now.
Would he be able to look away if they tried to kill John ?
He had a heart. He did.
He needs to stall them .. hopefully Ikena should be on his way back. When he can’t get to him.. he would come searching and if he doesn’t find him.
An officer’s instincts would kick in.

Yes, Ikena would always figure out something is wrong.
But the point is, would he get to him on time this time.
” You really should be Jesus’s brother. You forgive easily” Vampire’s words enters his thoughts.
“I don’t . I just hate to be ignored when I ask a question and all you do is fling bottles like a two year old. Bad habit stuck?” Brian raises an eyebrow.
“Has someone ever told you that you have such a cocky confidence pretty boy?”
“Yes. My mother told me it would get me in trouble one day”
“Ha!! She is intuitive. .your mother because she foresaw the future. . Look at you right now? That mouth would get you killed.”
“Well..they tried once. Look at me the flesh. Don’t worry you can touch my palm,i don’t have nails holes in them like Jesus..but I may have risen like the dead. Haven’t anyone ever told you not to bury a man during easter? He would rise..”
Alex throws his head backwards and laughs out loud.

“I swear it. You …I love this guy. I do. Damnit!!” He claps his hands and then points to Brian. . “ would be the best kill ever. Others..they cower in fear..piss their pants. Beg for their lives. Cry and ..well..cry some more. But you.. like an unflinching beast you stand. I like you. i do. Oh..hahahahaaha”
Brian smiles “I wish I could say the feeling is mutual but I am sorry. My mother told me liking boys is bad. Even God destroyed Sodom and Gommorahh because they touched themselves and kissed same sexes. ” He smirks.
Alex laughs again. “This guy. I will miss you. I will. But first. ..back to it.” Alex looks at John.
“John, You work in the same place with the one you wanted to kill. That was a surprise you see. Especially when we came and saw how peaceful it looked. That was what pinched my curiosity. I wondered. Did he set me up somehow. Did he know who I was. Did he? And other things happened that got me all riled up. And I am still yet to figure out his part in all this . This man shows up in my church…claiming his child was sick and needed help. That was one. Same guy shows up in the hotel looking for a friend and I checked the picture the picture looked like him. He said it’s a friend. Same fxxking guy happens to be in the same company working with you all. Like…I am just trying to make sense of It. You John ordered for Brian’s kill yes. Brian got away…saved by some “He”. Now a certain stranger shows up at odd places.. and viola.. he is also his Driver. ..Brian’s. Now.. am i missing something here? What connection do you three have? Was this a set up to catch me..did anyone spill about me that had people working against me?”
“I really. ..I really don’t know what you mean. Please I beg you I will never had set you up” John pleads
‘Then how come I couldn’t reach you. How come huh?” He thunders “After it all I tried to reach you but some bitch keeps answering the phone”
‘Yes yes. I was robbed by a slut. I swear it. I tried to reach you too when I realised that the fxxker was alife. I tried to reach you but …I didn’t have my phone. I couldn’t connect. I even thought you took my money and jonsed me. See. .. I swear it on my mother’s grave. I was shocked when I realised he was alife. But I couldn’t reach you and I thought you played me too. You think I set you up, you think?I have a fxxking gun I was going to end him today with. I do. I got a licence for a gun because I hate him and I want to kill him. Today itself. Because everything I tried to do to him backfires or fails. I was going to kill him myself. Because I thought you tricked me and let him live. look , see…I will raise up my hand for you to check” he did.
“Check him Chike”
Chike searches him, pulls the gun out.
Brian gasps…
Alex laughs “You fxxking son of a gun!!” He is shaking his head “So you were really going to end him”?
“Yes..I swear it!”
“So you didn’t set me up then?”
“No Sir I didn’t. I swear it. Must be a mistake somewhere. I couldn’t reach you I couldn’t. My phone was stolen by a slut. I even have a copy of police report to that effect. I carry it in my wallet..check. it’s all there. Wallet is in my back pocket ”
Chike nods after checking the wallet and going through the statement.
“Looks like he is telling the truth boss!” Chike hands it to Alex who takes a look.
“I see. So everything that happened wasn’t because of you?”
“No Sir. I swear it. This Brian..he has a way of missing deaths or failures. I don’t know how he does it. I was determined to put a bullet in his heart by my hands today. It was all set.”
Alex laughs “John,I think you already qualify to be in Vampire’s team. Get him up Chike. Give him a beer. Give the man a beer for being such devious in his thoughts!!” He laughs clapping his hands.
Chike pulls him up and slams the back of his head “What kind of beer you want?”
“Red wine. ” John smiles.
“Give him one..come come. Leave the spot of the dead. I need to see the face of Brian the pretty boy. He seem to make a little gang of enemies. John hates you. I well…don’t like you because you survived and caused all this problems for me. And I think.. your boss hates you too. You know we had a little talk”
John is grinning from ear to ear as he gulps wine. He wipes his mouth.
“My boss. Who?” Brian eyes him.
“Emeka. He does. You know..he kept ranting about you. Saying I shouldn’t use you for my project. Told me how bitter and arrogant of a person you are. How he wished you weren’t here so many things. You stepped on a lot of toes here Brian boy.”
John laughs “oh you are smart Boss. You are. Mr Emeka hates his guts”
Brian throws John an unbelievable look.
“Oh you know? See even he knows. You blind Brian boy? You couldn’t see the writings on the wall?”
“I don’t believe it. He may be angry about the tantrums i pulled but he isn’t like any of you guys” Brian said.

No it can’t be true.
Now it is John that is laughing. Gaining confidence.
He was in the vampire team now. He was saved because he had to prove that he didn’t setup frank.


Now they were on the same team. They hated one man. They would get rid of him together.
He laughs hard. “Mr Emeka? Who did you think had your Robot destroyed?who do you think made that call?he was the one who sent me. He made the call and I put my man on it. Tony? Tony Emelu did the work for me. Too bad you still found away to get out from under it. Emeka was livid.

On my way here…he called me. And I recorded the call.just incase… here..let me play it for you”
He brings out his phone and played back the conversation he had with Emeka right before he entered the hotel.
Brian’s head suddenly hurts..
“Emeka?” He gasps again.
John nods laughing ,Alex is chuckling. .
“You sure have a lot of haters Brian boy.”
“But Emeka…I have known him for…he is my father’s. .Emeka wanted me dead?”
“Yes yes and yes. He put me as your supervisor because he wanted me to make sure I have access to all you are and what you are doing so I can cause havoc. That is his reason. That your design.. he was mad. He tore it when you sent your driver to give it to him. But he said he didn’t realise it was the wrong one. Next thing you show up and give the client the original one. Oh he was mad. You know he was the one that suggested we do all it takes to get rid of you, make you fail, so that you can be fired from the company? You think Emeka likes you? Forget it. He hates you as much as I do”
“Why?” Brian wanted to know. His chest hurts.
“ heard him. So you don’t take what is rightfully his”
“What the company?” Brian spat “it’s my fath-”
“Who fxxking cares what he means or what’s ” John cuts him “Atleast I was happy I had support to help me get rid of you but like someone who is watched over by some angel you always make it out alife. And guess what…now I got him here too.” He points to Vampire ” and them” he points to the men. “Let’s see how you are going to rise like Jesus!!!”
“Good speech John” Alex nods “Good thinking. You seem to be more useful than a few of my men.”
“Oh thank you Boss” John smiles and gulps some more wine.
Vampire gets up and walks to Brian who is still on his knees. Brian looks up at him..
“Now that John is out of the way. I have time for you little boy..but first.. how about we get a little bit comfortable yes?”
Vampire has a big smile on his face as he brought out a pocket knife.
“Have you ever been marked for death by the vampire?”
John chuckles deeply…
“Oh…today, today would be the best day of my life. Brian dies. I get the girl. Everyone is happy.” He gulps more wine.
Brian looks from one to the other.. he looks at the door..
Today might very well be the day he dies..
He looks at the pocket knife with its sharp edges..
And then looks up at Vampire..

The evil smile hadn’t left his face as he nears him, bringing the knife to his neck.
Brian swallows..
To Be Continue on Monday, up next is Nii Dromo Season 3