Natasha Reloaded Season 2 Episode 49


Konami had seen Natasha purse fell down from the table as she walked away from him. He was surprise, maybe the effect of the alcohol in her head made her not to notice. He took the red purse and followed her, surprised she knew the way to the balcony.

“Natasha you forgot your..” He said and paused as he saw what he hasn’t bargained for. Natasha and Idris were engaged in a deep kiss that if he hadn’t say a word, they wouldn’t have noticed his presence.

“Sorry” Natasha and Idris said in unison. Konami didn’t say a word, he just swallowed his saliva and tossed the purse over to Idris.

“You forgot that” He said and walked away despite Natasha was shouting his name not to go.

“Sorry, it was my fault” Idris said wearing his shirt “but, what is wrong with him?”

“Nothing is your fault Idris. We kissed and so?”


“Leave Konami, I will handle him later.”

“So erm, about that dance you told me about, do you still erm…”

“Let’s go and dance Idris”

Konami didn’t know why he was feeling hot headed as he barged to the restroom, he was angry and furious at Idris. Why must Idris always be ahead he thought, both in rank and now in Natasha. He looked at the mirror and fantasized himself kissing Natasha on the lips. Natasha was perhaps the most beautiful girl he have ever seen and he isn’t willing to loose her.

“Nooooo” konami shouted pouring some of the running water from the tap to his face.

“Why am I feeling this? Common Konami, Idris had always been your best pal, leave Natasha for him. If destiny says she is yours, then truly she is yours.” Konami spoke to himself. “Yes!! Am leaving Natasha for Idris”

Konami walked our of the restroom and met another shock again, the same Natasha that turned down his request for a dance was busy dancing and rocking Idris. Without spending up to three minutes standing there, Konami had walked away, out of the house into his car where he drove off speedily.

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The whole shadow agents, except for Konami that have already left woke up very late this next day in Jummy’s house. They had slept off at the early hours of morning. Natasha had really danced till her feet hurts her. She was surprise to find out that Idris was also a good dancer too.

Before everyone could wake up, Jummy had already woken up and cleaned the whole house. She had also prepared breakfast for everyone. This wasn’t her first time for clubbing or partying so she felt no body weakness at all.

She was already setting the table when they all marched in one by one after they had taken their bath and freshened up.

“Good morning everyone, breakfast is served. Bon appetite’”

They all greeted her in return as they sat down and ate her delicious meal of tea, fried eggs and a well baked bread. There were also soups, roasted chicken and pork for anyone who cares.

“You are really a great cook” Natasha complimented and Jummy blushed.

“Thanks sweetheart” she replied smiling.

“Wait have anyone seen Konami?” Idris asked.

“Yes, I saw him hurriedly go out yesterday’s night” Jack said “I was calling him but he didn’t even answer me”

“Hmm, he doesn’t answer someone only when he is extremely angry” Idris said.

“Konami is angry? But what might have made him angry?” Natasha asked.

“Well that we don’t know, let’s concentrate on this food before it gets cold” Jummy said to everyone as they all focused on their food.

They had finished eating and where playing when a message came to them via SMS.

“NEW MISSION at hand, everyone report to base immediately” from Captain Val.