The Brat and The She Devil-Episode 74


Mr Layefa is all smiles when he sees Emeka ..
“Welcome..welcome.. I hope you didn’t have stress finding this place ?”
“No not at all. When I got your text about the change of date I had to make sure we are here. ”
“Thank you for coming, team Alkada needs much cheering .”
“I wouldn’t have missed it for the world. How is Brian, I hope he doesn’t give you any trouble? ”
“None whatsoever. .he is a great chap. He got potential that one.”
“I am sure he does ” Emeka replies.
His phone begins to ring. It is from Brian.
“One minute Emeka, I have to aswer this call”
“Sure Sir, you can go ahead. ”
“What???” He thunders as he listens ..

“I don’t understand. . I don’t …what happened. Destroyed ? How…I. .. Jesus! !! I am on my way.”
“What is the problem?” Emeka touches his arm “Anything wrong Sir?”
“The project for generation X.. he is..i.. I don’t. ..oh God. I have to get back to the company. I have to go see…oh God!!” He leaves Emeka rushing out of the park, brushing past people who waves greeting him.
“Sir.. Sir, where is your team from Alkada, everyone is settled and in their corner except your team and you are to come in by 11 for presentation. Sir.. Sir?” The host is calling out to Dickson Layefa but he doesn’t listen,he doesn’t stop.
He needs to go and find out what happened.
Emeka and John rush after him.
I alight from the taxi I came with and made my way to the entrance of the the park when I suddenly see a man running out, looking destraught followed by Mr Emeka and then John.
He rushes past me heading to the car.
“Sir, what is the matter, why are you running out. What is wrong ?” I rush towards Mr Emeka who only stops briefly to shout..
“Brian, something happened. ”
My heart suddenly catches in my chest.. “Brian? What happened to Brian? ”
“Brian… something Happened ?” Emeka and John jumps into his car following the man who had zoomed off.
”Wait for me..please. wait !” I quickly slip into the car before Mr Emeka speeds away following him.
“What happened please.?”
John says nothing to me, his face a mask of indifference. I look at Emeka..
“I don’t know Adora. He got a call and it was from Brian, next thing he is running back and saying something had happened. We don’t know. Until we get there. We have no idea of the situation of things.”
“Oh dear Lord, I hope nothing has happened to Brian?”
No one answers.
“God please let him be okay” I mutter under my breath as I turn away, dreading what we would see when we get there.
I try his number on our way, he isn’t picking. Neither is Ikena.
My heart catches in my chest.
“Can’t you drive any faster Mr Emeka?”
“Any faster will get us killed Adora. We are all worried … relax your nerves. What is it with you?”
I say nothing turning away.
Just drive faster..
I pray he is fine.
Ikena is looking at the deformed Robot in front of him. Features dented inside with an hammer. Wires pulled out from the back and smashed.
It’s face a caricature of what it had once been. One of its arm is loosely dangling and it’s leg broken which causes it to slouch forward.
The word used in describing this was “Damaged ”
Whoever did this had every intent to ruin and they did ruin. Leaving nothing to be desired.
He hadn’t seen the Robot, because they had been working in parts to fix it up.
But he sure as hell knew that this wasn’t how it was supposed to look like.
This was darn right wickedless. Now was this in a bid to cause Brian to fail or it was just some stupid joke gone bad.
But who would do this?
Ikena looks it over. And then he looks at Brian, whose pain is registered on his face.
He had worked so hard,was excited and looked forward to this Saturday.
The way he spoke about the project you would wonder what could give him so much happiness.
The way he spoke about his team,how they were being creative and innovative , pushing themselves and tapping into their innate abilities to push beyond boundaries.
They had worked hard… too hard not to be rewarded by this act of shrewd wickedness.
Ikena squeezes his fist..
If he found whoever did this, he would ruin the person as much as this Robot was ruined.
He would.
Brian speaks , he turns when he hears the pain in his voice.
“Who would do this?” Brian must have repeated this a hundred times already. “Who would do this, knowing how much work we have put into this. Who would do this….this is so unfair. This is so…argh.. God!!”
Ikena’s jaw flexes..
“I will find who did this Brian. I would.”
Brian is shaking his head “it’s all over. It’s all over then”
“Was anyone else here. Did you see any one enter here after you left ? Did you leave anyone else behind?”
He shakes his head.
“There was someone here”
“Who?” Ikena turns to the boy named Tekena.
“The one who likes to say mean things to Sir Brian everytime he is here.”
He remembers John being here after he stepped outside.
“John wouldn’t do this Ikena. ”
“He hates you Brian. He can!”
“Yes he hates me but for stupid reasons. He is a lot of things but he wouldn’t stoop so low as to damage something that would not just benefit me but the company which he works for. John wouldn’t do this. He isn’t so heartless. ”
“You don’t know that”
“I don’t want to believe that and besides he was asleep while we were working and after we left I saw him come out almost immediately and leave too. He wasn’t the one”
“You can’t vouch for him Brian”
“Neither can you accuse someone just because we have some bad blood. ”
“Look, whoever did this obviously hates you so much that they wouldn’t care about the extent of their action Brian. ”
Brian sighs..
“All our hard work just gone like that. My family, my friends.. they are all at peace park waiting for us and this” Tekena comes to stand beside Ikena,touching the Robot which felt as though it would collapse any second.
“We stayed up most nights coding ”
“How about when we had to start all over again because we got the wrong sequence. Sir Brian had to re-write codes for the sensory senses. And the speech and the locomotive moments?it took days to get to write. The wiring, the pairing . Getting It right after a few dozen fails. All is just gone to waste. Who would do this?” Esima asks.
“What are we going to do. What are we going to say to Mr Layefa when he comes. He was really looking forward to seeing what we had created. And this…he would have liked this. ”
Brian listens as they speak. His heart breaks.
“Crap!” He runs his hands over his head. “This wasn’t supposed to happen. It wasn’t !”
“Do they have cameras here? Was anyone in the vicinity after hours?these are the questions one need to be asking.”
“Let it be Ikena . None of that would change this right now. We are supposed to be out there with the other IT Companies, making history with others . But here we are… left with nothing but a damaged Robot that would take forever to piece back. How can we put it back in a few hours? We can’t . We just can’t. ”
The team members are sullen as they gather around staring at the Robot.. each face registered with pain.
“I failed you guys, and I am sorry. Whoever did this must have done it to me. I am sorry. ” Brian tells them.

Suddenly the door burst open and Mr Layefa , Emeka, John and I rush in.
Layefa rushes to him, pushing into their mix. .
“What did you say happen? What?”
Brian steps away for him to see, he gasps …
“Is that-“?
“What happened ?”
“Someone used a sledge hammer and made it into a mess of iron” Ikena says
“Who? Who would dare do such a thing ?”
“We don’t know . We came to pick it to the park and we found it damaged. Wires and everything ruined . It’s a broken mess. ” Brian tells him.
Dickson Layefa touches the Robot tentatively, feeling it … “why would someone want to ruin this. Why?”
“I don’t know”
“We need to find out Sir Dickson Layefa. Do you have cameras in this room?” Ikena asks looking around.
He shakes his head “not this room. We were yet to install one over a week ago and we just stalled. But…..why? Why did my enemies do this. Why?
Everyone is silent.
“I don’t think this was aimed at you. I think this was aimed at me” Brian tells him “that’s the only other thing that makes sense. I am so sorry. ”
Dickson sighs …
“And I didn’t get to see it in its beauty or know what it does. Everyone is out there waiting to see act after act and maybe ours too and I was hoping that at least we get to the top but this.. this isn’t good. Oh God!!!” Layefa exclaims
I see Brian sink into a chair, his head buried in his arm. I want to go to him and gather him to my arm. but I look at Mr Emeka and then at John.
I cry within for the pain he is going through.
I know how hard he had worked. I know how many nights he had stayed up working on this project, coding this or that.
I remember the sparkle in his eyes. I remember the curve of his lips when he talks about what they have achieved so far. I know how mighty proud of his team he is, about how he intends to give each of them a good treat after today.
Yes he was excited to show me and the world what they have come up with. He was.
But to see him now,broken , destroyed and at loss of what to do shakes me to my bones.
I am helpless to help him and take the pain away.
So I stand there, willing him to look my way.
Hoping that even in his pain he can find my hand and squeeze it and be okay.
I know how it feels having the works of your hands been destroyed just because …
It hurts.

It makes you feel like a failure.

It’s devastating. ..

Especially when you have a lot of people depending on you or looking up to you.
I knew all these thoughts were running through his head and weighing him down.
I wanted to go to him. .

I stare at Emeka again;wanting to damn the consequences and go to him.
“Are you sure?”
My attention was drawn to John, so was everyone else.
“What?” Brian turns to him
‘I mean, are you sure this wasn’t just some ploy. ”
“What the hell do you mean John?” Dickson stares at him
“Let’s look at this Sir, you remember that you haven’t even seen the so called project even when you asked to see it yesterday he said he would show you today with everyone else. Don’t you think it was just some stupid ploy that he actually never had a actual project to show you because he did not do jack. ”
“Excuse me?” Brian
“Yes. I am not mincing words. You have always claimed to be a know it all but we all know that you are a master of bulshits. Imagine the effrontery you had swinging it over our faces you can make the world stand still with your project ”
‘I never said such thing”
“You didn’t need to. The aura you had on your shoulders was enough. It stayed there like a chip in our faces. For almost two weeks you were given the opportunity to work on this . You got a team of people and all you were found doing was telling them to look within themselves and come up with their ideas. Who the hell does that? Aren’t you supposed to be the genius here? Aren’t you? Because you couldn’t come up with anything even remotely stupid because you don’t know jack. All those times what you do is form pretty boy,speak deep and give the kids work to do. I know this because I supervise you and ask them,your team members how many times I have pointed it out to them how incapable a person you are but all they hear or think is that I am just fighting with you without cause. I know what you did here Brian? You did nothing other than try to deceive us. I am sure you took out old parts , glued it together and then waited till this morning. ,trashed it up yourself and now you are crying foul that someone did this to you. You lie. This is a ploy but guess what, we know it all.” He points at him . Brain blinks in surprise. ..
“John?” I began
“Yes. That is the truth. Look here, I have always known what incapable idiot you have been. But to think you would bring it out to the public is disgusting. Do you know what you have down Brian, you have publicly humiliated the company which you represent. Imagine the number of people out there waiting to see what project you have come up with and what do you give them?this…this damaged nonsense. ? Why didn’t you just remain where you are … a mere PA who does nothing other than refuse duty and mope after his boss. Look here Brian, I would tell you just how stupid you are because you are just that. Imagine. Just imagine. Even Mr Emeka had to come all the way for this showcase. What of Mr Dickson nko? Wasting his time and resources on you. If you had just shut up and never lied to him you could do jack this wouldn’t have happened . He would have gotten an able hand to handle this not one who is an excuse for a man. See eh, we can see through your life. Even your team members know that all you are is nothing just huge words and emptiness. What have you got to show for it? What? Nothing and you dare say it’s your enemies? ” John laughs “You are your own enemy. You destroyed this yourself . You alone did this. Imagine the audacity. Look, I am ashamed to even be working in the same company as you. Just see the damage you have caused to our reputation. Clients wouldn’t want to ever trust us to deliver again just because of this your stupid singular act. You are useless Brian. Useless. So don’t blame another person for your incapabilities. Blame yourself. Say after me…I am useless. I am a failure. I am nothing but a loud empty drum with a pretty face. I lie and say lies. I am useless…I am-”
He didn’t finish, he was grabbed by the collars and lifted off the ground, with a force that shook the room. His back was slammed hard against the wall..
He groans in pain.
“Put him down Ikena!!” Emeka thunders.
Brian who had been seated listening to all this is quiet..but he gets up.
I was boiling in anger and if that Ikena hadn’t beat me to it,I was heading to John to give him slaps across his face.
“Let me go you bastard !!” John chokes
“You think you have a mouth John, you think? You think because he is trying to be calm about this you think he can’t make sure you are sorry huh?what kind of a person are you?huh? Do you hate him so much that even in his low you still want to tear the man down John? Let me make this clear to you. If I hear one more word from your mouth I swear I will use it to scrub the floor and stuff it with horse’s shit”
“Fxxk you Ikena. .I. -I will get you..fxxk you!!”
“I said put him down Ikena. Mr Dickson call security. ..”
Ikena slams him to the wall again ignoring Emeka,I gasp..
“If you think because your Boss is here that I wouldn’t beat you to a pulp. You are mistake John, you are. So again,my last warning. If you say one more word about him again I swear you would wish you don’t have a mouth to talk with ever.”
“Put him down!!” Emeka shouts at him again “Ikena I am ordering you”
“I don’t take orders from you!!” Ikena shouts back. He leans closer to John… “did you do this? Where you the one who damaged this.. tell me? ” he holds him tighter,John struggles to be let go.
“Get off!!! Fixing let go off me!!” John struggles
“Did you hate him that much you destroy something he worked hard for. that this kids worked hard with him. Is that how bitter of a person you are huh?”
“I didn’t do it let me go…I swear to God-”
“What?huh.. tell me what?” Ikena slams him hard again .
“Mr Dickson do something !” He pleads . If Ikena gets John to confess, he would also confess that he was the one who put him up to it

He couldn’t let that happen.
“He deserves it Emeka. John has a rotten mouth. He deserves to be put in place. Imagine, we all are devastated by this and at loss of what to do and here he comes blaming and causing the man who had tried to put things together. Look, I don’t know what kind of supervisors you groom Emeka, but that man is nothing but a bitter black heart. I know how many times I threatened to send him out of my company because of his nasty altitude,especially the way he is quick to insult and pull down Brian. If I were never in the premises to come see what Brian is about I would take his word for it. But I was. I may not have seen the finished worked before this but I sure as hell saw how it progressed. How they worked and how tirelessly they made sure they achieved something before the end of the day. So I know all what John is saying is jagon. It only tells me that there is bad blood between those two. Whatever it is I don’t know . But all I see is John always fishing for a fight and Brian doesn’t give him the time of the day. That is showing that he rather busy himself with other important things instead of child’s play tantrums John is garnering for. ” he sighs.
“what has happened should make everyone sad. It should make me angry and lash out because it is my project going to nothingless. But Still , I can only apportion blame when it is necessary and for now it isn’t. Brian did a Job he was called to do. I hear what his Team members say about him. They have praises..why?because he makes them understand that individually they are great, together they can be greater. He taught them how to push beyond boundaries and task into their innate skills and dare to venture into areas of their specialty they have otherwise never bothered to explore. He is a good person. These are my observations. And he never showed himself to be better than anyone . He never boasted. I only had a talk with him one day briefly to see the potential in him. He never asked for this. Yet, I gave him the opportunity. The same way I gave others and he don’t come here with your bitterness to pull a man who is already low down. Don’t. !!” He points to John
Turning to Brian he says to him “I believe you have worked well. Whoever did this may have succeeded in ruining your joy for the moment,don’t let it ruin it forever. Let it be. There is always next year. You will be paid for your services ”
“I will not take payment for something I didn’t deliver !!”
“Nonsense !! You delivered. You finished . That is enough commitment and I will pay you for your time and energy you have put into this as agreed. Same as all your team members. This is a case of win some and lose some. We have lost this one it doesn’t mean we can’t win others. No need to beat yourself about this. I would investigate and find out who did this in the main time. Let it go. Your worrying won’t get us on that stage. Asking you to rebuild it is punishment. We were supposed to be up stage in an hour. It is way past that now. There is nothing that can be done. Let it go. Forget it. It would be alright. We would work towards the coming year. In the main time.. let it go. In fact, you all should come to the park and watch others showcase their creative innovations and talents. Maybe we can get inspired for project next year. Team members, all of you need to relax okay. I know what you are thinking, it is fine. All will be. Thank you so much for the effort you all have put in this really. Thank you Emeka for showing up. Thank you Brian for your time. ”
“But tell the man to let go of John. Ikena I order you”
Brian looks to Ikena who still has John pinned to the wall..
“Let him go Ikena, he isn’t worth it.. he isn’t worth it at all”
Ikena drops him to the floor causing him to land with a thud.
“You dare refuse to obey me but you obey him? ” Emeka is angry ” you, a driver ?”
“When one oversteps his boundary, even a driver can put him in his place…”
“Ikena, you will hear from me. I will make sure I deal with you. I will have your job”
Ikena smiles… “You can if you want it” he was angry. He wanted to smash John’s face in for speaking that way to Brian .
“Ikena?” Brian shakes his head. Sighing Ikena walks away from John who is cursing under his breath. .
“Ikena,i will get you for this. I will” he swears.
“Maybe he wants another slam to the wall” Tekena , one of the team members hisses.
“Yes. Maybe a double slam would work.” another agrees
“Look enough of this. ” Dickson says. “There is no need prolonging this matter. I am going back to the park. I will not let this dent my entire day. I suggest you all do the same. Mr Emeka, you are welcome to join me back at peace park. You too…everyone in fact. Brian, don’t beat yourself up. Be rest assured we would get to find the person who did this ..until then, let it go. ” he turns and walks away.
As soon as he is out of ears shoot Emeka looks back at him “You are not just a failure but a disgrace Brian. You are a disgrace. You have brought nothing but shame to the company and who you represent. I hope you know how distasteful it would be? This is the height of irresponsibility. The height of it. I don’t care who did this, whether it was you or another, you should have prevented this. This would cause us to lose clients and a good name. All because of this. A disgraceful failure. ” he spat. “I hope you can look into the mirror and be happy. Nonsense !!” He turns away “John , get up. Later we would deal with the issues of drivers overstepping their boundaries. I will take it personally and deal with it . Come on, let us not turn down an invite of Mr Dickson , the least we can do is to give him some moral support since we couldn’t deliver on the project. Come..” he leaves.
John staggers up after him.. “you all will pay. You all will ” he staggers out .
The Team members all go to Brian “for what is worth, we enjoyed being part of your team.”
“Yes. We hope they find who did this. ”
“I know how you used to tell us to do what we can, never limit ourselves. We even learnt a few things from you”
“This would have been a Robot made out of togetherness and love. With each part instinctively different yet Nsync”
“And I was looking forward in making that my all time move”
They all smiled, even Brian “The victory stance ” they chanted.
“Maybe until next year Sir Brian”
“Yes, until next year ” they each touch his shoulders and then they leave heading to peace Park to join Mr Dickson.
I am left in the room with Ikena and Brian, I go to him, kneeling down and touching his arm. His head is back to resting on it.
“I wish I knew what to say or do to make you feel better. Words aren’t enough. Words aren’t. But I am here for you. I am. I am so sorry baby ” I rest my head to his.
“Thank you .”
“Come,let’s go!!”
He shakes his head. “I can’t ”
“I just can’t. ..I want to be alone”
“Please . Ikena, please take her home, or better yet, go to the peace park with the others . It would make me feel better to know someone represents me there.”
“I don’t want to leave you here. Okay,I will stay with you”
He shakes his head placing a kiss to my forehead before he stands up.. “please..”
I sigh holding unto his hand as he pulls me up.
“I would be behind you. Just gimme a minute”
I hug him from his waist and then I let go, walking to the door. Ikena is watching him.
“You want me to do anything ?”
“Just come back for me in a few”
“Okay. I meant..anything else? ”
“Let it be Ikena. Whether you find out who did this wouldn’t change anything. Let it be. It’s done. I failed. I failed myself . I failed my father. I failed my team. I failed Mr Dickson. Nothing would change that”
“Don’t say that” I hurt seeing him hurt.
“It’s the truth so I have to take responsibility for my failures it is fine. Failures either make you or Mar you. I am learning to rise above it all. It is what I do about this failure that matters, not when I wallow in it”
“So what are you going to do about it?” Ikena is curious.
“Think. For now..think. Go on. And thank you guys for your support. . You both especially ” he turns away facing the broken damaged Robot.
Ikena touches his shoulders, pats it twice and then walks towards me, leading me out.
“Will he be okay?” I look back at the closed door.
“He will be. He would be, eventually.”
“Do you have an idea who would have done this?”
”Yes . John!”
“He wouldn’t have . He wouldn’t ”
“Yes, that’s why I keep hearing but the devil comes in the most unlikeliest of people. ”
”John wouldn’t. It has to be someone else ”
Ikena sighs starting the car. . “Yes, maybe someone else ”
He could bet his balls it was John. But when he comes back..he would scan the area, see if he can get access to the camera in the vicinity of the places that it covers.
There has to be something or someone he can hold onto for this.
He rubs his temple.
For the first time, he saw Brian helpless,and he wished he could do more to make him feel less broken at the moment.
Day after day, Brian reminds him of his brother and he had always hated to see him down,sad,or broken.
He would do anything to make sure his smile is turned upwards.. to make him feel better.
And for Brian,finding who did this would rest his features, even if he says it doesn’t matter anymore. At least if he broke his arms,he wouldn’t dare destroy another project ever again.
“You will come back for him yes?”
Ikena nods “Yes Ma’am, I will”
Brian stares at the destroyed Robot for over thirty minutes.
Sighing he covers it with the wrapper, turns away and begins to head out the door.
“Failure becomes real when you give up from trying again” his father’s words pierce through his thoughts
”One Job, one job? I failed.” He says to himself.
Then he remembered all his father had told him once. He had been fifteen years old, he had come home with the poorest grade ever .
His father had sat him down after pulling him away from his room he had enclosed himself in for days .
He had told him, that it was okay to fail. It was okay to hit rock bottom. It was okay to not have it all when you so desire and it okay for others to strive even in your failure.
He had been too young to understand what his father meant. But he listened.
His father had continued telling him that, those people he thought are successful did not make it in a day. If they open their doors behind the beauty he see and admire, he would see the scars they have hidden; the tears, the brokenness and the tryouts they were not ashamed to do. He said that…failing was like a stepping stone to greatness because if one never failed, one would never see the reason to try again and not be able to appreciate the effort one had put in place to get to the top.
He said Failure is like a teacher, it shows you the parts you have walked on and tell you how you should have done it because if one way didn’t work out,another can and sometimes you need to repeat that same thing just to get the right ingredients for greatness.
He told him ” I know right now you feel as though nothing makes sense and all your hard work have come to naught. Don’t give up.”
“But I failed father. Everyone is laughing at me. Everyone calls me names. I read. I studied hard and yet I failed. What is the point in trying. What is the point in hoping for success? I am done trying. I am. Nothing comes out of it. This..this is nonsense ”
“Brian…if I told you how many times i failed trying to walk would you believe me?when you were five years old, you had a problem with your knees , a tiny accident with the stairs. Doctors said you would lose your legs when you turn ten because you would be paralysed from the waist down. But do you know what your mother did? Every morning she would take you by your hands and move you towards her. She cried seeing the pain you were in. Doctors advised her against it but she didn’t stop. She told them that sometimes it is humans that limit themselves. And she said the reason she began doing what she did was that when she keeps you in your crib and you see other children, your age mates running and jumping, you reach for the rail to your bed and pull yourself up. You wanted to walk. You wished it even without saying anything. So she decided not to stay with the decisions of the doctor. Every morning she took you out of your crib and made you crawl with your knees. And then she would stand you on your wobbling legs and pull you with her. Every day for 8 months Brian. And as the days wanes into weeks and months.. you took a step. Used to the pull of your mother you put a leg forward.. just the way she did. You put another one forward.. and soon she would pull you to her and let go of your hand. You would fall. You would cry. She wouldn’t come to you. She knew you were hurting but she said..

“there is no success without pain. There is no success without failure . The only problem with failure is when you decide to stay down.

But when you try and try to get up.. failure got nothing on you. And even if you fail again, you need to get back up. ”
You fell a thousand times Brian, wobbling legs and knocked knees..a child told would never be able to walk… but a thousand and one times you got back up. You just needed that one extra and you pushed yourself up. Soon you are crawling by yourself to her . You are walking by yourself to her . Then you are running. Later you are jumping. It took two years to get you back in form but son you made it. Why?because your mother never gave up on you. I never gave up on you, and you never gave up on you. You did it, because you wanted to walk. You wanted it as much as we wanted it for you.
So you see,failure will always happen, but it is what you do with it that matters. Do you stay down and wallow in self pity and blame yourself whether it is your fault or not? Or you would change the script? ”
“But how do I do that father. My grades shows I failed massively.”
“There is beauty even in failures”
“How do you mean?”
“you are going to go back to your books. You are going to work twice as hard. You are going to task yourself and immerse yourself in study. You are going to shut out the words of blame and cries of whatnot. And you are going to resit for these exams and you are going to excel it”
‘”If I fail again?”
“Then you keep trying”
“Everyone would pass me and go ahead in classes father ”
“Everyone runs their race son,everyone does. But… you have to not just run but finish . That is what you are concerned about. It doesn’t matter who got there first at the top. What matters is that when you eventually get there. . Stay there. .own it..make a statement. You will always fail…but you should always learn to rise above it all..why?because even in failure, there is a story,there is beauty within …and that is the statement you need to make when you get out of under the debris. So get up. . and get to work ”
Brian rubs his face.
He turns back and heads to the Robot, pulling the wrapper away from it.
“There is beauty in failure. Within every failure , there is a story. Rise from it, find the beauty within. Make something out of it …amend it, make a statement. You will always fail,but you can always rise..” he repeats.
He takes off his shirt, grabs his computer, and began going to work.
Six hours later ….
Brian hadn’t still shown up. I must have called Ikena like a hundred times when Brian isn’t picking..
“He is fine. He …is fine Ma’am. He said he would come to you. Just wait. ”
“They are almost done here. ”
”Then I would come pick you if it finishes before the comes.”.”
“Where is he? ”
“He is fine Ma’am. ”
I sigh and cut the call.
Where I am seated Mr Dickson is in front with Brian’s team seated around him.
I look to my far left and see Mr Emeka and John. They are having a good time apparently.
Unbothered. There is something off about those two. Something really off.
I turn to the host who gets back on stage. I look at my time , it is well into the afternoon.
In another hour,i would go back to that company if Brian isn’t here . Then we are going home.
I worry for him.
“Thank you ladies and gentleman, now last and not least we present you the final presentation for today. It is from the I-Stone technology Company. anchored by their team lead from Echelon Technologies , Mr stevie Ekele. With a team of six they came up with what they call…”The Drone-Eye”.. ladies and gentlemen. ..I present to you… The team”
Happy cheers go round.

Brian cleans the sweat from his forehead.
He steps back.
He couldn’t do much. Hell, everything still looked the same
He managed to re-wire.,using bigger plugs gotten from the cables lying about. He makes a switch box of an on and off signing that the back end to the Robot was smashed in.
He rewrote a few codes for the sensory and speech,unputed new voice commands and embedded his recorded script.
The Robot still dangled., he nailed its arm to it and used smaller woods to hold the legs. Taking his hanker chief he wrapped it about its head.
It’s eyes dangled out of its socket. They had used tiny golf balls for it. He robed it back in puncturing holes in them.
With nothing much he could do to it he let everything else be.
He pressed the on button.. nothing happened.
He went back to change the wiring again for the tenth time. Tweaked a few codes and then steps back.
Looking at his time he got thirty minutes left.
Ikena walks into the room again for the tenth time .
“Let it be Brian. There is nothing you can do”
‘Help me it with.”
“To where?”
“To peace park” he says putting on his shirt and buttoning up.
“You are serious. ?”
“But this. ..” Ikena began
“I know how messed up it looks. I know. But hey…father would say.. try anyways. I don’t intent to do anything other than to make a statement. ”
“And what statement is that?”
“That there is beauty in failure, and out of failure one can rise. That is all”
Ikena nods… “okay”
“We have thirty minutes. Make it there in five. We can beg for fifteen. ”
“It’s almost over”
“Better late than never, come on ..give me a hand let’s go”
Happy cheers and claps fill the place.
“And now that we have come to the end of this. I would like to say to every company who have come out to present that you blew us away, literally. Making it hard for the judges and the panel to choose. Either is time for the crowd to cast their votes. Now…we had about 25 slots. 20 showed up, one never made it to the stage . So you are going to hold on to that button given to you and punch in the number of which presentation you are voting for. We would show you presenation numbers on the screen behind me. Now,judges and panelist gets 40 percent on 20 each side. The crowd gets a whopping 60. So…on the count of three…”
“Wait.. wait! !!”
Two people are seen pulling a wheel unto the stage..
“Is that Brian? ” I hear myself ask to none in particular.
“Sorry Sirs,you can’t be on stage. The presentation has ended,it is now for voting.”
“I know but….we are on the list . Alkada IT company. Number 4?”
“Sorry sir you need to step down” the security stops them.
“Dude you just heard him say he is on the list,let the man through ” Ikena steps forward.
“Is it Brian! What is he doing ?”
I see Mr Emeka and John standing up,Mr Dickson and the others too.
“Sir? It has ended. The presentation ended like a few minuets ago.”
“I just need 10 minutes tops. That is all”
“I am sorry!!”
I see Dickson moving from the crowd and going up stage. ..
“Brian, what is going on?” He looks at him and then at the carted wheel with something covered in it. “Is that what I think it is?”
‘Why is it here then?”
“To present ..that is what it was originally made for. ”
“ is ruined.”
‘I know..”
“Talk to them Sir, that is all. I need just ten minutes. ”
He looks at Brian and then at Ikena. Ikena nods…
He sighs and turns to the host.. “My Team from Alkada would love to present our Project for Generation X”
“The time, it’s passed”
“I will pay for the extra time needed. We are on the list. And if I am not mistaken.. the project closes in ..” he looks at his time.. “20 minutes?”
The man checks his time…”well…yes ”
“Good. !! Dickson turns to Brian…at loss of what to say, he nods and walks away.
The host turns to everyone. . “Sorry everyone about the mix up. For our last presentation this afternoon we have Team Alkada IT Company. . In the person of..” he looks at his list.. “Brian Andrews and his team of..” he pauses.. “I don’t see your team members”
Brian looks into the crowd and beckons for them. They quickly rush to him jumping into the stage .
“Here they are”
“Okay a team of Six. And and their project generation X presentation is called Robotics-
“No. It is called Rickity..,the broken ”
‘”Rickity the broken? ”
The man’s brows furrows “Okay, ladies and gentlemen Rickity the broken ”
He steps away “you have ten minutes more.
Brian nods removing the cloth from the wheeled cart. The robot is laying there,boxed within.
“What do you want us to do?” His team members ask him unsure.
“Take your pads. ..I highlighted numbers you need to punch on different sequences. Three beats apart. Then when I give the go… you will pull at the rope each attached to it. ”
“That is all?”
Brian nods ..
“Nine minutes left”
“We are ready!!”
I walk down to Mr Dickson,I see Emeka and John doing the same.
“What is he doing ?” I enquire
“I guess we would see” he replies
“What is that fool thinking bringing that damaged Robot on live television ? I should go and stop him before he embarrasses us further ” he made to move.
“Move and I will break your legs ” Ikena says coming up to us. He must have heard John.
“Why don’t you stop him, can’t you see what he is about to do. That thing is ruined. What nonsense ,in fact I will stop him myself !” Emeka nudges John to the side who is staring at Ikena,wondering if he should dare him or not.
Ikena blocks him. .”Sir, I would advise that you please sit down.”
“Move! !”
‘”Make me!!”
“Ladies and gentle …kindly take a seat as he begins ” they beckon to us.
“Mr Emeka ,sit down. Everyone please . Let him. It is my project and I have given him the go ahead. If you stop him I will sue you for breech of contract, then for John for trespassing and insulting my IT consultant Brian and then the company for stopping my project ” Dickson threatens.
Emeka throws him a hard look, cursing he sinks into his seat,John does the same. Ikena turns and seats in front of us as Dickson takes his seat.
A slow music comes on.
Brian is holding onto a pad,I see him sulk in his breath, open his eyes and then punches a button.
Nothing happens.
He repeats .
Nothing happens.
“Oh God!! ” I close my mouth ..
I hear John laughing. .loudly “The Fool!! The disgraceful ingrate! ! ” he spat.
I raise my hand to slap him across the face this time , it is the gasp of people who cause me to pause as my hand hangs midair.
I see it, it’s wobbling hand pulling itself out of the wheel-cart.
It rises,reaching out. The music is playing in the background ..
I see them, each member of the team members controlling with their Pad.. then they hold on to the rope and pull.
It rises out, pulling itself out until it is standing, broken..dangling..damaged.
Another gasp.
A bandage around its head.
I hear Brian’s voice. But his lips isn’t moving . It is a voice over..coming from a radio attached to the Robot’s Rickity body.
He is talking about life. He is talking about death. He is talking about highs and low. He is talking about him.
And for each word .. the Robot moves, dangling, falling, rising , wobbling it falls again to the ground.
And each fall causes it’s hand to move out of place. Its legs to give away. Yet it rises…patching itself up. Surviving despite.
I see the team members puncturing buttons, moving their hands back and forth,controlling it, using the rope to pull at each direction the Robot isn’t able to. . I see the sensory senses blinking at the heart of the Robot…
It staggers holding its chest.
Brian is talking about the pain he had felt as a child. Spoke about his struggles. About the man he called father. His words, that got him back to his feet. Everywhere is quiet.
The Robot moves as though one with the words. It was ugly. It was broken. It was damanged beyond beauty. It was surely…a Rickity Robot…and yet. There was something warm about it. There was something human about how it portrayed the voice over.
Each word bringing a deeper meaning. Each movement the Robot made, had an even intensified meaning,pulling strings at the hearts of those who watched it.
It was like a reflection ,like we were watching our live’s through the eyes of another.
At one point in our lives we have been this Rickity Robot. We had fallen. We have been broken and we have been damaged.

And time after time… we rise up and forge ahead.
It reminded me of me.
How can something without life explain it so well?.
Brian’s voice pierces through my thoughts again.
Rickity rises again..moving..climbing.
Suddenly, one of them picks up ball Brian had given to him,he bounces it and throws it hard at it…
Like a skeleton, Rickity collapses to the ground,breaking into different parts. Shattering. ..
The gasp was loud enough.
Then silence..
Brian’s voice is heard “There are times you can’t go on. At times the road is too far and the obstacles too heavy. That you find yourself broken beyond compare. Damaged beyond recognition and you just want to lie there..give up. Failure sometimes is warmth. You want to embrace it. There is nothing left to do other than to …let go.
Don’t! ! Get up!!” He says
“Get up!!” He repeats.
“Get up!!” His voice is louder
“Get up!!!” Even louder.
“I said get up. The ground isn’t meant for you to lay on. The ground is meant for you to stand on and move. Get up!! There will always be failures,but you just need to rise above it as much as you fall. Get up! !”
“Times are hard. It would only get harder. You are the only one limiting yourself. If you fail a hundred times..rise up a hundred and one. Get up Rickity get up!!”
“Your success story isn’t enough yet. Even in your broken and damaged and ugly self. ..there is beauty . Get up! !”
“Get up!!!”
“Get up”!!
Soon I hear other voices joining in… “Get up!!” I look around, everyone is chanting with him.
“Get up”
“Get up!!” They chant.
“The road is hard. The journey is long…your success story isn’t complete. Get up! !”
“Get up Rickity, get up!!!”
“Get up!!”
“Get up! !”
“Get up” They said repeatedly
I see Brian nod to the others, they begin to pull the rope at different ends, further away.. while he takes his pad and tap some buttons repeatedly.
“Get up!!” The crowd chants again.
Soon.. we see a coming together.. piece by piece, like a thread the rope makes. ..pulling broken dented pieces together. Like a magnet..they glue back to their spots…
They are pulling the rope, securing it tighter, holding the parts tighter. Brian moves his control pad..
Rickity moves it’s hand.. rising up.. in its almost shattered form..
Rickity dangles up.. wobbling his brokenness and stands up.
Rickity takes a step forward ..Ricky takes two step forward wobbling…
Soon everyone is standing. . They are clapping.. they are cheering…they are chanting..
“Rickity! !!Rickity! !!”
Rickity straightens up as Brian continues to punch in codes, the other Team members pulls the ropes on each side and makes it firm… Rickity is standing upright. .
It moves at Brian moves.. taking its hand to its head.. removes the hankerchief Brian had wrapped around its head.
Then it walks…straight. .upright..slowly and then it begins to jog.
They hold on tight to keep it in one piece…
“Go!!” Brian says
Tekena grabs his pad and then controls..
Rickity jogs to the front of the stage. .. it raises up hands high above its head…
Then suddenly it brings one down and does the victory stance…
With fisted hand……to the heavens..
Brain’s voice come on… “I may have been broken and damaged… but my success story only ends when I give up. Today… I stand tall. I stand strong and this is my stance of victory. Failure is fleeting. ..victory is sure….I stand, even my many fails. I stand..after my many falls. I stand. .no matter how much I am broken, damaged, ugly… I will Rise. You should too”
Slowly, shakingly.. it takes a bow.
I didn’t realise when a tear slips from my eyes.
Everyone is cheering and clapping. Everyone is whistling. Mr Dicskon is on his feet clapping the loudest. Ikena has a proud smile on his face.
Mr Emeka and John do nothing. They do nothing. The shock on their face is evident.
Ignoring them I cheer for my baby. Wiping the tears from my eyes.
As the team members let go of the ropes holding Rickity together. It collapses to the ground. They gather it back into the cart wheel and roll it away with the cheers at their wake.
The host comes on again… “wow!! That was different. We were expecting a technology invention that would blow us all away and what we get it someone that touched the inner recess of our heart. A broken shattered Robot that teaches us that despite its brokenness and obvious damaged self. ..there is need to rise above it..strive to be better and move on even in your pain because victory is only a hand stretch away. That is beautiful. New. Different and beautiful. I don’t think that however is what we are looking for but…that did touch us in places that matter because each and everyone of us have been there…this is just a reminder to keep rising above it all so thank you team Alkada . Thank you.”
“And now the voting begins. Take out your buttons and punch in the number of the presentation you vote for. Let’s do this in a minute. The computer would automatically generate the accrued votes and you would see the winner on the screen..and let’s go!!”
Everyone is punching numbers.
The team members are back on their chair,Brian follows them up..
“That was very brave Brian” This was Dickson. “Thank you”
“No Sir thank you”
“This was aired. Do you know how many people would have seen you do this ?you are brave for even trying. Even despite knowing this would never get you a win because it wouldn’t meet up to standard. You still showcased anyways, something as worthy like that. Touching people,inspiring them. That is brave. Thank you again” he shakes his hands
“I didn’t do it alone. I have a team remember ?”
They all laugh.
Ikena grabs him by the shoulders and smiles at him. .. “I think.. you deserve a place in history ”
“For what?”
“Being You.”
They smile.
He turns to Emeka and John. Their frown masked their faces. He says nothing and then his eyes rests on me..
I want to hug him. And kiss him and then hug him again.
But I can’t . Mr Emeka is here. John is here. They would definitely affirm their suspicion.
I smile at him and wipe the tears off my eyes. “You did great Brian. You did”
He comes to me..he shakes his head as he wipes a tear from my eyes and before I knew it he envelops me into a hug..and holds me there.
Lingering. Just holding me there.
“And the votes are in. And the winner is…..”
Drum rolls
“For the first time. ..for the first time I cannot believe it.. Emotions over Science. I cannot believe it. For the first time on the generation X stage.. humanity takes the win. I cannot believe it. The winner is Alkada’s Rickity!!!!! Oh my goodness….oh my goodness! !!! Rickity takes the win. Rickity wins generation X project . Rickity has it. Winner is Alkada Team Rickity. Oh my goodness I cannot believe it . First time in history Emotion over science and technology. Emotions wins. Humanity takes all… oh my goodness!!!” The host laughs
Cheers and whistles go up.
Brian let’s go of me as all his team members come and hug him. Soon they are peeling him away from me and lifting him up to the stage.
“Oh my God!!” I am clapping and cheering “That’s my man. That’s my baby!” I mutter in the loud cheers.
Emeka and John’s face are a mask of anger.
Mr Dicskon rushes to them on stage as they present the Award to them.
“Now,Rickity isn’t just a broken damaged Robot . You will fix it up, make it stand. It would be enclosed in a museum glass and it would be among the artifacts for the generation X. ” they tell him. Brian and the team nods “Don’t change anything. Just leave it as it is. Just fix it up so it can stand on its own and the sensory senses that you used was amazing. It’s going to be among the rare projects of generation X. That being said… we present to you, from all of us at generation X.. the award of originally, per excellence. The generation X award for winner. Congratulations Alkada. You will go down in history as the first project to beat science. Emotion over science . Humanity takes it all. Congratulations again!!!!” They present the Award to them .. few pictures are taken. Smiles filling the place.
I wave from where I am, clapping. Ikena raises his hand in the air , fisted he shakes it.
Brian laughs.
This was a beautiful picture from where I stood..that happiness on his face was contagious. I want it to remain always.
I whistle the loudest and continued to clap as the cheers increases. Everyone wants to shake his hand. Snap with him. Take pictures with Rickity even in its collapsed state.
I realise something. .
If God wants to bless you, he would take the most useless thing that people feel would make you to fail and elevate you.
That was what he did here. Whoever thought He was bringing Brian down by destroying the Robot only did him a favour . In the debris …God lifted him up and placed him on a high pedestal. .. and caused his failure to be his blessing.
I shake my head… this was more than a blessing. This was double that.
I laugh wiping my eyes again.
“I am heading back to the office now ” Emeka says stiffly to Dickson.
“Yes yes. Did you see that. Did you see? We won. How wonderful is this. That boy Brian is an asset Emeka. A real asset. ” he laughs.
Emeka doesn’t “I am sure he is. John and Brian you remember you have a meeting with a client today make sure you go. He is waiting for you both. I have handed John the address. After the meeting let me know what he has decided.” with that he turns and walks away.
Brian who is saying goodbye to his team members turns to see Emeka walking away.
John is rushing after him.
“Just so you know Brian, this is a continued relationship ,you and I. You are always welcome to Alkada and when we need an IT consultant. . You are it. Come visit us soon? We have much projects to discuss”
“I will sir.”
Dickson shakes Ikena and then he leaves.
“So, a scale of one to ten, how happy are you right now?” I ask him, he is walking towards me.
“Eleven. That’s because you are here with me.” He pulls me into a hug.
“Sir, Mr Emeka Sir !!” John rushes to him.
“What John What?”
“But Sir. .”
‘I gave you one simple instruction you couldn’t handle it!!”
“I saw that I did. But… he just…I don’t know why he..just”
“Exactly. Brian always always comes out unfazed. Argh.!!! He won. He won with that nonsense. And you. couldn’t get rid of it totally. Totally!!!”
“It it not my fault Sir. . He damaged it . He did.”
“Well let me inform you John .. that that person you sent, if they ever catch him and you, I will deny you both. Besides I don’t even know why you didn’t do it yourself. You had to send someone. No wonder we failed. Get out of my sight!!” He walks away.
John slows down, anger flashing in his eyes.
“Damn you Brian. Why wouldn’t you just ever fail. Damn you!!” He squeezes his fist.
“Did you see our boy Kenekan? ” Damilolo wipes her eyes. “Did you see him? ”
He nods his head , “yes I did. Yes I did.”.
“I am so proud of him. See the happiness in his eyes. See how happy he is. Oh… my boy!!” She sniffs, kenekan is smiling as they watch the screen.
One of the bodyguards had been watching the program when he saw Brian, he had brought it to their attention that Brian was on TV. They hurriedly put it on wondering what he was doing and then. ..they couldn’t look away until it ended.
All those things he said.. Kenekan realised that he had once said those things to him when he was younger, when he had failed years ago..when he told him about his legs.
He smiled.
His son wasn’t just a mature man, his son was ready to be the man.
He should make plans to head to Port Harcourt soon.
Lessons were over. Now his son needs to assume responsibility of his inheritance.
Yes.. once him and his wife return from their trip. They would go there.
“Me too my love . Me too” they smile watching him till the program ended.
Emeka gets to his office. He flings everything on sight.
He sits down fumning in anger.
“What will I do, what?””
“Sir?” The accountant comes in after knocking.
“The salaries, should I commence?”
He had been holding off to pay salaries to keep Brian in lack. Maybe he should hold on more .
Suddenly his phone rings. It is Kenekan.
He knew why he was calling. It was because of Brian.
“Pay. Get out !!”
“Okay sir. The client for the housing has made payment as well and that of Mr Dickson. Should I make Brian’s payment from there? I mean for his services and his commission , I did the calculations it is over 3.4 million. 1.8 million for the design of the house as against a whopping 10 million he sent. About 800 hundred thousand for the site supervision. Then -”
“Pay pay pay and get out. Get out! !!” Emeka flings a mug at him, it missed him . The accountant scurries out.
He wish he could delay payment but if he did, the accountant would start questioning him.
He was getting a mere 1.5 and Brian 3.4.
Why shouldn’t he hate him.
Then he still wants to foist his son as president over him.
If he could kill him, or cause him to find his Waterloo. .it would be perfect.
No Brian.

No president.
That leaves him.
Kenekan would have no choice.
He sighs picking the call… “Yes Sir?”
“Oh Emeka, did you see my boy? Did you see him?oh I am so-”
Emeka flings the phone to the wall and watched it shatter.
“Enough !!! Enough praises of Brian!!
“Enough!!” He thunders.

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“Sir, when are they supposed to arrive?”
“Soon.. soon!” Alex says backing the door, he is gazing out the window. “Did you inform them at the reception that two people are coming to see me?”
“Yes sir.”
“Good..we wait.!!”
He is in his hotel room. Mikel and Chike are in the room with him.
The room looks like a library with books stacked up.
The devil is in detail. He smiles. He checks the time again.
Emeka said that they had an event in the day, before 6 they ought to be here.
It was one hour more. He would wait. He is always patient for his kills.
He smiles.
His phone buzzes in his pocket, he brings it out to check as Ikena makes a turn.
A huge smile spreads across his face.

“Wow!! That’s a lot.”
“What?” I ask him. I am leaning on his chest.
“My first pay. .ever. ” he gives me the phone to look at..
“Really? ”
“Yes sure.”
I take it and smile. .”You deserve it. ”
My phone buzzes, I check to see that I have been paid for the month “double celebrations right? Hopefully I get my driver back and car”
“Nonsense! This car and this driver Ikena is yours. You don’t need another. Besides; who would be riding with me to work and after work. ?” He brushes my cheeks.
“I know right? ”
“Ikena will pick you up later okay. We are going to have dinner tonight when I am done with the meeting with the client Mr Emeka is sending us to. Okay?”
“Okay. What is the name of this client?”
“Er…Harrison Ekweme”
‘”What does he want exactly?”
“Mr Emeka said something about he wanting an E-libray built of some sort”
“So why is John going for it again . Shouldn’t it be you and I?”
“I have no idea. Same thing I said to him but he insisted ”
I frown “there is something off above those two”
“Tell me about it. Not to worry, would let you know what went down. Okay. ?”
Ikena slows to a stop, I lean in and kiss him.. “See you in a bit! ”
“You too babe”
He waves at me as I disappear into the house.
I go take a shower and look for something nice to wear.
“Where can I get a ring?” Brian says immediately Adora had disappeared into the house.
“You are serious about this?”
“Never been this serious in my life”
“I know the right place. Damn, you grown up so fast.” Ikena chuckles
“Yeah. I did didn’t I? ”
They stop at a shop. Brian disappears inside and comes out thirty minutes later with a small velvet golden box.
He opens it when he gets to Ikena.
“You think she would like it? ”
“Diamond are girls bestfriends”
“Do you think she would say yes?”
Ikena smiles “if she loves you …she would. ”
“What if she says no?”
“You said it yourself, you are content in loving her whether she loves you right back ”
Brian smiles putting the small ring box into his breast pocket…
“I do love love is enough for both of us. Let’s go. Can’t wait to have dinner with her tonight and then pop the question”
“You need to tell her who you are first you know? ”
“Yes. I plan to do that tonight ”
“Okay. So where is the address of this place you are going to?”
” Woji road, le- meridan”
“Okay. If John tries to piss you up… I give you the permission to set him straight. ”
Brian laughs “in this mood I am in?even if the devil likes he should get me upset…it wouldn’t work. I have plans tonight with my baby. I don’t need no distractions. Let’s go. Need to be there before six”
Ikena stops at the entrance of the hotel..
“We are here Sir. Would be waiting in the garage.”
“No. Go back home and freshen up. On your way you pick Adora and then you get to me. You would be my point man for tonight. Needs to be perfect.”
“yes. I also need you to pick out a suit for me. Here is the key to my house.Something sharp. I should be done here within the hour or two max. ”
‘”Okay Sir”
“Thanks Man” Brian alights and walks up the stairs.
John comes out from a taxi and climbs up the stairscase to him.
His phone rings, John answers.
“John. Do me a favour. Look for the nearest window and push Brian out of it. ”
John blinks..”sorry Sir.?” He looks at the phone and the puts it back to his ears.
“You hate him yes?”
“How much do you hate him? ”
“Scale of 1 to 10? A 100” he takes the phone away and the presses the recorder. Just incase ..whatever that meant. He can always use this conversation and hold Emeka to his words if he doesn’t promote him and increase his salary as promised.
“Make that 200 for me. We both want the same thing. I want him away from my face and away from this company. You want him out of the way so you can get the girl and away from the company. Doing anything to make him fail isn’t working. You just witnesses that. But if he is physically moved out. We both win. I don’t need you to get someone to do it. I need you to do it. I want him gone. Today. Now . Have you both reached the hotel?”
“Yes Sir!”
“You can do it after the meeting. On your way back. Think of something. Anything. An accident. A shove out the window. Anything. Get rid of him”
“Why do you hate him so much Sir? If you really want to get rid of him at least I should know why ”
“Because he will take my position as his rightful place. He would take it all. My life , my years put in this company. He would assume his right in this place and I don’t want that. I deserve it..I deserve it dammit. It is mine and I would do anything to keep it. Now are you going to do it or not?”
“You know I hate him with passion”
‘”Good. And I promise you if you do this? I will make you a manager once I make president. You would like that wouldn’t you. An official house and car and a raise, even Adora wouldn’t dare say no to you”
“Yes Sir. I would. ”
“Good. Tell me when it is done.” The line dies.
John stares up at Brian with a smile…
There was no need to push him out of the window. No need for an accident.
He touches the gun he slipped inside his shirt and tighten with the belt.
He just needs to be close enough to him, in a quiet place and He releases the trigger.
That is all and then Bye bye pretty boy.
He laughs.
“Sorry, why are you laughing at me John? I didn’t come out with my ass showing did I?”
John just kept laughing and walking ahead,whistling a happy tone and ignoring Brian.
“We are here to see a certain Harrison Ekweme? He is expecting us. I am John Efegor and that …is the He-goat..oh sorry ..Brian Andrews the He-goat.” He smiles at the receptionist.
She raises an eyebrow.

“Gimme a moment please ” she checks.. “that would be room 58. Go on up and take the door by your left. Last room facing the balcony.”
“Thank you!!” Brian says.
He observed that John seemed exceptionally happy suddenly. He wasn’t like that after Ikena shook him down and even when he won the award.
Why was he so suddenly happy?
He frowns but shakes it off.
Maybe it was nothing.

They knocked on the door..
Alex opens it with a smile spread across his face…
“Ha!!! You both are here. Welcome. ..come in come in”
“Goodevening Mr Harrison .. everyone ” Brian greets entering into the room. John follows.
Vampire closes the door and then turns to them.
“Now, let me introduce myself.. My name is Harrison Ekweme but I think the city knows me by another name entirely. … I am Vampire. Nice to fxxking meet you both. Now, who should I start with first? The one who set me up or the one who got away?”
To be continued.