Natasha Reloaded Season 2 Episode 48


Natasha couldn’t resist Jummy’s request and soon she found herself dancing. She was surprised that after so many years she still have the moves in her. After some hours of dancing, she left Jummy and walked to the bar to have some drink. She was surprise to see Jack at the bar dressed as a bar man.

“You, don’t tell me you’re here as a bar man when others are having fun?”

“Am also having fun here.” Jack replied her. “Or you don’t know that these wine you see here do have a mind of there own?”

“True, can I have any red label drink?” Natasha asked.

“One red label drink coming right up” Jack said bringing out the wine and pouring it into a glass cup.

“Thank you” Natasha said collecting the drink. She hadn’t taken more than two sips when Idris walked in with his wounded leg and with Akuku by his side.

As usual, Jummy had met him and hugged him before taking Akuku to where fruits, especially bananas that have been reserved for him. Akuku didn’t give a second thought as the monkey started eating to his fill.

Idris had wanted a drink so he moved to the bar section but was a bit surprised to see Natasha there already.

“Wow, so you look great. Get me my, you know…. the usual” Idris said taking a seat beside her. Jack quickly came with his request and gave it to him with a glass cup too.

Natasha didn’t really know how she felt, happy or a little bit disappointed. Maybe she had expected him to give her more words of compliment than Konami had done.

“You look great too” Natasha replied him in same manner he did to her.

“Thanks” Idris replied and kept quiet. He wasn’t interested in their little chit chat but in his drink.

“Am sorry about that?” She said referring to the injury on his leg.

“It’s nothing” Idris replied her and she was surprised. She had expected him to say “sorry about what?”

“Is anything the matter?”

“NO” Idris said and stood up as he walked out of her presence since she wasn’t ready to keep quiet. He enjoyed what he just did. He had been the toughest person amongst the Shadow agents, he felt no pity and was very hard. But since Natasha joined them, he had suddenly grown soft and he hated himself for that. He must go back to his former way.

Konami heaved a sigh of relief as Idris stood up and left Natasha. He had wanted to dance with her but since she was with Idris, he decided to wait a bit.

“Opportunity comes, but once” He said and marched towards her. Natasha saw him coming but had nothing in mind then.

“Hi Natasha, you look like you need a dance. Care to dance with me?”

“Not now Konami” Natasha politely turned down his request “Am sorry for what I said but there’s something I want to attend to right now”

Natasha said as she came down from the chair she sat down and walked through the path Idris took. Konami turned red with shame, he couldn’t do much especially as Jack was with him. He sat down, ordering for more wine.

Idris sat down at the balcony. Though it was cold, he had removed his shirt, leaving him with his singlet as the cold and gentle breeze blew on him.

He felt a tap on his shoulder and turned around, it was Natasha and at that point in time, he suddenly felt very weak again. Natasha sat beside him and stared into his eyeballs.

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“Tell me Idris, what did I do wrong?”

“Nothing” Idris said as he felt what he hasn’t feel in a long time, he was nervous and shy.

“Tell me, because it seems you hate me”

“No Natasha, I don’t hate you but…”

“But what?”

“Since you came to Shadows, I am slowly changing, from the hard and heartless guy into….”

“Idris, go on” she spoke softly.

“I can’t even believe I can care for someone like this before, could this be…”

“Love” Natasha completed his statement but he kept quiet looking at her. Slowly their heads began moving closer to each other till their lips were locked in a tight kiss, just then Konami came in.

“Natasha you forgot your….” He said and paused.