Natasha Reloaded Season 2 Episode 50


The whole agents sat down around a very large round table. The look on Captain Val’s face wasn’t a pleasant one which sent shivers down their spines.

“This meeting we are having now is an urgent one, I shouldn’t have called for it but this is something that must be attended to. Our sources from other continents had been giving us information about some children that have been missing. Well, guess what?” He said and paused.

The whole shadow agents looked at themselves one by one confused, they couldn’t guess what was in their captain’s mind.

“I see you can’t guess it. Well, The children, about five hundred had all been discovered here in Australia by our local sources.”

“Wow” They exclaimed.

“That is something you don’t get to hear every day” Natasha whispered softly.

“Yes you’re right” Idris said. She was surprised he heard her because she had spoken so quietly.

“Well, they seems to be a good news” Captain Val said. “The mission has been assigned to us to bring back the children”

There were smiles on the faces of many except a few who taught the mission might turn out to be a suicide one.

“To make things more interesting” Captain Val began again “This mission will be assigned to Natasha as her first mission”

The whole agents clapped at that and paused for captain val to began.

“I know that this mission will be a huge one for you, and to make sure everything goes on fine because no child should be brought back dead, some agents will be assigned to assist. The assisting agents are Idris, Konami and no other person than our Jummy.”

“Oh boy, oh boy!!!!” Jummy lamented “does that mean no party for me?”

“You gat that right girlfriend” Konami who sat besides her said.

“This meeting is over and all agents are dismissed, except those who have been given assignment. This agents should meet me in my office in two hours time. Good day” Captain Val said and walked out of the meeting room.

The rest of the shadow agents gathered around the four with smiles on their faces. They chatted on how the mission will be and how the adventure on such mission will be very thrilling.

“Common let’s go and meet the captain” Idris who had been looking at his wristwatch all this while said “we don’t wanna be late do we?”

“No, not at all” Natasha said as she led the way.

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They gently opened Captain Val’s office after knocking and walked inside.

“You may have your seats” Captain Val spoke to them and watched them sat down before he continued. “I called you all here for mission briefing. I wanna brief you on the mission ahead”

“Go ahead Sir, you have our undivided attention” Natasha said as captain val pauses for a bit.

“We don’t know the group’s name but they are located deep inside a tropical rainforest near Daintree, Queensland . At around 1200 square kilometers. the Daintree is Australia ‘s largest contiguous area of rainforest. Contains 30% of frog , marsupial and reptile species in Australia, and 65% of Australia’s bat and butterfly species. 20% of bird species in the country can be found in this area including the threatened cassowary too. The hideout was perfect not until now.”

“Hmm, so when do we strike?” Natasha asked.

“The mission begins tonight. Farouk have the map in his system and he is gonna upload everything to you”

“Wow, that will be a lovely adventure” Idris said smiling.

“Not an adventure but a mission. Any more question?” Captain Val asked and since he didn’t receive any he dismissed them. “Go get ready for the mission at hand”

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