Nii Dromo Season 3 Episode 1


As I made way to the washroom Juliana made an awkward statement which made me take a second look at her, she asked if she could come over and scrub my back for me? I swallowed hard the saliva in my mouth because I wasn’t in that terms with her and moreover I just met her just some few minutes ago, she told me not to give her such look because she knew I wasn’t a Saint or a virgin and moreover I heard very well what my roommate said on the phone, he asked me to take good care of her and that he will be coming back in 2hours time.

Was this Juliana lady pulling my legs or was it a psychological trick she and Ken were trying to pull on me this sunny Wednesday afternoon, I smiled and told her am grateful for her offer but I was okay and I walked on into the washroom. I opened the shower for the water to run over my body before applying my shower gel on me, as I rubbed some of the gel on me I felt someone grabbing me from behind which made me screamed the name of Jesus loudly, I knew it was Juliana because I felt her twin tower solidly behind me and we were the only people in the room at that time, foolishly I asked what she was doing there because by now I could decode exactly what she wanted from me that very moment.

I thank God in my head because I now knew when one door closes another door opens, Nii Dromo was very charged and erected to drill any goldmine that came across him, Juliana pleaded with me to make love to her simply because Ken was having some foreplay session with her before his dad called to interrupt the afternoon teaser and because Ken had already released the beast inside her, her libido had risen very high and she couldn’t control herself any longer.
Who will spit out honey that is been poured in his mouth free of charge

I turned and held Juliana in my arms and started kissing her like she owed me kisses and during this time I took time to search for her G spot and in no time I located it and dealt with that part judiciously well, because of her stature it was very easy to carry her and make love to her.

She held Nii Dromo in her palms and rubbed her hand on it whispering to me how heavy I was before guiding him to her royal palace, honestly am not a fan of slim ladies but this very lady left an indelible mark in my memory because she rocked me like never before, we enjoyed ourselves across the length and breath of the room for close to 2hours before we both got satisfied with ourselves, we were laying down planning of another round when someone knocked at the front door.

We both turned and faced each other before rushing to get our dresses on but as I went to the door after dressing up and opened it, there was no one by the door and surprisingly there was also nobody in the corridor and everywhere also seemed quite because almost everyone had left for lectures that afternoon

I locked the door and Juliana asked me who was at the door and as I told her there was no one over there she was surprised because the person didn’t knock once or twice only and moreover we all heard the sound of the knock so it wasn’t like I or her alone were hearing things differently but rather the same thing,

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I wanted more of her but I realized Ken might join us soon so I had to forget about that idea, we don’t steal someone’s property like that. All of a sudden something hit me to put the room in good order before Ken returns so I did that and in less than 45seconds after I was done with the decoration and putting the room in order Ken entered the room without even a knock, he called me in a harsh tone and requested for me to follow him, I had a sharp fear taking me hostage at once, I nearly started confessing to Ken because I taught maybe he has been informed by some hostel mates that I have been sleeping with the lady he entrusted into my care hence he calling me in that harsh manner.

I followed him like a hypnotized person to the hostel car park where his car was parked, when we got there he told me to sit in the car, whatever the case or reason why he summoned me to the car he was the only person who knew and was yet to unveil it to me, as at that moment if I made any mistake to pass gas from my a-s am very sure I would have soiled myself with my own faeces because I was worried and scared at the same time, all this with Juliana was in the room alone and Ken didn’t bother to say a word to her as he entered the room earlier on………………

What do you think is the problem my good people? When you temper with something that isn’t yours and the owner approaches you what goes on in your mind? We will know the very reason soon Stay tuned

To be continued