Nii Dromo Season 3 Episode 2


I sat in the car waiting for the first missile to be launched towards me because they say “its a man that swallows a bitter pill”, Ken was quite for close to 5minutes without uttering a word to me and I was also not courageous enough to put a question before him because I knew I was not with a clear conscience. At long last Ken spoke in a very calm and brotherly manner to me, he had tears in his eyes and I could calculate how painful what he was about to say to me, he told me that he had gotten some of the plane ticket and that he came to the hostel purposely to bid me farewell before they left the shores of this country in the evening, unfortunately for me there was going to be a close door family meeting and discussion so I couldn’t join them or see them off at the airport.

He stressed on how privileged he was knowing me not just as a roommate or a friend but as a brother from another mother, the good and quality times we shared together were all the things he valued and held it in high esteem and that it had been a pleasure and honour knowing me, he for the first time told me how proud he was of me because there was something about me that always motivated him to surge on in his academic and social life, all I could do was also to look at him quietly because even though I hadn’t been fair to him as a friend I also owed him my life, his friendliness and brotherly support has been the reason why I have been able to survive this hard conditions on campus.

Ken is someone I can write a whole book about in just an hour if am given the opportunity to do so, if there is someone I can describe on earth as an “ANGEL”, then Ken is the very best person who I can choose for that role without thinking twice because his kind of person was a gem, very scares to come by

After Ken spoke at length he opened the arm rest in his car and brought out a brown envelope, he handed it over to me to manage the content in it till he settles down well in the UK where he would start sending me money for my upkeep. He told me he didn’t want the lady in the room to know that he was travelling outside the country so that was why he brought me out of the room to the car, both of us walked back to the room without uttering a word to each other, as we got to the room Ken packed all his books in the room into a bag and gave his car keys to Juliana to wait for him in the car, Ken’s left behind his laptop, clothes, shoes, jewellery, expensive perfumes, watches and everything of his in my care.

We hugged as friends and brothers for the very last time with tears flowing down my cheeks as if someone close to me was dead, Ken couldn’t hold himself up when he saw me in tears that he also started shedding tears but all de same we had no choice, he was only travelling outside to better his education and career, moreover technology had made the world a very small global village so there was no cause for alarm, he wiped my tears whiles I did same for him and he promised he will always be there to assist me through my education,

I helped him with his bag as we made way to his car, he gave me a handshake and sat in the car, without a word he moved his car and Juliana gave me a devilish look as they left my presence, for where they went or parted company it was my back case.

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I went back to my room and checked the envelope Ken gave to me only to discover that it contained 5000cedis in it, wooooow in less than 24hours I was over 10000cedis rich, I had to use my head now and use the money in my possession wisely because if I misused it and it finishes then I will be as broke as the church mouse. How Ken, Tilly and the spoilt brat left Ghana I have no idea about and for the next 3weeks I didn’t hear from my Tilly or Ken, I was disturbed because all their lines were not going through and I had sent them numerous messages on Facebook but there was no reply coming back from them and also no updates on their timelines, life had to still go on without them around, since I was in the room alone I decided to deal with the ladies on campus but halfway through my decision taking Juliana popped up only to break bad news to me.

What news could Juliana be carrying to my doorstep unexpected. Where God cooks his food is exactly where the devil also comes to smoke his dry fish


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