Nii Dromo Season 3 Episode 3


Juliana Kotey from no where popped up one evening when I had dished out my supper to eat, she was glowing in her hot pink dress when she came into my room, I was very happy to see her because I knew I was going to satisfy my stomach and that young man in between my legs. I invited her to join me with my food but she rejected the offer with a straight face, to me I felt she did so because she was thinking after having my way with her the other time I have not bothered to search for her and maybe finish the business we started the other time.

She didn’t waist much time on the mission that brought her to my room that evening at all and neither did she beat about the bush, in fact she hit directly on the head of the nail, according to her she expected her monthly flow last 3weeks ago but it never showed up after waiting for it for days which led to weeks and not coming she went for a checkup at the hospital and it was confirmed that she was 3weeks pregnant and brought out the doctor’s report for me to see.

I looked at paper critically and read everything written on it before I congratulated her for proving that she was a very fertile woman without even asking her who the man behind the pregnancy was and continued enjoying my palatable meal, she waited for sometime and asked me if I wasn’t concerned about who she was pregnant with, I raised my head, looked at her and said in my head “WHAT HAS MONEY GOT TO DO WITH MR COCKROACH”, whoever the man is how could that be my worry after all we weren’t related anyway and I wasn’t your guy so what nonsense was she saying by what she said, for the sake of harmony and peace I decided to just ask her who the man was so she could feel I was having pity or concern about her on the issue she had brought before me. I had placed in my mouth a piece of meat which I was enjoying it when she dropped the boom shell to my face that I was the guy responsible for her pregnancy.
The meat in my mouth had all of a sudden turned into gravels and my hormones responsible for taste had all died immediately, I wanted to speak but I was stammering and fumbling with words, I asked for her to repeat herself by turning the volume of the tv down for me to be sure of myself because I didn’t trust my ears with what it heard before sending a signal to my brain, without mixing and missing words she repeated herself one more time to my hearing and this time around it was crystal clear in my head, in fact the hunger and the enjoyment for the food in front of me lost its network coverage in my system at once.

I pushed the food aside and watched her closely as if I had seen the ghost of my late father, the only thing that came out of my mouth was “so what are you going to do about it? “, she rewarded me with a very nice slap with the question I asked her as to what she was going to do about the pregnancy, I was supposed to get angry on an ordinary day with the slap she gave me but I believe my anger cells were on strike that day, she told me not to ask her that stupid question that what was she going to do about the pregnancy but rather what were “WE” going to do about it since we were in it together, after sometime of silence in the room

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Juliana spoke and told me that in her family conceiving was a very big problem for them so she has decided to keep the baby so I should get ready to father a child or probably twins if that is what was in her womb. She told me that she hadn’t informed her mum yet but will do so after leaving my place, I wish the earth will open and swallow me up to avert the nonsense I was been fed with at that very moment, the annoying part was that Juliana was not my type of woman as with her stature and appearance, the most intimidating part of all was that she was 5years older than me, hah what a day it was for me and how bad things could get for me, how was I going to take care of the baby and the mother when finally he or she was brought to the world, sometimes you wish you are an adult or a full grown man but there are some responsibilities that you have to perform that you wish you remain a little boy always.
Asem k3sei paaa na aba yei!!!!

What is the fate of Nii Dromo now? Even your education and existence of living depends on some benevolent people and organisation so what if they hear this is the blunder you have committed? We will know the next line of action soon

To be continued


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