Nii Dromo Season 3 Episode 4


Trouble never goes in search for his victims but rather the victims chase after trouble, how was I going to survive this news now that Juliana had made it very clear to me that she wasn’t going to abort this pregnancy, what was I going to do?

Hehehehehehe married couples wanted to hear this kind of news and they were not hearing it and we those who didn’t need search news were the people hearing it, isn’t the world a crazy place to live?
I sent the plate and bowl I was eating from back to the kitchen, washed my hand and came back to the room, the moment I sat down my phone rang, I taught it was Ken or my sweet Tilly but unfortunately it wasn’t any of them but rather my mother, I was disappointed but hey it was my sweet mother calling, she quarrelled with me for not calling to check up on them but I only called when I needed money and of which I apologised and she forgave me at once

One thing about my mother was that when you were at fault and you accepted you mistake and apologise no matter your fault or mistake she would forgive you and caution you never to repeat that mistake again. She asked if everything was okay with me because she had been having series of nightmares about me recently and she didn’t like the contents of the nightmares she was seeing, she warned me that I should becareful with the female friends I mingle with, further she cautioned me not to attend any evening party organised in the school for that very semester, I didn’t want to ask why because I knew who my mother was when it came to dreams interpretation and I can say that her immutable prayers has gotten me this far, she further prayed with me and ended the call. Juliana was seated on my bed looking at me like a predator about to attack its prey, I was very confused because I haven’t been faced with such a problem before in my life, hmmmmmm how was I going to come out of this mess was what I was thinking about that evening, I undressed myself to go and shower and the next thing I saw Juliana doing was also undressing herself, I wanted to ask her what she was trying to do but I kept mute and went to the washroom, she followed me and tried to repeat what she did to me the other time. If not for the fact that my hand was in her mouth I would have also slapped her for the nonsense she just tried on me, I haven’t gotten solution to the already found problem and you want to add more problems to it, the annoying thing that came from her mouth nearly made me strangle her neck but my instincts shut my actions down not to implicate myself any further

Could you imagine Juliana asking for s-x in the washroom and to add insult to injury she told me that she was ready to settle down with me as my wife and that she didn’t mind what people will say and the age difference between us because age was just a number to her and moreover the way I handled her emotionally was very matured. I looked at her with disguise all over my face for her but still kept mute so I don’t hurt her with any verbal utterance, I quickly showered and left her in the washroom to do whatever she wanted to do over there, she came back with a very pale face still naked even though I left my towel in there for her to cover herself up with it, I looked at her from head to toe and nothing stroke me to even go near her or touch her. In fact the young man in between my legs was so fast asleep that I don’t know what on earth could wake him up in his current slumber

I told her if she was hungry there was food in the kitchen and I tried to sleep on the bed of Ken but sleep was nowhere to be located that evening in eyes, I tossed from left to right all night long without even sleeping for a minute, I realised that she was sitting on my bed observing me but couldn’t utter a word and the room also felt so hot for me even though the fan was working perfectly.

To the young guys who have faced this problem before I salute and wish no other guy finds himself in my shoes now, if you abstain from women trouble and if you don’t abstain too trouble again, which kind wahala sef be this, this is temptation with a little confusion indeed

A minute of pleasure can bring your bright future to a demise. Could Juliana be speaking the truth by telling Nii that he’s responsible for her pregnancy or she is trying to be a gold digger thinking that Nii might also becoming from a sound background?
Is it true that every woman or lady knows who exactly impregnated her and that its deliberate when they go to the wrong person to accuse him falsely?

Well keep the discussion going on at your end after reading this episode!!!

To be continued


  1. I don’t believe this fake pregnancy tho… I think she is trying to frame him up thinking he is also rich like Ken

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