The Brat and The She Devil-Episode 72


The Next Morning…
“Wakeup princess , work” he kisses me awake.
“Go away. I want to sleep” I cover my eyes.
His laughter causes my eyes to open ” hey don’t laugh” I tell him.
“Wakeup …you are late”
‘You know for someone who had just two hours of sleep you seem chummy this morning ”
“Well..super genes. Come. Shower time. Then breakfast then…work..”
“I am tired.” I pout “bath me?”
Before I knew it he is putting me on his shoulders and taking me to the bathroom as I laugh “I was kidding babe”
“I know. Still. Showing together saves water. Haven’t you heard?”
“Oh you naughty man!!!”
He drops me “hands up”
I obey him with laughter in my eyes ..he lifts my nightie away from my body and then strips me naked.
Then he does the same thing and he puts on the shower..nudging me backward gentle until we are both under the shower…
Taking a sponge and latters it with soap.. he began to scrub my body.
I have a stupid smile on my face.
“Why are you smiling ?”
“Because I can notice your hard breathing and I can very well see your bulge that is…well..alert and yet your control game is….applaudable. plus…I like that you are bathing a baby ”
“You are a baby..mine and for my boy him no mind. ”
I reach out and touch his tummy. Seeing the knife cut scar, less visible now..
“Imagine how this almost killed you. Promise me you would be save?”
“God keeps. But I promise I would try”
Once he was done scrubbing my body,I did the same to him.
In the heat of the moment we kiss more times too often. Grind into each other…

But he never crosses..that line.
“I wish you’ll just…”” I groan.
“Soon” he whispers knowing that i ached for more.
Done bathing he wipes me clean and then carries me to the room.
“You know I can get used to this?”
“You should . I gladly oblige to be at your service..”
“Oh you should. ”
By few minutes to eight, we have had breakfast and heading out.
“Goodmorning Ikena” Brian greets.
“Goodmorning Sir, Ma’am”
“Where to this morning ?”
“ then later the site where the construction is ongoing, then.. Alkada IT company. Then hotel to see my mother and then,club and home. See, my day is mapped out ”
“I don’t see me in any of it” I pout
He leans in “you are at the center of it all. Remember that”. Placing a wet kiss to my lips.
“Now I will”
Ikena takes us to the office.

“See you later and erm… my regards to your mum. Tell her I am looking forward to another evening like yesterdays”
“I will. ”
I disappear into the building and head straight for my office.
John comes out and heads towards them.
“So you are her chauffeur now? Taking her home and bringing her back to work. ?”Brian alights from the car and stares at him..
“I don’t see her complaining. But… I am sorry, did you miss something John?” He throws him a pissy look. “Mr Emeka wants us in his office. Now!!” With that he walks away leaving Brian and Ikena to stare after him.
“What is that about ?” Ikena frowns.
” Honestly, i wish I knew.” He moves away, then he stops and turns coming back to Ikena, a smile on his face.
Brian is smiling stupidly.
“What?” Ikena frowns.
“You were right. I do love her..told her last night . I feel like I am floating on cloud nine.”
A smile breaks out on Ikena’s face… “I’ll be damned. I guess congratulations are in order. Does she feel the same way? Did she tell you that?”
“Well.. I know she cares about me madly and likes me well enough but I don’t know if she does but… I am content that I do. To be able to actually feel this great about someone is awesome. ”
“That’s new even for you. But….proud of you, being selfless about this. Love looks good on you”
Brian nods, “Yeah. I know right?” Then he pauses frowning. “So…here is the thing. .I have never had an issue being with any woman.. never. I jump at the slightest opportunity to sink into warmth and all. But…with her… I am in no rush. Don’t get me wrong, I want to . Madly. I think about it and when I am with her and we get all mushy…I argh!! I want to feel her and touch her in places she hasn’t been touched before. But…. this time, it’s not her holding out. Well she hasn’t ever held out, despite she is a Virgin and all, she wanted to go all the way but…I am holding out. Literally controlling the need to not get that far and yet I want to most times just damn it and go all the way but I am holding out. Never done this with a girl before and I am just…I don’t know”
“Wait are you seriously telling me about your sex life and activities ?”
“Well…yes. ”
Ikena chuckles “Seriously..!!’” He laughs ” okay so let me get this straight. Your girl wants you to go all the way and you don’t want to at all..because she is a Virgin? Are you scared to pop a cherry? ”
“Of course not. I have popped a few in my life time but that is not it. For the first time I want to do things right…and with her I want it to be perfect. And I don’t want to just ..take her like that. well I want to make love to her like mad but I also want it to be perfect in the confines of something sacred. ”
“Are you saying what I think you are saying Brian?”
“I think I am saying exactly that?” He rubs his jaw smiling.
“You kidding right?”
Brian shakes his head “I am in love with that woman Ikena. People wait a life time to find someone that causes their heart to beat fast and slow at the same time and here I found mine and I don’t think I have any intention of letting her go. God comes first, my family and then she…is my everything . Realising just how much she means to me yesterday almost caused my heart to explode in my chest. I love her Ikena, I am insanely intoxicated with her. You think I would be able to go a day or two without her? No!!! I am going to get married to Adora. Until then, Brian junior isn’t popping no cherry”
“Mehn that’s deep. Does she know this?”
“Yes I told her I loved her and-”
“No, about the marriage part?”
“Nope. Till I can stand on my own two feet, I would tarry with that”
“Good thought. You are officially no longer daddy’s boy”
Brian laughs “That is the most amazing feeling. Spoke to the Grumpy yesterday. . Can’t wait till he can see what I have begun doing. He would be super proud. ”
“Aye!!” Ikena cheers.
“I believe I just told you that Mr Emeka is calling you and here you are still standing here and talking to your driver. You have no respect for authority do you …you have no-”
Ikena sidesteps Brian and comes to John…

”The man heard you John, do us both a favour and start to walk away” he whispers to him
“You think you can keep threatening me right. ..I will show you soon. You think because you caught me unawares that day you can manhandle me? Everyone is up and about ….I dare you to try it again. This time people would come and make sure you never be able to use your hands again, Mr Emeka would make sure of that” he hissed back.
“If you think anyone can stop me from slamming you into another wall John for being an ingrate, you are mistaken. Now. ..go ..keep walking. ”
“Ikena…?” Brian steps forward.
John eyes them both and scurries off quickly.
“What’s this between you two this days?”
“I don’t like that guy, each passing day it grows”
“Relax man, welcome to the club..but.. let it go. He is just annoying. Let me go see what Emeka wants and….erm, thank you for being a listening non-judgemental ear” he places his hands to Ikena’s shoulders and walks away.
Ikena dails Teca “Just checking up on you”
“Liar, you want update. First, do you have any information on where Vampire is? ”
“No!!” He answers truthfully.
“Do you have any idea what alias he is working ?”
“No!!” He lies
“Okay. Do you know any Victor Nedum?”
“He was the person who killed Koko, he had the cleaner to the station murdered to get in. ”
“Okay. That his real name?”
“We ran data Base, background checks. No, it is not. It’s an alias. Vampire signature ”
“You think he was the one who came with himself,I highly doubt that. Vampire is smarter than that plus he has enough hands to do his dirty works. ”
“He wasn’t . Ofocurse He sent one of his stooges. I swear I was in this person’s face and I didn’t realise. I missed it and had that kid killed. ”
“Sorry Man. Not your fault. Was it an alone job?”
“No, we have a mole in the station so I am doing some coded investigation in other not to alert. We have an artist making sketches of what my version of that Nedum person looks like, then the neighbours version of the police man and the other guy. In a few hours we should get something. Hopefully , with the advancement in technology, we can piece an identify of 89 percent to pin this guy. Other than that. Nothing. Plus,those fifty boys still not turned up”
“Those boys. ..their parents might be devastated. ”
“Hey Teca ,what if..” he shakes his head
“What if what?” Teca enquires.
“You know Vampire has a lot of boys he uses for his dirty businesss. Koko, Bobo and Keme are university kids. And Koko kept mentioning some other boys who are his colleagues and are usually under a team of one they use for operations and stuff”
“What do you mean? ”
“I am saying it wouldn’t hurt to start tracing this boys and see if they connect with Vampire”
“That don’t make sense.”
“It does. Koko got killed because he very well..may have had information that Vampire didn’t want leaked. Maybe”
“Julie got killed because she had some information she handed to me and he wanted it kept hidden ”
“Vampire closes down all known bases and moves. Burning down some just to stay a ghost and remain so”
“Okay..I am trying to see where you are going with this.”
“No, if I am the most wanted man and I think the law is closing in on me. What do you think I would do to people who are around me and are loose ends?”
“Cut them lose. ”
“Bingo! !!” Ikena says
“So you think these boys are like his scouts?”
“I don’t know. But let’s just assume they are. You said one of the boys said he saw his brother and some others entering into a bus right heading to where? No idea. Other boys too were seen entering into same in different parts of the city. Since then..unaccounted for. To me,It feels as though they were sent to the slaughter house. My thoughts. My intuition. My gut. Or it could be that they all separately travelled somewhere. But..I feel they are connected some how. And besides, what other leads have you got?”
“Good. Go back to the board. Trace when they all began …you might find a lope hole..see the missing dots. My suggestion. And if maybe they are not connected to Vampire, you might still find something that you missed from the beginning. ”
“You do better at investigation than being a military man”
“I got an eye and ear for hidden sources.”
“And the kid?”
“The tracking device is working fine. ”
“I am glad. I was supposed to put a man on his tail but…we need all hands on deck.”
“I am legion!!” Ikena smirks
“Sadly, that is true. Remember, watch your back. I think Vampire is looking out for who saved the kid.”
“Don’t worry. I am fine”
Line dies.
Ikena makes another call “Anything ?”
“No boss, not been able to trace that Harrison Ekweme. ”
“Keep trying.”
“Okay boss!!”
He turns away heading to the car.
Emeka eyes Brian as he walks into his office.
“The next time Brian you keep me waiting on you like you are some royalty, you would regret ever crossing my part!!” he warns him.
Brian is tempted to tell him but he thinks against it.
“You sent for me, is there anything I can help you with Sir?”
Emeka sighs turning to John “Have a seat John.”
“Thank you Sir ” John sits down with a smile on his face. , Brian is unbothered really.
“So, the person you both saw the other day, in the person of Harrison Ekeweme. He wants to build an E-libray as he is a creative writer and a novelist and also a tutor and a lawyer. He wants a state of the art E-libray that is off standard and he has picked you Brian to do the designs. And John here would be your supervisor. Just like Adora there was with you doing the other housing project.”
“What exactly would he be supervising ?” Brian points to John.
Actually he would be there to make sure that all your sessions are not aired, all your designs come out rubbish and dented and then your finish project becomes an eye-sore.
Emeka thinks to himself.
“He would be there to make sure the client gets feedback on a daily of your dealings and relay also to me and for the general public. This would also be documented. ”
“And Miss Adora can’t do that?”
“You can’t stay one minute without your girlfriend in the room with that it?” John throws at him.
Brian smiles

“I feel someone who knows what she is about can handle it not someone who has no idea what he would be doing. But that’s my two cent”
“Adora would be working on a different assignment and John would be supervising you. That is all” Emeka finalises.
“Right ” Brian sighs “whatever you say Sir.”
“You both would be seeing the client this weekend in his hotel. He would discuss with you both you make sure that you are capable of handling the project and then he would sign off on it and you begin. This weekend.”
“Why his hotel ?” Brian is curious
“Don’t ask me stupid questions. He is a client and if he decides to see you both in the zoo or in the toilet. ..that doesn’t concern me. His hotel,weekend. He left his card with me and his address. You will show up there by 9 am he said. A number is given for you to call.”
Brian frowns

“Sounds like a booty call.. I am sorry, hope you told him I am straight ?” Brian smiles.
“You are a fool!!” John spat at him.
“Hey, that was a joke and please don’t insult me” he says to John angrily.
John is pushing it and he is trying to keep his cool.
“Whatever, Fool!!”
Brian sighs “if there is nothing else..can I leave?”
“That’s the door!!” John points.
He raises his eyebrow to Emeka who says nothing, he folds his hands .
“Great. Good talk . ” he leaves.
“Yes Sir. ”
“Hope you know what you must do for this new E-libray project and also the Alkada’s generation X project?”
John nods.
“Good. I want him to fail and I want him to fail hard”.
“Not to worry. Everything would be as you say Sir. You don’t know how this makes me feel. I am so happy that someone is on my side.”
“About Brian and Adora, I saw them come out from the same car this morning ”
“Focus your energy on what you must do. Sooner or later if they are having something it would come to the surface. I need him to hit the ground hard and ruining his projects and sweats from his hard work is worth the thrill”
“Okay Sir. Thank you sir” John gets up
“Remember, you are his supervisor so it means that you always need to follow him to the Alkada IT, the housing site and be with him during the designs for the library. Don’t fail!!”
“I won’t boss!!”
“You are dismissed”
“Thank you sir”
As soon as John leaves, Emeka smiles “Fool!!!” Then he begins to laugh hard and loud.
“Fool!!” He repeats.
John would do his dirty work while he remains without a dent to his name. If it goes sour, John would take the fall. How smart is he?
“Fool!!” He repeats with laughter again.
Brian ignores John while they are at the Alkada company.
He concentrated on the projects at hand. Mr Layefa came in at different intervals to see what they are doing.
“We have a week Brian, no longer two. The slated date was shifted forward ” he took him to the side and told him.
“When you say a week what does that mean?”
“It means we project this Saturday with others. ”
“So we have four more days?”
“I know.”
“We have only been sorting things together for the past few days ”
“I know. What are you guys working on?”
“Still deciding on it. I am having them share their ideas and see which we can infuse. Four days? That is too short. ”
“I know. Others got a months start ”
“And you got less than two weeks”
“Yes. ”
Brian sighs ” I can’t make any promises ”
“Yes. But… I don’t know. I was really looking forward to a win this year”
Brian smiles. .

”There is always the next. But. . Let’s build what we can. As long as you have something to show from Alkada, it is better than nothing.”
“Your optimism is warming”
“I feel…there is nothing much one can do if not to take as that is what we are doing. Let’s hope it’s enough to make a statement ”
Layefa nods. “You will tell them?”
“Yes I will. I guess we need to double our energy then. ”
“Please do. Thank you Brian. ”
“No, thank you Sir ”
Mr Layefa walks away.
“You know it is impossible to finish anything? In four days. You people haven’t even done nothing other than ask them to work on their techs. And you call yourself what? Someone who knows these things? You see why I have been speaking against this eh Brian? Just look how you are not going to just embarras yourself but the company. You see how you are going to give the company a bad name?” John says to him.
Brian sighs

“okay Guys” ignoring John as he walks towards his team. …”So rumour has it that we go live in four days Saturday. So that means we have four days to come up with something. I know I have been tasking your all, to test your strengths but…let’s do more than that, let’s bring it all together and make something. Right now, you all understand your techs and know which ticks and which doesn’t. Let’s put our head together okay? I would be writing codes of sensory sensors and speech. I will need someone to do voice-over and another for the finger prints. Then we need parts for Robotics.. use what we have to make what we want. Now guys, you work on yours’”
“But what exactly are we going to build in four days?” One of them say worried. “Four days is way too short!”
“Yes. We are going to fail drastically.” Another sighs
“Hey, we can’t give up just yet okay. Come to together, all hands in!!” He places his hand in front of his palm facing downwards “We are all in this together and whatever plays out.. know you all did good. Win or not, bringing home the award or not wouldn’t even diminish your geniusness alright. So do what you can.. and let the rest speak for itself. Come on, who is with me?” Brian stares at each of them, his hand in front of him still.
Everyone of them places their hands on his. ..
“On one…two. .three.. ”
“Team Alkada, Generation X!!” They chanted as they push their hands out and swing it up. Brian claps.
“That’s the spirit so come on. …knees deep..head buried..let’s work it. Whatever you got throw it in.”
John who stares angrily at him for a minute walks away.
His phone rings..
“Yep!! ?”
“It’s me. You remember that background check you asked me to run on your dude Brian Andrews”
“Yes..anything ?”
“Yep. Someone just shut down my access”
“What does that mean? ”
“It means that whoever that dude is.. no one wants anyone poking ”
“I don’t get.”
“Neither do I. ”
“And Ikena?”
“Know his surname ?”
“Well, he too came up as as a dead end. Who the hell are these guys?”
“That’s what I would like to know”
“Well, nothing from my end though.”
“Okay. Thanks. Would find a way from here.”
“Alight man”.
John frowns deeply.
Someone walks into the building, seeing him he comes to him.
“Hey J?”
He turns and a smile breaks out in his face “Tony my man. Glad for you to make it”
“Man. You know I don’t have security clearance to come up here. But had to bribe my way through with the drink desk. Is he around? ”
“what is he building ?”
“No fxxking idea. Don’t care. Just need it trashed.”
“The project airing is slated for this weekend Saturday. That means by Friday they should be ready. That is when I need you to cause some damage.”
“Great. But quick question. After that time I saw him at the club and informed you. What did you do to him?”
“My plan failed through”
“I see..what did this guy do to you though, curious!”
“Alot. Alot. Just do what I say, I will press you some bars when it is over. ”
“Great let me go make myself useful ”
John nods as he watches him disappear into the room he just stepped out from.
Brian looks up,his brows knotting into a frown…
That face looks familiar.
He excuses himself from the table with his team and walks to the door….
The man is smiling at him. .
“Hey Brian, surprised to find you here. You work here now?”
Brian frowns. . . “Sorry, do I know you?”
“Hi, Tony Emelu. You remember. We met at the club over a few weeks ago. Told you I work in an IT company and you were a serving bartender and stuff? ”
Brian thinks for a minute. “Oh, the dude I asked if he were some reporter. ?”
Tony nods “Bingo. work here now?”
Brian shakes his head “just a temporary Project person for the Generation X.”
” oh yeah, that is true. Boss needs the big win. Can you bring it home for us?”
“Well, no. But who knows what God plans for us. You work here?”
“Yes and no. I am on the other floor below this. Came to run some errands for boss and saw you.. was curious so I came. So what are you guys working on?”
Brian scratches his head “Er, when we get to that I can have an answer for that”
“Okay cool. Okay man. Take it easy okay?”
“Sure..thanks again Er. ..Tony”
“Long day?” I speak into the phone. I could hear him smile..
“Yes baby. Just came out to take a cup of coffee. How are you? Missed me?”
“A little ” I smile.
“What time are you leaving?”
“In a few. I had to push my team today so we can start putting things in place. Got to the site and supervised the work and made sure they don’t change the design with a block. The client was there, he kept on praising my designs and boosting it to his friends”
I laugh as he chuckles..
“its a good feeling from home too”
“I know”
“I need to go see my mother immediately once I am done here”
“Okay babe”
“See you tonight? Don’t worry Ikena would pick you from the office and..I’ll see you later.”
“I love you Adora Chime. Don’t ever forget that”
Before I could reply the line dies.
My chest closes and opens. I swallow.
Then I smile. I haven’t gotten used to how he tells me he loves me.
It was overwhelming. And I would take it everyday, this feeling I would.
“Someone is trying to get access into Elite family Andrews Sir” The officer approaches him with a laptop he drops and opens.
“How do you mean? ”
“I see the trojan like a virus breaking down our protective walls online. The name it’s searching for is for Brian Andrews”
Teca comes to the side of the computer and bends to start look at it.
“Know where it is coming from, this Trojan?”
“Unknown source”
“How come it went pass security ?”
“We had a momentary glitch collapse for a few seconds. That is how it surpassed security. But…once we were back up we quickly shut it down by killing the virus. But before we found out what it was looking for and it went for the encrypted file of the Elite Andrews”
“So they didn’t get anything ?”
“No Sir. ”
“Tighten security around those data base walls. Anyone getting wind of some high profile kid in PH without major protection would want to cash in on it.”
“Yes sir.!!”
Should he tell Ikena or not?
Maybe, later.
“Last batch gone Sir. The girls would be smuggled out with the drugs in a few. What time do we do the operation for more money ?”
“Go right ahead. Hit three banks. Anyone who refuses, put a bullet to him.” Alex tells Mikel who nods.
“Chike , that room I rented for the weekend . I need you to get lots of books and place it in there. Make it look and feel like a lawyer, a novelist and the whole she-bang stays there. I want to do a perfect make believe..once they get there they wouldn’t know anything is amiss until it’s too late.”
“Yes sir!!”
Alex nods “any info on Jude Robertson? ”
“No Sir.”
“Okay then.”
Line dies.
Alex walks away….
Soon, come Saturday. All this would end .
Hours Later…
“Promise me you would take care of you Brian. Don’t let mama worry?” His mother says.
“I will.”
“I thought you were leaving in the morning. You said two days now this is one and half”
“Have to attend to some business and I am opening another branch. I need to leave tonight so I can be able to get to it in the morning ”
‘Okay mother ” he sighs.
They are walking toward the car, they pause as four bodyguards are standing behind him. Waiting.
“Safe journey mother”
“Thank you baby and regards to Adora. She is a nice girl”
“I know mother. Trust me I do.”

He is smiling. “Maybe one day, your dreams would come true”
“You’ll see”
She laughs “I am sure pray it’s a good surprise ?”
“The best. I love you” he kisses her forehead
“I love you.” She hugs him and slips into the car.
Brian watches his mother fade away with the car before he walks to Ikena.
“Took her home to get her things . Would pick her up when I drop you off”
“Thank you. Club.”
Gesto sees Brian alighting from the car, walking towards him and Telema.
“Hey Brian, how you doing today?”
” Gesto , Telema.. happy day?”
‘So so. By the way I have been meaning to ask. Whose ride is that you always come in?”
“Er… friend’s. He drops me off. ”
“Oh. I see. So, Boss lady wants to see you tonight after you are done or before. Your choice.”
Brian frowns. “Did I do anything?”
“Nope. But you don’t need to do anything. ”
“And for what is worth, you have been a not-so-bad chap. I know we harassed you some. But you held you foot down pretty well for a pretty boy”
“Sounds as though you are saying goodbye Gesto. You leaving us,thought we bonded in that drinking sessions we had ”
Gesto laughs “yeah, maybe that’s why I would miss harassing you pretty boy. ”
“Okay stop calling me that, Brian is fine”
“Pretty boy Brian then” Telema offers.
Brian shakes his head and enters into the building hearing their laughter fade out.
He meets Vicky.
“Hello , Boss wants you”
“Wow, she must really want to see me to put an eye out on me with everyone.”
Vicky shrugs.
Brian climbs up the stairs and pray she isn’t about to ambush him again.
He knocks entering.
“Good evening Ma”am”
The light in the room is bright. First time ever.
She is seated, cross legged.
“Come in Brian , I really have no interior motive this time. ”
“No, I rather stand here. Close to the door”
She laughs “Don’t be silly, step in. I won’t bite. Not anymore. ”
He closes the door and steps in.
“So I had the accountant go through closing stock and I realised. .or we realised that with your work load. You have paid what you owed. ”
“I thought it was supposed to be complete by this weekend.”
“It was. But last night , you worked extras taking on the boy who didn’t make it because he was sick. That was your pay for the day plus his. Covers for the weekend.”
“So what are you saying?”
“I am saying that you have paid what you owe to the club. Especially after tonight your debt is cleared ”
“Wow!! I do like the sound of that.”
‘”I know. So, I asked Gesto to return your phone and the watch he took from you and everything else. Here it is” she pushes a bag towards him. “After tonight you are not obligated to this club and you are a free person. However, if you do step into this club after today, I have instructed them to make sure that you pay first before services would be delivered to ensure that this doesn’t happen again .”
“Fair enough Ma’am”
He steps forward and opens the bag.. bringing out his iPhone …”boy I missed this.” His watch… “and this”
“Those look very expensive for a boy who couldn’t pay his bills. Into something illegal? I can’t even afford such expensive luxury. I checked them out..cost a small fortune. Did you steal them?”
“No and No.” He says taking the bag.
“Okay. That’s fine. After tonight. You are free. But… my offer still stands on the other door is always open incase you change your mind or in case your girl doesn’t mean so much to you anymore. I don’t mind being your sluppy seconds.”
Brian smiles “Thank you Ma’am. Goodnight”
He whistles a happy tone coming down the stairs to meet Vicky again .
“She told you right?”
‘”Yes. Yes and Yes! !” He is happy.
“We will miss you. Me especially! !” She smiles at him.
“Eh, would stop by and say hi some days. Maybe I could come treat my girl to a nice evening out here one of this days ”
“Oh.. I thought you were into boys since I never saw you flirting with the girls.”
He laughs “oh, I am straighter than a pole vicky and my girl would make any gay man straight too. Thanks Vicky. Most times I was low and hungry. You helped. I appreciate it. I would pay you back for your niceness.”
‘”Hey.. it’s fine. Now get to work. Change and come shake some tush before you sign out of here.”
She laughs leaving him to change.

He smiles to himself.
Maybe , he had to go through this to learn something too.
Sometimes, the people you meet when you are low can help you in times you feel you are alone.
Vicky had a nice spirit.

Ikena …was like …well. .someone he can always count on.

Gesto was annoying as well as… a nice chap with the right booze.

Adora..was everything nice.

And he, had to be forced and bent to understahd that…his father always wanted the best for him and that was to grow, to mature, to be independent and also to realise that he doesn’t need him to strive to be the best and he can be.
He smiles.
He was thankful for the life’s lessons.
He learnt how to tolerate people.

Learnt how to serve and survive.

Learnt how to control his desires.

Learnt what it meant to be in love.

Learnt how to let go of things that don’t matter.

Learnt to be a better man and take the high Road and allow John be what he wants to be..his headache.

Learnt to appreciate life and it’s little gifts.

Learnt to not look down at people.

Learnt to rein in on his anger and channel it into something more.

Learnt to use his gifts ,his hands, his head and start to be what his father has always wished for him.
He had learnt a lot and he was grateful for all. He has no regrets. None.

None at all.
From here henceforth, he needs to work hard.
There was a woman in his life he intends to make his wife.
And he was going to do it all on his terms. From his hard work and from his sweat he has to be the best for her.
And he will.
He smiles leaving the changing room as he picks up his serving tray and glasses with the pad and pen.
Yes, everything eventually works out.

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Gesto and Telema are standing outside and taking a drag of smoke when he met them. It was close of work. His last day.
“Guess I am the one saying goodbye’” Brian tells them
“Guess you wouldn’t be coming here to drink and not paying bills anything soon are you?” Geato asks
‘”You sound as though you would miss me Gesto?” Brian teases.
“Nah. Just wouldn’t have no one to scare the shit out off no more”
They laugh.
Brian looks at the bag in his hand. He brings out the phone and the watch.
“I think you both should keep it. Take it as a parting gift . ” he handed Gesto the phone and then Telema the watch.
“For real?” Gesto is looking at him and then at the phone.
“Yes. I can manage this for a bit. Even if it sucks serious balls but…hey… and I got a new watch so. I think I am good” he shows them the watch his mother bought for him.
“You give us parting gifts even when we manhandled you?” Telema is surprised.
“Oh well, maybe this would prick your conscience .” He smiles ruefully.
“Thanks Man”
“Dude thanks” they say to him. They shake him.
“Thank you. See you around. ” Brian tells them walking away.
They watch him disappear into the car and the car drives off.
“Nice chap that one ”
“I know right. Fxxk, this watch is a million bucks! !” Telema exclaims. “Boss said”
“Yes. You think he’s into some drugs or something ?”
“Nah. Whatever he is into. Don’t give a shit. He is a nice chap. No one ever gave me this sort of nice and expensive shit. ”
“I know right ?”
They smile at each other,soon they lock up and leave.

I feel Brian slip in beside me in the wee hours of the morning.
I felt his wet lips to my cheeks and felt his arms wrapping me to him.
I smile in my sleep.
“Hey baby” I say sleepily.
“Hey baby” he whispers into my ears.
“Work okay?”
“Yes. Everything is okay.” He says.
I sleep off.
Brian doesn’t.
He begins to dream of beautiful things.. A house. A home. Wife. Children. A good life. Yes, he would begin designing his dream house.
He needs to start planning for the future. First, he needs a ring.
But wait,isn’t he going to fast?.
Pay day comes this weekend. One from his father’s company. Another from the client he designed his house and then,from generation X.
A whole lot of money. First time, he worked hard for something and getting paid for it.
It wasn’t his father dashing him millions or his mother sending a few other millions into his account.
This was all him.
Working for it.
It was a beautiful feeling.
A few millions all by his own sweat.
He would build his house. He would propose to her. He would start his life. Then, he would work towards setting up his own company.
“Brian’s Tech and Designs ” he says to himself. While he is still working for his father he would be putting plans in motion. Get his house done..move in. Set up his company. Get a few tech savvy geeks to join in. Open a design studio within. Train others.
Make something for himself outside his father’s wealth. Be his own man. With Adora by his side. ..
All would be well.
This weekend. .it would all begin this weekend. But he need a ring first.
A beautiful ring …He caresses her as he held her close to him, he places kisses to her shoulders. If anyone had told him this is how his life would have turned out. He would never have believed it. But today…today, everything makes perfect sense.
“Thank you father, you made this happen ” he whispers.
“Thank you Adora…you changed me” he kisses her forehead.
“And you are everything ”
Then he smiles “Even you Ikena, sometimes I see you as a big brother. Doesn’t make sense right? But true”
He shakes his head. He was talking to himself. If Adora wakes up now she would think he was crazy. This weekend. He would tell her all about him. He would start a new chapter with her in his life…as his fiance. And eventually his wife.
He hopes she says yes.
He prays she does.
Dang!!! He needs to get a ring by weekend.
John is lying down on his back, his mind working. Tony Emelu would make sure Brian’s project is ruined.
That is for sure. He would cause damage to the Harrison Ekweme’s designs Brian would begin working on after they see him this weekend.
And that other new client who is still yet to show, Emeka says he would put him on it too. Brian would fail…woefully. that would be good.
But that isn’t enough. It wasn’t enough to just have him fail.
No. He wanted him to hurt. To cry out in pain. To die.
He needs him to pay for taking Adora away from him. He doesn’t care what people have to say… he knows Adora and Brian are fxxking. They are lovers and the mere thought of what they do together alone causes anger to boil within him. He may not have caught them together and know for sure if they are dating but body language don’t lie. Her eyes light up when she sees him, his smiles are genuine . He doesn’t even smile and flirt with the girls at work anymore.
Tombra and Tomiwa wouldn’t stop fuzzing about Brian and how he doesn’t give them the time of the day anymore. They too talked about Brian having some girlfriend he obviously cares enough for not to be bothered about their advances anymore.
It only solidifies his claims. He was fxxking Adora.
It infuriates him.
He has to pay.

She too for not closing her legs and opening it for him. Even if he never told her his intentions. He was as obvious as a whole pole in the dark. Why didn’t she realise that he liked her too. He treated her nice, respected her and went for errands for her….

He would have given her the world.
But no, she went for the he-goat instead. And she would pay for that he swears it. When he gets rid of Brian …he would teach her.
Those legs and warmth she gave to Brian, he would take it by force.
That would teach the slut.
But what does he do to Brian?

He needs him dead. He does.
Maybe he should just get a gun. Yes. That is what he would do. He would go get a license for a gun tommorw.
Or buy one illegal. He would do that before the generation X event.
His mother used to say “if you want something done, do it yourself.”
He decides.. When is the best time to end the asshole.
He thinks to himself.
After the generation X gig this Saturday. .on their way to see that Harrison Client. . He would find away to rip his heart out… Without Ikena the fxxking driver knowing. This weekend. Yes..this weekend all ends.
He smiles.