Natasha Reloaded Season 2 Episode 46



Idris hadn’t expected such a swift move from Natasha. He wasn’t even aware of it. The finishing move Natasha had given him made him very weak. He was on the floor but was mentally calculating the time. He would have stood up on a normal day if he was fighting anyone but Natasha, he wouldn’t. He wanted her to pass the last stage so she could be made an agent like him.

Captain Val was very impressed at the speed and swiftness of Natasha. He was very proud of her. He looked at the clock again. The time had clocked forty seconds but Idris wasn’t standing up.

Time was fifty five, yet Idris was yet to make a move. The time moved to fifty nine, Idris held his hand and was about to stand up when the alarm sound blarred out from the corners of the room with green lights allover everywhere.

“Congratulations Natasha” Idris said extending his hand towards her. The other hand was wrapped around his stomach as he had blood coming out from the side of his mouth and nostrils.

Natasha shoved his hand away and gave him a very warm hug. She couldn’t believe she had made it, this was her greatest desire and she was glad to see it come to pass. She was going to be made a shadow agent and nothing can stop that.

She released Idris just in time as she was crowded by all the Shadow agents. One by one, they hugged her and exchange handshake with her.

“Meet me in my office when you are through with them” Captain Val said as he moved straight to his office.

“Wow, I never knew you could defeat Idris, like men, the way she did that back flip stunt was amazing” Konami shouted giving her a light punch across the shoulder.

“Ouch” she yelped.

“Sorry, would be easy on you next time?” Konami apologized.

“Don’t worry, I had gotten used to pains already’

“So Natasha” Jummy began “I can’t wait for you to start going on missions with us”

“Yes Jummy” Farouk said “this prove that for the past one year her training hadn’t been a waste of time”

“Yeah” Jack said “so how is it going to be?”

“What do you mean by that?” Natasha asked.

“Like party?” Jummy chipped in.

“Oh no no. No party please” Natasha tried to rebuke in a pleasant manner.

“You don’t have a choice” ET shouted.

Jay X, Robidon, Yvonne and Kelvin who had said their congratulations and stood at the back came forward.

“Party at Jummy’s place” they all chorused.

Natasha shook her head and walked away from them. She searched for Idris but he wasn’t in the room, without wasting time she jugged to Captain Val’s office.

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Captain Val had a bottle of champagne on his table with two empty glass cups. He was standing facing the wall when she walked in.

“Hmm, you came back early” He said facing her. “You can have your seat”.

Natasha sat down and captain Val sat before her.

“You did well Natasha. You fought well but I noticed Idris, he made you win. Idris is a super agent who is willing to die than to loose. But you did great”

“Sir, can I say something?”

“Yes Natasha go on”

“How will it be possible for me to defeat a super agent with only a year training?”

“That was why he did allow you win. We matched him with you to create fear in your heart. So, we see your courage, stance, strength and charisma. And you got A’s in all of them”

“Thank you sir” Natasha said blushing. Captain Val had popped the champagne and poured it into two glass cups. He gave Natasha one and took one.

“Thank you” Natasha said collecting the glass cup from him.

“We are toasting to your success . You will take the oath tomorrow and your uniform will be given to you tomorrow too. I know this night there will be a party in honour of you”

“Yeah, I wish they wouldn’t”

“They will, that’s how they always do to all new member” Captain Val said with a short laughter. They drank all the liquid from the champagne bottle before Natasha stood up and left the office.