Natasha Reloaded Episode 47


Natasha was dressed in a beautiful red gown, with red high heeled shoes, a little red purse and wore a light make up. No doubt she was looking very beautiful.

Just then, Konami entered inside her room forgetting to knock on the door first.

“Sorry, am really sorry” Konami pleaded.

“Don’t worry it’s nothing. I am through anyway” she said glancing at her image once more in her huge mirror.

“So, I came to check on you if you are ready.”

“Isn’t it obvious” she said as she walked pass him. Her perfume really made Konami filled with some naughty thought.

“Where’s Idris?” Natasha asked “isn’t he coming with us anymore”

“Truth is I have checked on Idris but hadn’t see him, don’t worry. He will be there with us, that’s for sure”

Konami walked her to his sports car and opened the front door for her.

“Thank you” she said smiling as she entered the car before he moved over to the driver’s side, opened it and sat inside. He slowly reversed the car from the Shadows parking lot before driving out.

“Where’s the rest of the crew?” Natasha asked softly.

“They have all gone over to Jummy’s house. You see, we are late already”

“But there’s something I still don’t understand?” Natasha asked.

“And what is that?” Konami asked as he changed the gear.

“Jummy have a house, then why is she staying at the base everyday”

“Ha ha ha, funny question. Truth is we all have houses. Idris, Farouk, me, Jack and even captain val himself. But we preferred staying at the Shadow base. It’s more fun there cause we live as one family”

“Hmm, that is nice” Natasha said looking out of the window at the beautiful street of Australia. She didn’t put up any question and konami also kept quiet concentrating on the road as they drove to their destination in silence.

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Natasha was very surprised as she saw the big and beautiful house that was owned by Jummy. She wondered why she hadn’t been here before. There were several cars parked in the parking lot, each car looking very beautiful and expensive. Konami drove his car to the space that was reserved for him. He came down and rushed to the other side as he opened the door for her.

“Thank you Konami. You are really a gentleman”

“It’s my pleasure” Konami said as he held Natasha and they both walk to Jummy’s house. Konami pressed a button on his key holder and his car made a beep sound as all the doors were instantly locked.

“This house is very beautiful” Natasha commented as they got to the door which was lock.
“You can say that. Jummy is a classy girl who loves expensive things”

Konami got to the door and press a button,

“Please identify yourself” came a voice from within. Konami squatted a little bit as he looked intently at a little opening in the door.

A green light emitted and after two minutes of scanning his eyeball, the door instantly gave way.

“You’re welcome Agent Konami, please make yourself comfortable” the voice spoke out from the door as Natasha and Konami had already walked in.

“Wooow!!!” Natasha said looking at all the corners of the house.

“Natasha” Jummy called out from behind. The music volume was so high that Natasha didn’t hear her at first. Some of the Shadow agents were busy drinking and dancing at the music.

Jummy hugged konami before hugging Natasha “common Natasha, let’s go and catch some fun” Jummy shouted dragging Natasha to the dancing floor.