The Brat and The She Devil-Episode 70


”Really, you have a child and you didn’t let me know?” Brian is surprised as he nudges Ikena, who isn’t looking at him ”Hey, talking to you!” he snaps his fingers to get his attention.

Ikena is thinking, his fist tightly folded.

Should he go for it now, but what happens if he does. Brian would wonder why he is attacking this innocent looking elderly man, Emeka would want to step in too..and then there was the guy behind him, the one he saw with John this morning, talking.

Everything seems to be falling into perspectives.

John with this guy this morning, now Vampire shows up out of the blue here too. Did they come to see John? Is that why they are here? Why else…

Does he recognize Brian, as the one who got away? Is that why he is here, to finish off what John started. Did he come with anyone else?

Maybe he should just go ahead, the last time he saw him, he stopped because of Teca, if he doesn’t put Vampire down now, he may not find him again.

He takes a step towards him.

But what if, in the process, Brian gets in the middle, or even Emeka? They are innocents..he didn’t need more collateral damage. Koko has been killed, the fact that Vampire had links in the station to pull that off was enough reason to know that he wasn’t playing with no body.

”Hey talking to you” Brian nudges him again ”You have a kid and you didn’t let me know? Plus kid is sick, what’s up with that?”

”Yes he does. He told me that she was sick and then he went to church for help and one good priest helped him. Sorry about your friend, the one who died in the church recently, has she been buried?. It is so sad” Alex shakes his head ”I was meaning to ask, does she have a family?”

So you know whether to look for them and send them to join her?

”Whoa you lost someone? Dang Man, you keep a lot of things hidden, so uncool and you know everything about me” Brian shakes his head in surprise, still staring at Ikena.

”Does he now!!” Alex says, his eyes accessing Ikena’s face, wondering why he was staring at him that way. He noticed Ikena had taken a step closer to him, he frowns. Wondering what was going through his mind. For the life of him, he didn’t like the vibe he was getting from him. Something didn’t feel right, not at all. He has been saying it since he laid his eyes on this man, and he would say it again.

No matter how he tries to shake it off he can’t seem to place that feeling or make it go away.

Piecing all together this guy seems to be everywhere . One minute he shows up out of the blue in Church, Juliet starts to act funny, Juliet betraying him to someone he didn’t know. He had to burn base and move after killing Juliet.

He shows up in the hotel with some stuff about finding a friend who looks like him, didn’t make sense then, didn’t make sense now.

Now, he works in the same place, as a driver with John who ordered the hit on the Brian guy who got away. They all know each other, so what the hell is he missing?

There is still a ghost, the one who saved the”Brian”; he was still un-accounted for with a big question mark ‘?’

But this man…what did he say his name was? Jude, Jude Robertson does he fit into all this? Neither of his boys have been able to get any information on him, his profile came up as a dead end, the last time he asked them.

But not to worry, maybe he was just an irrelevant somebody, a case of small-world schematics. Maybe he didn’t mean anything to this whole fiasco but still..he wouldn’t be at ease until he finds out who exactly he is and how he seem to be everywhere .

And why the hell was he looking at him like that?

”Yes, I mean-”’ Brian was saying

”Brian, before you decided to interrupt, you see that I was busy yes? Or you choose to be blind?”

Brian smiles at Emeka ”Not my intent. I went to your office but Ruth told me you were here. Now that I am here..i am heading over to Alkalda IT Company, Mr Dickson Layefa said I should come in today and organize my team for the upcoming project.”

”I see” Emeka says uninterestedly ”You know you are not supposed to be there without a supervisor?”

”I wonder what exactly would John be supervising or you just want him to be on my constant nerves?” Brian couldn’t resist.

Emeka steps closer to him ”How that happens, I really do not care. I will not have you embarrass me, the company just because you think you know a little something. You are not leaving without John, so get him down here, I need to be apprised of all that you do there. Because if anything goes wrong, I do not want you to wiggle out of it without witness”

Ofcourse!! So John is supposed to be what, the witness? Brian shakes his head.

Alex watches them..

This was as obvious as bright as day, Emeka doesn’t like this Brian, or Brian is a trouble marker that gets on everyone’s nerves. He chuckles, no wonder John wants to get rid of him.

”Infact sef” Emeka brings out his phone and then calls, ”John, come down to the car park, you are going to Alkada with Brian, Now!!”

Brian shakes his head, sighing and turning away. He frowns when he realized that Ikena was still staring at the grey-haired man.

”I wonder, if I may have a word?” This was Ikena now talking to Harrison.

If he goes in for Harrison now, Brian and Emeka may be part of the collateral damage he would like to avoid. It would be best to take him away from here, distract them, and if he can get him into a car and out of here, it would be good.

”With me? sure why not!!” Harrison nods to Ikena who steps forward towards him again.

”What is it you want to talk to him about? Infact I am still trying to understand how is it you know him exactly that you think you can just excuse him while we are in the middle of something, know your place driver. That is what you are” Emeka spat pointing to Ikena.

Ikena doesn’t pay any mind. He was interested only in Vampire, the man who thinks no one knows who he is.

Brian aches an eyebrow ”I am sure the good sir doesn’t mind!”

”I wasn’t talking to you Brian Andrews, it would be best to be quiet”

”I know you aren’t but you don’t have to put him down like that. So what if he is a driver, he can’t speak to anyone aside people from his level? The man knows him, we both saw that, what makes you think they aren’t friends?”

”You questioning me or undermining my authority infront of guests?”

”Neither ..”Sir” it was just an harmless observation and must be important!!”

”Driver I believe you have a job to do so do it, and please leave here” Emeka ignores Brian and speaks to Ikena who isn’t looking at him. ”You can wait in the car while John makes his way down, you too Brian”

Brian shakes his head walking away, Ikena doesn’t move.

”Are you deaf or you are just stupid?” Emeka is staring at Ikena

Alex has a puzzled expression on his face ”Why are you staring at me like that Jude Robertson, is there a problem?” He asks him, curious.

”Jude Robertson?” Emeka asks with a raised brow… ” I don’t understand “

”Jude Robertson?” Brian pauses and turns, did this man just call Ikena Jude Robertson. Who the hell is Jude Robertson.

Now, Alex is really suspicious ”Yes, why are you both looking at me like that, is that not his name?” He looks from Emeka to Brian.

Emeka is shaking his head, Ikena’s face is indifferent, Brian is curious as he walks back laughing ”Wow!! A lot of surprises here today man!!!”

Ikena is thinking hard, calculating his next move.

Already, Alex must be suspecting something was up with him, especially now with the name being inaccurate.

”Sorry, am I missing something here, isn’t his name Jude Robertson, I mean that is what he told me his name was, right?” Alex looks at Ikena questionly.

”No, his name is-”

He jogs to them;
”Sorry Sir, I was attending to administrative issues when you called. I am at your service, I am ready to go supervise as you directed” John comes to them distracting Emeka. ”Good afternoon Sir” He nods to Harrison , then his face lights up ”Oh Sir, it is you again, you left before you could tell me what you wanted to tell me” He smiles to Mikel giving him his hand to shake, Mikel doesn’t take it.

Emeka looks at him ”I don’t understand ” he repeats again this time to John and Mikel.

Ikena watches them.

”I mean, he came to look for me this morning and when we went outside to talk, he left quickly, especially when this-” John looks Ikena up and down ”Came and interrupted us. He left, maybe out of anger. I am sorry Sir, drivers don’t know their place, what is it you wanted to talk about, a preposition you said?”

Harrison looks at Mikel who shakes his head, understanding ”Oh, yes, he is my PA, I had sent him to the company and then..the name we were referred to was are John yes?”

”Yes Sir!!”

”Ha!! I sent him to get information I needed a designer and architect guy, and that he should meet the admin personnel. But…he got an emergency call so he had to leave immediately ”

”But..he didn’t answer any call while we were there” John screws up his face.

”You must have missed it when he did. Anyhow I came myself because I wanted to see your boss and I have told him what I want and the preposition my PA was to relay to you. Mr Emeka would apprise you both of it.”


” and-”

”Mr Harrison , I would give them the information when it is conducive to do so, right now they have to attend to something rather important” Emeka cuts him off.

”Oh I see!! That is fine.”

”Yes! Take them to Alkade right away” He snaps his fingers to Ikena dismissing Ikena and them ”Mr Harrison” he begins to lead him away.

Ikena is walking fast towards them. It was now or never.

Brian blocks him ”what is up your ass today Ikena? ” He stops him by placing his hand to his chest ”You look as though you are about to run your hand into someone’s face?”

”Move Brian” He nudges Brian away

”No hey!!!” Brian grabs him ”Ikena , what the hell!!”

Ikena nudges him again..

He was almost close to Harrison when Mikel and the others turn..

”What in the world!!” Emeka exclaims seeing Brian holding on to Ikena ”What is wrong?”

”Move Brian!!” Ikena hisses

”What the hell!!!” Brian exclaims stopping him when Ikena made to move again, not understanding what he is about to do and why.

Mikel suddenly stands in front of Harrison ”Is something the matter?” Harrison asks coming forward pushing Mikel away.

Now John joins in, wondering what is happening. He saw Ikena talking to Brian one minute and the next Brian is holding on to him, as though trying to prevent him from something.

”I have no idea, I think he is just-”

”Drunk, stupid having a crack meltdown?” John throws at him

Brian throws him a look, Ikena is forced to stop moving. Right now, with all attention, he would never get close to putting Vampire down and worse, his PA which he assumes to be his bodyguard is on alert, Vampire too.

He wasn’t worried about himself, he could take of himself. But there was Brian, and Emeka and the fool John who he still believes was involved with this somehow.

”Are you drunk Ikena?” Emeka comes to him ”Are you drunk ?”

”No…I just took beer, or four..can’t remember ”Ikena says staggering at that moment .

”See I told you the fool was drunk, how else can you explain his sudden behavior. Boss, I will not be entering the car he is driving, I will enter the bus or take a taxi!!” John spat

”Better for us!!” Brian mutters

Alex is watching him, wondering, suspicious but still inconclusive. Maybe the man was dealing with a lot…maybe.

”I don’t care if you fly John, but Brian is not going anywhere without you, so Ikena, get out of my sight and go splash a glass of cold water over your face Ikena and take them to Alkada, and I need to get reports before the end of the day John” With that he walks away leading the puzzled Alex and his PA away from them.

”If you plan to kill yourself, I will not be entering that car with you both, drunk or not, I don’t want to be in the same car as you both. I will meet you both there” Without another word John turns away leaving them alone.

Brian turns to Ikena ”A child, Jude Robertson , what else don’t I know?”

”That I am the brother to Micheal Jackson or no, Denzel Washington?”’

”Dream again!”

Ikena doesn’t smile, not even a little, he looks towards the exit, seeing them leave… , he folds his hands into a fist,

“I will get you Vampire..I swear will”

“What did you say? Ikena. ..really what is up with you today? One minute you are okay and the next you are acting like a crazy person, why were you trying to reach that dude huh? Are you really drunk?”

“I didn’t say anything. I am fine. “

“You don’t look it. Maybe you should take the day off. I can get a taxi to the Alkada place”

“With what money? You do realize that you are still broke!?”

Brian bites his lips , dipping his hand into his pocket “True. But …God dey” he says in pidgin smiling.

“How do you eat’s been weeks now?” Ikena rubs his temple, his eyes watching the gate.

Maybe, maybe he should follow them, see where they go. But that would be suspicious.

Dammit !!!

“Vicky, she helps me sometimes with food from the Club kitchen.” Brian says Ikena looks at him.

“So you technically eat once a day only during the wee hours of the day?”

“Er…I need to shield some tummy weight anyways ” Brian hits his tummy.

Ikena nods.. “ is your girlfriend?” He lowers his voice, his eyes darts to the exit.

Maybe he should just take a drive down see if he would see a track mark or something, know where they went. Find the bastard, take him down and his dog too.

A bright smile spreads across Brian’s face ” She is great…” he says. Then he frowns suddenly…

“Hey I know what you are doing …I am not stupid. You may be smart with the whole Military thing going but I am also smart ” Brian rolls his finger towards Ikena’s face …

Ikena’s face is indifferent. .” I don’t know what you are talking about. “

“Yes you do you do” he rolls his fingers again “You are trying to change the topic and distract me. Since when do you have a child I don’t know about and that your name is Jude Roberton? And who is that guy? Who died Ikena? What was he talking about ?”

Ikena’s jaw flexes “Stay out of it and another thing, I need you to stick to me like glue from now on. I want to know where you are, who you are with and what the hell you are doing. Even if you want to go to the toilet to take a shit, I want to know. You do not go anyway without Brian.. nowhere you understand ” now he was pointing at Brian

“Okay that escalated quickly., from your acting all insane and drunk to you getting all…macho on me. Are you going to tell me or you want me to guess what this is about ?”

“Get in the car. . “

” Ikena?”

“Look, Brian, you are my responsibility as far as my job is concerned and I intend to keep you safe and out of trouble”

“Yes I know that it what I think it is?Have you found out who tried to..kill me?”

Ikena doesn’t say anything. Why get the boy all panicked if he told him about a vampire and John…

If Vampire gets suspicious of Brian for any reason that he knows who he is… he might not be lucky to be left alive for another day.

He needs Brian safe from all of this.
He still needs to find out if John is connected to all this..And know how the hell he can get Harrison fxxking Alex the Vampire six feet under the ground.

But for now, leaving Brian in the dark would keep him safe.

“Not yet!”

“Then why are you-“

‘”Just do as I say, Brian, please..thank you now get into the car. Good thing John left, would have punched his face in for blabbing nonsense ” he opens the door for Brian who stares at him longer than necessary.


“The kid.. your name?

“You know I don’t have a kid and my name is …well Ikena.. “

“So you lied.?”



“Necessary evil, would tell you in time for now just trust me. Get in”

Brian sighs entering the car, Ikena starts the car after slipping in and heads to and then drives out, not seeing them parked at the other side of the building.

“This Brian fellow, he gives you a lot of problems yes?” Harrison threw a bait, seeing if he would catch it and like a dog he did. He smiles.

“Alot. He is a pain in my ass, a pain I wouldn’t mind removing. That boy is like…argh!! ” Emeka shakes his head.

He and Harrison are standing close to his car, Mikel is already at the driver’s seat, waiting. They see Ikena drive out from the gate and zoom off to the opposite direction. Alex wonders if he should tell Mikel to tail them, just because he wants to know where they are headed.

He needs to get that Brian guy and John, maybe between both of them, he can find the ghost. Whoever the fxxk he is.

Then he would kill all three of them, and back to his life he would go. There can’t be two ghosts in town.. he was Vampire, the I AM, the one the cops fear and dread and want to catch but have been unable since the last time. He can be whoever he wants to be, a fxxking priest under their nose and they had no idea, a clerkyman, a father, even a fxxking literal icon and a lawyer and still they can’t tell who he is..that cop..that one who wanted to check him out. Maybe he would show him the face of the devil, see how well he can sleep at night.

He rubs his jaw..

Jude Robertson, Jude Robertson, what is it about you Jude Robertson? He thinks to himself.

Emeka is talking, he tries to listen to him. Just maybe he would say something informative that he can use.

“I can imagine. My son is a headache sometimes…but still” Harrison shrugs

“No.. this one, this Brian, he is worse than an infidel “

“Oh, how so?”

Emeka looks at him, wondering if he should continue. This man was a stranger, he didn’t want to share his personal business with him.

But then again, if he told him of how horrible a person Brian is and all, he would pull out from wanting to use Brian as his designer for his E-library.

That would please him immensely. It would.

“Brian is a boy in a man’s body. He only just recently began this designing thing and I am sure it was just luck that made him have good reviews for this client he is working on. Look, he was sent to this company because he was a hand full and they thought that I would be able to straighten him up but…I tried my possible best. All he does is be disrespectful, ignorant and stupid. That boy is no responsible person. He would ruin your project I tell you. He is sober now because he is trying to look good and act mature..but I know him, known him for a while… that boy would not give you the the best out of your project, let me get you someone else to work with and I promise you-you would be smiling at the end of the day”

”But I want Brian, I watched him live, followed him…he has gifted hands”

”Gifted hands? That is luck!!!”

”Luck that is good for me!!” Harrison says, watching Emeka .

”Look Mr Harrison, you a client and I want to make sure that you don’t come back here and complain when something goes wrong which will”

”Why, how do you know something would go wrong when we haven’t even started?”

Because I intend to make sure that everything Brian puts his hands to under my watch flops, literally. ”because, it is Brian, Brian never sees anything through, like a drunkard he gets high at some point and you think he had potential but I know he is nothing but a useless brat”

Harrison smiles, this hate must run deep on this one ”But..he looks fine enough, respectful, friendly…looks like every father’s dream for a golden child”

Emeka’s eyes dims … that is it, that is it!! The reason why he mustn’t succeed. He won’t let him be that golden boy his father wants, because Golden boy meant exit for him. No, he has worked too hard too long to have a child come above him just because of blood and name and legacy. Hell No!!

”Yes, but..right here in this company, I need someone who is capable to represent the company and Brian is not. I am only giving a suggestion because it is also my name on the line if something were to go wrong”

”You really do not like this boy do you,? And I have a feeling it is more than his attitude”

It is because he is Kenekan’s son whom is being foisted into my seat, my dream, my aspiration that is why. Yes I hate him, with passion and I will do anything to get him away from the position that is meant for me . ”No…I just do not like incompetence”

”Then fire the boy”

Emeka rubs his temple ”I can’t just do that…there must be reason for that”

”Ehen you just cited incompetence, last I checked it is a strong word”

”You won’t understand !!” Emeka says, if he tells him why he can’t fire Brian, and that because he is the son of the Boss, his Harrison person might want to buy favours. Who wouldn’t want to buy favours if they knew who Brian was and who was his father. No!! he would leave that information to himself.

”I tell you what, still send him and John to me this weekend as so I can have a talk with them, if he doesn’t fit, then I will ask for someone else. I will make a transfer to the company’s account and then we are good to go. I want my project to be handled by the best Mr Emeka”

”Sure I understand Sir”

”Good good. I best take my leave then, Weekend.”

”Sure weekend”

Emeka watches as they drive off, he turns away in anger.

Isn’t there anything that would just discredit that brat, isn’t there?.

Hopefully, something might, with what he had planned with John, Brian would be left with nothing but humiliation to his name.

That would please him too.

He goes back to his office.


”Sir, That Jude guy-”

”I know Mikel I know, I smell a stench. Have your guy been able to get anything on him?”’

”No, not at all”

”Maybe he lied about his name”

”Crap, should have asked Emeka about that, not to worry, he may be irrelevant to all this but it is best to be alert”

”yes Sir, seen your message?”

Harrison checks his phone, he smiles ”Good, at least Chike got something right his time”

”Yes sir”

He is quiet.

”Why weekend though?”

”Because I didn’t want to seem desperate and besides, two that Emeka and that Jude were witnesses. If we had asked the boys to come with us now and they never return, they would know who to tell the police the boys followed, and the police would be out there looking for Harrison Ekweme, so weekend, anything can happen on their way to me or way after the meeting..”

Mikel smiles ”Weekend then, what happens?”

”What else, kill them both, right after I find out who saved the boy and is coming for me. Then I would have myself a merry fxxking Christmas”

They laugh

”Get me another girl from the tash, the one you sent don’t know how to lick my balls and cries every time I fxxk her from the ass hole”

”Yes sir!!”

He turns away, ”Juliet, Juliet was a bitch who took it all. She was strong that one, brave too..fxxking cunt ” he spat ”Died for someone who didn’t come back to save her. Bitch!!” he spat again.

Mikel doesn’t say anything.


”Welcome my boy, welcome ” Mr Dickson Layefa beams as he sees Brian, he shakes his hand and then shakes Ikena ‘s hand as Brian introduced him as a friend.

”Where are you going to?” Brian had earlier asked Ikena when he was alighting and stepping out of the car with him.

”Following you”


”Told you, like glue”

”Like someone is going to nab me in there, really?”

”You have no choice”

”I do”

”No you don’t”

”I do”

”Brian!!!”‘ Dickson Layefa had walked down the stairs citing him, there were a group of people with him.

Brian shakes his hands.. ”Sir, good afternoon, sorry ..we got sidetrack for a minute and we got here late”

”Oh nonsense, welcome.” He shakes Brain’s hand and then stares at Ikena beside him.. ”And you are?”

”I am his drive-”

”My friend, my friend Ikena , he is here to take a tour of the vicinity, want to see what his friend is up to”

”Oh well, a friend of Brian is a friend of mine, go on, take a tour Mr Ikena while I borrow my boy here, come, let me introduce you to some people, they are the panelist for the project X, and they are going to each company to see how they are preparing for it. Come Brian” Brian goes with him, and shakes one after the other the people Layefa is introducing him to.

Ikena doesn’t take his eyes off Brian as he makes a call ” Hello, it’s me, I need a favour, get me a tracker, I need it like last year”

”Who do you want it for?”

”I think you know who”


”I just need it”

”Are you going to tell me if you found anything on Vampire?” Teca’s voice is curious

”I haven’t!!”

”You know withholding information from an officer is considered a crime right?”

”You know threatening a military man is suicidal?”

”Military man?” He turns to find John frowning at him

”Get me what I asked, Asap. Gatto go!!” he cuts the call ”You seem to like eavesdropping John, you don’t like your ears very much I gather!”

”Military man?”

”Military, what happened to Military?”

”You just said Military man”


”What does that mean?”

”It means Military man, I said Military man so I should have a meaning for that, here maybe I should check out John the fool too and tell you the meaning”

John throws his daggers for eyes ”I don’t like you Ikena”

”Well, that makes two off us, now get out of my face, before I am threatened to slam you against the wall for saying I am drunk”

John looks him over and walks away ”Fxxktard!!” he hisses.

Ikena’s phone rang ”Yep.”

”Why did you cut the call?”

“Some roach was trying to listen to elders”

“I see,twart the roach!”

“Yeah..i should ” Ikena smiles ruefully.

“So Pin-like, not visible, like a clip it goes on all cloths, how many do you need? It is police property though, things I do for love”

”Fxxk you Teca”

”Soory Daddy, I like girls. You want to track Brian, why?”

”because I like to know when he is going to take a dive over the bridge and push him really want me to tell you how I want to do my job?”

”Be nice grandpa!”

”I am, I am” Ikena says

”I will send it, or better still, I will swing by and give it to you, need to talk to you anyways”

”No..i won’t tell you where I am, just..send it home to me”

Teca laughs ”Alkada IT Company, don’t be stupid”

Ikena smiles ruefully ”You asshole, you tracking me!!?? He begins to search himself

”I wouldn’t be a policeman if I didn’t do my Job well!” He laughs.

Ikena is frowning , he didn’t need the police tracking him, that was bad. If he gets to Vampire he wants to get rid of him before the police comes for Vampire and them tracking him would prevent him. He needs to find that tracker and toss it. ”Tushe son, tushe”

”I know right, and careful”

”Second time you telling me this Teca, love me that much?”

”Jokes apart, if Vampire could get someone into the station, trust me, he can get anyone he wants dead.”

Ikena looks up, using his eyes to search for Brian ”Yes, same thought been crossing my mind”


Ikena nods even though Teca wasn’t seeing him ”Yep!! he was the one who got away, because of that..we found out he was still alife”

”So you think he would go for the dude?”

”I know so”

”Maybe I should send a team to his house, alert his father just incase”

”No!! Brian wouldn’t want this father to be worried”

‘He should be, this is Vampire we are talking about here, the city’s most deadliest, he should be worried”

”Vampire wouldn’t get to Brian, not before I get to him”

”You sound like you have more to say Ikena” Teca pushes, Ikena could literally see Teca from his mind’s eyes trying to pry his head open for information. He uses a thousand nails and seals it up with wood.

”Nope, got nothing on him. What’s up at your end, gotten any leads?”

”See how you are, you won’t give me anything and you want information?”

”Oh well you can keep it, police business is not my business. I already have enough on my plate with a big baby like Brian to worry about Police business ” Ikena says going towards a room he saw Brian and the rest disappear into.


”Fine!!” Ikena shrugs

He hears a sigh,

1, 2, 3, 4, 5

”Fine!!”‘ Teca repeats ” Boss wants my head for this, saying if I don’t find who did this he is taking my badge, and to top it up, 50 kids are missing, all boys, don’t know how or why and stuff..i am up to my neck on investigations parents are calling and demanding a search party. We couldn’t refuse them, we did send out nothing yet, like how 50 boys disappear In one day. They all don’t know each other or, from different University and from the streets, poof vanish for over two days… no clue. ”

”Checked schools, asked friends, checked all the crocks and corner?”

”Yep, came back empty. One of the missing boy had a brother, he said his brother and others entered into a bus, that was it”

”Nothing else?”

”Black bus, with picture of an insecticide on it”

”Pest Bus?”

”don’t know, that is like looking for in a hay sack” Ikena tells him

”I know right but..what to do. Now our work be this na, solve crime, understand the mind of a killer and get him before he kills again” he said

”Yeah, you be safe too Teca, because if anything happens to you, I would take two bottle of beer, drink it and piece on your grave”

Teca laughs ”Typical boozer, later, or wait, in abit”


Line dies, Ikena opens the door and enters into the room.


”So, these are your student for the next two weeks Brian, can we make it work?” Layefa asks him. The panelist had gone, he was in the room with about 6 IT students, and a few other officials for the Project X.

Brain looks around ”Well, I won’t promise anything, I told you before , so I won’t but…we can try a bit, what’s the harm in aiming for the best, yes?” He asks the IT student who had smiles on their faces ”Yes!!” they chorused

”See, even their joy gives me hope” Brian laughs

”Just bring home the win, that is all I want!” Layefa stressed

”How about we say this instead; winning is good, but..having fulfillment even if you don’t win, is also good. So we aim for the sky and even if we don’t get there, at least we can touch the stars” Brian says to him, he nods..

”So, get settled in, the students would show you your work area, and then everything else you need, just let me know okay?”

”Thank you Sir”

Dickson Layefa walks away, he meets John frowning at the corner ”You are here again,?”

”Yes Sir, supervisor I told you before”

”Yes, supervisor of sleep, that is what you are. Look , you disturb my project X team, I will throw you out and have my boys deal with you” without waiting for him to comment Layefa walks away, John is causing under his breath.

”Okay, so, how about you all start by introducing yourselves and then we begin yes?” Brian turns to them, they all nod , each of them standing up to do so.

Ikena is by the corner, watching Brian begin work with the students. He has a smile on his face.

A sight Kenekan would have loved to behold, his son, a different man from when he came here.

”I am outside ” a text come to his phone. He leaves the room to go meet Teca at the gate.


I am seated at my desk, distracted. It has been a few hours since Brian left, no calls, no text. No nothing. Is that how he does his own boyfriend-ing?

I am pouting.

Oh dang!! Silly me, he doesn’t even have my phone number so even if he had wanted to call or thought about me there would be no way he was going to be able to contact me.

Silly me, I didn’t have his too.

Maybe I should call the secretary to ping me his number? I pick up my phone and then thought against it.

I should wait, yes I should.

But I just want to hear his voice. I bite my lower lip.

Then I change my mind again, grab my phone and as soon as Ruth, the company’s secretary picked, I cut the call.

Maybe I should just wait. But a few hours was just too long to be away from him.

Him, Brian, my boyfriend!



‘Here you go” Teca hands Ikena the tracking device in an enclosed case, Ikena slips it into his pocket ”The receiver one is the red, the other for him is the black, it can camouflage for all clothes, he wouldn’t know it’s there. You can fix the red anywhere you want, ping it on your phone or watch over can track him on the go”

”Thanks ”

”Welcome, just so you know, I am putting my ears open for that” He points to Ikena’s pocket

Ikena nods , then he brings out his hand from his pocket and opens it for Teca ” I found your little friends, smashed it, this is all that is left of it” Ikena hands him the destroyed tracker that looked like a shape of a squared biscuit to him.

Teca smiles ruefully picking it away from his palm ”Have a heart, the poor tracker didn’t do you anything.”

Ikena smiles before he begins to walk away ”Haven’t you heard that the middlemen get burnt”

”Hey, I said I wanted to talk to you about something” Teca calls out

”Liar!!” Ikena throws back

Teca chuckles as he turns away shaking his head and leaving. He would have to get another tracker and put it in Ikena’s car without him knowing.

He could bet his left balls that Ikena knows something and he is hiding it. And that could get him into a lot of trouble with the law. He has to stop him from doing anything stupid…knowing Ikena, it would be stupidly dangerously –terrible.

He leaves the premises.


“‘Are we good?” Brian walks to the boy, who called himself Esima. He is bent over gadgets, tweaking a code.

The boy nods, then shakes his head ”Why, what’s wrong?”

”Well, we are all supposed to be working on a project for generation X, yes?”

Brian nods ”So how come you are telling us to do other things, like me gadgets, Jude over there is robotics, Anika is doing..what she is doing and there..Tamara something else, everyone something else”

Brian smiles ”Come over here, everyone else come” He gathers them around.

The IT students, young, Brian figures the top age should be 22 least 18.

They gather about him, seated or standing while he is standing before them. John leaves his corner and then comes closer.

Now what the hell does he want to say to those teens now, John frowns. But he gets closer all the same.

”Look, I am not an expert here, far from it, not even a professionally. I am no different from you guys…so, there is a notion here I would like to discard, which is by the way I don’t blame you were told by Mr Layefa. See, I went to school just like you guys but… I took this more like a hubby, it wasn’t because I felt…hey, this is my thing and I want to be a tech guy. No, far from it. it was just like picking a guitar to play and saying hey, this is kinda nice, let me try it and you do it and you see…hey this is not so bad. Maybe I should try another. After awhile, you get bored and you get into something else and so on and so forth. So I touched on a few things, was good at them, best on most, not so awesome on others but like a child with a curious mind..i wanted to just try it all and I did. ”He smiles ”I know…I am the typical jack of all trades master of none, you are welcome for thinking that, my name is Brian, nice to meet you nice folks” he takes a bow, they all laughed, he continued

”So basically, what I am trying to say here is…I don’t expect you all to look up to me like some demi-god. I am just your average joe who might not know anything as much as you guys. So my aim here is not to use the little I know here to outshine the possible great stuffs you know. My aim for you guys for this generation X is to bring out what makes you guys tick, what you know, temper on your curiosity and ingenuity and get your creative minds and hands to work Nsync, and like tentacles all of you are going to infuse that great big thing you have in your head and make a statement with it”

”What if that statement is not enough to get us the win?” One of them ask,

”Mr Layefa says he wants us to bring home the big ball”

”Yeah, my daddy always wanted me to become some doctor or lawyer but look how I turned out…far from both careers, dosen’t mean he loves me less”

John snorts ”Rubbish! The students are asking you a delicate question and you are there reminiscing on stupid things!!”

They all turn to him ”Ignore him please, ignore him” Brian gets their attention.

”Look, yes he wants to win and the reason why you go into any competition is to win. Which is a good aspiration. But why don’t we have a different one. How about quality, creativity, and all that jazz over some title?”

”Title is good!!” they cheered

Brian nods ”Indeed it is, now I am not saying don’t compete to win. I am saying, compete and make sure your act or creative tech is quality enough to stand the test of time because years down the line, no one will remember some award you won over some competition, because it would end up nailed to the wall, tossed in a drawer or left to dust on shelve, but what they would remember is the impact of what you have done, created ecetera. Now, if you win, let it leave a statement , let it leave an imprint in everyone’s hearts, let them always refer back to you and go…it was theirs that did this or that, you understand. By all means aspire to win, but like my father will say… win and leave your name on their lips. That my friends would go a long way and your creative tech if it is quality would speak for you after a long time. So …right now, what I am doing is to get you all to do your thing…show me your creative side. You now understand the reason why I gave you different things? You like gadgets do you know? ” Esima nods

”And he likes Robotics, and she Coding and he..and others different things. Now, I am taking your best and putting it to work, then I will put you all together, and see how much you know how to do and have done can be infused into one giant big creative innovation.. that is the idea”

”Ohhhhh!!” they exclaim

”Yes. So..can we get back to work? We Have like thirty minutes more for today. And remember for the next two weeks, we are going to be stressing our minds and reaching to the recess of it and churning out ideas… until we get something worthy of statement ”

”And you, what are you going to be doing?”‘ John throws at him ”You come and act like a lord here giving orders”

”He would be coding Sir, I have seen the way he writes codes, amazing stuff” Jude tells John, the others nod

John scoffs ”doesn’t mean a thing!!”

”Sorry Sir, you, what would you be doing , are you part of us?”

Brian folds his arms and waits for him to answer .

”No, I am a supervisor”

”Oh!! shouldn’t be talking about things you don’t know sir!!” He states turning away, Brian tries not to smile

”Respect , you like that boy!!” John says to the boy, who doesn’t answer.

”Ignore him please, we have limited time. Let’s go!l”

Brian sets to work before a computer while the others get to their table.

John, watching them for while. Soon, he falls asleep resting his head to the wall as he sits on the chair.

Ikena walks in, activating the tracker, he goes to Brian and bends over him, resting on him briefly ,Brain frowns moving away when he felt him lean to him ”what are you doing Ikena?”

”Hey checking to see what you are so engrossed about. How is classes going?” He straightens up

”Good, I hope. Hope I don’t flop this, this responsibility is huge, I don’t know what He sees in me, Mr Layefa. It is a huge project and he wants me to man it… I don’t know.” He runs a hand over his face

”He sees potential and you know your onions, why are you underestimating yourself?”

”I am not. I just-”

”Just nothing, give it your best shot, you never know”

”And if it comes crashing down on my face like a deck of cards?”

”You can always claim you told him so!!”

Brain laughs ”I know right?”

”Hmm” Ikena turns away from him, seeing John snoring away ”Do you happen to have cold water around here?”

”Er I dunno. Check the reception. Why?”

”Just feel like a pastor, want to baptize a certain fellow with some common sense”

Brian follows his eyes ”Now you beefing him?”

”He is a rat, a stinking one, I just need to find out which hole he is sticking from”

”What do you mean?” Brian frowns looking up at Ikena

Ikena looks at him ”I mean, he is just annoying, that is all. So when does this close anyways? You have been here for over 5 hours, you still got that design at home to touch up and then you got work..and then you have her” He lowers his voice

Brian pauses for a second, his eyes grows big ”Oh Fxxk me!!”

They turn

”Forgive my French. Sorry!!!” he says to them as they get back to work. He looks at Ikena ”How come you didn’t remind me?”

”To call your girlfriend? Really?”

”Damn!!” he quickly brings out his phone, cursing under his breath, ”I don’t even have her number !!” he laments quietly

”And you are her boyfriend, lovely”

”You are making it worse!!”

”I know!! ” Ikena smiles walking away

”’Crap!!” he looks at his time. If he had money, he would have just gotten her flowers or chocolates for not checking in on her all day. Now, he would have to pacify her some other way.

”Mr Brian, can you help me with this?” Tamara calls his attention, he gets up to answer her.


”So, anything ?” Emeka is backing the door when he enters his office

John steps in and closes the door ”Mr Layefa seems to like him, introduced him to his friends and clients and panelist from our of states. Most of them are already thinking of signing him up for a project if he succeeds In this one. Today, he put his team to work, talking nonsense claiming deep.”

”What are they working on?”

”I don’t know yet, ”’

”Don’t be a fool, find out. Now, you know what you must do yes?”

”Yes, on the d-day I pull the plug?” John is smiling

”And like humpty-dumpty it would come down. I am sure they are thinking of doing something that is bound to leave that imprint”

”How do you know?”

”I know..but that won’t happen. And you will make sure of that, yes?”

”Yes sir”

”You are dismissed!!”

John turns walking away, leaving Emeka in his office alone.


The knock startled me, I look up ”Yes?”

”They are back, the driver wanted to know if you are ready to leave?”

”The driver?”


”Not Brian?”

”Sorry Ma’am, I don’t quite follow” Ruth , the company secretary says

”No I mean… I am supposed to be working with Brain so that is why I asked if he was ready?”


”Okay, I would be right there”

She nods leaving me.


”Good after noon Ma’am ” Ikena greets me, I nod answering him, looking around.

”He isn’t here, still at the IT company, would be coming a bit, I was sent to take you home”

”Really, my home?” So Brian forgets all about me today and then he is sending me home?

”No, his, you both are working today still yes?”


”Okay, he would meet you there”


I enter the car and we leave. I didn’t see John coming out to watch them leave.

”Soon Adora, soon, you will be mine, whether you like it or not. ” He sneers ”Your boy wonder, would soon be less of one , when not only me but Emeka would be done with him. See, it’s not just my toe he steps on now, he steps on others….let’s see how he can get out of this one being hit from two sides, lets see” he laughs, walking away.



”Can I borrow a thousand please?” Brian looks into his wallet, it is empty.

”Why, what for?” Ikena is turning into the streets, passing a super market.

”I want to get her something to say I am sorry”

Ikena laughs ”With a thousand?”

Brian shrugs ”’ Er,I don’t have money..for now. So I can only afford to borrow that from you”

”I can give you a good amount and you can pay me back when you do have it”

Brian shakes his head ”Nah!!!”

”Okay, ” He had given him the money, Brian had alighted at the supermarket, gotten an item and then they leave for home.


I met him there, waiting for me at the door, an artificial rose in his hand and a small pack of bourbon chocolates and a card reading ”Sorry Princes, I know I am a jerk for forgetting about you all day. Forgive me? Yours..Brian.”

I feign anger ..walking to him, intending to pass him as he moves into the house, standing in the middle, then he pouts ”Please babe, I swear I will make it up to you, forgive me..!!!”





”I said no!” I drop my bag, he comes behind me, hugging me from the behind.

”My favorite sexy witch, I am sorry, forgive me” I bite my lips to stop myself from smiling. His arms are soo warm, so comforting. So peaceful…so him.

Yes, God I missed him!!

I lean in to him as he kisses my neck ”You forgive me?”

I shake my head again, he turns me to face him, pulling me closer, tighter, even tighter ”Forgive me now?”

I shake my head, my blush rising .

”Sorry babe, won’t happen again. And I realize I am such a horrible boyfriend ”

”You took the words right out of my mouth” I place my hands on his chest..

”Yes I know. Confessed already, forgive me, please?” He is staring into my eyes, kissing my nose, caressing my back.

”I know what you are doing Brian, trying to distract me” I hold him tigher.

”I know, is it working?”

”Maybe!!” I smile..

”I missed you!” He says kissing me lightly over the lips

”I missed you more” I say right before he captures my lips with his.


”Spend the night, don’t go!!”

”But you are going out” I tell him pointing at his change of cloths

”but I get to see you when I get back”

”what do you go to the club to do, party, or?”

”Not what you think, I know where your mind is going,. It is work. I work nights there and day at the office and then…I do personal work too” he winks at me

I laugh ”Right! But I can’t be here without you”

”Please babe”

”I don’t have change of clothes for work tomorrow”

”You can wear mine” He winks again as he finish packing up and turning off his over head light.

The designs were complete, we aired the last session today. The charts had toppled with over 10 thousands views and people calling in.

This was good. It really was. I felt surprising proud of him.

Tomorrow we met with the construction team while the client comes to give his final go ahead, make necessary payments and we are a go.

”Yeah, if only” I grab my bag as we walk to the door, then out of it into the car..

”One day” he leans to kiss my shoulders ”You wouldn’t have to leave my house”

”Why, are going to tie me to it?” I have a puzzle expression on my face.

”No, not at all. You wouldn’t want to leave that is all” he kisses my nose again and then my lips and then my eyes and then back to my lips.

“Why, you like me that much?” I rest my head on his shoulders.

He is quiet..he takes my hands to his lips and brushes a kiss there…”I like you a whole lot than “that much” he smiles into my hair.

Sometimes , the thought of it scares me.. he thinks to himself.

I stay like that, resting on him till we get to the club.

“Can I come in though, for a bit?”

He stares at me then averts his eyes ” No, not today, but before I tell you “

“Tell me what?”

He searches her eyes.. a bit of shame washes over him..

Tell you how terribly immature I have been all my life and how much of a child I was at some point in life. Nor before I tell you how I landed myself in this mess and wearing practically pant to serve in a club.

Yes,he does feel shame and embarrassment. Thankfully he would be rounding up his last this weekend. All debt paid.

“What Brian?”

“Me..all about me. “

“You are Brian Andrews..PA slash Lover Slash ….boyfriend slash…the one John hates slash the one Emeka well. …doesn’t exactly like slash…the one I like…extremely so.”

He smiles “One day, I will tell you all” with that he leans in kissing my forehead and then a lights. ..

“See you tomorrow Princess “

“You too”

As Ikena drives away, I wonder what Brian meant about that.

I already know who he is right? Or was he speaking in metaphors?

Sighing, I take a shower and head to bed.


The next morning , as soon as I touch my bag to the table, my phone rings.

“Adora, my office if you will” it was Emeka .

“Yes sir ” I drop the phone to go answer him.

“We are having some delegates coming from the states. I would need you to attend to them.”

“Coming here ?”

“No, they would be stationed at the Grill and Crib. They would be here for two days and that meant you would be the one responsible for them. “

“And who would attend to the client coming for the construction for Brian’s designs ?”

“I will”

”Er, but he wanted to speak with us both Sir”

”I said i will handle the client when he comes, must he see your face before he makes payment ?’’

‘’Not that sir, but I want to make sure that the designer gets due for his work’’

‘’So you are more concerned about his pay than your job is that it?’’

‘’Not that sir’’

‘’Then pack your bags and go do the job you are assigned to. ‘’

“Okay Sir”

I frown..for some reason I didn’t feel okay with it but…

“Anything else Adora?”


“Good. Get me the designs before you leave”

‘’I don’t have it’’

He raises his head to look at me.

I sigh ‘’I will tell Brian to get them to you sir’’

“Good, you are dismissed, I need a report from the delegates in two days and a proposal, I am not sending you to go meet and greet, is to makes sure you get the deal from them and let out company be the one they would be signing to. You can go”

‘’Very well sir’’

“Mr Emeka wants your designs ” I tell him later when he comes to my office. He is perched at the corner, boring his eyes into a computer. He had been so preoccupied with this generation X project.

“Said he would be the one to attend to the client when he comes to begin the construction” I continue

“Why, I thought we were going to do it together. It is us both ” He doesn’t look at me,

“Yes but.. what to do. He is sending me on an assignment” I fold my arms..

Brian’s sighs ” okay, I will have Ikena pick it up and give to him. Your assignment, when does it begin?”



” Would be back in two days.”

“Wait…in two days? I will see you later today yes?”

I shake my head… “not for the next two days”

He pushes the laptop away from him..looking at me..

His birthday was in two days. His mother was coming in two days and His girlfriend would be away…for two days…

“What?” I stare at him, he shakes his head.

“I kinda wanted to treat you to a proper dinner in two days”

I smile “oh that’s true… The client should pay you when he comes and sees your amazing designs for real not online again yes?”

“I hope so. He loved it while he was online. When he does come, work starts immediately. The site is already prepared for work, spoke to the guys today.”

“Hmmm. Are you proud of you yet?” I place my hand on his shoulders and squeezes..

He smiles… his father would be.

He nods to me. ‘’Oh well, I don’t know’’

‘’You should be’’ I rub his forehead stepping away from him. I needed to carry some documents.

“Let me tell Ikena to get the designs “



“Yes I see it” Ikena says over the phone. He is standing in Brian’s living room, bending over the table. “I am seeing a couple of them though. Which is it?”

“The one with the blue film over it” Brian says

Ikena holds the designs up, trying to put on the light, he hits his leg to the table stool and curses dropping the designs to the floor.

“What is it?”

“Learn to keep stools properly man. Almost lost a toe”

Brian is heard chuckling.. “Sorry. Seen it?”

“Yes I think” Ikena frowns picking them up, confused as as to which it is he picks the one with the blue film over it and gathers the rest and places them neatly back on the board.

“Okay, Emeka needs it”


“Thanks man, oh by the way, when you are done, pick me up, I forgot something at home I need for the generation X”



“You needed this?” Ikena is standing in his office.

“Drop it and leave. I have an important visitor in a minute “

Ikena does so.

He never did like this Emeka guy anyways.

As soon as he shuts the door Emeka swings into action..bringing out a mock design he had someone do for him a while ago with disjointed holes and haphazard drawings .

He rips Brian’s designs and tosses it into the trash and then places the design on the table instead.

“Let’s see if it would be praises you would be getting Brian. Let’s see. ” he smiles.

It was the shouts that everyone heard that had Emeka swinging the door open and bellowing..

“Someone get me, Brian . Now!!!”

“What nonsense is this..what is this? I asked for something else and this is what you give me? The site is ready and work is supposed to commence today and this is what I get, so what the hell was he airing? What the hell is this Mr Emeka, I want to see the designer and I want him now!!”’ Another person is heard shouting.

‘’He is coming Sir, he stepped out, he is coming back’’ Ruth says coming to him.

‘’I don’t want to hear he is coming , I want him right here, right now!!!!’’ Emeka thunders.


Brian grabs the device he dropped on the table the night before and heads out, his eyes catches something on the table.

‘’Wait, I thought…’’ he began, shaking his head he grabs it and drops the others on the table.

His phone buzzes again , it is Ruth ‘’ Hey..’’

‘’Mr Emeka is shouting his lungs out, where are you?’’

‘’I am coming . what is happening?’’

‘’I have no idea but you need to fly down here if you can’’

‘’okay !!’’

He locks his door, rushing out ‘’Ikena, i thought i told you you should pick me up-”

His phone buzzes again.. ”Oh snap, just drive, God knows what i have done now”

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‘’Do you mind explaining what the hell is this?’’ The client, a man in his late forties flings the design to Brian. ‘’Is this what I am going to pay you for? Is this how you defraud clients, is this what your company does? Front fake designers and then lure clients with fake airing designs to get ratings and views and traffics and then rip off unsuspecting clients. Thank God I was wise enough to insist to come down and see it for real before making payments . This…this nonsense is what I would be paying millions for? So what woud the construction company build for me na, a hut for a house, you are mad, mad!!!’’ the man thunders

‘’Calm down Sir, please ‘’ Emeka tries to cool him down. He looks at Brian ‘’What have you done, do you know the damage that you have done to us by this singular act, do you know the extent of the damage, Mr clement is really furious and he is threatening to report to the media of how fraudulent this company is, just because of you Brian, what the hell did you do? I thought you were designing something worthwhile but..nothing nothing is all I see, a caricature nonsense!!’’ Emeka spat.

Brian is confused. He bends to pick up the designs ‘’’I don’t understand,’’ He looks at it ‘’This isn’t mind, this isn’t my designs!’’ he said

‘’Then who has it, ghost?’’

‘’Sir!! There must be a mistake, I know you are angry now but if you would let me explain-‘’

‘’Explain what na, what? Look…infact…I am done here, fraudulent company, fraudulent !!! I will make sure I pull out my resources from this, I would make sure Mr kenekan gets it, what nonsense, he was my friend I thought but…look, just look.’’

‘’I am so sorry Sir, please let us resolve this. I can get you another designer and-‘’

‘’No, refund me back my consultation fee now. ‘’

‘’Sir’’ Emeka began ,

Emeka looks at the surprised Brian, who looked confused. Yes, that is what he wants. A disoriented, humiliated Brain.

He was not getting any praises , he wasn’t going to allow it.

Brian shakes his head ‘’ Sir, if you will, I will explain. There must have been a misunderstanding somewhere but…that is okay. Here, please take a look at the designs here’’ Brian says stepping forward and placing it on the table ‘’Not that which you are seeing, this is it. I told my driver to pick it up and send to Mr Emeka but I guess he mistook it for another’’

‘’’’I don’t understand!!’’ Emeka states as he eyes the designs. Does it mean..does it mean he disposed of the wrong one…

‘’Go ahead Sir, take a look’’ Brian urges him. The client who had been shouting and angry reaches for it.

After a few minutes his face beams with smile ‘’I knew you were something ….yes this is it, this is my house design. Oh it is more beautiful’’ he exclaims

Emeka is dumbfounded, Clement is laughing and shaking Brain ‘’I am so sorry about my reaction, I thought, I thought maybe-‘’

‘’That is fine sir.’’ Brain tells him, his eyes darting to Emeka’s, whose eyes had grown dimmed.

‘’Oh nonsense , I will pay now Mr Emeka , I will pay now, beautiful!!’’ he exclaims again.

‘’Adaku, please make the necessary payment to the accounts given to you for the client and for the Company’’ Clemente says over the phone. When he drops it he shakes Brian again ‘’Wonderful young man, wonderful!! Shall we go to the site now, yes?’’

‘’Sure ‘’

They both left Emeka staring after Brian in shock.


For the next two days, Brian is shuffling between the IT company and then the construction going on.

Tired, he rests his head on the table right before his phone rings ‘’Yes?’’ he answers not looking at the phone.

‘’I am in town my son. I will send you the address to the hotel I am staying in’’ the voice says

‘’Mother?’’ Brian sits up, smiling ‘’okay mother’’

‘’And your friend, is she coming too?’’

He shakes his head ‘’Work’’

‘’Oh, okay. come see me son. We would have dinner’’

‘’Okay mother, is dad with you?’’


‘’Typical! Okay. I guess he is too busy to wish his son a happy birthday’’

‘’He will, in his own time’’

‘’Okay, see you soon Mum’’


I alight from the taxi heading into my house. It was good to be home.

It was after an hour I realized .. ‘’Oh snap!! He wanted to take me out for dinner today. Maybe I should swing by his place..’’ I rush a shower, glad I got out of the Grill and Grib on time as the delegates had an early flight in the morning. I put on something nice, packed my head and then foundation and lipstick to go.

i checked to see if I still have Ikena’s number, I did.

‘’Good evening Ma’am!’’

‘’Hi Ikena, I wonder, if you know if he is home today?’’

‘’No he isn’t!’’ my heart sinks ‘’Work at the club?’’


‘’Where then?’’

‘’Dinner, he is out for Dinner!!’’

Really, with another woman. ‘’Okay! Can you take me there?’’


‘’Okay, wait are you back?’’

‘’Yes. ‘’

‘’Okay, coming ma’am’’’


I walk into the hotel, head to the restaurant when I see him, Brian embracing a woman and placing kisses to her face.

In anger I walk to them..


He turns around sharply, his eyes filling with shock..

‘’Adora?’’ He exclaims