Natasha Reloaded Season 2 Episode 44



“she had learnt a lot. I think she is ready to undergo any mission assigned to her” Idris said to captain val.

“Yes Idris you are right. Natasha had learnt a lot this past months but I still don’t think it wise to send her on such a mission, she still needs more training” Captain Val said to Idris.

“Alright captain, anything you say” Idris said walking out of the office.

Natasha wore a black singlet and a black bomb short, she was busy meditating in her room. Jummy entered inside her room and she opened her eyes immediately.

“Wow, that’s a little creepy” Jummy said “The captain is outside waiting to see you”

“Alright” Natasha answered “I will be out in less than a minute.

Natasha came out of her room. The whole Shadow agents were gathered and Captain Val was in their middle seated on a chair.

“Good day everyone, Good day captain” Natasha greeted everyone and got her response immediately.

“Natasha” Captain val called out. “You seem to be very great, in just a year you have mastered your training. That is very magnificent of you. However, you need to pass one last phase before you can be made a full Shadow agent”

“And what is it?” Natasha asked.

“You must defeat Idris in a tournament”

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Natasha walked up and down her room angrily. She tried to explain to Captain Val that she couldn’t defeat Idris in a fight but all where falling on deaf ears.

She wondered how it will be possible to defeat someone who taught her all she knew. Well konami and Jummy also assisted in training her but Idris contributed a greater deal. Now she was expected to fight him.

Jummy entered inside the room and saw Natasha moving up and down. She was confused but it soon dawned on her that her friend was moody because of what the captain had said.


“How am I going to defeat him” Natasha burst out. “The same person that trained me”

“You can do it Natasha. That’s the last test and if you don’t pass it, then you can’t be made an agent”

“But it’s not fair at all. Where you made to defeat the same person that trained you?”

“Yes” Jummy answered “but it was Konami and you, konami had his weakness. He hardly concentrate whenever he sees your..”

“Boobs right?” Natasha asked and continued “konami could be easily carried away but Idris is not so”

“All men had their weakness, all you have to do is to find it”.

“Easy for you to say. I have less than thirty minutes to be prepared for the fight”

“Alright. Wishing you the best of luck” Jummy said walking out.

Idris had known and expected the last stage. But he feared if Natasha was ready enough to fight him.

He stood at the tournament waiting for Natasha as Natasha majestically walked in. She was in a white singlet and white bomb short.

“You all know the basis of this fight” Captain Val said after everyone have taken their position. “They will be no injuries, It’s just a friendly fight and nothing more. You may begin”

Everyone was looking at them with interest as they were moving in circle. Idris attacked her first with a blow but she dodged, he gave a kick but she quickly rolled over and evaded his kick.

She stood to her feet in nothing less than two seconds and gave Idris a spinning kick. The kick hurt but Idris didn’t show any sign on his face. She ran towards him as if she wanted to give him a spear but stopped and gave him a back flip kick that made him fell down.

“Impressing” Captain Val said with a nod.

Idris flipped to his feet and ran towards Natasha, she threw a punch at him but he ducked and used his knee to strike her stomach. She shifted back a little and he used this opportunity to dash several blows to her face.