Natasha Reloaded Season 2 Episode 45


Natasha moved back a bit feeling pains. She dashed suddenly at Idris with a spear that sent him to the floor. She started launching several blows at him while he pushed her off his body.

Natasha rolled to where weapons were kept, she took out a bow and three arrows.


She shot at Idris. Idris caught two in his hand but the last one pierced his right leg. He groaned and before he could look up, Natasha had delivered a drop kick to his face, he tried standing up but she gave him a spinning kick and he fell down, he wanted to get up again but a double front flip kick sent him to the ground again.

Natasha smiled and moved backwards. Captain Val had stood up to his feet with mouth agap. He didn’t believe what he was seeing.

Natasha knew that all she did wasn’t enough to stop Idris. So she stayed at alert. Idris stood up and moved back a bit. Natasha rushed towards him but a boot to the head took her backwards.

Idris ran towards her, raised her up and threw her to the ground. Natasha fell down and cracked a rib, she had wanted to stand up but Idris jumped up and gave her knock out punch. Natasha fainted!

Konami ran towards her and squatted right beside her, he placed two fingers on her neck and looked up,

“She is still breathing.” Konami shouted to captain Val. They all looked at the wall clock hung behind them, Natasha had less than sixty seconds to get to her feet.

Thirty minutes gone, Natasha wasn’t shaking a bit, fourty-five minutes gone, she flipped to her feet acrobatically and moved back a bit.

“Are you alright” Idris whispered without any interest to carry on with the fight.

“Am alright!” Natasha shouted and some of the Shadow agents who were standing up sat down including captain val.
Idris stood for a while, he looked at Natasha without any motive of fighting her. Natasha threw a blow at him but he dodged. Natasha moved back a bit and attacked him again. She tried kicking him but he easily blocked it.

She threw another blow at him and he dodged it again. They continued their fight with Natasha attacking Idris while Idris kept on dodging her moves.

“What’s wrong with you?” Natasha whispered.

“You’re hurt, I can’t fight you like this” Idris whispered.

“Please Idris don’t pity me. I really need to pass this test. I have been training for over twelve months now, I don’t want that to go to waste”

“Okay, if you insist” Idris whispered.

Natasha started a set of combo but Idris evaded all her moves and gave her an uppercut, she moved back and dashed towards him immediately but received another knock out punch that sent her to the floor.

Idris was worried, it took Natasha almost fifty five minutes to stand up. He thought of the best way to help Natasha out and an idea got into his head. Natasha’s true strength comes from her rage, he needs to make her angry.

“You’re a weakling” Idris whispered moving in circle.

“You said what?”

“You’re a weakling, not just a weakling but a dummy. It was your dumbness that got your parents, uncles and your former petty warriors killed”

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Natasha felt as if a tsunami ran through her. She stood up with red eyes. Idris dashed towards her with a blow, she blocked it with her left hand and gave him a kick to the stomach, then an uppercut with the right hand.

Idris staggered backwards and smiled, it is working. He ran straight after Natasha and gave her a very sharp spear but Natasha felt no pains. She pushed Idris up and they both flipped to their feet.

Idris dashed at her again but Natasha quickly took three steps on the wall behind her and threw a double back flip above Idris, as soon she landed, she gave him a drop kick to the back of the head.

Now she was filled with rage to the brim, she moved straight towards Idris and raised him up till his legs were not touching the ground, then she sent him to the ground with full force that Idris couldn’t feel his spine again. she just gave him her finishing move, A POWER BOMB