The Brat and The She Devil-Episode 66


”It’s You” Alex, looks up sharply as he looks at the photograph in his hands ..
He doesn’t understand ”It’s you”!! he repeats
Ikena stares at him shaking his head, he manages a small smile but it didn’t reach his eyes… ”No..just someone who looks like me” he says to the elderly grey-haired man he knew was Vampire.
He had always carried in his wallet, a picture of his father and brother, he had always wanted to remember them that way, having a part of them wherever he went.. he never went without them.
While Vampire had asked to see the picture of the man he had shown the receptionist earlier, he knew if he had given him that one, he would have been suspicious but being in the military taught him that sometimes, one always has to be prepared with a plan B, just incase it were to go south.
So when he had reached into his pocket, he had touched his wallet, bringing out a picture, there was a probability of it being his father’s or his brother’s but eitherways, it was way better than bringing out a picture of Vampire for him to see.
It had ended up being his father’s picture, a much younger one, but older none the less..and they had a striking resemblance despite his father’s blue eyes and straight nose with a chip on his shoulders visible to the eyes.
Ikena had tossed a coin, hoping that while he was being distracted by the picture he would have cut the coin from the air, putting down Vampire once and for all, at least, given those he had killed like Juliet peace while she is buried six feet under.
But yet again, it was as if this wasn’t his time yet, if not why the hell did the devil blow Teca this way…
Ikena eyes Teca angrily..
Damn You Teca, damn you!!
His eyes are cold.
”But…you look so much alike, I would figure you out to be twins ..and the picture looks old” Alex frowns, causing Ikena to nod.
”Yes, often told that, being friends for years, 20 years to be exact, but he is much older than I am”
”Really would have passed him for you, how come the receptionist didn’t notice it?” it didn’t make sense to Alex, surely the receptionist would have commented on it, or unless..
The receptionist who was still standing behind frowns…
”Maybe, his eyes aren’t sharp like yours, for an elderly man, you see good” Ikena smiles
”But..this picture looks old, that means he would be over 50 by now?”
”Don’t’ mind the grey edges, they say the wise have white hairs..yes?” he says continuing, as Alex kept staring at the picture, his brows knitting into a deeper frown, confusion..that was what was written on his face, Ikena kept talking,
”Well… that was the only one I can dig up from the wife, know him?”
Alex frowns, and hands him back the picture shaking his head…”No, sorry” he turns and then stares at the police men who are staring at them ”Your friends?”
”I believe I asked the question first” Teca says staring at Ikena ”what are you doing here?”
”Can’t a man have a time alone without the cops breathing down his neck, came to look for a friend, his wife is going nuts looking for him, just checking out places, hotels, if I can find a one month old baby at home, what to do?” Ikena says through gritted teeths, he follows Vampire’s eyes as he looks behind him, the men behind him are quiet, too quiet…
No, they were alert, just incase something were to go down.
”Really, what’s your friend’s name, let me see the picture you showing him”‘ Teca stretches out his hand towards Ikena who folds the picture and puts it back into his pocket, Teca frowns..
If Ikena was here, he was here for a reason, who were these guys Ikena was talking to? They looked….too beefed up to be ordinary..or that was just his police instincts kicking in.
He stares at the elderly man with grey edges..his eyes were restless, he frowns as he stares at the men behind him.
Was Ikena questioning them, or..what?
Why did the Grey one look oddly familiar? but he doesn’t know any man this grey-ed..
He shakes his head ” Gonna give me the picture or not?” He says to Ikena, he is curious.
And what did Ikena mean that he was looking for his friend who had a one month old baby and a wife at home.
Ikena didn’t have much friends much less someone who had a family of that size..not that he knew off..
He is baiting, who is he baiting, these guys? Were they involved with Vampire …or he is following a lead and don’t want to spook them?’
Or Ikena was just being Ikena, suspecting everyone until he gets who he is looking for.
Typical Ikena
”Nope..i do not believe it is police business Sir” Ikena shoves the picture into his wallet
”Sir? ” Teca chuckles ”Well, I like the sound of that”
”Do you both know each other?” Alex asks them
”Yes-” Teca began
”No” Ikena counters ”He was the stupid police officer who couldn’t find out who killed that innocent girl in that church I went for, and who couldn’t save the pastor who helped me save my daughter” Ikena says
”Daughter, wait! What!! you have a daughter?” Teca chokes ”when the hell did that happen?”
”Apparently you know each other or don’t know each other enough” Alex says, he is suspicious, something doesn’t feel right, no, it doesn’t .
First this guy shows up in his church, the next thing is that Juliet is acting funny, then the church burns, he leaves. Now this same guy shows up in the same hotel he is hiding in, and he fxxking knows the police…and he is acting like they are not friends.
Who the fxxk is this guy?
A question he would like answers to, but for now, he hates the smell of police, they smelt like decayed pussies and cat poo.
Good thing he was wearing a new disguise, good thing.
The policemen had no reason to suspect him nor stop him if he leaves, he was just a guest in the hotel..
”I met him once, apparently he is into guys seeming he follows me the fxxk around!!” Ikena spat at Teca who is taken aback
”Dude I ain’t gay, I do like girls”
”Fxxk I care” Ikena retorts
”For a man who has a little girl, you sound bitter” Alex says to him, realizing that the man he met in the church was calmer, reserved..looked like a family man, he..this one seemed different, assertive, vulgar…bitter, stronger…a fire in his eyes, was it to burn or to keep warm?
Something did not feel right, not with this man..Alex watches Ikena keenly
Ikena rubs his lips

”because I do not like cops, they feel like they know shit and they do not just stay where they are meant to without having to come disrupt plans made -I mean…people’s peaceful lives” he says angrily.
He could tell Teca that this was Vampire, but before Teca would get it registered in his head, those two guys behind Vampire seem very alert..
It would mean people get hurt.
He could take care of himself, he could, but Teca..the receptionist, the two police men and other guests who may get harmed if it turns into a gun battle.
Two many casualties in view. Not something he wants on his plate.
”Damnit..!!!” Ikena Mutters
”What?” Teca asks, ikena ignores shaking his head.
The two police men come closer, separating they walk round the garage, just doing general observations.
”Er..sorry can I help you?” The receptionist walks closer to them..”Is there an issue Sirs?” his voice shakes
”Nope, not that I know off, or is there one?” Teca looks at Ikena, he isn’t smiling,
Talk to me Ikena, is there something you want me to know, give me a sign , he is staring at Ikena who looks away.
Ikena thinks to himself, alll he has to do is give Teca a signal, something only those in the forces can decode, but then again, only Teca would have decoded, what about the other two who were busying walking around like misplaced identities..
They would be caught unawares, what about the receptionist.
Either way he looks at it, Vampire lives today..
He rather lets him go than have another death on his arms, especially that of Teca’s.
Fxxk!!!!Ikena curse within, he says the first thing that comes to his head.
”None officer, found out who caused the church incident?”
Okay, he was baiting, Teca was certain now, ”Nope, must have been some gas left open and someone lit a match stick and poof..” he gestures opening both palms and closing them.
”That must be sad” Alex says , then he breaks out in a smile ”But, I am sure you all would do everything in your power to make sure the lives and properties are save, yes?”
”Yes!!!” Teca and Ikena answer in chorus
Alex frowns.. ”Okay, I was just about leaving, I just came out here to find out if I could help but…I couldn’t, I do hope you find your friend.” He says stretching out his hand to Ikena ”I am sorry, I never quite caught your name?”
Ikena eyes his hand before he takes it in his ”Jude, Jude Robertson”
Now Teca’s suspicion increases, he was about to call Ikena by his real name when he stops , his hands goes to his back as he grabs his gun..
” Quick question, sorry, just policeman instincts…are those men standing behind you your body guards or just spectators?” he indicates the men behind him, whose stances were too alert, they were saying nothing.
”I do not know them, I just met them inside the hotel and I came out, I do not know why they are there” he lies
”Okay” Teca ”So..fellas, are you going to join in on the conversation or you are going to bounce?”
They don’t move, nor say anything, Teca raises his eyebrow at them, and then he throws Alex a glance ..
His gut kicking him
”I have another question, what is your name?”
Ikena stares at Teca..
A policeman’s instincts were always intact.
Alex who is quiet for another second is thinking.
Shit!!! What name did he and the guy who disguised him agreed on? He thinks for a second.
Fxxk it,
”Ekweme, Harrison Ekewene, ” he said
”What do you do?”
”I am eh, a writer, a lecturer and …a lawyer” he says without blinking
”written any famous book, got any title?” Teca pressed
”What is this 21 questions, are you interrogating me?”
”Policemen are always inquisitive, forgive me, it is a necessary evil, book title, school you teach…family?”
Alex hesitates..
Teca stares at him, signs..these were signs of a liar.
”You know what, never mind, let me just radio it in” H beckons to one of the boys… ”Call district to find out who Harrison Ekweme is, just biological stats” he says, not taking his eyes off him
The men, one of them step forward..
”Sir, I would ask that you remain where you are please” Teca sees him too as he speaks to the man behind the elderly man.
”What is this, so an innocent stranger gets to be harassed?” Alex says angrily
”Nope, just need to find out you check out”
”Why? Why would you want to do that, do I look like someone who doesn’t check out?”
”Let me put it this way, I am not here for pleasure, I am actually following a suspect and funny enough, it led me here, so as off now, this place would be checked for any evidence whatsoever ”
”But..but why?” the receptionist steps forward ”Why? What happened? This hotel had never had any issue with the police nor has it been listed as a hotel use for criminal activities, maybe I should call the manager and inform him, I do not think that you ought to sweep this place for anything, I need to inform the management ” he says walking away.
One down, two more to go, Ikena stares at Teca..
Maybe, maybe he might still be able to get Vampire if he gets rid of them, because despite he wanting Vampire to be caught, he knows that if the police catches him, they would not give him the justice he deserves.
No! he wouldn’t hand Vampire to the police, he was going to be the punisher himself.
He needs to get rid of Teca and his boys.
”Erm…I do not think that you also need to harass the gentleman” Ikena steps in, come on Teca, don’t be a fool.
Teca looks at him, ignoring him ”Yes dispatch, pass me through to district I need you to check out a name for me Asap, ” he hands the phone to the policeman beside him who repeats everything he says into the phone ..they wait.
Alex is thinking fast..
If they wait, they would find out that he doesn’t exist. He had made plans to insert his new identity into internet data base just incase he was to be approached by the police, which he was yet to do.
If they check him out, his page would call up a blank, he would be termed a ghost, illegal offence to bear the identity other than yours and while they book him for that, they may end up finding out who he is.
No!! they may find out who he is, He can’t let that happen, they would find out who he is, he wasn’t going back to jail.
No!!! there was no way they were taking him to jail, nowhere.
He takes his hand behind him slowly..
”Drop the phone officer, you wouldn’t want to bug people with silly things like that”‘ Alex says, the smile leaving his face.
Ikena sees his movement , his eyes darts to the other two guys..they make the same movements..
”Sir, what do you have behind you?” One of the police men says coming towards them, his hand already on his gun.
”Nothing !!!” Mikel says stiffly ”Why? Can’t a man scratch his back no more?”
”Sir, please take your hands away from your back and step away please”‘ the officer continuous
”I said I was scratching my back, only take it out when I am done!!”‘
”Sir, I said take your hands away from your back and step away please’
Mikel smiles, Chike and him exchanges looks, they both stare at the grey-haired man in front.
Ikena sees a bloodbath, one he wants to avoid, until it is unavoidable. This can be avoided.
”Come on officers, there is no issue here, and besides I do not think there is need for this” he grabs the phone from the officer who is startled and reaches for it, Teca shakes his head causing his to back away
”Mind telling me what is going on here though ?”
”Nothing !!! just grown as men having a talk..nothing else ” Ikena says ”You do not need to harass even tom , dick and harry”
”Gimme the phone!!” Teca reaches for it and grabs it from Ikena whose expression is readably and places it to his ears, the line had dialed.
”Damnit!!!” he tosses the phone to the same police man and tells him to get back a connection, he stares at Ikena and then the three men..
”well, would love to catch up and stuff but I got a man to find and a home to return him to” Ikena says breaking the ice
”I also need to be heading out”
”Did you drive?” Ikena fishes again, the taxi car in perfect view.
Alex hesitates ”No, would just take a taxi home, nice to meet you Harrison ” He says to Ikena, he nods to Teca and then turns to leave..
”Excuse me Sirs but you would have to remain where you are-”
”Cut it out!!” Ikena snaps turning to him as the retreating back of Alex fades, the other two by one they leave.
Today, you only leave for today Vampire, next time, I would be sending you back to hell.
Without saying another word Ikena turns and begins to walk to his car, Teca walks to him..
”Ikena, what the fxxk is going on?”
”Who were those guys, why were you lying to them? Does this have anything to do with Vampire, hell it does have…so you got any information for me to use to catch this guy?”
”Damnit Ikena, what the hell are you planning? If you have anything let us know so we can put him behind bars. You cannot go around like you are some vigillanty superhero. Even heroes gets hurt”
”So you ping my coordinates now? Following me?”
”Look Ikena, you need to step away from this let the police handle it, this is an order, give me any information you have on him!”
Ikena turns on his car, ” I got nothing on him, now if you would excuse me, I need to go back to the company”
Teca sighs stepping away

”You need to realize that if you do anything when you are on forces leave, it would be bad for you, you would be court marshaled, I told you before”
”I heard you the first time” he says pulling away..
Teca watches him leave ..”Did you put the tracker in his car?”
”Yes” the second officer says
”Good, let’s go into the hotel and ask around if they had seen Vampire, and you” he points to the first police man ”Still call dispatch and find out who the hell is Harrison Ekweme, I have a feeling he isn’t who he says he is” he said as they walk into the hotel, meeting the receptionist who was coming out with the manager.
”Boss, everything almost went to shits in there” Chike says rubbing mouth..
”Yes!! Who the hell was that cop..and who were they looking for?” Mikel throws back at him
”Like how the hell do I know, we both were there..”Chike says
”find out who that Jude Robertson is…I want to know who he is, who he fxxks, what he does and how much he farts in a day, I want to see a picture of him and his family and his little girl to fxxking convince me he is who he says he is. Give me a fxxking summary of who he is..” He says silently .
”Okay Boss, he seemed too comfortable with the police man too” Mikel tells him ”Too comfortable , how did you say you knew him boss?”
”The church, he came to the church and now he is here, not a coincidence, not at all.”
They were in the car Mikel and Chike throw to the hotel
”When it gets dark, I need you to send one of the boys to get rid of that car immediately, drive it over a bridge or something, just get rid of it. And silence that boy in jail, get rid of the fifty others, just end every trail leading back to me. In less than two, the police have come close to licking my balls and I do not like it, I do not like it one bit. Get my fxxking imprinted in the internet Mikel before the hour lapses.” He says angrily
”Yes boss”
”Any news on John or that Brian person?”
”Not yet, soon”
”Soon is not enough, I need them now, I need to fxxking know who the hell he is, it looks like he is just somewhere watching my every move waiting for me to slip, he cannot be a ghost…I need to get to him before he gets to me. I will not allow any body robe me back into jail, not John , because he was the one who brought the target, it’s his fault I am going into hiding and burnt my church, it’s his fault, he needs to pay..and the one who got away, he needs to be put down too..infact all of them, all.
”So, where to now Boss”
”Safe house..where the fxxk else Mikel?”
Silence as they drive further away from town.
Ikena curses when he drives out to realize that they were no where to be found..
Damnit !! Damnit !!!!
If Teca hadn’t delayed him, he would have trailed them, he would have gotten to Vampire and put him down..
”’Damnit !! ” he curses again after driving in circles, he didn’t see the car or car he entered, nor the direction they took.
But atleast, the good thing was that he knew who Vampire was, which alias he was using..
”Harrison Ekweme” all he has to do is follow the bread crumbs that he leaves to him and there would be bread crumbs, that fact was true.
Sighing he turns back into the road leading to the company, it was time to get Brian and Adora back to the house.
His phone rings, he checks the caller ”Teca?”
”Vampire was here!!” Teca says angrily ”Vampire was fxxking here, did you know that?”
”I wouldn’t be smart if I didn’t”
”That is why you came here isn’t it. So ..are you going to tell me what you found out?”
”Nothing other than what you did”
”You are lying through your teeth, all I know is that someone who fits his direction booked into the hotel two days ago, but he was never seen leaving nor did he check out. His room is empty, the footage doesn’t show him leaving the hotel. We have combed the premises, it was as if he just disappeared into thin air”
”Or maybe he was just right under your nose but your ego the size of watermelons couldn’t see.”
”Do you know the disguise he is wearing now if he is wearing a new one that is?”
”Nope. Look I gatto go okay, and don’t worry about me…I am going back to my driver studies …you police should handle your police business.”
He cuts the call.
”What direction is he going to?”
”The construction company cuts across the right, he is going down that route”
”Okay, fair enough. Okay, once we get back to the station, let them pull up a Google map around this vicinity to see if there are store houses around the area. We need to make sure we check them out. If Vampire was here, that means he must be close by and if he is close by, he needs a place to commence operation and store illegal items.
”Okay” they reply him
A few minutes later they are heading out of the hotel and back to the

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Brian doesn’t turn when the knock comes on his door. He didn’t turn because he didn’t hear it, he was lost in thoughts. How can a perfect day turn to shits, how come he feels like shit just because a girl tells him she was breaking up with him. It felt strangely unsettling..
Never had anything affected him about a girl before until now.
”I am sorry Brian, I cannot do this, do us…we have to break up, no, I am breaking up with you. This shouldn’t have happened, I should not have let it happen, I should have known better, I should have, I am sorry, I cannot do this, we cannot do this anymore . we cannot see each other, well, you know..we can’t. Let us just do the work we were employed for and nothing else”
Her words weighs him down, he runs a hand over his face..
‘He likes her a lot, and yes he was sorry for putting her in bad situation but shouldn’t feelings be a priority too?. Okay maybe he was just being selfish but…
This selfish was good, it felt good. She felt good too, so why throw it away when the wind blows and the storm comes..He was there with her, he would be ..all the way.
”In this together” he repeats, he remembers telling her
He sighs , now how was he supposed to act now, like someone who doesn’t care about her ? how does he manage to keep his hands to himself when she is standing in front of her.
How can he not smile when he looks her face? How can he not want to kiss her when she stares at him with those beautiful eyes. How is he supposed to forget her and this… He felt a hand on his shoulders, feminine hands as both hands are placed on his shoulders, ..
He smiles closing his eyes..
Yes!! There was no way they could stay away from each other. They both liked each other a lot.
They arms hug him and then descends downwards,..
”I am sorry princess, I promise I won’t put you in that position again. I like you, I like you a whole damn lot that it scares me, how the hell do you expect me not to want you when you are standing across the room and to think you want this over? I wouldn’t have been able to think straight. Glad you came to me, because I was almost tempted to come to you but…I needed to respect your decision even though it was weighing me down. I really do want this, I want this babe, like I have never wanted something before” his eyes are closed as the arm encircles him from the neck.
H e reaches for her face, reaching for the back of her neck he pushes her down towards his face..
He wanted to kiss her, and he was going to.
As soon as their lips touch, and he kisses her, his eyes shoots open, he jumps up in shock to find Tombra smiling at him.
”The hell Tombra!!!!” he exclaims wiping his lips clean
She walks towards him , he backs away
”So, how about we continue this kiss, I know you want me and I want you too, I like you a whole lot Brian” she says leaning towards him for another kiss, he sidesteps her moving away
”Look Tombra, I get like me but, the feeling isn’t mutual and I am sorry but..please don’t do that again”
”Do what? Kiss you? But you kissed me back, that means you want this, you like me”‘
”No Tombra, I thought you were someone else and I didn’t know I kissed you and I didn’t exactly kiss you like that, I knew that you weren’t her as soon as I touched your lips.”
”Who is her? She works here right? Is it miss Adora? I saw you kissing her knuckles today, is it Miss Adora, is she the girl you keep dreaming about and talking to yourself just now about?”
He opens his mouth, tempted to say yes so that she leaves him alone, instead he closes it

”Look, my private life is my business, just know I like someone ,a lot and I have no intention of being with another, that’s it. So please, stop all this flirtations please. I apologize if I had led you on, that was before, I was stupid, still acted like a child. Right now, a man knows what he wants and when he sees something like that he sticks to it…and I am sticking”
”Hmm, who is this chick that got you sounding so deep and different and speaking about things that don’t make sense?”
”Just someone who you do not need to worry your mind about” he says working to the door after checking his watch ”I have to get home, to complete the housing project…so..”‘
”Kicking me out?”
”No dear, well, you can stay here though!!” and with that he leaves the office with her staring after him.
”He he hain!!!” she claps her hands together and then puts them at akimbo ”Brian? Who is this chick?” she stares at the closed door..
The door opens and closes, Tomiwa comes to her

”Hey, I just saw Brian running out of here like he got fire up his arse, what did you do?”
”I kissed him!” she said
Tomiwa raises an eyebrow
”I kissed him, and he kissed me back”!! she said frowning
”So, why the frown?”
”The asshole tells me not to anymore”
”I do not get, if you kissed him and he kisses you back, why tell you not to anymore?”
”because apparently he thought I was someone else”
”So…you think, you think Brian is dating someone in the company?”
”I do not think, now I know. He was speaking to himself and apologizing to her when he thought I was her”
”How can he not know who is who?”
”His eyes were closed dumb dumb!!” Tombra states perching on the table, biting her lips
”But, he cannot be dating any one now. I mean, what would happen to us?”
‘I know right but…babes, if not that he pushed me away. I wouldn’t have minded going a quick round with him here, on the table…damnit!!!” she bites her lower lips again.
”And to think he rather be riding someone else sucks big time” Tomiwa says sighing as she shakes her head ”Do you think, do you think the person he is dating is Miss Adora?”
Tombra nods ”That is the only other explanation” she says
”But they hate each other!!” Tomiwa exclaims pacing the office
”I guess that is in the past.. it has to be her, it does, see their attitude towards each other have changed ”
They are quiet ”Well, it wouldn’t stop me from doing him, no be only egusi soup person go eat, sometimes make person take draw soup and sauce orishirishi” Tombra decides
They laugh
”Come let us go o, before he comes back to wonder what both of us are doing”
They leave the office, meeting John , he brushes past them walking out of the cubicle area
”Mtchew!!!” Tomiwa sighs ”Just imagine! Do you want to push us down?” He doesn’t answer but keeps walking away.
”Don’t mind him, let him only God knows what is pinching him”
Ignoring him as well they go back to their seats.
The knock on the door causes me to seat up and clean my eyes..
”Crap!!” I say , reaching for my handkerchief, I dap my eyes and wipe my nose.
Knock comes again..
”’Yes, come in please” I say
He walks in, my heart constricts, I don’t look at him as I reach for a file that wasn’t useful for me at the moment ”What is it Brian?”
”I came to let you know that it is time to go home, erm…I mean to head to my place for the..erm…designing .”
I look at my time ”Okay, sure, I would be out in a few”
”Great!!” he says , but he is still standing there
”I would be out in a few minutes ” I repeat
”Okay!!”‘ he leaves
Biting my lips, I gather my things and head out
”You okay?” Ikena asks Brian as soon a he sees him, Brian nods entering the car ”You sure?”
”Did something happen , with John?”
”Stop obsessing with that dude, nothing”
”Why are you edgy?” Ikena frowns at him Brian rests his head backwards ”Just not having a good day”
”A problem shared is a problem have solved”
”Well, this isn’t one that can just go away, so, I rather not talk about it”
”Is it Adora?”
”You called my name?”
They both turn to look at me…
”No, he was just asking after you, that is all!’ Brian says, I do not meet his eyes.
Ikena alights and opens the door for me, I throw my bag inside and slip in.
I make sure that I am at the opposite end of the car, with a file on my thighs as I glance through.
We do not talk during the ride to his house, by the time we get there, Ikena helps me with my bag. Brian walks in to his house quietly and goes to his small studio table and puts on the over light lamp.
”Thank you Ikena, please can you pick me up on time?”
”Er..sure!!” he throws a look to see that Brian is seated, not staring at them. ”Did something happen at the office to Brian, he doesn’t look himself.”
I shake my head and shrug, he sighs and then turns and he pauses at the door, staring at us , releasing a sigh he leaves.
Done setting up, I put on the camera ”My name is Adora Chime and as always, here we are again to watch this amazing designer put the finishing touches to the house he had been working on, ladies and gentlemen, Brian Andrews..over to you” I say
I see him smile as he began to talk, but the smile didn’t reach his eyes..
Neither did mine.
I am packing up, grabbing my bag and heading to the door.
We had worked, he had designed, he was done and the feeds increased, toppling the last hour.
They loved it, they loved him.
We didn’t talk unless to the camera. Now that the camera was off, we still didn’t talk.
I wanted to, so much, but I also didn’t want to. We needed to stay away from each other aside work, and that was what I intend to do..even if I miss him like crazy.
It didn’t matter, it didn’t matter.
I turn at the door to tell him ”I am leaving, good work Brain, the client should be communicated to tomorrow and the site work should commence once he gives the go ahead, I hope you are up for it?”
”Sure Ma’am!!” he says quietly, staring at me, I turn away opening the door I step outside to find Ikena waiting in the car.
I walk to the car without looking back as I slip in, trying to still my beating her, I bite my lips again to keep the tears at bay.
Goodness!! I will miss not able to hold him and kiss him and smile and just talk to him.
Would I be able to bear it, not able to be with him the way I have been? Would I be able to stay without him? Brian, the man I have come to like so much, maybe even care for.
God!! Why does my chest hurt so bad.
I rub it mentally.
”Let us go Ikena ” I tell him
He reverses, and holds the brake almost immediately ”What the hell!!” he exclaims as he almost hits Brian leaving the house and walking to the car
”What the hell?” he exclaims again
Brain opens the door and slips in.
”Where to?”
”The club!! ” he says
”Er…I thought we had that talk Sir, about you not going anywhere tonight, might not be safe you remember?”
”Sir please can you step out of the car and rest so I take Miss Adora home”
”Ikena, I think this is one of those few moments you should let me do what the hell I want. To the club, please” he says
Ikena looks back at him, sighing he turns away ”Stubborn !!” he mutters under his breath that only him could hear ”Never listens !!!” he says putting the car in drive.
I do not look at him, I instead close my eyes.
So we break up one minute and he goes back to clubbing and maybe even look for girls right?
Typical man, I should have known that it didn’t bother him one bit, I didn’t bother him one bit.
Maybe, this was for the best anyways.
I calm my beating heart, it was never meant to be anyways.
He can go to the club, he can be with all the girls, I don’t care. I bite my lips, tempted to reach for his hands but instead I fold my own hands and tuck them under my bag.
It was a quiet ride, too quiet I almost felt the silence could deafen me, but we didn’t talk, not a word until we got to the club.
He seats up, staring into nothing. A full minute passes as we waited for him to come down, then he says
”I hope you sleep well, because if you must know the truth, I wouldn’t be having a wink, not while my whole day is messed up, and I wonder what my tomorrow would be without you in it, and the day after tomorrow, just know Adora, that…I feel like shit, I do, and I miss you, and I want us, but I will respect your decision, I understand …but still I know I am selfish, I want you, I want us…but …it is what it is. I felt that maybe with us together back in the house there would be that moment when you realize that we didn’t need to break up but..all you did was avoid my eyes, avoid me literally if I come as much as a breath space towards you. It hurts , it hurts a lot…even more because I haven’t quiet felt this sort of hurt.. but, I cannot force you to change your mind, I just wish you had given us the chance to fight this together, not you just….” He sighs ”Goodnight Miss Adora, I do understand and I will respect it”
He alights and walks away, disappearing into the club.
I turn away, fighting another bout of tears ”Drive Ikena, just take me home, please” I choked.
As soon as I get home, I lay on my bed, covering my face with my pillow, I cried.
But I knew it was for the best, but yet why did I hurt so bad. This feelings for Brain came too suddenly, ending it with him shouldn’t cause this much pain, it didn’t make sense..
We just started dating, liking each other, why did it feel like we had known for years, being together for me and ending it was like a wrecking ball smashing your heart into pieces.
It didn’t make sense, this pain.
I cried in my pillow.. ”Oh Brian!!” I sniff.
Hours Later, he gets called up to go check up on some tech issues upstairs, leaving the kitchen, he climbs up into the boss’s office.
He peeps inside to make sure she wasn’t seated, she wasn’t, he enters walking to her desk to find what is the problem was, the message had been from one of the service boys..
”Boss’s Computer has a glitch, they want you to check it and fix it up Asap before the boss comes back”
”Who said?”
”The tech guy , he isn’t coming today, some family emergency”
That was about an hour ago. Now standing and backing the door, he reaches for the computer and turns it to himself when he hears the door close and lock. He turns to find her, the manager of the club, standing behind the closed door, naked. Not a shred of clothing or underwear, her body glowed in the candle light lamp she put on.
She was a beautiful woman, no doubt about that.
”So, here is the thing, there is a condom in that drawer next to you, take off your shorts, put it on and come fxxk my brains out or I will scream rape!!!”
Brian swallows..
The devil is liar!!!!
”So you are Brian Andrews, the one who got away right?” Alex is standing over Brian, who is bleeding from his mouth
”And you are who, the ripper?”
Alex laughs ”Well, I like the devil but its okay, you can call me Vampire” he laughs ”So I have a question, the person, the one who saved you from being killed by my boys, what is his name?”
”Why? Does he tickle your fancy, you want a threesome with me you and him ?” Brain asks.
Alex laughs, so did Mickel and Chike, they are in a room, John is by the corner, he has a smile on his face.
Tonight was the night Brian dies…Tonight, there was no saving him.
”Name?” Alex asks him again.
”come close, maybe if I whisper it to you, you can cum faster”
Alex smiles, the next minute his fist makes contact with Brian’s jaw, he groans in pain, spitting out blood he laughs

”You even punch like girl Vampire, maybe we should call you little willie-willie yes? For all the fear you put into people, you are a disgrace, I didn’t feel a thing” Brian spat.
”Oh, maybe you would feel this. ” Vampire says ”Bring in the package, I would have it with a cold ice tea and meat on stake” he smiles
”What package?”
”Oh patience son, you will see”
The door opens and in was dragged in someone blindfolded.
”Let me go, let me go!!!” she cries out
”Adora!!” Brian gasps, as he struggles trying to get to his feet with the chains on his body… ”I will kill you, I will kill you if you touch her, let her go damnit, you have me, do what you want with me but let her go”
”Oh, not such a hard macho boy are you eh?” He says going to Adora, he grabs her face and forces his lips on her as she screams and trashes about, with a quick reflex, he slaps her causing her to hit the ground, she grabs her face as SHE is crying ”Please let me go, I beg you, I never did anything to you, I beg you please. Brian, Brian ?” she cries out stretching out her hands which is tied to her, she cannot see with the blindfold covering her eyes.
‘Damnit!!! I will kill you I swear it Vampire, let her go!!”
”Oh no Brian, I would do the killing, I just need a name, a name …where is he, this he which feels like a roaming ghost hover head, like two steps ahead of me, I want to know who he is and what he is and I want you to tell me….who the fxxk is he..i want a name Brian or else I would start by ripping the cloths of your pretty girlfriend here, then when I am done slamming into her tight cute virgin pussy, I will pass her to my boys here but first I will give her to John here, you remember John?Yes, he would have a taste of her and you are going to watch it and when we are done, I will rip out her tongue and breast and clit and stuff it down her throat and I would make you watch how my dogs would feast on her carcass…now who the fxxk is he who keeps thwarting my plans…who?”
”Ikena..his name is Ikena, now let her go”
”No, who is he damnit, I know his name is Ikena , that much I got from your friend here just now, but who the fxxk is he, I mean who is he really?”
”The terrible, he is called Ikena the terrible” Brian breaths ”He is military, almost a major before he was suspended for a year due to the extreme killings of bukom haram extremists during the clash in the north after they killed his father and brother and other innocents, he lost it, he went menaic…he was uncontrollable, he was called the ripper to some people..the punisher to others..many feared him, feared his name more.. , he is not one you want to mess with and he would come for you if he says he will. He is my driver, bodyguard, a watch dog my father put over me. that is all, Now let her go!!”
”Gladly, after I send her to go give my mother a kiss in hell for me!!” he points the gun to her..”Say goodbye to your boyfriend princess, he would join you in abit” he cocks the gun..
”Nooo!!” Brian screams