Natasha Reloaded Season 2 Episode 40


Natasha entered Idris’s room without knocking. She had totally forgotten but it was already too late for her to go back. She walked close to him and was surprise because Idris didn’t notice her presence.

She bent before him and looked closer to his hand and found a picture.

“Natasha” Idris called out surprised “how did you come in?”

“From the door, sorry I didn’t knock. I just wanna check your preparation towards tonight’s mission”

“It’s nothing Natasha”

“What is that you’re holding?”

It was already too late for Idris to hide the picture. He had no other choice than to bring the picture out.

“My parents”

Natasha collected the picture from him and looked closely into it. She saw a middle aged man with a beautiful woman holding hands smiling. There was Idris and Farouk before them as little kids.

“Your parents are cute, where are they?”


The word “Dead” ran through Natasha like an electric wave “what happened?” Natasha asked.

“It all started a long time ago. My dad and mum were into drugs.” He paused and looked at Natasha.

Natasha held his hand “continue am here with you”

“They were under the then most popular drug lord known as Don Bashkir. The notorious Don Bashkir did have connections everywhere but in the police department. My dad and mum were not married at that time, they were his best agents. They delivered their drugs on time and have various ways to sell the drugs to their client at a very high price.”

“Go on, am listening”

“Then, they were in love but what kept them from getting married was their boss. They thought he won’t be nice with their idea of getting married but they were totally wrong. Don Bashkir gave them a go ahead to get married as long as they are still under his services.”

“OK, go on”

“After about eleven years of marriage. They had given birth to me and my younger brother. They have also made enough money from their drug business. so they thought it wise to stop the business and open up a legal business since they have a family to look after”

“Hmm, so what did Don Bashkir do?”

“He didn’t like the idea of my mum and dad turning away from the business. He feared that they will expose his secret. After many treats, he came with his men to our house. It was my Dad and mum’s anniversary then. He came and….” Idris’s voice cracked a bit.

Natasha knew what happened next. His parents were murdered in cold blood just like his. She shifted close to him and gave him a warm hug. Idris had his eyes close but no tears where coming from it.

“He killed my parents before me. He also gave me a scar on the back.” Idris said and showed Natasha the scar. Natasha was moved to tears as she began to cry.

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“He saw us as harmless little kids then, so he left us alive, to our own fate. Some of my greedy uncles took all our properties, money and assets and we were left with nothing”

“D–n it. I thought it’s only Nigeria such things do occur”

“No my dear. It occurs everywhere. We lived on the street for close to two years before we came across captain val. We had crossed paths on a crowded market. My brother was sick then. Since I had no money, I learnt how to thief. I was very swift but on that day, I was d–n surprised. Captain Val had caught me. Till now, I don’t know how he did it”

He paused seeing Natasha laughing.

“Seeing my robbery skills. He decided to take me in. I had to bring my brother along. I was trained with weapons while my brother, with computers and we have been fighting for the greater good”

“I am sorry for the death of your parents”

“Don’t be, it have changed me into this silent and dangerous monster you are seeing. I was once the jovial type but not anymore”

“Don’t worry. We will bring back your jovial self”

“It would be easier to pass a camel through the eye of a needle than to do that. If you’ll excuse me, I have to dress up against tonight’s mission.”

“Alright!” Natasha said walking away from his room.