The Brat and The She Devil-Episode 65


John closes the door with a bang, he is fuming, he clenches his fist, his eyes red with anger as he stands outside the door.

For a moment he is tempted to go back into the office…and with all the strength he could muster he would push him to the wall and out the window.. if only it was high enough to kill a man as he tumbles over.

I will kill you, Brian, I swear it, I swear it!!!!!!

He is fuming, staring at the closed door.

”I swear it!!!!” he says

And for you Adora, since you have chosen to follow that fool, that that…bastard, after all I have done for you..after all I have done for you.

How could you, how could you? Now because of him you…tell me to get out??

He blows out hot air…

You picked him over me? Him..?


He raises his fist about to bang the door down, but the thoughts of being slammed into the wall for the tenth time that day made him drop his hands.

First, it was Ikena.

Now, now it was Brian.

And to top it off, hers was worse, telling him to get out, not evening denying it, she didn’t even deny if they were together, if they were sleeping with each other…

Oh, that was worse than being slammed to the wall…that was worse.

”Adora, you fxxking slut!!”

”I will get you for this, I will get all of you for this. I swear it. I swear it”

ARGHHHHHH!!! He kicks the wall walking away and going to Emeka’s office.

He knocks on the door and enters when Emeka tells him to..

”Sir, I have an issue I need to report” he says with anger in his eyes

”What kind of issue?” Emeka asks him

”it’s about Brian and Miss Adora” he says

Emeka looks up from the file he was going through, then he frowns ”What the hell happened to you, you look like you were roughened up today”

”Oh I was, I really was”

”By who?”

”Who do you think?”


”Yes Sir, Brian, and please ask me why?”

”Okay, I will bite. Why?” Emeka dumps the file on the desk, leans back and folds his hands

”Okay, as I left the briefing and had to use the bath, I was attack-‘ he pauses.

Okay, if he tells Mr Emeka about the attack, he might want to know details of why ikena would do something like that and it would lead to many questions he wouldn’t want to give an answer to.

He decides to skip it.

”You were attacked?” Emeka asks him

”I mean to say that, as I went to the bathroom I overheard Brian talking to someone about Miss Adora”

”What about?”

”About being with her, ” he says

Emeka smiles ”Guys talk about ladies all the time John, why is it a problem? ”

”No, he spoke about actually being with her, like being with her. She in his shirt all night and day, wearing nothing underneath. They are sleeping with each other Sir” he finishes

Now Emeka frowns ”That is not possible”

”It is!!”

”No it is not. They hate each other, You and I know that”

‘Sir, have you not noticed things seem different about those two of recent? I mean, has this premises been this quiet since those two showed up like ever? You remember that when they got here, started working here and saw each other, they wanted to cut off their own necks, throw stones at each other You see him as he is talking anyhow to her and she showing him that even though she was a woman, she wouldn’t let some annoying arrogant man talk to her anyhow.

Oh, Sir, you do remember how he soiled her image online through the company profile, and how she went mad and they almost went cat and dog fight, she reported him to the police and got him arrested”

”You ensured that, did you not John?”

”Well yes, because he was crossing boundaries with his Boss and when I found her that day shaking and …I was mad and thought she was harassed and Sir spanking a lady who isn’t yours and when she did not ask you to is harassment, I don’t understand why he was let go”

Emeka sighs ” You were saying, go on” he puts his hand to his temple, leaning back.

”Okay, but Sir, do understand where I am coming from? They hated each other at some point, yes, we all were privy to that information because it was obvious, they were always at each other’s throat and sometimes we would hear their voices and stuff…but when last was that..ever? When last?
Ever since they started working together on this house designing for the client. Ever since then they go home together to his house, God knows what have been happening with those two when they are alone,”

”They have been working, if the charts and good rating are any indications, they are working” Emeja states

”Yes they are working, but all work and no play Sir, you do know the rest” he says

”I see”

”Please see Sir. You leave two people who hate each other, who literally hate each other alone for a long time, what do you think happens when they are not fighting? It’s like leaving a yam and a goat together on the other side of the river.”

Emeka rubs his jaw ”this would explain a lot of things. I have also noticed the way she defends him these days. The last time that what he did should have warranted him to be set aside from the company, she defended him and I wondered why. She said he claimed he was different and he would do things differently and he apologized for his behaviour?”

”That he is a changed man, grown a new leaf right?” John spat ”All I see Sir is a liar and a manipulative bastard. That guy hasn’t changed one bit, he is the same asshole I met when he arrived and he is still the same asshole now. He has no regard for authority, no respect Sir, you know it. What has he done since he came, if not to cause the company to almost losing face in the limelight, getting himself arrested, and fighting with his colleague and superior, he is not a good model for the company and now, and now, he seduces his Boss…?
He is a bad man person Sir and something needs to be done to put him in his place. I do know that the company has rules and regulations against sexual relations between colleagues, I am sure there is a punishment for that Sir.”

”Now, it all makes sense, now I understand their recent behaviour. Yes, there is a punishment attached to it.. they get suspended first and if found guilty, they get fired. Because it states that everyone should keep their personal relations outside the company so that they do not lose focus at work, and If what you are saying is true, it has already affected her work because she doesn’t even think objectively to know that Brian is bad for the company.

His behaviour is wrong on all levels but she chooses to defend him. That means her feelings is impairing her judgement which would mean that even if he does something wrong, she wouldn’t care but to defend him. He needs to be taught a lesson to know that he can not just waltz into a company that I have put in my time and energy and sweated for years and think he can begin to run things…No, he can’t!

Brian needs to know that he cannot just step on people’s toes. He needs to understand that this is a company that means a lot to me…I mean to you too.. people who have worked their asses off to get it to where it is now… it is not enough that he was disrespective and arroagnant and obnoxious, it is not enough that he almost made the Boss get angry with me and giving me a condition to clean up his own mess, it is not enough that he had major issues with his own Social Media Boss thus putting the company in a bad way and getting arrested and still fighting with her, now, now…he turns around to add to injury, to insult me to my face…by sleeping with his superior?
The same woman he claimed was the witch and she did not want anything to do with him. See how they think us fools John, see how they play with people…can you imagine, can you imagine?”” he is angry ” Doing nonsense in the company when they are meant to be here to work. .work not screw themselves like little children. This is….punishable. !!! ” he flares up

Oh. So that was Brian’s plan all along right. He thought to himself, to act up knowing his father will never completely cut him off, get on his knees and mine. Now, he goes after the PA, another plan of his to maybe make him look a fool right? Outrightly disrespecting authority…

The company’s authority.

His authority.!!!

But. … wait!

Well, If what John is saying is true, this is good news. He just needs to bring out the rules and regulations against things like this and apply it to their case…

Surely Kenekan would not overlook this, this was his company, they were the ones who set the rules and he had helped but.

They decided that it was good for a working environment to be void of distractions so that people can put in their best.

But with this thing between Brian and Adora, it would best solidify his position , he would have to tell Kenekan that it was because of their own personal issues that they had, that was why they were always fighting each other in the office and thus leading to other things like the arrest, the profile online image issue, everything.

Kenekan wouldn’t be pleased, he would have to pull Brian out, he loved his son but he also loved the company he built, surely he wouldn’t let his son go against the company’s rules, it would be bad example for others, for him too, especially if it went sour and they begin fighting publicly again.

He smiles, yes, this was good news for him. Brian would be pulled out, even if not sacked but he would be on suspension and he gets to decide how long the suspension is or best still. He can send him to another lower, much lower department …or anywhere else that wasn’t in his face.

This was good news.

”Sir?’ John calls him for the third time. ”Are you listening to me?”

”Yes yes John, I am listening to you. Go to the HR office, tell them to give you the file on code of conduct of the company and the rules and regulations plus penalties, quickly, ”

”Okay Sir, thank you for listening to me”

”No, thank you for telling me, I will not condone this nonsense. I know Brian has no sense but I should have expected more from Adora, with all her wisdom and knowledge, she falls for that skalawarg, that ladies man? That child in a man’s body who doesn’t even know what growing up is or turning a new leaf is authority all about.

Brian will never change, never. This is just a guise to get into her pants and when he is done he would dump her like a bad habit. He likes them as they come and then the next he is done. She will just be another lady amongst the faceless in the crowd for him. A typical trait of the boy”

”You sound like you know him more than here Sir?” John frowns

Oh, he knows Brian alright, he knows his well. He had watched the boy grow, saw all his silliness and boyish tantrums. Even he began chasing the skirts, the worry his parents had over him, his obnoxious behaviour and arrogance, the way he cared for nothing but spending his father’s money, enjoying the luxuries that came with it, the travels, the women, the endless women.

Oh, he knows Brian so well that… it angered him that Kenekan still wants to force him to take over this company by making him go through training and learning and then to learn to be somebody.

He cannot let a boy like that, No! he won’t let Brian come and be the president and own this company, a company he had worked for all his life, sweated for?

That position should be his, he doesn’t care whether Brian is Kenekan’ son or not. Or that by right, Brian should be President by virtue of who he is.

He did not care.

And He still doesn’t care, Brian doesn’t deserve it. He, Emeka does.
Brain just needs to continue his stupidity but elsewhere, back to the states..far away.

He cannot let him take over what he has been aiming for. Brian has to be ousted out by all means.

And if he truly he has changed? too bad. He needs to fail in everything he lays his hands on. Brain needs to fail.

Emeka wished he add insisted to supervise them on the clientele house designing, He wished they were not on air all the time they worked on the designs. He would have ruined his designs, he would have tampered with it.

But that is out of his hands,

He would have to make Kenekan see reasons why he needs to let his son go away and go far.

Brian and Adora are going against the company’s rules by having sexual relations between each other.

Kenekan would have to penalize them. He would have to do so too in front of the staff so that no one takes the same step and then after that he calls for suspension while they investigate the issue and he would make sure it lasts for weeks unending and when found guilty he, he and Adora of violating the rules, they would have to be shown the door.
No exceptions.

Surely, Kenekan would have to let it happen. He cannot continue to let his son get away with something, he cannot.

But if in anyway Brian skips this one unscarred, he would have to resort to the other one. By all means, he would have to make sure someone tempers with the project Brian has with the IT company, that would be a huge blow to the company if Brian fails.

The whole world would be watching, even Kenekan and he would be representing the company. Yes. He would have to tamper with it and he knows the right person to do the job.

He stares at John ”Get me the files John and get someone to call them both for me” he says

”Okay Sir, I will be back” John leaves, Emeka smiles

He just needs to have John ruin everything he does in LAyefa’s company for their upcoming Tech Project, and that would be a blow to Kenekan. And then, this new client who wants a shopping mall in Port Harcourt before Christmas, he would need to make sure that the design doesn’t come out as perfect as it ought and then, during the construction, he would need to make sure it goes crumbling down. Just like the wall of Jericho.

He laughs

”You will fail in everything you put your hands to Brian, ” Emeka speaks to himself ” Mark my words, you will fail and not only embarrass yourself but your father and his company and as you continue to do so, Kenekan would have to close his eyes and do the needful ., and I will make sure of that Brian, I will.

I will not let you, a small boy who is as old as my son to come here and boss me around with your arrogant self, No! I will not allow it. I worked for this company, sweated for it for years. Helped to make it what it is now.

I will not step aside and let a son. Who has no idea how things are done, who has no iota of idea how many nights and years I have put into this to come and take it?

The president position is meant for me and I have been hoping to step into that shoes for a long time and if Brian did not show up, Mr Kenekan would have given me the opportunity, he would have. I deserve it, I deserve it. ” Emeka continues speaking to himself.

“And when I get this President for this company. I get transferred to Abuja and I take the position right underneath Kenekan. That is the best place to be, the second man after the man.

Kenekan does not need his son to be the man before the man. He should remain his son and spend his money and galavant and womanize. Brian should leave the men to attend to men’s business and remain acting like a child and play children games” he finishes, he continues to think.

He will not let Brian succeed. No. he would never let him succeed.

The knock comes to his door distracting him.

” Yes, Come in”‘ he says

John comes in and hands him the documents which he goes through, Emeka is nodding ”Good, this is all I need, did you get someone to send for them as I asked?”

”I told the secretary, she said she told Tombra to go tell them that you need them in your office now’

”Okay, now we wait’

”Yes Sir, they need to be dealt with”

”Yes, they need to. They really need to, especially him”

” Yes, especially him” John joins in, thinking

He hopes they get punished, he hopes.
But if for any reason Brian and Adora scale through this. He had a plan.

He was thinking about it as he went to the HR’s office.

He has to find a way to get rid of Brian for once and for good, he has to find a way.

He would need to set a trap for him to fall into. Or..or..

He smiles.

Or he would have to make sure he causes a lot of problem for him in that IT company he is to start a project work and then…he would ruin everything, everything!!!.

Shei Mr Emeka made him supervisor over those going there, whether Mr Layefa likes it or not he would have to accompany Brian there, he would see what he is doing and when the time comes he would push all down like a deck of cards falling like a domino.

Yes!! Frist plan; ruin him, ruin his works.

The second plan, ruin this thing he has going with Adora, whatever it takes.

The third plan, get rid of him. Dead men don’t talk.

Last plan ….deal with Adora for even thinking of ever allowing that cockroach to touch her.

Oh. She was going to get hers, but before then. He would have to get her and have her.

Shei she was a slut abi, he would show her what was done to sluts.

He liked her, he liked her a lot and was willing to do anything to her, make her his queen to his castle in his heart. His woman. His all.

Now. …Now she let that person who is plagued with all disgusting things to touch her, wearing his shirt and being naked and allowing him to do things to her body? ….her beautiful beautiful body.

A body he wished he had been the one stroking and caressing.
He wished he had been the one to touch her and kiss her.

He closes his eyes, folding his fist as he boils in anger.

Just to imagine them kissing and touching and fiddling and having sex was enough to make him see red.

Oh Adora, why him, of all people why him? Did you not see my green light, did you not see my smiles when I look at you. Did you now see how I was happy to be sent by you and wanted to go out of my way to please you, do you not see that I can be all that you think he is and more.?

Oh, Adora, you hurt me, you hurt me and I will hurt you.

I know there is something fishy about this Brian, I will find out what.

I will.

But this thing you both have will go off like smoke into thin air and I will be the one to open the window for it to distil out.

But I will make you pay for ever stopping to hating Brian, you will pay liking him and doing things with him you should be doing to me and with me. I will make you pay.

I would have made you happy, but now,…you are filth ..filth.

Unless you beg unless you beg me to forgive you and you will beg, when I get to you.

But I will take that which you have given him from you Adora, your body, your heart if that is inclusive and I will do with it what I want till I am satisfied..then I will make you pay.

But first, Brian will pay for all he has done to me and for today, I will make sure you both begin your journey of displeasure. I promise.

As for Ikena. Ikena…

He shakes his head rubbing his jaw.

All of you will wish you never met me, all of you.

The knock on the door causes him to pull out of his thoughts. Emeka looks up as he says ”Come in” his face is a mask of anger. John smiles.

He couldn’t wait to see their faces when they realize that he actually did report them.

Let it begin.

He did not turn when he heard them enter.

”Yes Sir, Goodmorning, you sent for us?” John heard Adora say

”Yes I did. do you mind explaining to me what the hell I just heard?”’
Emeka thunders

John smiles …

That’s right Sir, show them who is Boss.


“Yes Sir, you sent for us?” I say as we step into Mr Emeka’s office.

I could feel Brian close to me, his hands barely touching mine.

As though he wanted to be near calm my nerves.

John is there, seated in front of him, he doesn’t look at us.

Emeka does, his eyes angry.

“Do you mind explaining to me what the hell I just heard. ?”

“What did you hear?” Brian speaks, he comes closer to me..still not touching me.

“Are you seriously asking me that as though you do not know what I mean?:

“Well technically I do not know what you mean, but if you can please tell us we can be able to give you a concrete answer to your question. ” Brian says

“You think you are smart eh Brian?”

“No Sir ”

“Are you mocking me?” He frowns

Brian shakes his head “No of course not, why?because I called you Sir? Aren’t you supposed to be called Sir?”

“Brain Andrews, this is not a game and I will suggest that you keep your mocking games to yourself because you are in big big and her and if you would just quit being stupid you will explain to me what is going on between Miss Adora and you?”

“In what sense Sir?”

“Brian Andrews, do not dare insult my intelligence !!!” Emeka thunders pointing to him.

Brian raises up his hands “I am really not doing that, I was just trying to understand what it is you are saying…that is all. ”

“Don’t act both do understand ” he points to both of us.

I blink…”Sir, I can explain if you ..please ask a direct question ”

“Oh good enough to ask me to ask a direct question, Adora. Before I do that, John, repeat to me what you just told me so they know what I am talking about so that when I ask my question they do not look like fools and think we are the ones who are fools. Go on, tell them..tell them what they have done. ”

John turns to us…” I told you, Sir, that It has come to my knowledge that Miss Adora here, who is the superior and Boss to this Brian is having sexual relations with him. And if that is to be so, under the rules and regulations of the company, it is highly prohibited ., and it carries a punishment which the company would accord to the victims who must have read the code of conduct embedded in the company’s regulations. Which to my knowledge and now to Mr Emeka, Miss Adora and Brain here have violated.”

He said

“Take the file there John and read out that rule to them and the resultant repercussion” Emeka pointed to the file, John reaches for it quickly. He flips to it.

“No 17 of the code of conduct, paragraph five and line two. ..

In order to preserve the sanctity of the company and in order that the workplace is kept peacefully, void of distractions and personal grievances against one another attributed to personal relations and what not, -the company will therefore not tolerate sexual relations between workers in the company, either between superiors to superior or lesser staffs to lesser staffs or even superiors to lesser staffs which is a greater offence.

This is because such relations might impair their working conditions whereby instead of focus and perseverance in relations to the company, there would be personal attention accorded to themselves and in the case of personal grievances between said parties, there would be tendencies that it would transcend beyond themselves, and affect their relations with colleagues , cause their work to lose essence and would lead to physical alterations and behaviours that would be bad for the company’s image and for themselves and because the company do not want any of such, they have insisted that such relations amongst colleagues should not happen. .neither in the workplace and as long as one is a staff of this company, the rules should be obeyed.

Anyone found to violated this would be severely penalised” John said smiling

“Read the penalty for such act John” Emeka urges him on.

I blink, staring at Brian, he stares at me briefly, I feel his hand touch mine briefly, I read his lips.

“Breathe, just breathe ”

I stare away from him as John continues. ..

“Both parties would be placed on suspension while investigations would be carried out. Suspension without pay for three weeks would be accorded to them.

If found guilty, both parties would be accorded the punishment of expulsion from the company with immediate effect, causing them to return all of the company’s properties, stripping them of their entitlements and benefits and their severance package.

They would be used to set a public example in a bid to stop other falters from making the same mistake..and they would be asked to do the walk of shame out of the company’s premises .” John finished, he closes the file and places it back on the table, he had a smile as he folds his arms stating at me and at Brian, he turns to Mr Emeka.

“That is all Sir,” he says

“Again, now that you both have heard and listened to all that he said, mind explaining to me what the hell is going on between you two before I start what is needful against both of you”

“Sir. ..see I can explain,…” I began, my voice cracking.
This is not happening ..this wasn’t happening…

Dear Lord !!

Why did I even allow this to happen, how?

I bite my lips.

“Yes Adora, explain.. did what John say about you both true? That you both are having sexual relations between yourselves despite knowing what the rules state?”

I turn to Brian before I answer.

“I am talking to you Adora, do you need to seek permission from him before you talk?”

“I cannot believe this!!” John throws his hands up before he realised he did it opening. He drops it as Emeka turns and stares at him

“It’s a huge surprise to you too John right? ” he asked him

John nods “A big one Sir, one minute they hate themselves and the other they begin to share a bed” he shakes his head

They both stare at him, Brian is watching John, his eyes dim a bit.

‘Adora.. go on, please answer the question, are you both having sexual relations ?”

“Erm…” I began

“Noo we are not” Brian answers

‘”No? Shouldn’t that be a Yes?” John throws at him

Brain stares at him “Are you the one asking or him?” He indicates to Emeka

“What does it matter, Brian? What does it matter who is asking? Is your answer a yes or a no?”

“If I am sleeping with Miss Adora? It’s a No”

John laughs “Liar!!!”

“Adora, do you share in this lie,? Look at me don’t look at him to answer dammit! !” He hits the table

“I..I Erm. .Sir, ”

“Are you sleeping with Brian, yes or no?”

“Y..” I pause.

But…we haven’t slept with each other…we.

We did other things…like kiss and he used his tongue and…

“What is that Adora, finish what you are about to say’

I close my eyes and then I open them.

“No. It’s a No Sir” I say

“Do you deny the allegation made by John?”

“Yes, yes I do,” I say. I see Brian lean towards the door. He is watching me.

“I see, so you would not mind if I place a call to the Boss to let him know what is going on and for him to give the go-ahead to carry out investigations on this matter ?”

“Wait for what? Why?” Brian leans away from the wall.

Emeka smiles “Or that got your attention right didn’t it Brian. What do you think for? You do not want me telling the Boss, why? Are you scared of the Boss Brian ?” He has a smile to his face

“I think whoever the issue here we can settle it do not need to go calling the Boss to discuss something as little as this?”

“Exactly why I should let him know that I am about to carry out investigations against both of you that would lead to your expulsion from this company. Do you know why? Because you both lied to me and to him and to the entire staffs by pretending to hate each other whereas under our noses you were frolicking with each other and sleeping with each other. That is an insult, added to injury. And do you see why you both faulted? Because of your grievance against each other, your fighting and cussing almost put the company in a bad light. You both caused this for yourselves and for every count you both violated the rules and as such, you would be punished. You will answer to the Boss on this one and he would give the go-ahead, and I want you both to hear it from his mouth. ”

“You do not have proof you know. You asked a question and I answered. How the hell did you even get an information like that John?”

“I do not need to tell you Shit ” John throws at him

Brian smiles “Of course because you do not have any proof”

“Oh yeah? I do. I overheard you and your driver talking about her wearing your shirt and she had nothing else on”

I gasp

Brian nods his head “So you are one of those little boys who eavesdrop on people’s conversations just to wank over spilled juices ?” Brian says

“Brian.,” I call his name, sensing his anger.

“You fxxking asshole!!!” John spat

‘Oh John…John..” Brian says with a thin smile, he looks at me, I shake my head.

As though I could read his mind and he was saying…

Don’t worry babe, I am taking the higher road. Relax.

He turns away from me.

“You see how you lack respect, even before me you want to instigate a fight Brian Andrews..and you wonder why I feel disgust staring at you”

“I do not see you telling him that too”

“I do not need to because unlike you, John is respectful, loyal and a good worker. You fuel his anger and you choose to walk all over him because of what? Who do you think you are eh Brian, who do you think you are to walk over before just because ??” Emeka throws at him

Brian stares at him, sensing an undertone. .

You know very well who I am Emeka unless this isn’t only about Me and Adora sleeping with each other.. it seems as though you are out to make sure I have a constant beef with my father.

But Brian says nothing. .he didn’t need to.

Emeka carries his phone and the dails. . “You wait, just wait”

We wait.

I spare Brian a look, he is quiet. Maybe like him, we feared what the Boss would say.

I knew I shouldn’t have let this happen between us..
Now we are both going to get the door.

Dear Lord, please ..please.

Help me and I promise to end it with him. I promise

I bite my lips.

I won’t ever ever ever let him come close…just please help me out of this mess.

I didn’t sleep with him..we didn’t sleep with each other.

Okay, we had kisses..a lot of kisses and… he kissed me everywhere and used his tongue and…

Oh God, I am going to hell I know it I know it.

The Boss will have our heads.

“Sir..please if you will’-” I began, wanting to dissuade him from making that call.

“Ssshhh,” he says

Brian looks at me and shakes his head.

“Together.. remember? ” his voice came as a whisper to my eyes. I turn to him, he repeats as I read his lips.

“We are in this together”

I turn away.

I didn’t know if I wanted to be in this anymore..much less together.

“Yes Sir, good morning Sir.. Very fine Sir. Sir and the wife? Okay, Sir. ” he laughs nodding his head ” they are well Sir. Yes, Sir, I called you for a purpose. We have an issue and I need your directive to go ahead with what is already on ground ?”

He pauses and listens, we all are watching him, John is smiling.

“Yes, is about the new media manager and her PA Sir. .yes, let me tell you the issue ”

He puts the phone on loudspeaker, places on the desk and then begins to talk.

The room is silent.

“Where are they?” The deep baritone voice asks over loudspeaker

“Here Sir ”

“Adora and Brian? Is this allegation true?”

“No” Brian states, I am speechless as fear grips me.

” Are you answering for your self or for both of you Brian Andrews?”

“For both of Us,” he says quietly, as one who is treading carefully.

“Emeka, do you have proof to this regard?”

“Well…according to John?”

“Who is John?”

“John Efegor Sir, administration ”

“Oh okay.. yes go on”

“According to John, he overheard a conversation Brian had with the driver about him and Adora here and it led him to believe that something was going on and when I asked they denied it. But we all know that these two acted like they hated each other and cases of their fights have been brought to your knowledge especially the online platform case and the police station. They have been bringing their personal grievances to work and causing a lot of stagnation and low focus and now that he has brought this to light..we know truly undertake the reason for their behaviour and as such we would like to use the penalty accorded to this violation ”

“I see, again, do you have proof?”

“What do you mean Sir? ”

“You are not dumb Emeka are you?”

Emeka is startled, he looks at us “No Sir but..”

“Let me get this straight. John Efegor overhears two grown men talking about his Boss , whatever it is they were saying and he concludes that they are having sexual relations and runs to you and instead of you to dig in and investigate properly to get proper proof you rush to me and jumping ropes to the end to pull the penalty plug?”

‘”Well Sir, the allegation was looking
Valid and i-”

“Emeka..Emeka, in the court of law, do you not present proof before someone is found guilty of a crime? ”

“But Sir we aren’t in a court of law , this is a company and we-‘”

“Do you just punish people just because of mere talks. So what they were talking about sex and he overhears. Did he see them making out, caught them red-handed , have a picture or a video? Is there proof other than what he overhead. And if we are going by word of mouth can it not also mean that it was fabricated ?”

“No it wasn’t Sir!” John states leaning toward the phone ” I did hear him and Ikena the driver taking about her in his shirt and -”

“So you go around like a little boy listening to people’s conversation. Let me ask you something John, do you get sexually aroused from that?”

I gasp

Brian chuckles. Emeka throws him a look, John throws him a harder look.
I frown.

I swear to God.. they sounded alike, same words.

How uncanny. .how coincidental to have such same line of thoughts.

“I asked you a question ?”

“No Sir ..that is absurd Sir” John stutters

“Good. It is a crime to eavesdrop…you do know that right? But never the less, I do not see a harmless gossip or should I say, two people fantasy in about a woman a crime. .even if she is their Boss. Now, you heard them talking, you ran to Emeka to report. Good. Now, you should have come along with proof so that when Emeka calls me .. he has something tangible to tell me other than what he heard you heard…do you understand how this is quite silly?

So because I heard someone is a thief and without seeing that it is true I go to the police and have him arrested and sent to the gas chambers ?”

“That is not what we are saying, Sir?” Emeka says stiffly, his anger showing

“That is exactly what you just did Emeka and I expected me from you. I see that you do not have anything important in your hands to do this morning unless you would have carried out proper investigations before calling me. Be careful Emeka, things like this can pull people out of their jobs,do not take drastic action without prove of I will be forced to take actions against you without as much a as blink just because I heard you are incompetent does not mean I will just fire you,I will make sure before I call the foxes. .you should have done the same. Next time, have something tangible to tell me before calling me. I pay you to walk not listen to gossip Emeka”

He sighs “As for you Adora and Brian, I hope for your sakes this isn’t true because if they do bring me prove I will do the needful as it is something that needs to be done. This is a working environment, not where you want to soar your wide oats and disrupt the work that is mean to go on. If for any reason you not desire each other and you think it is something that is permanent, get married and let it be legal and as such, you both would still need to keep your business outside the company’s premises. I will not condone misconduct, sexual perversion or anything that would cause the company a bad standing. I will deal with you both myself. Is that clear?”

“Yes Sir” I state

“Yes,” Brian says

“Since that is all, I will advise you Emeka do send your minds to other Important things.. leave gossip alone. And John? I know you are paid to do a job, carry gossips like this means me think you are useless and I hope you are not.?”

“No Sir, I am not. I am sorry”

“Good day everyone ” the line dies

“Sir, I think the Boss was-

“Get out!!” Emeka says

“Sir..if only he had listened and- “John continues angrily

“I said Get out. GET OUT. ALL OF YOU GET OUT. GET OUT OF MY OFFICE. GET OUT!!!!!” he thunders

I turn quickly leaving the office.Brian follows me out.John hesitates at the door

“But Sir?”

We turn when we hear John closing the door with a bang as something shatters at the back of the closed door.

John is staring at the closed door, his hands folded in a fist. Without saying anything he turns, walking past us and leaves us standing there.

I turn to Brian…
He is staring at me.

I see him open his mouth .

“Don’t say anything please..”

“I just wanted to say I am sorry for this,” he said.

“I can’t do this Brian..I can’t. I do not think we should see each other any more. I think we should break up. No…i am breaking up with you” I tell him

He stares into my eyes for a brief minute, without saying anything he turns and walks away, leaving me staring after him as he disappears into his office passing the onlookers who were wondering why they heard glass shattering in Mr Emeka’s office.

I sigh turning to my door and entering, once I enter, I close the door going to my desk, sitting down I put my face in my hands. ..

I must have felt a tear drop..maybe two.

Teca turns when one of the officers approaches him.

‘Sir, I got the coordinates you asked for” he gives him a paper

Teca takes it. “Sure this is right? ”

“Within the last second…yes”

“Okay, thanks ” Teca takes it and then uses his phone to scan it.

The policeman leaves him.

“Okay girls, ” he tells them ” whatever you find, take it to forensics, and beep them to me. Segun and Gabriel, you guys come with me. Daddy needs to go check out a spot” he beckons to two guys telling them to follow him.

They get to the car ” where are we going to?”

“If my hunch is right, I think my source is following a trail, just so we don’t get surprised, you are the backups..”

“Vampire ?”

“Yes, Vampire ”

“Okay ” they enter their cars.

“Keep your lines open, ” he tells them as he enters his own car and they pull out from the underground parking lot from the last of Vampire’s safe houses he recently vacated and touched. ..leaving little no traces left.

“Ikena, Ikena I have a feeling you are on to something. I hope you don’t do anything stupid. For your sake ” he sighs as he turns on the next street.

Thankfully, the road was clear, if he steps on it he can be in town within the next twenty minutes.

He checks the mirror to see that the two police cars were still following his.


“Anything the matter, why are you all running, what is wrong, tell me please, are we under attack, robbers? Thieves..what? ” the receptionist asks in fear as he moves further away from everyone. .trying to look behind them as he goes to the car, bending low, wanting to keep himself safe at least if anything was going down.

Ikena is staring at him.

There was no doubt. This was Vampire.

Now, looking at those eyes, it was as if everything falls into place.

Now, even the grey hair and the moustache looked out of place, but you wouldn’t know. Whoever did this must be a very skilful artist, a make-believe artist.

This was vampire, it was pretty obvious now.

The way his eyes goes straight to the car, that same car of a few couple of other cars.

Why that?

That was the car Vampire stole., it cannot be a coincidence that this man who happened to look like an elderly man, with warm edges seemed to own that same car with the same colour and same number.


It can only be vampire..

The man who disguises like a priest.. and lived in a place of worship while he kills innocents.

This was Vampire, and the way his eyes darts to the car and then back gave him away.

And those two?

Ikena looks behind him, must be people who worked for him or knew who he was.

Ikena says nothing, he waits for their next move.

He tries to observe them.

If they are who he thinks they are, there would be no way they wouldn’t be harmed.

Good thing the place was clear safe for him and the receptionist. .

He hopes he wouldn’t be hurt, he would hate for that to happen.

He waits.


Alex is staring at him.

Yes! This was definitely the man with the child. ..

This was him

Was this a coincidence that he happened to be in the hotel, same hotel that he is and looking for someone…?

Was this man who he really said he was, a family man with a child? Was he?

Alex is staring at him.

He needs to see that picture, he needs to see the pictures he was showing the receptionist.

Something wasn’t right, something really wasn’t right. And he is curious, he needs to make sure this man is no danger to him.

He steps closer, he clears his throat ..” is there a problem? ” he asks the receptionist who frowns

“Aha!! I should be the one asking you?” He comes out from where he was standing between two cars ” why did you all run out to us here, was someone chasing you?”

“Run? We running !” One of the men behind the grey hair man said.

Ikena still says nothing; his eyes don’t leave the grey-haired man.

He could bet his left balls if he pulls that hair, he would unmask him.

He steps closer, the man darts his eyes to him.

“Have we met before ?” He says to Ikena

“It depends, ”


Ikena steps closer “if you know someone I know’”

“Who might that be? Because I swear you seem familiar to me, do you go to church? Maybe we met in service ” he fishes, throwing the hook into the river, seeing if he catches.

Ikena sees the hook, he needs to be careful in approaching this before he loses him, he dodges the hook. If he doesn’t do this right, he might get beaten by sharks, if he does, Vampire would be the one in their mouth and that was just fine by him.

He is staring at him, wondering if Vampire recognises him.

Maybe he does, but the question was, did he know who he really was?.

That he was sure he wasn’t sure off, and that was what he needed to find out. Did he know whether he recognises him as Vampire?

”Yes, I go to church, I speak to God a lot, he saved my daughter recently, she was sick, I met a good man of God. he was really helpful” Ikena smiles but it doesn’t reach his eyes. ”He even gave me five thousand naira when I needed to top up for her hospital bills. such a good heart he was.”

He throws back the hook, dangling in the water, waiting for him to bite.

The grey-haired man smiles, yes, he was definitely the man from the church, the one with his daughter, maybe, he was harmless…a coincidence he is here. ”Oh, lovely. How is your daughter? is she okay? I am sure the man of God prayed to his God and he answered?”

Bingo!! good boy..Ikena thought to himself

”Indeed, I went back to thank him, and I told myself I was going to keep attending his church, was there on Sunday you see, for service when I got the news, had to rush out to see that my daughter as well. I came back and..” he trails off,

”You came back and what?”

Ikena shakes his head ”’it was as if the devil struck, it took the church and the people in it I hear. I just left to go home to my daughter and when I got back to…fire had taken it. I heard everyone within died…I believe the good pastor…died too, and that girl…what is her name?” Ikena looks up at him

”what is her name?”

”Juliet, yes, her name is Juliet, I believe she died too. she was nice to me, she was….she opened the door for me to meet the good man who prayed and helped me. to think that she is dead and he too? I wonder…who could do such a thing to good people, I pray that God should arrest them and cause them worse death” Ikena says looking at him

”Oh that is sad, you say that as though you think they were murdered”

”I know she was murdered?”

Alex raises his eyebrow ”How so?”

”Because fire killed her” Ikena says watching him, ”she looked so innocent, too young to die, too full of life, they said someone set the place on fire. I believe whoever did so killed her and everyone in it. I pray the law finds him, I pray whoever is the Punisher finds him because if I were the punisher….i will-”

”You will what?”

Ikena smiles ” I will send him to hell myself”

They stare at each other, Ikena tells him just what he would do to him directly.

Alex stares at this man, he is frowning.

something didn’t feel right about this guy, not what bit ”How do you know it was a He?”

”The devil isn’t usually a woman”

There was something off about this man, something really off. Alex thinks to himself.

He needs to make sure, he needs to make sure the thoughts were only in his head.

”That picture you were showing him, maybe I can help, you remember I told you I am good with faces?”

Ikena dips his hands into his pocket ”Sure, why not, maybe you can tell me where to find him if you see him. strangely, he has a striking resemblance to …” he trails off as he brings out the picture stepping closer to Alex he turns the picture over, so he doesn’t see the face until when he is close enough.

Alex is stretching out his hand to take the picture, Mikel and Chike who has been quiet all the while are watching Ikena’s movement.

Ikena sees them, he observes their stance and knows that they are on alert.

He ignores them, he just needs to get close, close enough to snap Vampire’s neck, once he does…he would use him as a shield just in case they pull out their guns…

He would take them down in five.

Then he can be able o close his eyes in peace knowing Juliet’s death has been avenged.

He nears him placing the picture flat on his palm, he raises up his hand at that moment to swing it over his neck and do a quick snap when two cars drive into the garage distracting them.

He sees the two guys take their hands to their back, he knew they were touching their guns, the grey-haired man did the same..but they don’t pull it out. everyone’s eyes are on the men who alight, wearing a police vest.

Teca, what the fxxxk!!!!!!

Ikena frowns.

Teca walks out of the police car, taking off his glasses as the other two alight.. they walk to them,

”Good afternoon gentlemen!!” Teca says looking from one to the other, his eyes rest on Ikena, he smiles ”Funny I find you here, care to explain or rather introduce me to your friends?”

Alex turns to Ikena.

He was right, there was something off about this guy.. he may not be who he says he is.

He looks at the picture turned backwards in his palm. He needs to see who is in the picture, he needs to see who he was looking for. He needs to see the face of the man.

He turns it, his eyes grow big as he looks up in shock.. ”It’s you?” he exclaims



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