Natasha Reloaded Episode 39


A Division police force-Canberra

Detective Paul came out of his office with Kelly by his side. They walked to a hiliux that was parked few meters away from them. They had about three policemen standing close to the hiliux and with three policemen on bikes.

“Listen everyone” Detective Paul began “the sum of ten billion naira will be transferred to the Federal bank here in Canberra. I don’t need to tell you guys what’s up. You know how Don Pedro have successfully robbed this country and cart away with huge sum of money. I believe he will like to strike again. Fear not, we are not the only one that will escort the billion van. We still have five hiliux cars coming from other department of the police force. The main object for today is, don’t let that money gets into the hands of Don Pedro”

“Yes sir” they all saluted.

“Sir, is there any other thing?” A sergeant asked.

“Yes, don’t get killed” Kelly said with a smile.

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The bullion van had about six hiliux cars with seven power bikes that were escorting it. No doubt, the siren was very loud that it could be heard miles away.

Joe and his men had already laid an ambush. Joe had brought about thirty men and two tanks which were well hidden inside the bush.

The bullion van had gotten close enough when it suddenly stopped.

“What happened, why are we stopping?” Detective Paul asked. Their car was behind the bullion van so they couldn’t see what was causing the delay.

“There might be something wrong over there” Kelly who sat behind Paul said. “Why don’t we go over and check things out”

“Alright, but get your guns” detective Paul said as they came down and began to walk towards the bullion van. Some of the policemen had come down trying to get rid of the blockage before them.

They heard the sound of a vehicle and before they turned back. A driver had parked a trailer at the back of their cars in a horizontal way. This is to prevent them from moving back.

At first they thought the driver was drunk but then, Joe’s men stood up and an ambush began to take place. The policemen were trapped in the middle of the road which gave Joe and his men a big advantage over them.

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Shadow, base.
Natasha watched with tears in her eyes as the coffin was lowered into the ground. She held Idris who was standing beside her and more tears came down from her eyes.

After about three hours, she was sitting down in the computer room as she busied herself playing games. Farouk was beside her typing on his computer.

“Idris” he shouted “there’s something you ought to see”

Idris came out from a corridor and walked close to him.

“What’s the problem this time?” He asked.

“I think Don Pedro’s men is at it again. They have attacked the bullion van and somehow, managed to cart away with the money.”

“When did all these things happened?”

“About three hours ago. When we were at the funeral”

“The captain had got to hear this” Natasha muttered.

“You’re right Farouk.” Captain Val said coming inside the computer room. “Don Pedro’s men was behind everything. Our spies confirmed that the money is with him right now and he will be taking it to his boss the next day”

“Wait a minute” Jummy who was by the side of the captain said “you mean Don Pedro had got a boss. Like seriously, he isn’t the boss?”

“No Jummy” captain Val answered her “Don Pedro is working under someone and what I am concerned about is the money. The money should be returned to the federal bank because it rightfully belongs there”

“Leave that to us captain” konami said “Me, Idris, Farouk and Jummy will take down Don Pedro this night”

“And find who the son of a b—h is working for” Jummy added.