Natasha Reloaded Season 2 Episode 41


Idris stood up, he was alone in his room. He walked close to a little box where he kept the picture before walking to where the Shadow agents were gathered.

Konami, Jummy, and Idris where dressed in total black. Farouk was dressed casually. To him his mission was easy. He will be at the base monitoring their moves.

Captain Val came out and everybody stood up at attention. He walked to the middle of everyone without a single smile on his face.

“This mission is very easy. All you have to do is to take the money and take out Don Pedro, any questions?”

“No sir” They all chorused.

“Alright you can now go”

“Wait” Farouk called out. He got closed to them and started planting little chips on their body.

“What is he doing?” Natasha asked.

“Planting powerful micro chip that serves as a monitoring camera.” Jack answered her.

Farouk was done in a minute and ran to his computers. He sat down and pressed some button.

“The cameras are online” he said with a thump up.

“Alright then, let’s go”

Idris, konami and Jummy drove a military truck to Don Pedro’s resident. They made sure that the truck was parked some meters away from Don Pedro’s house.

“Weapons” Idris said as they all moved to the back of the truck.
“So what weapons are we gonna use?” Jummy asked.

“What else, we need silent pistols and a grabbling hook” Idris said. They all picked their guns and came out of the truck.

“Farouk, hope you can still see around us?” Idris asked as they walked the remaining meters to Don Pedro’s house.

“Yes bro” Farouk’s voice came through a little device from their ears.

When they got close to Don Pedro’s house, they stopped. The house was surrounded by heavy security light.

“We can’t get in with those powerful beams around” Jummy whispered.

“leave that to me” Idris said. The three of them were dressed in their shadow suit. It was a complete Ninja black outfit with the name Shadows written at the back boldly.

Idris stealthily move to the side of the fence. He picked a little device from his pocket and threw it inside the compound. He waited for a while, it seems the guards were oblivious to the surrounding.

He removed another tablet device from his pocket and brought it online. It was a camera device and with the camera he had thrown in, he was able to see everything inside the compound.

Idris looked everywhere with the tablet device in hand. He counted about twenty guards and the power switch to all the lights in the house was at the far left corner of the house.

He ran backwards a little bit, hung his bow properly, than he ran forward with full speed and dived into the compound avoiding the electrical wires on the fence.

Jummy and Konami were amazed,

“sometimes, I think I am yet to know more of Idris’s move” Jummy said.

“You can say that again” Konami replied her.

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