The Brat and The She Devil-Episode 67


Brian stares at the woman who is standing naked, her back to the locked door to her office, her eyes shone in desire, her nipples perked up smiling at him, the curve of her thickly rounded bottom was enough to make any man drool in desire and claim her the way she wants.

Yes.. his Club Boss was a beautiful tempest, even in her early/late forties. He couldn’t tell.

“Brian, I mean it when I say if you don’t come and fxxk me I will scream rape and I would make sure the authorities get involved, ” she said leaving the door and walking to him slowly.

Her breast, full and yet firm danced as she walked to him, her flat tummy disappearing into her thighs where her neatly trimmed area resides.

Her skin was fair, thus the dim light glowed over it. She even smelt of lavender as she came close enough for him to see how she looked.

If he reaches out his hand now, he could touch her, and not only touch her he can do anything he wants with her.

Something she wanted, wanted she craved, something she was threatening him for.

She is standing in front of him, he hadn’t moved from near the table where her desktop sat.

“You know, I have been watching you and hoping that you come to your senses and realize that all the green lights I have been giving you weren’t for fancy. That stunt you pulled the other time? I let it slide and I told myself that when I am ready for you, really ready for you? You would give in. Look, I like you, Brian, since the first day you had the issue with the payment and you had to beg for a job to offset your debts? I liked you that is why I agreed. But you see, you have refused to open your eyes or rather you don’t want to allow yourself be loved by a beautiful woman”

“I ..” he swallowed ” I have a girlfriend “

“Who gives two shits if you do. I am married, but we don’t see our significant other here do you?” She touches his cheeks ” I just want you to fxxk me, like a harlot, like a sex-starved man. Bend me over, hang me by the window, and take me on all fours I don’t care. Do you know how I try to restrain myself from grabbing your Dxxk? I see that bulge when you have your briefs on and I want to just grab it, pull it out and stick it in my wet core because anytime I see you I am always wet but you stubborn man, you keep running away from me”

“Is that why you had to the device this means to get me here?”

“Yes. So, you are going to strip for me baby, put that condom on and you are going to slam me till is squirt. My husband, he is okay? But he is a one minute man, I usually have to finger myself or use a vibrator when he falls asleep? I possibly can’t go on with that life..abba? My vajajay is for good sexing not three to five thrusts and the fools are quaking like and a game lizard on an electrical wire. I need a man who can make me see the heavens and cause me to touch it till my legs go weak and I began faint from satisfaction”

“Get yourself a man ” he swallowed as she grabs him, he removes her. She smiles pushing him backward, she closes the distance as the leg reaches the table.

“I did, a lot. They suffice for the time being. Then you walked in and I want you too.”

“I have a girlfriend! !” He repeats

“Do you say that to convince me or to convince yourself? Trouble in little Africa?” She smiles

“No. It’s just …it’s complicated “

“Then, let me help you fix the complication then. Fxxk me and tomorrow morning you would feel better and not worry about some chick”

“She isn’t some chick..please don’t do that” he stops her again as she grabs him, this time she drags his briefs down, he pulls it back up

“Look, while you are deciding if she is some chick or not, let me get familiar with your boy there.. he is the man in this conversation” she goes on her knees and drags his brief down again, grabbing him quickly and sticking it into her mouth.

“Oh..shit. Fxxk No” he pulls away quickly, pulling his brief off as he almost fell moving away from her… “Ma’am, please I can’t !!”

She licks her mouth, “yes you can. Junior seemed to like me”

She eyes him, he looks down to see his bulge rising.

“Down boy” he urges

She laughs ” oh you are so cute aren’t you?” She rests on the table, folding her hands. On second thought, she sits on her desk as she pushes the desktop to the side. Spreading her legs open she blows him a kiss.

Brian watches as she dips a finger into her core, takes it out and then licks it, then she sticks in two, in and out, in and out, moaning as she did so, she takes it out and then shows it to him.

“See how think and inviting my girl is? She can swallow you up in a second and cause you to grind her like your life depends on it. Come here, Brian”

Brian swallow again, the throbbing pain to this member began. That pull, that desire. That need to thrust and then to release was causing him a migrant.

Dammit !!!

Breathe Brian, just breathe.

” No! I need the keys ” he says holding the doorknob to realize that the key wasn’t there.

“I threw it into a drawer, and the only way out is through here, between my legs and I would do one better? I would scrap the remaining payment you owe the club”

“I only have a week’s payment worth. .I think I am good”

“Oh, so you want to be a man right. Fine!! I will scream if you don’t come here Brian ‘

“I really cannot Ma’am. A little over a while ago, I would jump at this and make you feel like you have never had it this good. But… right now. I can’t. I do have a girlfriend and I do care about her and for a man who is trying to be better, this isn’t helping.” He averts his eyes from her naked body but then again, his eyes keep coming back to stare and his member increasing by the second.

“You don’t have to do anything if you don’t want to. .I can ride you, I just need your rod inside of me Brian and I want it now” she reaches for the Drawer, grabs a packet of the condom, she takes one tearing it off, she brings it out… “just a quick one. I am a horny baby…’ she smiles.

He doesn’t move.

“I will call the police and accuse you of rape” her smile disappears.

He doesn’t move

“You will spend a long time in jail Brian” She gets angrier.

“I can’t !!”

“YOU MUST!!” She bellowed at him before the mug on her table came flying at him, he docks as it crashes to the door. “What is so good about this girl that you makes stupid pledges about not having a thing with another woman? “

“I didn’t make a pledge, this is all me deciding on my own. “

”No, this is you trying to be stupid and won’t let your boy think for you.” She said

”Oh well, I am the man in this situation, not him’

”Oh yeah, how about I see for myself!!!” she moves from the table, walking to him, Brain’s back is backed to the wall as she stands in front of him, she closes the distance and presses herself to him, moving her body over his, Brian’s breath catches in his throat as he swallows trying not to think.

”Please Stop!!” he begs

”A little longer Brian and you will find your way to my clit all by yourself, just give in, I promise you will enjoy the ride I swear it” she presses herself more, while he is closing his eyes she uses the opportunity to touch him, she grabs and squeezes him, he kicks, Brian swears, she smiles..

”That’s it, baby, that’s it!!” she pulls his brief’s down again, seeing no resistance she smiles going on her knees.

Damnit!! Brain swears again.

It was one thing for a man to fight and control himself when he is in the presence of a woman, it is another thing to control it when she is naked, not just naked but beautiful, and it is like a war zone when you are an original bad boy trying to kick the bucket and become the saint…

It was hard to think of things like this and still have a sane mind.

He felt her mouth closed over him again, he folds his hands into a fist.

Dear Lord, I can’t think…arhhhhh fxxk!

He looks down to see how she was working her lips over his member, causing him to increase more in height and in size, she was enjoying what she was doing, even if it is a full one minute now.

It was hard to think, to not desire, to not want to fall back into their life, that life that had pleasured him immensely for a while before Adora.

Yes, Adora, the woman who had been the thorn to his flesh and now the pain in his heart, the one who fought him since they met and now the one he would rather fight with than not to at all. The one…he misses.

The one he wants the …the only woman that can make him weak, something he didn’t think possible.

The only woman who had made his day high and then dropped him with his back to the ground when she broke up with him.

All because of that John.

Yes, Adora, like a snake she came slithering into his skin, making him hate her, and still…he wants her..ever since he realized he liked her, he didn’t want to stop that feeling, he didn’t want to stop it at all.

He wanted her, he wanted her alone.

Even if he could only kiss her lips up there and then below there, she was all he needed…and …no one else.

Adora, dammit! I miss you, I really do miss you.

I can’t!! I can’t do this. For the first time in my life, doing something as right as this feels right…no one else makes me angry and yet causes me to want to touch and hold and kiss her,

No one else comes off as feisty, no one else can be my little feisty witch other than you Adora..

God!! I do miss you.

”What the actual fxxk!!” she exclaims

He looks down to realize why her outburst, he was nothing but a flaccid member in her hands,..

”What the hell is this Brain?” she exclaims again as she points at it.

”I told you, I have a girlfriend, someone I care about deeply…this isn’t happening, I think my boy just told you that too”

”No, get him back up, get him back up!!” she screams at him

Now he folds his arms, leaning to the wall ”Nope!! There is nothing I can do anyways, that boy is on Adora Lockdown Ma’am”


”Yes, my girl’s name. So right now, I don’t think he senses your nakedness” he chuckles

She rises up, shaking her head ”Maybe he would prefer I turn around and bend for him?” she does so, he looks at her, and nearly laughs..

It was an amazing feeling, his member didn’t even sense or kick..

”I’ll be damned!! What sorcery is this?” he began to laugh. He then began to shake his waist and wiggle it, laughing…”I swear Ma’am, that boy is immune to your sexiness, isn’t that cool, like cool? I would be damned!!” he laughs again wiggling.

She gets up and then turns around, her eyes filled in anger ”What did you do?You better undo it, I need you to fxxk me Brian , I swear I will tell the police you tried to rape me!” she fumes

”Ma’am, you can see that I cannot even do that. What I did? Well, I was thinking about my girl while you were there and poof!! It happened. Look, I don’t even know how it happened but….i knew that I didn’t want to be with any other person aside her and…wow!! It is amazing, the mind is a powerful thing Ma’am, really powerful..” he laughs again.

”Get out of my office!!!” she charges realizing that she wasn’t going to be getting some today, especially from Brian.

”Key Ma’am!!”

”Get out of my office, get out, get out!!!” she threw a book at him which he dodges, he chuckles.

”It is locked you remember?”

She moves away from where she stood, goes to bring the key from the drawer she tossed it in and threw it to him, he catches it , opening the door as he pulled up his briefs, he turns to her ..a sad smile on his face ”I am sorry, really I am, but, I am not that guy anymore, whatever changed me made me different, and I like this me. Maybe, someone else would be able to do what you want, but not me.”

”This girl, you speak so highly off, I hope she is what it. I am envious”’ she says

He smiles ”She is, but she doesn’t know how much yet. I just have to remind her, goodnight Ma’am”

She says nothing as he leaves her staring after him and closing the door.

She goes to lock it, goes to her chair, pulls it as she sits, she opens her drawer and grabs a vibrator she had within. Opening her legs wide she inserts it inside of her, throwing her head backwards as she begins to moan ”Damn you Brian, you would have done better,. Damn you!” she bite her lips moaning.


Brain goes to the men’s convenience, locking the door he pulls down his brief, he needed to wash off her lips from him..

He felt guilt, even if he didn’t do anything, the fact that she had her mouth over him made him feel guilty for even letting her.

”I am sorry Adora” he said to himself.

Done, he gets dressed; it was almost 4am, time to go home.


He finds Ikena asleep, he knocks on the door before he slips into the car..

”Hey Boss Man” Ikena yawns..

”Morning, atleast you got some sleep, I haven’t even blinked”

”If you call that sleep, I need a bed not having to sleep in a car because of you”

”No one asked you to wait around, you should have gone home and come back by four”

”’And find you killed maybe and your father cut off my head and feed me to the vultures, no thanks”

Brian chuckles, “You are Ikena the Terrible, I am sure you will put my father in his place”

”Don’t joke.” Ikena starts the car.

Brian is quiet

”I hope she is worth it!” play back in his mind.

Hell!! Forgive me Adora but I am about to not give a fxxk.

”Ikena, take me to hers”

”To who?”

He raises an eyebrow

”It is four in the morning, you need to sleep and be at work in a few hours…”

”I won’t be able to sleep, not until we settle this..i can’t just..” he trails off

”Wanna talk about it?”

Brian sighs ”It is not that ..crazy dude John! John heard you and me talk about her, he spilled to Emeka who calls the big it is safe to say if they find out that we are indeed seeing each other, it’s bye bye, which shouldn’t exactly bother me much, I am his son, but her, it wouldn’t be good and she made it clear how important her job is”

”I really don’t like that dude John, there is something about him that stinks”

”Well, you and me both!”

”No I mean it!!

”What do you mean?”

Ikena stares at him , shaking his head ”Nothing. But Adora, She is right”

”But still”

”But still nothing, she is a woman trying to make her way, okay she meets a supposedly cool-headed guy and things begins to go well and then suddenly it goes puff in her face, of course it is only normal to want to take a step back , I mean, you are his son, worse come to the worse he pulls you out and stuff you into another company again, but she?’ an ordinary girl trying to make it… she gets a dent in her resume’ , she is right to want to let things be”

Brain rubs his chest ”I know you make sense and I know she makes sense but still I do not want to listen to you… I do not want to listen to either of you”

Ikena smiles ”’You know, that is what love does, it makes you unable to think reasonably…”

Brian frowns ”Who is talking about Love? I am talking about what you both-”

”Adora, love.. you-love-Adora”

Brian snorts ”I do not”

”Yes you do”

”I do not damnit. I just like her, a whole damn lot”

”How much?”

He scratches his head ”I cannot quantify it”

”Okay, let me help you. You have been with a whole lot of women right?”

”Jezz, you make it sound like I am a male slut”

Ikena laughs ”Technically, you are or were”

”Only a few women, doesn’t exactly make me a male slut”

”If you were a girl nko?”

Brian laughs ”well I am not”

”If you were a girl who had been with a ”few” guys like you have been with a few girls, what would you make of her then?”‘

Brian scratches his jaw ”Well, women are not allowed to be as promiscuous as we men, something about being a man’s world and shit”

”Stupid!!! My point is, I don’t even know what my point is anymore” Ikena screws up his face.

”Aha!!! See, you don’t make any sense!!!” Brian points to him

Ikena raises up his index finger, ”Aha, I remember my point, it is..this- okay..wait I lost it again” He drops down his hands.

Brian laughs again.

He raises up his index finger again ”Oh yes I got it back now. My point is, ever since being with other women, have you liked them this much? Think really hard”

”I think so?”


Brian crews up his face ”Well, i don’t know,. I don’t..No, I haven’t liked anyone this way even despite knowing her for a short period of time, I mean, the other girls didn’t exactly mean anything to me per se. Sure I liked them and dated a few was all fun, it was all for the pleasure and they came for the money and stuff. But her, she has no idea who I am or how..well, wealthy my father is, I had to stop thinking that my father’s money is my money”

”Attah boy, you are growing up so fast” Ikena nudges Brian’s jaw.

”Shut up!!” Brian chuckles.

Ikena laughs

”Anyways, she has no idea who I am really other than me being this annoying guy-”

”Which you are!”

”I said shut up Ikena!!”

Ikena tries not laugh and fall out of the car, smile smiles ..

”As I was saying before you beatit and buthead interrupted me”

”Hey, I enjoyed a bit of that cartoon, Ed, Edd and Eddy!!”

”Keep talking and I will punch you!” Brian threatens

”Bleh!!!” Ikena chuckles

”Dear Lord, why did you send this kind of bodyguard to me, why?”

”God is in heaven, it’s your daddy you should be calling” Ikena laughs again

”Hey, I am trying to talk here na..give a brother a minute”

”Okay Boss, sealing lips” He draws and invincible zip over his lips, and nods for Brian to go ahead who smiles..

”So, she meets the annoying me, this annoying Brian who turns out to be a kinda cool Brian that she likes too. me, a common tech guy, an architect and designer, and stuff and she likes me for me, that is cool, that feeling is different from any I have ever felt, because I didn’t have to show off my background and affluence of wealth before she looked my way, I didn’t have to talk about me and exude all my charm before she liked me, I didn’t have to do anything, well other than make her hate me but look how that turned out..this feeling I feel is new and it is exciting and the moment I realized I liked her?…I went all in, you know, telling her and since then, every moment that passes and we break into a new day, it increases , the likeness it does and then today when she broke it off…i felt pained and …” he shakes his head

”When one of the girls came on to me in the office today, I thought it was Adora and we kissed but I realized soon after almost immediately that it wasn’t her because I know how she tastes and how her lips fill, I have it here, imprinted in my head” He touches his temple ” -and .., and I felt like shit even though it wasn’t my intent to kiss another girl but yet I felt like shit and I had to politely put her off, I still feel like shit, the thought of another girl’s lips. He shakes his head and continues ”- and then just now, my lady manager in there went all out to know”

”Did you?” An eyebrow raised

Brian shakes his head ”Almost gave in almost, but then while she was-”’ he pauses , Ikena tries to hide the smile on his face, he was staring intently at Brian.

”Fxxk you and that face” Brian points at him.

”Respect your elders Boy, ” Ikena chuckles

”I didn’t do anything with her”

”I wasn’t asking, you were saying, go on”

”Whatever, skipping parts!”

Ikena bursts out in laughter ”Brain the badt guy, one day two women came on to you, I want your thunder, can I have it?”

Brian shakes his head ”I don’t like you Ikena, I really don’t

”Heh!! I don’t like you either but I am stuck with you as your driver and body guard and maybe you occasional adviser because you don’t know jack of what you feel , but by every means go on, I will try not to make a face ” he winks with a broad smile.

Brain shakes his head again ”So, while she was—” he nudges Ikena again as a makes a funny smiling face. ”Stop making that stupid face I told you”

Ikean roars in laughter again , ”I swear you should see your face now, you are embarrassed to talk about what she was doing to you? Since when? The Brian I know would have been boasting like a teenager having his first kiss”

”I changed, you realize that don’t you. I kinda feel embarrassed and guilty about it, like rotten, like I am cheating on her”

Ikean stops laughing and then stares at Brian ”The fact that you do makes me say it again ” you love this girl, you just don’t know it yet. What, that boss lady gave you a Blowjob?” he winks

Brian boils in Embarrassment ”She tried to, was on it but see, the strangest thing happen, I began thinking about her, Adora and then…poof I went all..flat and it was hilarious because I suddenly wasn’t aroused with all she was trying to do. I mean she had to get them to get me to her office lying about some computer glitch, then I got in and wham, she was naked when she closed the door and locks it and I swear, I had no intention of even sleeping with her but a man can only be in control for as long. She was determined to seduce me, but, to realize that just mere thinking about another woman who..makes me feel good, my entire body and mind responded to my thoughts and I …went flaccid and she roared her lungs out at me. it was pleasing..and yet, surprising” ”

”It is not, your heart accepts her, your body too is beginning to.”

”Is that what love is?”

”Nope. Love is not physical, love isn’t about and hell if I know how to describe what it truly means, but all I know is, when a man begins to act differently than he used to towards a woman and doing things he never used to do, his waking thoughts and sleeping thoughts are about her and stuff and a whole lot of other senseless things a sane man wouldn’t do?…he is in love, and you my friend are”

Brain shakes his head ” What you said don’t make sense, I know a couple of guys who go all out for a girl but, they are just playing them”

”There is love and there is infatuation and there is..for the players ‘ I want to get into your pants kinda love, which are you? Which do you think you fall in?”

”Well, I like her a damn lot, but, I don’t want to push her for sex..i really don’t want to go down that road not because I don’t want to, I hell I do, I just..want to put her first in that regard, when she wants, when she is ready, doesn’t matter how long.”


”And I don’t think it is infatuation either, because I see a lot of girls and I know how I get, she? She came out of nowhere, a pain to my skin now…I simply can’t get my thoughts out of hers”


”But it Is not love .I don’t love her, I like her, a lot, I care for her…and I simply cannot go to sleep knowing that we aren’t exactly on talking terms because she decided to give up on us.. it is too soon”

Ikena sighs ”Give her time, maybe the stars would align for you both”

”What if it doesn’t, what if in a week’s time, some other guy comes into the picture and then what?”

”That is life”

He sighs ”Well, I do not want to wait around for that. I want to see her ..and I want to see her now”

”You are stubborn”

”Yes, a trait I got from my father.”

”You say it is not lust, not infatuation and yet you think it is not love?”

”Just drive, it’s not!!

Ikena pulls away from the club ”’Okay Champ, then you are obsessed, ”

”I said shut up!!”

Ikena roars in laughter, Brian smiles shaking his head and then turns away to the window..

He can’t love her. It’s not love, just a strong feeling of likeness he has for her. But what if though? Is that why he feels the way he does, is that he can’t just let go, and respect her decision, is that he wouldn’t be able to sleep until he makes sure she is okay, or atleast give him another chance. He wants this. So bad, much more than he had ever wanted something in his entire life.

”Oh Adora, you have no idea what you do to me! I have no idea either, but when I see you, maybe all of this would make sense”.


I am startled awake by the consistent knocks on my door, fear gripping me, as I hold my breath..

‘Knock knock knock*

I turn to look at the clock on the wall, it is past 4am in the morning..

The knock came again..

I listen, calming my frightened heart.

The knock comes a few more times, then I hear voices, I sit up from the bed, wondering who they might be. Where they thieves? But the securities were at the gate, they couldn’t possibly can’t be thieves.

The knock comes again.

Grabbing my rope put it around my shoulders and creep slowly to the window to peep out, leaving the lights off so whoever is outside don’t see me, incase I have to be alert, I frown when I recognize the car, Ikena is standing by it ”what in the world? Did something happen?” I quickly open the door.

”Ikena, what is it, why are you here?” I ask him, he is looking at me, or behind me. I turn looking behind the door sensing a presence.

”Brian?” I breathe

”Can I come in, please?” His voice came quietly

”It is almost 5 in the morning Brain, why are you both here?”

”Tell you when I come in”

I stare at Ikena who shrugs, I turn and walk into the house, I hear him follow me, I turn when he enters and then closes the door.

We stare at each other for a few minutes .. I fold my hands, waiting, in the middle of my dark palour. The white shirt he wore gave away his position as he stood in the dark.

”It is dark, I can’t exactly see your face when the lights are off in here”

”You don’t need the lights to tell me why you are here Brian” my heart is beating fast. Why is he here?

Without saying anything he moves backwards, nearing the door, I see his hand movements spreading across the wall.

”What are you doing?”


”No! Leave it off, ” i say

”I want to see you as I talk to you”

”Leave it off!!” I say again,

He pauses, I know he does because his hands drops to his sides ”Why?”

”Because, – I think you should leave, Ikena shouldn’t have brought you here just because he drives me home doesn’t warrant him to bring a stranger to my home”

Brian winces ”So I am a stranger now?”

”Please leave”


”Why not” I calm myself, so my voice doesn’t give me away. I had cried, all night, my eyes were swollen, I felt hurt and broken and none of it, none of it was making sense. How can breaking up with a guy I barely know and only what dated for a few days hurt. It didn’t make sense, yet, I knew it was for the best. He leaving, because, I missed him so much and seeing him here only makes me miss him more because I can’t tell him, I can’t.

I have worked so hard to get to where I am, build up my prestige, a clean records, good track records, I can’t let it soil just because of a man.

Even if it were a man that was literally making me weak to my knees, even if it were a man that my heart was beating a thousand seconds for..

Even if it were a man, my man, for what a few days.. it still hurts like mad, but, but my job is important, I am important and I need to continue on as I have been doing, before Brian, before all of this.

Focus! I have always been focus and determined and goal driven and had never let the thought of a man distract me..

Not even when I dated my first boyfriend..i knew what I wanted and I made sure I got it..Maybe I was too serious for him, that’s why he left, or maybe just because I wouldn’t give him sex.

But. It was never this complicated. Sure I was sad we broke up, we dated for a year.

But , how does one explain this..? This thing Brian and I have, how?

I haven’t ever felt this way before, not with anyone.

Just him.

But whatever thing we had, whatever it was. It was over. Done. I have alife, a career..he has his.

A few more days or weeks and we would forget it never happened and he would be with his ladies and me with my..with my..

It doesn’t matter, I have been alone for a while, it never bother me until Brian showed up. I just have to forget him, if not, if they carry out investigations, I might lose my job, and my face and what next?

He probably forgets me anyways once I am gone.

”You are doing that thing again?”

”What thing?”

”That thing you do with your face when you are thinking too hard”

”You can’t see me, how can you tell?” I ask him in the dark

He is silent ”Maybe because the little I know enough of you is predictable, or just maybe I can sense the tension in the air, and I know you are thinking about something, I just hope it is about me”

”Brian please , just go home, I have work in the morning”

”So do I, and I a haven’t even slept a wink”

”Maybe you should do that, in your house”

He sighs, I see him raise his hands ”I said I am not leaving Adora, so we either talk about this or we stand here in the dark saying nothing, which is fine by me”

”What do you want from me, what?” I threw at him, raising my voice

”I want you, I just want you” He whispers, yet I heard him loud enough, my heart skips a beat, I shake my head.

”You can’t okay”

”But you can’t just give up on us just like that!” he throws back at me

”I can, and I have, I have a job, I need to take care of myself, I live by the works of my hands and when that is gone, what do I do? Do you know how I climb the ladder? It is with good recommendation, and if as much as a dent comes on my CV everything I have worked for crumbles, I don’t expect you to understand because you are a man, everything comes easy for you, me? we are faced with challenges, it is either back for ground to get up there because men feel women are easy lays so because they want to get to the top the only way is to slut themselves through, but people like me, women like me have to work twice as hard, maybe four times as hard just to be able to scratch the surface before they begin to see your worth. I have worked hard Brian, so excuse me if I am a little bit selfish and put me and my career first, and my good name”

”I do understand you”

”No you don’t”

”I do, I really do Princess”

”Please don’t call me that Brian”

”Okay. fine. I said I do understand you but you too, try and understand me, allow me to be a little bit selfish too. I cannot stay and not think about you Adora, I miss you, I really do and I get all what you are saying but…I don’t want to care, ”

”You don’t want to care”

”No I care , I just don’t want to. After the club, I should be home, sleeping in my bed but here I am by 4am in the morning and all I want is you, you are the person I want to talk to, to hold, to kiss and wake up beside to in the morning, Adora, I rather we go back to fighting and hating each other than being this..this two people right now. How do you expect me to go on like nothing is between us? How do you expect me to see you and not smile at you? How do you expect me to see and pretend that what I am feeling inside here for you doesn’t exists, how? I can’t. So please, I will accept any conditions you give, just..give us a chance. ”

”I can’t!!

”Yes Princes, because I am not leaving here till you do!!”

‘Fine, it is big enough, I am going back to bed, when you are done talking, that is the door.” I turn and storm away.

Reaching my room, climbing into my bed, I am shaking…my heart is racing, tears threatening to leave my eyes.

”Just go Brian, before I become weak, please” I mutter as I hid my head in the pillow.

I stay there for a few minutes.

After about fifteen, I realize it is quiet, too quiet. Has he gone? Did he go?

I leave my bed, going to the parlor, it is still dark, I do not see his white shirt standing in the middle of the room, I go to the window and peep outside, Ikena isn’t there anymore, neither is the car.

He left!! He really did leave? He left!!

I turn away from the window, with tears threatening to flush down my face I sink to the floor, hiding my face in my hands, I cry.



”’She asked me to leave.” Brian says in the car.

”Since when do you do what you are told?” Ikena asks as he hold on to the wheel

”Since I could hear the hurts in her voice”

”Then you are stupid, sometimes, when women tell you to go, they just want to have a reason for you to stay. ”

”What does that mean?”

”It means …I want you to leave because blab la bla..but really, I hope you would fight for what you want and stay”

”what are you saying?”

Ikena stops the car..”I am saying, get the fxxk out of the car and go get your girl. If it is meant to be, good, if not, atleast you tried”

”But she said-”

”A man never succeeded without atleast failing. Go!!”

Brian jumps out of the car and begins to run back to the house.


The knock startles me, I clean my eyes and then get up to look out of the window, I see no one. I frown.

Knock Knock !! it came again.

I open the door, to find him there..

”What are you doing here, I told you to-”

He closes the space between us as he captures my lips in his ”Shut babe, please, now I would do the talking’ he says over my lips, then he kisses me again and again and again until I am short of breath, I cling to him, while his hands are wrapped about me.

He is staring at me, the dull glow of the moon on my face, I blink, speechless, he is staring into my eyes, I feel a tear drop, and then two..maybe even three.

He raises up a finger, shaking his head ‘No babe, don’t do that. Please, you will break my heart” He kisses my cheeks, kissing my tears away

”I can’t. we can’t –”

”Sssshh!! Let me talk. I know you are scared of the unknown and I know this means a lot to you, your job and everything and I hear you loud and clear, but you mean a lot to me and I cannot give up without a fight.No!! I want this, I want you and even if it means going all out to prove it I will. I can let you do you, I can and I will…but I will just keep liking you a whole lot more, caring for you and showing just how much I can go all out for someone like you. Babe, give us a chance, that is all I am asking. I do not care if they want to do an investigation. Hell, I will put in my resignation today, just to save this relationship, this comes first. Since you walked into my life despite how It all began…I have change, somewhat better from what I was to what I am now, and maybe because, my father was right… a child needs to learn and I have. But, you complete me Adora, you do. Maybe you are my sickness or my cure I don’t know, but I know I am already addicted to the scent and taste of you, I can close my eyes and be able to tell it is you, I cannot possibly let a day pass without you in it babe…

I have a life, a career too, but, it wouldn’t be complete without you. So please, I beg you, give us a chance , but even if you say no, I don’t care, I am stuck with you like clue my favorite witch!!”

I laugh in my tears ..

”There it is, that amazing smile” He leans in and kisses me,

”Say yes!!” He kisses me again

”Say yes, and when the wolves comes for us, like Alphas we would face them, together, say yes babe!!!”

”Say yes to what?” I breathe against his lips

”To being my girlfriend again”

”’Brian –”

”Just yes babe, that is all” he kisses all over my face as we stand at the door.

”Yes, yes!!”’ I breathe

He smiles ”So girlfriend, can we have a proper kiss?” he nuzzles my neck, I smile

”You will be the death of me Brian Andrews!!”‘

”As you will too”

He captures my lips again as I hold on to him, like my life depended on it.

At the end of the day, this feels has always felt right..but..

”What happens next?” I ask peeling my lips away from his,

”Whatever wants to, let it, together remember?”

We kiss again, he pushes me into the house and shots the door.


”Gone home, by back to get us to work” he pulls me and begins to walk towards my room.

”That is the kitchen door” I laugh turning him to the other side

”I knew that” he laughs, entering the room, he goes straight to the bed while he still held my hands, kicking of his shoes he is climbing the bed and pulling me with him.

I chuckle ”What are you doing?”

He yawns ”Now I have made up with you, I have this certain peace and now sleep. Come ” he taps his chest as he lays back down , I go close to him and then lay on his chest, facing him..

He yawns again, I smile ”You should get some sleep” I tell him reaching out to touch his face and closing eyes

”Yes, yes I should” he yawns again..i lean forward placing a wet kiss on his lips and curl my body halfway over his..with my head still on his chest.

He wraps his hand over me, placing a kiss to my forehead..

We lay like that for a few minutes, when I eventually call his name, I realize he is asleep already.

I snuggle closer to him, listening faintly to the beating of his heart, suddenly realizing the rhythm of my heart joins his. I smile again.

Just maybe, maybe everything might work out.

Soon after, I drift to sleep.