Natasha Reloaded Season 2 Episode 42


Idris stood up from the position he squatted. He just fired an arrow that damaged the control switch. He was smiling. They were trained to use darkness as their ultimate weapon.

He walked to the middle of the guards and they couldn’t detect him because of his black costume he wore but he knew that the guards there weren’t trained very well.

He saw Konami and Jummy diving in as they crept towards him.

“Make sure you get the lights back on.” The chief guard shouted as about three guards were all gathered around the control switch. Idris was wise enough to have remove the arrow which he used to destroyed the switch leaving no clue behind.

“This will take time. The switch is jammed somehow” the guard who held a touch with him said. The remaining two kept trying to repair it.

“Too bad they are novice. Like seriously they can’t see us” jummy said.

“You can’t find a shadow in the dark” konami said.

“Enough, no time for chatting” Idris said bringing out many arrows from his back “it’s time for STEALTH MODE”

5 minutes later.
All guards guarding the compound were lying down either dead or unconscious. Some had long arrows behind their back while others were brought down with bullet from either Konami or Jummy.

“Bro” Farouk called out through the device in Idris’s ear. “It’s a green light. You can go in”

“Thanks bro, but how long do we have before the police will get the alarm?” Idris asked.

“Long enough to execute the job. Am out” Farouk said and went off.

“Common. Let’s finish this” Idris said. He brought out an arrow that serves as a grabbling hook. Don Pedro’s house was a big one, as tall as a six storie building. Truth is, the building was to be used as a hotel before it was bought by Don Pedro and converted into a house.

Idris drew his bow strongly and shot at the roof of the house. The arrow got stuck on the roof and Idris pressed a button on a device he held, the grabbling hook started lifting him up very fast.

Konami and Jummy brought out their own device and shot at the roof, they slid upwards as fast as Idris too.

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Don Pedro had given his personal guard who stood by his door orders to restore the light in the whole house. The head guard with some of his henchmen had already gone downstairs as fast as they could.

“It’s a good a thing I still have solar power” Don Pedro said as he brought down a lever and his room was lit up.

“I think the control switch is a little rusty” Maggie who was naked on the bed said.

“Leave that to the boys, they will sort it out”

**Glass breaks**
Idris, konami and Jummy somersaulted into the room from the window.

“Men” Konami said as he saw Maggie naked on bed “don’t tell me we did miss the banging show”

“No, don’t tell me we are disturbing your honeymoon” jummy said “we will be gone soon”

“Who are you guys?” Don Pedro asked the ninja dressed guys before him. He was tactically moving close to the wall to press the emergency button to alert the guards that he was in trouble.


Idris shot at the button and destroyed it. Maggie flipped to her feet and dived towards Konami with a spear attack.

“Alright, konami had gotten his own rival, Jummy you make sure nobody get in and look for the money while I take on Don Pedro”

“Hi, Hi skipper” Jummy said running towards the door.

“Little ninjas, today you die” Don Pedro said bringing out a glove from a cupboard close to him. The glove was an electric one.

“We are shadows not Ninjas and if there’s anyone that is gonna go down, it’s you” Idris said as he hung his bow and started bouncing up.

Konami managed to stand up but couldn’t concentrate as he was busy staring at Maggie’s b00bs. Maggie used the advantage to give him a sweep kick and he fell down, she climbed his body and started launching blows.

Jummy was closed to the door when she heard footsteps. “Oh Oh The guards are here..”