The Brat and The She Devil-Episode 62


Alex comes out of his hotel room dressed in all black and his face cap, he removes his glasses, cleans it and puts it on as he heads downstairs to the lobby.
“Sir, good morning” the receptionist greets him as he gets close to him
“Morning. I hear you have a conference room for private meetings?”
“Yes sir”
“I would like to use it, how is the price?”
“A day or for weeks Sir?”
“A day, for now.”
“20 thousand naira Sir. We would decorate the hall and -”
“No need for those. I just have to have a private meeting. Is the CCTV camera in there too?”
“Yes, it is everywhere.”
“Can it be turned off during the time of my meeting?”
The receptionist hesitates “It is against the company rules sir”
Alex brings out a bundle of money and places it on the table “That is fifty thousand. Twenty for the company for the conference room, ten for you to shut the fxxk up and turn off the camera and makes sure no one disturbs us and another twenty for the next day, and you need to make sure that the exit doors to this place are accessible…yes or yes?”
He eyes the money, “Okay ” he takes it without a second thought and puts it away quickly, Alex smiles, Every man has a price.
“Good, I am expecting a few people within the hour, show them into the room and get lost”
“What if my oga comes and wants to know what is happening in there?”
“Have I not paid for the hall?”
“You have Sir, but- ”
“Then…he has no business there. Tell him it’s a private meeting for Oil and Gas investors. We don’t need disturbance. ”
The reception nods, Alex turns and heads to the cafeteria.
A man can’t possibly think and function on an empty stomach. He muses.
I listen to Mr Emeka as he briefs the staffs on what he needs them to be apprised of as well as the client who would be visiting us soon.
I notice that John hasn’t returned back to the room, my eyes go to the door, then it falls on Brian, he smiles at me, I don’t return the smile, I turn away again.
I am upset with him.
He should have just stayed home to rest instead of coming to work aching all macho.
He should have listened to me, instead, he sends me away and sneaks into work, making me look like a fool in front of Mr Emeka.
Apparently, Mr Emeka knows him more than I do.
My frown deepens.
Okay .
Brian frowns as she ignores him.
Sighing he turns sideways to look at the door where John had left to.
What the hell did he mean? What the hell did Ikena mean?
He scratches his head mentally, pushing the thoughts away he focuses on her.
Yeah, she seemed pretty pissed at him right now; he would have to pacify her later on.
Mr Emeka is talking, he didn’t seem pleased to see him today or even see him at all.
Everyone heard what John said, no one is cautioning him or asking him to explain what the hell he meant by the statement.
Why wish another person death? Why sound so happy? Why was he excited about it when he said it?
It felt to Brian as though John knew something or felt he knew what was about to happen and as such…
But still, of all things, must it be something as bad as death?
Why the hell was John excited about it.
Yet no one asked him that, but Mr Emeka was more concerned about putting him Brian in his place.
He sighs.
That is not his concern anyways, in fact, John wasn’t actually his concern.
He has jobs at hand he needs to finish, he has no time for John or whoever.
He turns back to stare at her…
She isn’t even returning his smile. It wasn’t his fault, he didn’t want to stay at home doing nothing..he had work, surely she would understand and stop frowning her cute face at him.
Mr Emeka is still talking. Brian takes his phone out from his pocket.
Oh, his missed his iPhone back at the club.
Crap! He still has a few days at the club to complete his payment. He has to go there tonight even. So much to do so little time.
‘’Brian Andrews!!’’
He looks up when he hears his name, looking around first as everyone’s eyes are on him, then he looks to the direction his name was heard.
‘’Yep?’’ he answers
‘’Step into my office will you” Emeka says it as a statement, not as a question. Now what has he done today, he just got here.
‘’If there is nothing more team lead, you can send everyone back to their departments’’ Emeka turns to Boma
‘’Er there is none sir, just units head meeting which is for activities of the past week and the training schedule for the interns.’’
‘’Okay then, give me feedback on it. Carry on’’ Emeka turns and walks to the door ‘’Miss Adora, you too.
‘’Ojat Everyone, you heard the boss, we all can get back to work now, thank you’’ Bola says
‘’Yes Sir’’ I nod following Mr Emeka out, I could feel him walking behind me. I look ahead, watching the back of Mr Emeka’s head as he stops at his door and enters his office, I pause a second in my step and step closer to the door, I feel his hand close around my fist.
‘’Babe’’’ he whispers pulling be back
‘’Don’t Brian!’’ I move my hand away as I see some staff leaving the conference room.
‘’Hey..okay, not holding your hand but..why the face. I am sorry’’ he says
I don’t answer, I step into Mr Emeka’s office as I see him follow me inside as well, I stand waiting for him to say something, he is staring at us.
‘’Sir, is there a problem?’’ I ask him, I didn’t like the way he was looking at me… much less the look of disdain at Brian, I turn to look at Brian, he has a puzzled expression but he doesn’t say anything, he leans at the door, folding his hands across his chest.
‘’One question, why lie to your superior that you are sick and unwell and only for you to show up at work after she had taken permission for you?’’
He steals a glance at me ‘’I felt better, I couldn’t reach her because I don’t have her personal number’’ he says
True. I turn away from him shaking my head
‘’When, you made her look stupid, and to think that of recent she is always having your back, why is that Adora, when I tell you-you should be careful with this one you think I am just talking. ‘’
I say nothing
‘’Erm….I really don’t see how that is an issue. I was sick, I am better, I came to work, I should be apologizing to my superior not you bringing me out to flog me as though I am a child who missed an assignment in class, is that why you called us in here?’’
I turn to look at Brian again, sometimes he should learn to keep quiet, such authority in his words.
‘’Sir, it must have been-‘’ I began, Mr Emeka raises up his hands to cut me
‘’Brian Andrews, let me make this clear, since you like to play games, for no reason should you be absent from work, no reason, since you cannot communicate well with your boss, you communicate to me and I will tell you whether I think it’s okay for you to call in sick’’
Brian scoffs ‘’Really?’’
‘’Yes really, that means, if you say you got into an accident and can’t show up, I need to see proof of that, if you say you can’t lift your leg because a saw cut it off, I need prove too.,’’ he concludes
Brian nods his head ‘’Whatever you say .. SIR ’’ he smiles calmly. ‘’Anything else you might want to add to that?’’
Emeka sits down, leaning backwards ‘’Despite I didn’t think you could pull of anything worthy of praise, your work with the client’s house design is gaining momentum, I do not know if Miss Adora has told you of a new client who is coming into Port-Harcourt, he wants a meeting set up with you and Miss Adora concerning you working on the designs for his shopping mall, it is an express job’’
‘’Yes, I have been told’’
He looks up, realizing something ‘’You said you didn’t have her phone number, so how did you get a message across to her that you were ill?’’
I clear my throat, realizing where he was going ‘’ Actually sir-‘
Brain throws me a glance before continuing ‘’The message was sent through the driver’’
‘’The driver?’’
‘’Which driver?’’
‘’The one that drives me”
Emeka raises an eyebrow, something fishy was smelling ‘’I see. ‘’
‘’You were saying about the client’’ Brian rubs his jaw
‘Try not to mess this up, you may know what you are doing doesn’t mean it needs to get into your head. This is a company, a team, a family, so don’t go out there taking the glory because despite what you do, it is this company that is giving you the spotlight to shine, the re-direction of your already lost focused, because of this company employing you get to put your hands to work you rather use to throw away things given to you.’’
Brian shakes his head, if he didn’t know better, he would think Emeka was praising him, but what he was doing was just telling him how irrelevant he thought he was without his father’s name and money and the company.
But that is fine, he had decided to do better, and Emeka’s words and disdain wouldn’t deter him, not at all.
He says nothing but stares at Emeka, waiting for him to continue ‘’You ruin this, you ruin the company and I hope you take yourself down alone when the Boss comes looking for a head to put on a spike, despite the connection, there is something more important than anything when it comes to the Boss, a good name is better than riches he would say. That meant that he rather have the name of his company praised than thwarted with anything as degrading as anything, that was why when you pulled that stunt Brian with the picture of Miss Adora, it was a huge thing that needed to be tackled at once.

All I am saying now is that..don’t blow this. You have the client’s housing design to finish, you have the IT project with Mr Layefa which you are going to start in a few days and now you have this third client. I know it would be too much for you but I really don’t care, you are the designer aren’t you? So work something out that would make them all happy, make us happy as well and if you mess up, you alone would take the fall for it and I assure you I would make sure of that’’
‘’You can leave Brian, Miss Adora stay’’
Brian throws a look my way before he moves away from the door and exits the office.
‘’Sit Adora!!’’ he gestures to the table
‘’Yes Sir ‘’I pull out a seat and perch on it.
‘’I need you to tell me the truth’’ He leans towards me
‘’What truth?”
‘’Why are you all of a sudden in his defence, I really thought you both hated each other but today, it felt like nothing of that sort. What is going on Adora?’’
‘’What do you mean sir?’’ I ask him,
‘’I mean, how do you allow a liar and a conniving one at that to convince you of something that isn’t true and then show up to prove it?’’
‘’Sir, I don’t think he was lying, maybe he got better like he said and there was no way to reach me so he showed up at work, shouldn’t that be a good thing Sir?”
He chuckles ‘’Right. So…you believe him?’’
‘’shouldn’t everyone be innocent until proven guilty?’’
He nods, she was being diplomatic ‘’Right’’
I didn’t like the way he said that ‘’Right’’, but I saw nothing, waiting for him to say something more or excuse myself.
‘’You do know that if Brian messes up this clients houses design, he would leave here, permanently?’’
‘’Why do you think he would, if all this would go by it shows that he knows what he is doing, you said so yourself, it’s gaining momentum and bringing positive review to the company and now another client wants to tap into his talented hands, so why can’t we be positive that he would do great?’’
‘’Because things like this might get into his head and before you know it…he would mess up.’’
‘’You seem to know what his cants and do’s are Sir’’
‘’I am a good perception of character Adora, and I have already perceived the kind of person Brian was, even you when you both showed up at the office upon resumption of your appointments, you…I see you as a good person,. Easily deceived if today was any indication, you seemed strong and a no-nonsense person when you first came, but now…I wonder if that was just a front or..something or someone had made you cool down on that aspect of your personality and I am curious as to who and why?’’
‘’I am still the same person Sir, and I do not tolerate a behaviour that tries to dent my Image and I act accordingly. But I do not see a reason why I should keep walking around as though I have a chip on my shoulder. I treat people the way they treat me, if they are nice to me I would be nice to them and if they are horrible towards me I would be twice that to them, it’s a give and take when it comes to me sir and I would not give someone what he doesn’t delve out. And I believe I am well adjusted to know who is who and who isn’t, and if my personality has changed sir it means it is due to what I receive and I give out and i thinks there is nothing wrong with it.’’
‘’So you are saying Brian Andrews is nice to you now so you are nice to him too?’’ he raises an eyebrow
‘’I am wondering why you sieved out his name from everything I just said’’
‘’Because Adora, you both aren’t the usual cat and dog I am used to getting so I am curious. A few weeks today, you would barge into my office to complain what an annoying person he was, how you want him fired, how you can’t stand him, how he did this and how he did that and he, whooof!!!’’ he exclaims ‘’He would say worse about you not to complain but just to let me know how he refuses to be controlled by a woman, why he cannot stand you and why he would do what the hell he wants and that if anyone gets on his way, especially you he wouldn’t stop to bite, I mean he had you photoshopped as a witch almost clad on the internet, he well..didn’t sexually harass you per see, but he had his hand to your behind, poured you hot coffee, disrespected you in front of your junior colleagues and God knows what else he had to say to people aside the office about you…and yet, and yet…you defend him out of the blue when I was trying to do what wanted Adora, making sure that if he erred as a staff in the company, the pat he gets leads him to the door and out but no, you stick up for him to have the boss change his mind and I still offered to help but you choose to believe him yet again when he tells you he wants to change and be better for himself and for people around him by doing what he is meant to do in the company and what does he do today, lie to you, come out to debunk the story of his illness and here you are claiming maybe he is telling the truth, I just wonder Adora though….do you have eyes or you are blinded by his niceties or is it something else altogether?…

Oh don’t tell me he has charmed you with his pretty-boyness, I mean, I hear the stories of how many ladies in the office want him to themselves, the walls do have ears and I hear him brag about how he can get anyone he wants, how he can get any woman to be eating out of his palms…I just hope you haven’t been sucked into that web of lies and his play-boyness, and aside that it isn’t any of my business what you do outside the office, having a thing with a colleague is wrong and is punishable by the rules and regulations of the company and-‘’
‘’I am sorry Sir, with due respect, ‘’ I am rubbing my temple ‘’I am wondering how this conversation turned from one being sick and arrogant to be being a playboy and his worldliness thrown at my face and then to my sexuality?’’
What the hell was this? It felt as though he was telling me the kind of person Brian was so I know just in case I was stupid enough to be ‘’Charmed’’ by him, and I should know he is a player.
What is he? A boss who checks out everyone’s sexual activity just because? Plus how long as he known Brian to know what kind of man he was to know that he literally was a man hoe? It was ridiculous.
In fact, if I am being honest, Brian seems like a womanizer, I mean, it was obvious from day one, and well, he had mentioned he had been with a few woman and well…whatever that translates to.
But he also said he hadn’t had anything with a colleague here in the office, which was a relief.
A man of his kind, cute, sexy…oh, really sexy should have a lot of ladies fanning around him on a daily and maybe he had let his imaginations run wild and indulged. I shouldn’t crucify him about those…
I mean, we just started dating, whatever happened in his past is his past. But I would only have a problem with him when he thinks to do anything with another woman now we are dating. Which I am still trying to wrap my head around it got to this but, I am not complaining.
Okay, we may not be having sex right now doesn’t mean I would be cool to find out he lets it out with another; he knows I am a virgin, he still wanted to date me and even when I was tempted to let it all go last night,
Surprisingly he says he would stop me, and I think that was kind of sweet and yet stupid because which kind of man would turn down ‘it’? but whatever it was, or whatever he had going on in his mind when he said that, twice and literally fought to be in control even after letting me feel how amazing he is at kissing both my upper lips and lower lips doing those things with his tongue.. he still didn’t go further . He deserves a plus in my book and he gets it.
Because maybe I wasn’t sure I really wanted to go all the way and I believe one should have a clear mind clear of influences like that to know if they really want it and I am glad he wanted me to know for certain what I wanted and not be blinded by the spur of the moment.
So yes, Brian deserves a little more than been castrated for his mistakes and attitude towards everyone, and I would be the last person to throw him under the bus.
Okay. so what if I am pissed at him for not listening to me and staying home to rest so he doesn’t get stressed and cause the wound that was healing to open, the doctor insisted he had some rest, bed rest which was why I insisted he stayed home, but still, it doesn’t make him a liar.
No, maybe he really didn’t want to stay home and he didn’t want to argue with me so lets me go ahead and comes to the office afterwards, I don’t know his reason, and I definitely wouldn’t be crucifying him as a bloody liar.
Yes I am upset with him for making me look like a fool but it doesn’t mean I would run it by Mr Emeka like that, but what and how he speaks about Brain is making me uncomfortable,
Yes, I hated Brian when I came and my reasons where justifiable; he was an ass, an obnoxious ignorant very annoying ass, but he has changed.
The Brian now isn’t the same Brain before and I think I like this Brian, he was sweet and gentle and funny and cute and,….damn, really hot.
Okay, aside that, he was willing to listen and learn and work and be better, even offering to be friends with John who hates him as well and even now, he addressed Mr Emeka as ‘Sir’ , never heard him refer to him as sir before and surprisingly, he took the insults Mr Emeka delved out as well and left.
If that isn’t enough to see changes in his person and to applaud the guy for making an effort, then she doesn’t know what is.
But whatever this was, this thing Emeka was insisting on to paint Brian as a horrible horrible person was just uncomfortable. Always referring back to our tantrums. Okay, I didn’t want him because he was making my life horrible as hell, but that was then. Everyone is allowed to change their mind, everyone is allowed a chance to change and I accepted to give him the benefit of the doubt when he asked, nicely.
Everyone should be given that too.
It doesn’t mean what he thinks it means like Brian was pretending to me, I mean, he wouldn’t be pretending to me..he wouldn’t. Right?. He said he liked me a lot, that I give him peace.
We had an amazing weekend and speaking with him and being with him was the rarest I have ever seen him, he wouldn’t be pretending about this weekend, it was too much to pretend about.
So, so what if he lied, he lied to me …
But all this, Brian is this and Brian is that was too much, it just looked as though Mr Emeka’s grievance against Brian runs deep, and I wonder how deep.
It didn’t make any sense.
He smiles as he continues, booting me out of my thoughts, I stare at him ‘’I am just wondering how is it the person you hated so much when you got here is the same person you are defending and yet…he lied to you’’
Really? Still on this? I shake my head as I reply him.
‘’That should be my concern, shouldn’t it? Plus, I do apologize for bringing it to you, next time I would make sure before I come to you but I do not see anything wrong in giving a person the benefit of the doubt Sir, we can’t throw daggers at people just because’’
‘’So you and him are chummy buddies of niceness now?’ he raises an eyebrow
I shake my head surprised ‘’Why are you insisting on this topic, sir?’’
‘’Just curious” he leans closer, yes, something does seem fishy, see the way she avoids the question,
‘’I treat people the way they treat me and if Brian is nice to me as my PA and as a person, it would be reciprocated, Sir’’
He nods his head ‘’So that means you do not want him fired anymore?’’
‘’Why do you hate him, sir?’’ I ask out of the blue, testing the waters to really understand where this was coming from, this wasn’t about me and hoe Brian had been a side since and suddenly turns a new leaf, this was more …that more I wanted to know.
I knew John hated him, I didn’t understand really why other than the fact that they were acting like two male Alfas and the other not willing to bend just because he felt he was superior to the other or whatever was going on in their minds when they are at each other’s throat.
But Brian bends, not because he couldn’t take John head on, he could, in fact he has, I have seen that John is no match for Brian when he is upset and wants to show how pissed he was, and yet, in the new leaf transformation process, Brian had given into making sure that he lets it go and he does. I think, He didn’t bring John up once during this weekend, which meant he was being serious about being different now. And he is, he is.
But, why does it feel like Emeka hates him too, and why?
‘’I do not hate him, Adora, don’t be ridiculous!!!’’ he snaps
I am quiet, it did feel that way
‘’I just do not enjoy people who lie and act in a way just to deceive people and who put others in trouble and in a bad spotlight just to get their high and I am only saying this because whatever Brian does in the company that affects it affects me because when the Boss comes down with a hammer, he hits my head first before it gets to others, and I would not want some stupid boy who doesn’t value what this company is about and ruin it, I have my career at stake and so I would not allow him to do what he wants when he wants and how he wants under the umbrella of the company and just so you know I am serious about making sure that whatever he does, when he errs gets to the Boss and I would be holding the door open when that happens. And even when I see that he is threatening to kick the pyramid, I would make sure that it doesn’t happen. That is all I am saying and I am talking to you to make sure you are careful around Brian, he isn’t what you think he is, liars rarely have an honest bone in their body’’
I frown ‘’What is he? What do you mean Sir?’’
He smiles ‘’Don’t say I didn’t warn you though, and if and when he errs, try not to defend him, let him fall else he would take you down with him and sadly, you might be the only one hitting the bottom.’’
‘’I do not understand what that statement means Sir’’
‘’You can leave Adora, you have a few things on your table to take care off this morning before you and Brian leave to other business. And, make sure the meeting is productive and you come to a final decision when the new client arrives, and make sure you keep Brian on a tight leash because what he does go off bad, it would cause a ripple effect that would be worse, trust me, it would affect you first…and men like Brian care for only themselves and about saving their owns heads to think about others.’’
‘’Right’’ it was my turn to say so ‘’I will take my leave now sir’’ I tell him getting up
‘’Go ahead, and Adora, on your way, have John come see me, I need to speak to him about…work’’ he smiles ruefully
I nod leaving.
What the hell?
I walk to the department cubicle, I do not see John in his seat, ‘’Tomiwa, did you see John?’’ I stop her as she greets me passing to the other cubicle
‘’Er’’ she shakes her head looking round ‘’Not since the meeting this morning, he hasn’t been in the office as everyone returned’’
‘’Okay, try his phone then, let him know Mr Emeka wants to see him Asap’’
‘’If I see him, Ma’am’’
‘’Okay, thank you!’’ I walk back to my office, lost in thoughts, I open the door to find him perched on my table, waiting for me I presume
‘’What are you doing here?’’ I close the door and step fully into the office, he is staring at me
‘’Waiting on you’’
‘’Can you leave, I have a few things to attend to this morning, when I am done we can go over some other things that we were working on last week before we head out’’ I am standing in front of the door
‘’Are you okay?’’ he gets up walking to me, trying to hold my hand
‘’Brian, please leave’’
‘’Look, I am sorry, I just didn’t want to be home doing nothing, I didn’t mean to make you look like a fool, I swear, I really wanted to show you that I am strong and that I am okay, I am sorry, really.’’ He touches my hand, refusing me from pulling it away
‘’I have work Brian, I need you to leave’’
He is shaking his head as he steps closer to me ‘’Don’t do that Adora, please don’t. look let’s do this, if you are upset with me, tell me, lets trash it out okay, don’t lock me out and then this turns into something else, it’s too early for this in our relationship. I am sorry, I won’t ever put you in that position again, I promise. Just don’t shut me out, tell me you are upset with me if you are.’’
I sigh rubbing my temple with my free hand,
‘’Yes I am upset with you, I mean, do you even know what he was saying in there? Do you know how you made me look in front of him’’
‘’I am sorry’’ he says
I shake my head.
‘’What was he saying though?’’ he stares at me
‘’Well, a lot. Of how you are a liar, an obnoxious person, have no ability to do anything good, would make errors, pull others down and are an official man slut and a ladies’ man and oh again a lair and not what I think you to be, he seemed to be adamant on that one’’
Brain is quiet, he shakes his head with a small smile that didn’t reach his ears, he nods his head as he steps away from me, he goes back to perch on the table, I don’t leave the door.
‘’Is it just me or Mr Emeka doesn’t exactly like you at all, like at all’’
‘’Well, everyone with their grievances, John, him, you’’
‘’No, I don’t have any grievance against you..I am just upset doesn’t mean I am holding an angry torch over your head’’
‘’I know’’ he looks down at his hands, then he looks at me, he seemed hurt ‘’I really am sorry for today though, if I knew I was going to put you on the spot I would have sat my black ass at home’’
I sigh ‘’doesn’t matter, you are here and he expects you to work and don’t make any mistakes’’
‘’it would please him apparently if I do’’
‘’Exactly what I don’t understand, when you talk about it briefly, there is this undertone that suggests you know him well, and him you’’
He is quiet.
‘’What’s up between you and Mr Emeka anyways, why does he hate you?’’
He scoffs ‘’I hardly think he hates me’’ he replies
‘’But from my conversation today with him, I am led to believe so. Hell even John hates you and I still can’t wrap my head around that and why that is. Can you at least give me some clarity?’’
He sighs ‘’I really don’t know Adora, for John, I think he just feels like I came in to take what is his, whatever that is. I mean it started with me not giving a rat’s ass about anyone to doing what the hell I wanted to be liked by people who didn’t like him or people he wished would like him, being fanned by ladies he wished he had around him and being friends with the few guys who wanted to be like me, I mean… it was just some childish ego-centric game that didn’t make sense anyway, and I was playing, I was just being me..but I don’t know, he just didn’t like me and then the feeling was mutual. But right now, I am indifferent to what he feels. I have other important things on my mind than to be throwing punches with John and as long as we are civil towards each other, we are good. That is what I think is up with John and I but all that is over. I told him then and I was serious, I offered him friendship, you were there and saw how he turned it down. So whatever grievance he has he can…let go of it when he wants though, when I see him I want to treat him as cordial as I treat others’’
I nod my head’’ And Mr Emeka?’’
I notice his hesitation ‘’To be honest, I figured it was the fact that I also didn’t give a shit about his authority, that could also be a bruise to his ego so he is trying to get me back at me, I think.’’
‘’And it is nothing more than that, nothing else you know he has against you, nothing else?’’
‘’Nope. Not that I know off’’
Other than the fact that he was Kenekan Jonathan Andrew’s Son? ..
‘’Fine, just be careful okay because he really said some things I wasn’t comfortable with. If you mess up these gigs, he would make sure you are out for good, and I wouldn’t want you to’’
‘’But you wanted me out before, Fire him, fire him, fire him now!!!’’ he chanted pointing to the door
I smile

‘’Hey that’s not funny. I am mad at you’’
‘’I know, I deserved every bit of it. ‘’ he returns the smile

‘’You really don’t want me to be butted out do you?’’
‘’Well, I don’t’’ I look at my feet
‘’What do you mean why?’’ I look up
‘’Just why?’’ he folds his arms
‘’Because, because I want to keep seeing you..that’s why’’
‘’Why can’t we just see outside work and everywhere else if I leave? Not like you would miss me or anything, I am a pain in the ass, you said so once’’
‘’Hey, don’t joke like that, I want you here, where I get to see you every day. And I will miss you’’
Especially now when you make me feel all tingling just by staring at you.
I see a smile play at the corners of his lips ‘’If I am not mistaken Miss Chime, I would say you like me a lot more than you did yesterday’’
I don’t reply, as I avoid his eyes. I felt warm, so suddenly.
I blush remembering the weekend ‘’Come here’’ he says
‘’Why?’’ I thin my lips
‘’I want to kiss you’’ he says it so effortlessly.
I envy his boldness.
My eyes shoot wide open ‘’We can’t in the office Brain, you can’t just want to kiss me because you feel like it’’
The smile doesn’t waver

‘’you should know me a little by now Adora, if I want something I go for it, and right now I want to kiss you, so you have two choices, either you came here so I can do it or I come to you’’
‘’Are you commanding me?’’
‘’No princess, God forbid I do such a thing to your fine self’’ he places a hand to his chest in a mocking gesture ‘’but even God knows I am getting my kiss, so, come here, please, before I die of thirst of the taste of your lips you beautiful person’’
Argh! Where the hell did you come from Brain Andrews, I muse to myself biting my lower lips.
‘’Damnit!’’ he swears leaving the desk and coming to me, reaching me in three sides he presses me to the door, as I feel his breath on my lips.
‘’Do you realize that biting your lower lips drives me crazy, literally turns me on’
I shake my head smiling, I liked the way his body felt pressed to mine, ‘’I didn’t know, maybe I should do it often’’ I tease him
‘’You make it difficult for a man to be in control ‘’ he kisses my cheeks, brushing his nose over them, he places both his hands on the door, not wanting to touch me, yet I wanted him to.
I feel him, that bulge rising close to my thighs, the warmth washes over me, I lick my lips as he moves a little to stare into my eyes
‘’I want you to lose it all Brian, I want you to lose it all over me’’ I didn’t know why I said that, but it felt good leaving my lips.
He smiles at me, he closes his eyes for a second and opens them, taking a deep breath ‘’Damnit Adora you don’t say stuffs like that to a man who has a rising boner close to your thighs. I raise my hand and touch his face, liking the way he kissed my wrists.
‘’Maybe I like the feel of it to my thighs’’
He chuckles ‘’Be careful what you wish for babe, I may not be responsible for my actions.’’
Looking at him, I take the choice out of his hands, taking my hands lower , passing his abdomen I stretch my hand until I felt him over his trousers, he groans closing his eyes, I squeeze him.
Another groan, I pull him closer to me, ‘’Kiss me ‘’ I tell him.
‘’Gladly’’ he brushes my cheeks with his lips, kissing my nose, he twirls his tongue over my lips before capturing mine, I squeeze him tighter, he groans into my mouth, holding me making sure there was no space between us, glued to the door we keep kissing, as though no one else existed, and in our world, no one did.
‘’Ikena?’’ John calls as he turns to see the man that walked in, surprise washing over him, he is startled ‘’What are you doing here’’
‘’Oh it depends on you’’
‘’How do you mean?’’ John asks him
‘’Well, the convenience is used for those who is pressed and wants to use it right?’’
‘’Well yes, and so?’’
‘’It can also be used for something all together you see’’ Ikena says, he has a look on his way
‘’Like for instance, an interrogating room’’
‘’For you?’’
He raises an eyebrow ‘’What nonsense is this supposed to mean?’’
‘’I mean, you can use here for whatever you want really, but at the moment, this can be an interrogating room. And my first question goes to you, ‘’ Ikena says.
John frowns seeing Ikena folding up his sleeves, wondering if something was wrong with the driver.
‘’What are you doing Ikena?’’
‘’Oh, if you answer the questions directly and correctly, you wouldn’t get to know. So again, question one…Do you know any Koko?’’
His frown deepens ‘’No, who is that?’’
Ikena smiles ‘’Bobo, his second.. they are or were three of them?’’
‘’Who the hell are these people? Look Ikena, can you move so I pass. Infact you don’t even have any right to be in the staff’s convenience, go downstairs or I will call the security for you’’ he made to leave by pushing Ikena to the side, Ikena grabs his hands and pulls him back forcefully,
‘’I am not done with you John’’ he calls him by his name. John has a shocked expression on his face as he staggers back.
‘’Do you know who I am? Are you mad Ikena? Or is it that your passenger Brian is giving you mind eh?’’ he pushes Ikena backwards, instead it is him who bounces backwards as Ikena didn’t move, his stance on the ground firm. He has a smile on his face, but it doesn’t reach his eyes.
‘’Question two, Do you know any Frank?’’ he robs his hands
Now John’s expression is one of surprise, but he recollects quickly ‘’Who Is frank? Frank is a name of a person. Who the hell is he supposed to be and how do I know him?’’
Ikena nods ‘’ So do you know nay Frank?’’
‘’I do not know any frank’
‘’Lie number two.’’
‘’What the hell is that supposed to mean?’’ John looks him over. Which frank does he mean, the frank he knows or the frank he doesn’t know.
The same Frank…Frank.
The one he called to help get rid of Brian, the fxxker who obviously failed him or lied to him and sent him a picture of someone else dead instead of him.
That frank?
How the hell does Ikena know that frank and how come he is asking him who the hell is frank..
How the hell?
And Bobo, Koko…and the third guy he didn’t mention..who the hell are they?
Wait, are they all connected to Frank, were they the ones Frank supposedly used.
But they failed, Brian was still alife.
Did that mean, that somehow somewhere, those guys tried to get to Brian and got the wrong person? Or…somehow he got wind of it and escaped, or..
Oh too many things going through his head that doesn’t make sense.
And the most confusing one was how the hell does Ikena know to ask him about Frank, unless he isn’t talking about the same Frank. Maybe he wasn’t, but still, why ask him of three guys and then Frank soon after..
And why was he looking at him like that, speaking to him like that, was he mad?
‘’Do you know a Frank John?’’ Ikena repeats
‘’Look Ikena, call my name with respect you bloody He-goat driver, you dey craze? Abi you drink shekpe this morning? You have no fear, I will have you fired you fool, get out from my way. Frank, who the hell is Frank. I don’t know any bloody Frank, or Koko or fxxking Bobo, now move before I move you’’ he points at him
‘’Last chance, do you or do you not know a Frank?’’
‘’I said I do not know a Frank. There are a thousand Franks in the city, Frank who, doesn’t he have a surname. Do I go about asking who knows a blessings, there are like two blessings here in the IT department, another in interns, and Emeka? One is my boss and another who lives across the company. So be more specific Ikena or fxxk out of my way’’ he thunders
Ikena nods as he steps closer to him ‘’How is this for specifics, Brian, the one you call a He-goat was attacked by three guys, gutted in the tummy, hopefully he was got to before things got worse. Now imagine the surprise when a number turns up amongst the call list of the assailant. And when run through data base or the internet or maybe true caller if you will, your name turns up. John. Like you said, a thousand persons bear same name right, so how about when it narrows it down to John Efegor, and puff, your picture comes up, not only that but a little profile of you, where you school and presently working and all that crap. Now, just to make sure, it was crosschecked again. And the surprising part was that, your call was about the last one…really last one, which means that…you had spoken to him that is Frank before and after. And what do you know, at the same time, a picture was sent to your phone wasn’t it..a picture of some dead due right? Point is John, you had a conversation over the phone with a frank and that same frank had a conversation with you and in the process of what was said, Brian’s name come up… Now, let me repeat my question’’ he steps closer to him ‘’Do you know any Frank
John is speechless
So that meant, Brian was really attacked, but he was saved. Was it Ikena that saved him, was he the bastard who averted Brian’s demise.
Now, he is saying he did it? How can he possibly make that assumption because …
Take a deep breathe John, don’t blink, don’t panic, he can’t prove shit. He can’t.
Lie. Just fxxking lie.
‘’I said I do not know a Frank. And this thing you are saying, I do not understand . Brian was attacked, when, oh my God!!’’ he exclaims ‘’But he is at work this morning, looking very well. You mean he was gutted? Oh, let me go and ask him how he is doing’’ he made to leave again
This time Ikena drags him, lifts him up and slams his back to the wall..’’You think you are one smart bastard aren’t you?’’ he sneers looking up at him
‘’Put me down Ikena, PUT ME DOWN!!SECUIRTY!! SECURITY!!!!!’’ He screamed,
Ikena slams him to the wall again, harder this time causing him to bang his head, john groans in pain
‘’You bastard!! You fxxking bastard let me go, I will deal with you!! Help!! Someone help this man is trying to kill me, help me!!’’ he screams
Ikena moves him from the wall, lifting him high enough, then with another force he slams him again, John cries out in pain..
‘’Do you want to kill me, what have I done, I will report you to the police, Brian sent you right!! Brian sent you. Who are you? Who are you, you are his hit man shei? How much did he pay you to come beat me up… you want to kill me…let me go..LET.
ME.GO!!’’ He chokes as Ikena tightens his hands over his neck, still holding him up
‘’It would be a really bad thing to upset me further John, really bad thing. At the moment , my head is spitting anger, and all you have to do is say one more bullshit and I would snap even worse than this…now, again, do you know Frank, tell me where Frank is..that is all I want to know, then maybe we can come back and have a conversation as to why the hell you had Frank send boys to Brian. It was your number damnit!! So speak!!’’
He is shaking, ‘’I swear, I do not know any Frank, I swear. I do not know any Frank. I didn’t call anyone to go after Brian, swear it on my dead mother’s grave. i..i…I can prove it. ‘’
‘’I think maybe someone else did it’’
‘’You mean you?’’ he slams him again, John groans, he is shaking his head.
‘’No. Look, I did not do it, is wear it’’
‘’You hate him, you have motive’’
‘’I do not hate him.’’
‘’One more lie John, just one more and I will slam your head to the wash basin, you don’t want to test me’’
He stammers ‘’I lost my phone, phone was stolen, it was, weekend, Friday abi Thursday night. ‘’
‘’Oh, how convenient, you made the call, made sure the dead was done, clarified that it was done, sent a wrong picture by the way because Brian isn’t a ghost, you heard the mission failed maybe, I don’t know. So you do the smart thing you think you could do, lose the phone. Watch a lot of crime movies eh John?’’
‘’I swear, I reported the case to the police even, i swear. Put me down!!!’’ he struggles
‘’This morning’’
‘’See, not so smart. Why didn’t you report it as soon as you found out it was missing’’
‘’I wanted to go find it from the thief’’
‘’Oh so you know the thief?’’
‘’She was a girl I picked up for the night, the- the next day she leaves with it and my money and other things. I went back but I didn’t find her, I went again but nothing. Sluts, they are all thieves. She stole the phone, maybe she was the one who called, maybe someone else sent her, knowing that I and Brian knows each other and maybe hate each other, or maybe Brian has another enemy, I am not his enemy. I may not like him but…why would I want to send people after him, I do not know bad people. I am a good person I swear to God. God knows…I am a saint’’
‘’Shut up, you are lying’’
‘’Go to the police station , close to the office, ask them if any John Efegor came to report anything, you will see that I am not lying. I did not do what you say I did. I swear, Brian is a nice guy, he is annoying but Nice, I will never hurt a fly. I do not know a Frank or the other guys you called. I am just a normal man, is wear. Please put me down!!’’
His legs is dangling from the height Ikena held him to, Ikena’s fist is folded. This guy was lying, he was lying through his teeth.
But for now, he has no prove, but he would check out what he said. He was sure he had a hand in it, but if what he says it’s true, it therefore means Brian has someone who hates him too bad to get rid of him. But who? No one knows whose son he was at the moment, no one aside him, Emeka, Teca…No one else.
‘’If you are lying John, we would have this conversation again and it wouldn’t be pretty’’
‘’I swear it on my life, my mother’s life, my future babies lives’’ he chokes
Ikena let go and he hits the ground with a thud, the door opens and someone walks in, he sees John struggling to get up from the floor, his shirt rumpled, his eyes filled with fear. He looks from John to Ikena and then back to John, he walks in closer shutting the door.
‘’What the hell is going on in here?’’ he asks them, looking at John,
Ikena walks up to John, forcefully helps him up and then adjusts his shirt, he pats John’s face twice lightly and smiles.
‘’Nothing, just helping the man with his shirt, he was having a bad day, right John?’’
John looks at him and then at the man behind him, he is thinking, Is Brian aware of what Ikena just asked him, does he know too what Ikena knows. Was he the one that sent Ikena to harass him? Did he also suspect him to?
‘’John?’’ Brian calls his name as he frowns ‘’What the hell is going on in here?’’ He didn’t like the picture before him, what was Ikena doing in here, and secondly, why did it look as though he just manhandled John. What was Ikena keeping from him? Brian wondered.
‘’Nothing!!’’ Ikena repeats, he didn’t want to tell Brian anything, not yet anyways until he is sure.
‘’I wasn’t speaking to you Ikena!!’’ Brian snaps, Ikena smiles, his smile is still cold, he nods and steps away from John, his hands in his pocket.
John stares at them, something wasn’t right here. Something wasn’t right at all, most definitely not with these two. Ikena..Ikena attacks him, there was something more about Ikena that doesn’t meet the eye.
What was he, especially what and who was he to Brian. And why did he completely obey as Brian shuts him down. And why the hell did he attack him like that, he was just a mere driver. A mere driver that each passing moment is likely less and less one. And the strength he wielded was…John rubs the back of his head.
Ikena wasn’t just a driver, no.
Was he the one who saved Brian from his impending death? Even if he was the one, how the hell did he do it, how?
He called three guys right? that meant Frank must have sent three guys who obviously must be dangerous after Brian, so how the hell did they get the wrong guy?
Ikena said Brain was gutted, that meant he was injured, that meant they did get to him, but Brian looked fine. Or was he just speaking figuratively. Yes, He looks Brian over again to make sure. Brian did look fine, he didn’t look gutted.
But still, they sent him, Frank sent him a picture of the wrong guy, so who was the guy they killed and sent to him, who?
They definitely had the wrong guy killed because he wasn’t drunk that day not to remember shit, he could swear Frank sent him a picture of a dead guy, and the picture was blurry and dark and he didn’t bother to scrutinize it, he was just too happy that Brian was fxxked and out of his way.
His mistake.
But how the hell did Ikena avert death from Brian, how? Three guys after Brian, yes Brian was strong too, he could attest to it but, three dangerous guys after a ..not-so-dangerous guy leaves little to be deserved, they would have taken him..Brian should be dead, not standing here staring at him with that annoying pretty face of his. Was Ikena the one who thwarted his plans? He needs to find Frank, he needs to find out what the hell happened.
But first, he needs to find out who the hell Ikena was, too many things don’t add up, especially what just happened. Brian was too sketchy too…something wasn’t clear about Brian from the start, now..nothing is clear about Ikena, he seemed too confident, even his choice of words when asking him questions sounded like someone who knows about crime and its relativity..he knew the right questions to ask, like some sort of interrogator. Like someone who knew how to handle people who were not clean.
Who the hell was Ikena?
For now, he hopes Ikena bought his lie, if he did, he would be in the clear and they would be chasing ghosts.
Secondly, he needs to make sure Brian doesn’t suspect him too.
He flexes his hands, looking from one to the other, one had a menacing stare, Ikena. The other, was hard to read aside just being curious, and it was the one he hated the most, especially now that he stood like some pretty god.
‘’I asked a question and no one is answering me’’ Brian says.
‘’I came to use the convenience, ran into John, he slipped and I helped him up, nothing more, nothing less’’ Ikena says
He is lying to him, why?
John wonders
‘’Is that True John?’’
He nods his head, this would buy him time anyways, time enough to find a more subtle way to get rid of Brian. ‘’Yes, that is true’’ he adjusts himself.
Brian frowns ‘’doesn’t look like that to me, really, what was happening here?’’
‘’Nothing ..’’Ikena snaps
Brian looks at him, John sees the opportunity to leave

‘’Okay, let me get back to work’’ he moves away from the wall and heads out, closing the door after him, but he places his leg to stop it.
He stands behind the door, listening to see if he could hear their conversation, if it revolves around him, if they know something more, if Brian knows or if Ikena would tell him, anything at all.
He needs to know where he stands, to run or…device a better plan to get Brian down, now Ikena too for roughing him up. He has to pay for it too. He listens.
‘’Are you really going to tell me what was going on in here Ikena, or you want me to guess’’
‘’I told you it was nothing, why are you insisting? ‘’ Ikena unfolds the shirt at his sleeve, he buttons in and adjusts it more.
‘’Kinda looks as though you were in a beating-up someone-mood, did you rough him up, is that it?’’
‘’I didn’t rough him up’’
‘’You are lying’’
Ikena rubs his jaw ‘’How is the wound, healed?’’ he changes the topic
Brian touchés his stomach ‘’Better than yesterday, I guess so’’
‘’You should be resting, I don’t want you to fall down and need to be rushed to the clinic, I cannot begin to explain to your pops how the hell you got attacked’’
‘’Now you sound like Adora, she was pretty pissed I didn’t stay home, took a lot of pacifying to get her to smile’’ he smiles, Ikena watches him
‘’So, both-‘’
‘’Don’t change the topic, what did you do to John and why? You haven’t given me info on the attack , you said you were gonna when you find.’’
‘’Haven’t exactly found out what I need to, soon though’’ he looks away
Brian steps closer,

‘’You have been acting all strange, did something happen to you over the weekend?’’ He shakes his head, he really didn’t want to talk about the girl who died all because he asked her to help, he was still finding it hard to deal with it, and it would be harder if he didn’t get to find Frank and make him pay, until then, he can’t say. If he felt like shit, Brian might be twice as worse knowing someone died to help him too. No, he wouldn’t tell him, not now, not until he finds Frank ‘’Maybe another time, I have to go do something’’
‘’What ikena, you are avoiding the question’’ Brian stops him as he made to leave.
‘’No Sir, you are just too inquisitive for your own good, and be careful around that one, I don’t like him’’
Brian laughs knowing who Ikena referred to as the one, especially when he pointed to the door John just left through

‘’Now you are the one who needs to relax, what’s your deal with John, this is the second time you are saying I should be careful around him. And oh, imagine what happened today, today…he tells everyone I was dead, can you imagine that? Of all things, like where the hell does he come off telling people I was dead’’ Brian shakes his head
‘’He did huh?’’ Ikena rubs his jaw, John definitely was behind this, it was just obvious, the lines meet. But he needs prove, and the phone if he had it on him would have been prove, now he claims it was stolen.
‘’Yes, like…DEAD! I swear I heard it as soon as soon as I walked in and guess what he does, he goes pale, seeing me, as if he saw a ghost. He leaves the meeting quickly saying he needed to use the convenience and he doesn’t show up… so it makes me wonder, I think it’s all connected, somehow, one minute I am attacked, the next someone is planning my demise and spreading it and now…I see you here with John, do you know something I don’t Ikena?’’
‘’No sir, don’t worry yourself about it, I have to go back to work’’
‘’Which of them exactly?’’
‘’Driver duties, I would be out for a couple of hours, call me when you both need to head home, and you aren’t going to the club today’’
‘’Yes I am, I have bills to pay’’ Brian frowns
‘’Nope you aren’t, until I am sure this..whatever it is isn’t going to happen again, I will handle your bill’’
‘’No you wouldn’t‘’ Brian is angry
‘’You have no choice!!’’ Ikena is adamant
‘’I said no damnit!!’’ Brian thunders
‘’Are you crazy, you were almost killed!!’’ There was no way he was going to let him go to that club and get attacked again.
‘’But I didn’t ‘’
‘’But you were, how do you want me to run it by the family, he would have my head and everyone else you don’t need to prove nothing, I know you are different now. Just relax, rest’’
‘’Well, maybe I would take it up with your Boss!!’’ Ikena folds his hands
‘’Which of them?’
‘’The one who looked pretty good in your shirt the other day when I came to your house the next morning’’
Brian laughs ‘’She did look good right?’’
They heard a sound, they turn..Ikena frowns going to the door and opens it wide, he looks both ways, frowning
‘’Is someone there?’’
‘’I don’t see anyone’’ Ikena says coming back inside and shutting the door
John comes out from where he had hidden, ‘’I knew it!! I fxxking knew it!!!’’ he says kicking the wall in anger. ‘’Argh!!’’