Natasha Reloaded Season 2 Episode 36



“Let’s go” captain val said to Jack who was in the wheels. Jack started the engine and drove off while Konami followed from behind.

“Get ready we’re on our way” captain val secretly type and pressed the send button.

Idris watched how Konami drove carefully, following the van closely. Natasha was by his side. He felt the need to talk to her but couldn’t. Could it be fear or what.

“No, I can’t be afraid of a mere girl” he thought as he looked at her. Natasha was looking through the glass so she couldn’t see him.

“Natasha” Idris said as he took her hand in his. Natasha quickly turned and trembled at his touch.

“Natasha” he called again though she was looking at him “I know I did bad. I should have consoled you since but didn’t, am sorry. Believe me, I know how you feel”

Natasha was surprised. Was she dreaming or what. She thought Idris was allergic to long speech but here he is talking to her.

“Wait, what do you mean by you know how I feel?” Natasha asked.

“I wasn’t born like this. I was made into this by…”

“By who?”

“Don’t worry, I will tell you another day”

Jummy who sat in the front was occasionally turning back giving Natasha a naughty smile. She have never seen or heard Idris giving long speeches unless he was giving battle plans.

“Hmm, Natasha baby” she said smiling.

Konami looked at the back from his mirror above his head. He saw them, Idris and Natasha holding hands. He felt a tinge of jealousy inside him.

As they were driving, they got close to a porthole. The van in front carefully dodged it while Konami ran through it with hopes of separating their hands.

The car suddenly jumped up and came down. Natasha jolted and fell on Idris’s shoulder. She then rested her head on his shoulder while Idris began to stroke her hair. More tears came down from her eyes, she was still remembering her uncle.

Konami looked at the mirror in front and found out that he just made matters worst.

“D–n it” he cursed under his breath.

Jay X wore a face mask that disguised his face properly. He was with some men who were lying ambush waiting for the cars to come by.

“Remember this is a test. You don’t kill anyone please”

“Yes boss” the guys replied. They had been picked from the street and have been paid handsomely to carry out the job.

“Here they come” Jay X said softly. “Get the bazookas ready”

“stop here” captain val commanded. The van was stopped and he moved to the driver’s seat.

“I will take the wheels from here” Captain Val said taking the wheels and no one could complain.

He sat down and started the engine. He was driving slowly. Then he suddenly increased his speed as he got to the place Jay X was.

Jay X quickly launched the bazooka against the van but before the rocket could collide with the van, Captain Val had drifted hard and dodged the rocket but the van somersaulted into the bush and was upside down.

Konami, Jummy, Natasha and Idris who were on the Camry behind the van were alerted and quickly came down.

“stay with Natasha” Idris shouted to Konami and Jummy as he ran towards the van.

Jay X who was hiding in the bush with his guys looked at Idris running directly to the van.

“See that agent, he is dangerous. I will take him out”


Jay X quickly took his gun. He emptied the bullets and filled the gun with tranquilizers, needle like bullets that tends to induce sleep to anyone it got.

He aimed at Idris and shot him a clear shot. Idris fell down as the pin entered his back. He tried moving up but couldn’t. His eyes were closing but he did all his best to stay awake.

“I am going in” Jay X said. “The three of you should stay here. Should Incase anything gets wrong, you will cover me”

“Alright boss”

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Konami, Jummy and Natasha saw Idris fell down and they got confused. Natasha was very scared thinking it was one of Donflex’s trick.

“Someone is ambushing us” Konami said slowly as his eyes wandered all around the bush.

“That’s brilliant but please tell me something I don’t know” Jummy said quietly.

Just then, Jay X came out of his hiding place. They couldn’t recognize him because of the disguise he have on. He stood in front of the Camry without saying anything.

“Are you with a gun there” Natasha asked.

“No, why are we gonna need guns for a funeral ceremony?” Konami asked.

“Because it will be handy when you’re attacked by an unknown assassin like this” Jummy replied him.

“Stay with Natasha, am going in” Konami said and stood up walking towards Jay X. Jimmy and Natasha still hid themselves behind the Camry.

“Who sent you and what do you want?” Konami asked.

Jay X tactically pressed a button on his watch to enable the voice transmitter before speaking.

“Nothing, I wanna kill you all that’s all” Jay X said. On a normal day, he knew it will be suicidal to take on a super agent like konami but captain val had already mapped out the plan for him.

Konami folded his fist and launched a blow at Jay X. Jay X ducked but Konami gave him a knee to head kick which sent him backwards to the ground.

Jay X flipped to his feet just in time as Konami dashed towards him. He gave Konami a sweep kick and konami fell down. He tried kicking Konami on the ground but Konami gave him a lower abdominal kick and stood up quickly.

Before Jay X could recover from the kick. Konami had started launching blows at his face. Konami tried giving him a knock out punch but Jay X did a backflip and evaded the punch before giving Konami a spinning kick.

“Nice one” Konami said holding his face “but you are no match to me”

In split second, Konami had delivered a spear to him and Jay X fell down groaning. He couldn’t stand up.

“Hmm, I will ask just once before killing you. Who sent you” Konami asked.

“Fvck you” Jay X said and before Konami could make a move, they shot him with the tranquillizers and he fell down.

“Go and get the coffin, I will deal with the rest” Jay x commanded and the three guys ran to the van.

“Start running to safety” jummy said standing up. Natasha wanted to run but couldn’t. She couldn’t leave Jummy and run away. It will be awkward she thought.

Jay X smiled. He could take down Jummy. He was a senior agent to her. Jummy dashed at him with a spear. He groaned as it hurt him twice as much. He pushed Jummy off with a blow. They both flipped to their feet.

Jay X ran towards her with a blow, she dodged his blow and gave him an uppercut to the jaw. He staggered backwards and before he could take another step, she had delivered a drop kick to him with her powerful boots.

One of the guys tried running towards here with a baton but a kick to the face took him out.

Jay X stood up, it’s time to be serious. Jummy gave him a swift kick but he caught her leg, gave her three blows to her stomach and one on her left bre.ast.

She groaned but he wasn’t through. He raised her up till she wasn’t touching the ground with her feet and gave her a chokeslam, sending her to the ground with all the strength he could muster. All she could remember before passing out was Natasha running towards Jay X with a stick.