The Brat and The She Devil-Episode 61


John stops the cab driver he is in as soon as he gets to his destination , ”Oga stop the car, stop, na here I pick that thief from”
”Thief?” The man turns his neck to look at John as he slows to a stop
”Yes, one prostitute thief from me last night ” he says as he alights, telling him to wait as he crosses the road to the other side.
There are a few couple of girls standing, some approach him asking him how much he wants for a night, they pull at his shirt and brush their chest against him as they lean in to hug him
”Oga, how much? I can do all styles ” one of them says to him but John pushes her away angrily
”You sluts, you thief!! Where is that girl..that girl that was standing with you all last night?” he points to her
She hits his hands ”Oga no dey point me, who you dey look for. Na Fxxk you won fxxk or na another thing you want? Why you dey ask me for girl? I look like person keeper?” she hisses and walks away
”She was here, she was here last night. I took her home and she stole my phone, laptop and still took the money I left” he grabs her hands and turns her, the other girls come to him
”Oga na weitin? ”
”Leave me jor!!!” the girl hits his hands away pushing him
”So if she stole from you nko, do I look like her, abi my yansh and breast resemble the one wei she carry blind your eyes? You no know say Ashawo sef get needs? Na you be the fool, why you no keep your things for better place con hide am, she thief from you na new thing? Stealing sef na work. Thief sef be worker that na him own profession , so why you con dey para for my front? See oga, no touch me again else I go use my frustration in life on you!!” she warns him as she points to him, using the pidgin dialect to speak back at him
”’You are her friend, I saw you standing with her that day, you were together, and you too.. three of you were here when I came last night…she is your friend, infact all of you must know her, I want my items now else I will call police and arrest all of una!!” he threatens pointing to all of them, they get angry and challenge him
”Oga you dey mad you hear, thunder wei wear boxers for two months nai go fire you. Your head there” the girl whom he approached the first time attacks him first as she holds him by the collar ”Who sef you think say you be eh? Do I know you? Do you know me? do I look like the thief? You won threaten me with police abi? Ehen, okay make we dey go, I will help you. You will explain to them how I take know the girl”
Another girl holds him by the trouser ”If to say you put your prxxk for nicca, you no dey use am dey dangle here and there, conji for no hold you and you for no come younder dey look for ashawo to press your button. You don hit, you don chop belleful, she go carry her money go plus bonus you con dey vex. If na me I go break this your small feekle prxxk wei you get here” she squeezes it, John exclaims in pain as he tries to hit her hands away, she hits his hands away instead and pulls at it, in anger he hits her hands and when she refuses to let go, tries to slap her
”You are mad!!” he raises one hand to her face and the other he holds her hand pulling it away from his member.
The other girls get in the action as they realize that he was about to hit their colleague ”Eh, this man you go die today”
They gather him, some slapping him and kicking him, others pulling at his member and clawing at his face.
John fights them off and as soon a she gets a free way, he runs away crossing the streets.
The cab driver who had been waiting for him is having laughter feats as he watches the man fight the ladies off, running across the streets holding onto his torn trousers and shirt and his dangling tiny self she had managed to pull out from his boxers. He reaches the car and jumps in, the girls are chasing them now.
”Drive oga drive!!! These girls want to kill me!!!” he exclaims hitting the car
The driver quickly tries to control his laugher as he jumps into the car as well, he puts the car on drive and zooms off leaving dusts after them.
”Jesus!! Sluts, ashawos!!! Prostitutes, thieves!! They are all thieves the lot of them. They want to kill me, I swear they all in cohorts with the one that stole from me. thiefs!!!” he breaths trying to gather himself ”See how they tore my cloths, pull my thing” he touches his member and winces in pain ”Hey Gawd!!! My thing oh…ha!!” he rubs himself ”God!! I will go to the police in the morning, report all of them. Thieves!!! Driver, take me home’.
The driver is laughing ”Okay Oga!!!” he laughs till he drops him off.
John runs into his house, locks his door and breaths heavily ”Thieves!!” he exclaims
Tomorrow he would reach the station before he gets to work. They would help him find the prostitute who stole from him and maybe lock her up for it.
After having a shower and something to eat, he lays on his bed. Angry about the turn of events today, but before he goes to sleep, he has a smile on his face..
Atleast one good thing to smile about, tomorrow, he wouldn’t get to see the face of that He-goat Brian, because he is dead, tossed into some pit and never to make him feel less of a man ever again.
And maybe, just maybe he can begin wooing the delectable Miss Adora.
Yes!!!, at the end of the day, everything will be okay. what is the loss of a phone and laptop compared to the death of that fxxkboy.
He turns on his side and goes to sleep.
Alex is staring out of the window of the motel he booked in mudacat, by tomorrow morning some of his team units would meet him up here.
For now, he would have to get in touch with John. He grabs his phone and scrolls through, checking to see if he ever stored clients number in his phone, after checking for a few minutes he gives up.
John’s number should be in that other phone Juliet gave to whoever the fxxk was ”He”
He lays on the bed, thinking about his next point of action when something occurs to him, he grabs his phone and checks his call logs again…
Bingo, John’s number
He begins to dial it. He is going to ask him to come see him, that he wanted to show him prove of something he found…then, he was going to kill him.
”Hello, John?” he says as the phone was picked, he frowns

”John? Who is John? This is not John!!” the girl says as she yawns into the phone
”John!!! It is me, frank, I have something to tell you, why are you sounding like a woman?”
The girl sighs into the phone ”I say this is not John weitin dey worry you, I be worry I sound like John? Please don’t call my line again” she sighs and cuts it, She dumps the phone on the table, turns to her side, farts and goes back to sleep.
Alex frowns at the phone, he cross checks the number, he had stored John’s number weeks ago in this phone and he only just remembered, but..why did a woman pick? Was she his girlfriend?
Now he is angry, didn’t he see his number or hear his name, this John was making him angry and when he gets angry heaven bleeds. He dials again
”Who be this fool wei dey disturb this phone wei?” the girl sighs picking it up and answering ”Hello, na who be this? You no dey see time say na sleep time, weitin you want?”
”Please, tell John that Frank wants to speak to him, the one who had that boy ..he knows, just tell him. It is urgent that I speak with him”
”Oga, I no sabi any John. I no sabi. Infact sef this no be my number, I buy this phone from someone yesterday. I don suppose change the line if I no say person go dey call am. I buy phone plus line she say na new line person never use am na imagine. See oga, I don’t know any john or frank or boy. This na my phone, my number, no call am again else I go shout for you. Nonsense !!!” she cuts the call again and switches it off
Alex gets up and begins to pace the room. Either John got rid of the phone knowing what he had done and wants to be in the clear or John thinks he is stupid trying to push him off his scent. He slams his knuckles to the wall.
He is angry. John brought this misfortune to him, Juliet escalated it. Juliet has been taken care off, John needs to too and then those loose ends…”He” and the other one ”Brain” needs to be taken care off as well.
”So John you think you are smart eh? I will tell you that I am smarter than you, I will fish you out and your friends with you, then I will send you lots hell” He says before he goes back and lays on the bed. There is time for everything, for now, sleep. He needs his rest to replan, to rebuild.
I smile when I feel him snoring lightly over my head, I am wrapped in his arms, his bare chest smooth as I lay there. There was something peaceful about being with Brian. Though, I didn’t get to have some tongue-loving tonight, but I had good kissing that would last me for a life time.
It took so much will power for him to break away from kissing me and all I wanted was for him to continue.
When he eventually pulls his lips away from mine, kissing my jaw line I ache towards him, feeling his strong arms caressing my thighs. He leans on his side, taking his weight away from me,he pulls me to himself, hugging me close,i could hear his heart beating “Thud Thud in his chest.”
“Brian?” I call his name
“Yes princess”
“What do you mean by I made your heart stop?”
He chuckles as he brings my hands to his lips,he brushes it with a kiss..
He swears, he didn’t know why he said it but for a minute there,before he got to the bed,watching her laying there,legs crossed in his white office shirt..
Just staring at her sultry eyes and long lashes and beautiful face and the way she said those words to him.
For a moment his heart literally stopped. Was it a good thing or a bad thing? He has no idea and when he got closer to her climbing the bed slowly to get to her, he became weaker. That was why when he got to her,staring down at her as she lays beneath him after he pulls her by her legs down, he pauses..
Trying to catch his breath.
She wasn’t the most beautiful of woman,he has seen other beauties in his few years on earth. But Adora, She was a different kind of beautiful. . Unique, just different. The one that would make any king fall to his knees and yet make you wonder what is so special about her.
She was feisty,temperamental.
That was the first thing he noticed about her and when he thinks back to those days they fought and wanted to claw out each others eyes,he laughs.
It was stupid. Childish and even funny now.
Because those two same people are here,in his house ,on his bed and all he sees masked in her eyes is desire.
And by God he wishes he could fulfill all her pent up desires and take her to the seventh heaven and back.
He wants to,God he so wants to sink into her warmth,replace his tongues kisses to her core with himself that is throbbing longing between his legs.
He wants to hear her sing, sing his name with her voice and feel her grab him tight with her hands. He wants to kiss her everywhere but this time,make her squirm in pleasures that would make her beg for more.
He wants to have every inch of her and by God he had never felt this way about another woman before.
He had had sex,either different women. Desired them,and then had them and then eventually the needs die.
But yet,with her, he hadn’t done much other than kiss her..oh kiss her well enough and taste her between her legs with his tongue and it felt so good he felt he would explode if he didn’t have her.
But that was the strangest thing, .. that. ..for once he put another first.
He was a man , he had needs. Needs to touched and be touched. Needs to sink into and also to be riden on.
Men to want to get to the seventh heaven and they also want to be taken there by someone who wants the same thing.
And what he sees in her eyes is desire and all he wants to do is fulfill it.
But.. this new Brian knows better, better to not do all that he would ordinarily do at a will.
Now,he needs to do better.
Yes,she says she wouldn’t mind going all the way..but;if she is a virgin till now,it’s because she wanted who ever she gave it up to to really deserve it.
Which meant that she placed a value on it not just do it with anyone just because.
He aplaudes her restraint to stay one.
And he wouldn’t want her to just give it up like that.
Okay,he really wants to but. ..
This Brian knows better to allow her lose it all and then regret it later.
When she is really really truly ready to, he would know.
Then it would be void of his influences and it would be entirely on her one conditions.
Gosh!! That is his problem.
The fact that that he thinks this way now. The old Brian would enjoy the moment ,after all its a mutual feeling,but this Brian is all…different.
And he likes him.
But damn!! It’s so hard to think Straight, knowing that she is naked underneath his white shirt,smelling nice like flower ,beautiful and those sultry eyes of hers pulling him in and the way she squirms underneath his touch..
Yes, she made his heart stop briefly there and it took a battlefield within his mind to stop kissing her.
“There is something about you Adora that gives me a certain peace ” he says rubbing mys shoulders ..
“How so?”
“I don’t know. You being here gives me peace. And why I said so? Erm ” he blows out hot air ” I don’t know for real, I just felt short of breaths staring at you that’s why”
I smile ” I really don’t know what to make of that though..but I guess it’s nice. Thank you”
He smiles bending to look at me ” I like this…this Us. This moment ,this everything right here. ”
“I like this ..Us too” I smile.
He nods “I only wish Monday doesn’t come”
“Me too. ”
“Reality ”
“I know ” I feel slightly sad about that “Do you think by tomorrow every thing changes ? Once we get to work and all…I mean, you know”
“Nothing has to. You are my girlfriend but at work I will give you the respect accorded to you as my Boss and as a lady. I only said when we are behind closed doors I won’t be able to be responsible for my actions ”
I smile “and I wouldn’t stop you”
I remember “Hey, you are not going to work tomorrow, don’t try to be smart. Once Ikena comes here in the morning, he takes me home and to work. You stay here and I will come once I am done from work,we still have the design to work on and also the new client so I need you to be well rested. You also have the programming and tech stuff to do. So no complains. ”
“You should be my mother ,smothering me like that” he pulls me closer nibbling my ears
“Heh!!! If I were to be your mother want you are doing to my ears now and making me feel would be an abomination ”
“Oh right! ! My sugar mummy!!” He smiles as he turns my face and places a kiss to it
“I can work with that!” I pull up closer to him and kiss him.
I listen to him breath, I smile to myself. Yes, you bring a certain peace to me too Brain, and I like it. I like it a lot. Snuggling closer to him I close my eyes and fall asleep.
Teca is seated on the stair case leading to Ikena’s house when he sees a car pull up,killing it’s car lights the passenger opens the door and a lights.
Teca doesn’t move until the person is standing in front of him.
“What are you doing here?”
“Worried about you” Teca says looking up at him
“You shouldn’t be” Ikena says sidestepping in and walking up the stairs to his house, Teca gets up and follows him,he turns to look at the car,and then back at him.
“We got a call today from the Hospital about a Janet Doe, and a plate number matching yours and then your name ,from a Dr Becca. A girl with a gun wound to her stomach and died of inhaling smoke from a burning building and –
“I know the details Teca you don’t have to repeat it. Why are you here?” Ikena walks into his house and flings the items he had on the table
“I am sorry about her, it’s not your fault. ” Teca walks to him, but stops when he sees Ikena’s face and red eyes
“It is. I am fine Teca,you can leave ”
“What are you planning to do Ikena,leave the police to handle this. This is under our jurisdiction and you are military and this Vamour case is police property since day one. We have information right now to catch him and put him behind bars for good”
“I don’t want the life sentence for him”
“He may get the gas chamber , not life. His crimes are deserving of it and a judge would push for it”
“That might take months after trail after trail. He escaped once he would escape again”
“What do you plan to do, kill him yourself? The police already have info on this. You know I have been searching for you for house. When I couldn’t find you i went back to the station and had a meeting with the team. Those files I decrypted form the phone was enough evidence pluck the documents you sent to me via Mail. We have his hideouts and those who are in cohorts with him. Location for his drug cartels, the house he snuggles young girls to use as pleasure goats and for prostitution. We have names and operation houses and all the alias he had ever used and maybe be able to find out where he is hiding ”
“Did you get the name of the client who wanted a hit on the Andrew boy?” Ikena rubs his temple.
Teca nods perching on the table ” The number is registered under a “John Efegor”
“John Efegor?” Ikena asks
“Got any information on him, did you pull up his details and run it through the data Base online to know if the John has a face ?”
“Yes,I did . Check it ” He brings out his phone, punching some numbers and gives it to him,Ikena takes the phone as frowns
“He is in his middle thirties, never had a criminal record, works as a business development office for a few years,went to University of Port Harcourt , not married and is currently working in the same company you are assigned to as a driver to the man’s son”
Ikena runs a hand over his mouth as he stares at the phone ” I know this guy John, he and Brian aren’t really in a bud’buds relationship ,got into a fight, Brian neat him down. He seemed to what to have an out for him but I don’t think he would want to go that far to do this, almost have the guy killed for what exactly ?because they don’t see eye to eye at work and for a chick?”
“Oh there is a chick?”
“The social media Manager . Plus it’s not as though any of them is dating her or that she has the hots for anyone of them last I check to warrant him wanting to get rid of a guy for her. Okay,maybe she likes Brian a little bit more but only I have seen that. Are you sure the line is registered under this guy?I mean he can be annoying but he seemed like a nice enough guy just missed priorities” Ikena hands him back his phone
“That is the information we got. It was John Efegor’s line used in communicating with Vampire and gave him the target and information . Unless you are saying he isn’t the one , then who would have access to his phone if not him?”
Ikena sits down as he runs his hand over his face this time, ” I don’t know. Maybe he is just a pun in this game,maybe someone higher realised that both boys aren’t getting along so what better way to get rid of Brian if not to use the other who hates him just as much?”
“Well it is a possibility but…everyone is guilty until proven innocent.”
Ikena nods “okay, I will approach John”
“You are a driver, well everyone thinks that way. We , the police would approach John and give you feedback. Until then,stay put and don’t do anything”
Ikena smiles , but it didn’t get to his eyes ” I mean don’t do anything Ikena, I know what you are thinking, don’t . Please, I promise we would find Vampire and he would pay and for your boy, we would drill him to find out his connection with Vampire and why he wanted Brain out of the way and if he is found guilty of attempting murder he goes to jail. ”
Ikena nods.
“Where is her body, Dr Becca told us that you didn’t drop her body to be taken to the morgue.”
“She is resting. Couldn’t leave her at the house nor at the hospital. She is resting at the port Harcourt Cementary, tomb 58″
Teca nods ” I will go take her picture from the morgue directory at the cemetery and run it and see if she had family ”
“I don’t think so..I would know. Do that. But, don”t leave them the graphic details of her death”
“I understand . Are you sure you are okay Ikena, or you will be ”
“I am fine. I see deaths all the time.” He leans back staring at nothing in particular.
“Yes, that is what I am scared off. Call me if anything and do not do anything stupid. The police would handle this from here on,all things have been mobilised and by tomorrow we are doing a sweep of the city and we would smoke him out..Vampire is going down Ikena and he will pay for the death of that girl and others”
Ikena doesn’t answer as Teca comes to him,pats his shoulders and leaves.
Ikena stands up and takes a look at the files on the table, Tommorw after dropping off Brian and Adora, he would go find Vampire. But first, him and John has to have a little chat.
“No don’t get up” Brian yawns pulling me back to bed.
“I have to, it’s morning. Work calls ” I disentangle myself from his embrace.
“No!!!” He pouts opening his eyes slightly…”come back here Adora, just one minute. You don’t know how warm and smooth your body is..”
I laugh moving away from his reach “I know how good it is to hold on to someone all night and if I climb back into that bed I may be late for work. Please try calling Ikena again please , I really need to get him and changed ”
I tell him grabbing my bag and arranging it. Sighing he moves away from the corner of the bed and pushes himself up to a sitting position,he touches his stomach pressing the wound line…
Atleast, it doesn’t hurt anymore. He touches the back of his head, the swelling is gone and the wound on his lip was healed.
He was definitely going into work today,but she does that to know that. He would tell Ikena to go drop her at work after he takes her home and then come back for him.
He grabs his phone and dails Ikena’s number , he picks on the first ring
“Hello, Goodmorning Sir Brian” Ikena’s voice was low,Brain frowns
“Hello,Ikena . Goodmorning. Are you okay?what happened to you last night, your line was switched off. What’s up?”
“Nothing. Quick question, how much do you think John hates you ..from a scale to 1-10?”
Brian’s frown deepens as he rubs his temple “er, 105” he states,he could hear Ikena chuckle..he smiles
“I don’t know” he continues ” Why?”
“Just curious ”
“Why Ikena?”
“Tell you when we see.”
“Okay,can you come earlier today, You need to make a stop first before the office and then back ”
“Just bring your big head here” Brian says cutting the call and smiling. He looks at me “Happy now?”
I chuckle “Big head? You guys seem too chummy for a driver and a passenger. ”
He says nothing.. “Wanna shower together ?” He winks at me, a mischievous glint in his eyes
“Tempting but no. Shower when I get home. Need to change out of this shirt and-”
“No keep it, it looks sexier on you anyways plus,you would have something to remember me by when you get home.”
I pause at the toilet door where I am intending to go change.
“And you can change in front of me,I have seen everything there Adora, even your sexy tush and I can tell you I love the few.” He winks at me raising his hands to place at the back of his forehead.
I shake my head hiding my blush “Going to brush my teeth and see if there is anything left for you for breakfast before I leave.”
I leave him staring after me as I get to the toilet,my face aching from smiling thinking about what he said. I come out to find him standing by the window staring out..
I walk past him leaving the room.
Enough for him to eat ,I pour the peppersoup into the boil and take a spoon and a bottle of water to his room. He is back on the bed,a smile on his face
“I swear I can get use to this my favourite nurse ”
“Don’t !”
we laugh
He nods “you are going to eat with me right? ”
I shake my head ” Not enough. Would get something to eat in the office”
“No..we can-”
“Who is the Nurse here ?” I cut him pointing to him,he smirks
“Bingo now eat. ”
“Yes ma’am”
I was washing the plates when I hear voices in the living room , I come out to find Ikena at the door,when he sees me his eyes are raised in surprised and then it settles to…what? Understanding.
Why did he look surprised? He left me in Brian’s house on Friday. . Why does he…
Oh shit! !!
I am wearing nothing other than Brian’s white long sleeve shirt and my long legs and thighs were visibly.
Damn it Adora,very classy.
Now Ikena would think we are sleeping with each other.
Well,we did sleep together but we didn’t. .actually sleep together. Wait, does cunnilingus actually mean sleeping together ?
It was just his tongue and a lot of kissing and ….
Ikena clears his throat, “Sorry ma’am, good morning. ”
I pull Brain’s shirt closer to me,” Morning Ikena. ” I say walking quickly into the room and disappearing.
I hear Brian laugh.
“So Miss Adora huh?” Ikena’s voice causes Brian to turn back to him
He runs his hand over his head “Well, ” he is smiling “And it not what you think”
“What do you think I think?”
“That she is some fling ”
“I didn’t say anything sir,i just asked a general obvious question. ”
“Oh well, Yes Adora and she is great and I like her a lot and …I want this to work…”
Ikena nods
Brian frowns, “Are you okay Ikena , you seem distant, and didn’t look as if you had much sleep. Don’t tell me you were worried about me though. I am fine,I had the best nurse and-”
“I wasn’t. You were in good hands. I am fine..just..not in the mood at the moment. ”
” what to talk about it?”
“Best you don’t know…yet”
“Is it about the boys…the ones that attacked me. Have you found out who the frank is and what he wants with me, or who sent him against me?”
Ikena looks at him,if he tells him now he would want to get to the button of it and he wouldn’t what to endanger another life…no he wouldn’t.
He shakes his head “but I am still on it. But in the main time, I need you to be careful”
“Of who, why?”
“Just be careful. And be wary of John”
Now Brian laughs leaning to the door “John , John, John. What does this have to do with John”
“Just hunch, until the gut feeling is clear; be wary of him”
Brian frowns “Okay”
They turn when I walk out with my bag,dressed in my own office cloths of Friday. .
“Ready?” Brian asks me leaving the door. , I nod . “Come ,walk you to the car”
“You aren’t going in today?” Ikena turns to Brian
“My Nurse and my Boss says I should stay in today,and the bible says obedience is better than sacrifice ”
I laugh shaking my head “Right!”
Ikena walks out to open the door for me while Brian follows me from behind.
Once I get to the door and enter, Brian shuts it after me, bending to the window as Ikena enters the car. ..
“You take care of you,see you later ?”
“Yes, I will. See you later. And Ikena,please call me when you drop her I want you to help me pick up something ”
Brian turns to me as he leans on the door, he stares into my eyes ftom the car window. ..
“No good bye kiss to your very good patient?” I steal a glance at Ikena, his eyes her on us.. I shake my head as my chicks turn pink.
“Why not?” He chuckles
“Nothing !” I lie
He turns to Ikena and then back at me,he laughs pulling my nose “Don’t mind Ikena,he is a loyal dog and besides, he likes you too..not like me but well enough to respect our privacy..isn’t that so Ikena?”
“Right Sir Brian!” Ikena replies
“So, give us a kiss good bye else I would drag you out of this car; back into the house and kiss you till tomorrow ”
I smiles “You are something else Brian Andrews ”
“And You Adora make my heart stop literally ” I lean in and kiss him gently. It takes Ikena clearing his throat to break us apart ” Work Ma’am”
“Right . See you later Brian”
“You too Princess” I turn around to watch him fade away as Ikena drives away,I turn away when I couldn’t see him more waving. Dammit !! I miss him already.
He is quiet,too quiet compared to the Ikena I know.
“Are you okay? You seem worried …or angry. ” I ask him as we pull into my streets
“Fine Ma’am, just a long day yesterday. ”
“Yes Ma’am”
“Okay. I would be quick. ”
“That’s fine Ma’am,not going anywhere ”

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Ikena drops me at the office and leaves . After dropping my bag in the office and checking my mails and arranging documents for Mr Emeka to sign ,I called the secretary to find out if he is a round, she says he is.
Leaving my office I knock on his door and wait for his faint “Come in” I enter and greeted him.
“Goodmorning Sir trust your weekend was great?”
“Yes Adora it was, Those documents for me?”
“Yes sir they are” I hand it to him and watch him sign them once he is done reading.
“Anything else ?”
“Yes sir, I want to talk to you concern Brian Andrews?” He leans back into his chair smiling.

“Don’t tell me he has finally shown you his true colours. And to think that day you were siding him and now he must have done something to upset you. That day,if you hadn’t sided him by now he would have left the company but now,you had no idea what kind of a cunning snake he is. What has he done this time let me know and I will be too happy to run it by the Boss and he would deal with him accordingly.”
Where the hell did that come from? I am staring at Mr Emeka
“No Sir, on the contrary I am not here to report what he has done. He hasn’t done anything and infact he has been nothing but his best behaviour and doing his job. Infact, due to our live feed for the housing design another clients needs Brian Andrews to work on his project mall Asap,he would be going express. I did a profiling on their company last year and they said they like what Brian is doing with the client’s house and they want him to design the mall which would he in Port Harcourt and it would be express because they are looking,I presume to want to be open by the festive period. Which is where good plazas strife especially due to what and what they would have in store. He wants to have a meeting with Me and Brian , and I know Brain already had that IT programing project at hand and then this designing house project and now this one…I only came here to tell you about it and also to inform you that he wouldn’t he able to come to work today because he isn’t feeling too well.. he is very sick and needs rest” I finish
He is staring at me,dumbfounded “You mean someone else wants Brian to do Designing for them again? ”
“Yes and it is a huge company and he would be coming here for a meeting , I have put a call across my Ex-PA in lagos to direct him him here and giving him my business number.”
He rubs his jaw. This wasn’t good. This wasn’t good at all.
He needs to do something to make sure Brian flops for everything he sets his hands to because if he succeeds, his father would make sure he becomes the president.
This wasn’t good news at all.
“Yes?” He snaps
“Permission for Brian to be absent at work today,and also to inform the staffs about a possible client coming so that they can be apprised to it as well. He might want to go around and see what we are about and that would be good business for the company as well.”
He nods “So what kind of bloody sickness does he have that he cannot come to work. Who the hell does he think he is eh??” He thunders, I wince
“Sir, he was mugged by thieves and almost died ” I blurted out in anger. What the hell was wrong with him.
” what do you mean Mugged by thieves?” He frowns
“He said he was attacked ,got a knife to his tummy…I had to help- I mean he said the Doctor helped to clean him up and stitch him. And he wouldn’t be able to come to work today because he needs to heal”
“He may be lying, !”
I gasp ” Something I saw with blood everywhere ?”
He looks up at me “You saw him bloodied ?”
“No,he called me via video call this morning ” I lied.
He sighs,maybe he should have being killed in the mugging , would have save me some trouble.
He is angry. If Brian succeeds , he may never have a chance.
“Fine, if that is the case. He can be excused but I want him here first thing in two days . It’s enough for one to heal from whatever ”
“Okay Sir”
“Let’s go for the morning briefing at the conference, I will pass the information to them. It is supposed to commenced by nine and this is a few minutes to nine”
“Okay sir ” I turn to the door and open it as he gets up and follows me outside.
“I thought she said you shouldn’t leave the house ?” Ikena asks Brian as they turn into the company complex building and he parks the car park
“You know how stubborn I can be,what am I doing home? I got work to do and I am supper fine. ” he alights.. “pick us up later back to the house. I have to finish up the Clients housing design ,another client is in queue ”
Ikena smiles “You seem to be enjoying this now aren’t you”
“Yes I am. Papa would be proud I am doing something useful with my hands and gift if you will”
” I am sure he will.” He smiles again but it doesn’t reach his eyes.
Brian turns and comes to his side door and leans in “Are you okay Ikena, you seem different,i don’t know did something happen?”
“Nothing !” He lies.
Brian sighs “okay. See you later”
“You too Sir”
Brian disappears into the building and heads to his office.
“Okay Sir , we would makes sure we find her and get you back your phone and laptop ” the police office tells John
“Thank you. ” he brings out a thousand naira note and gives it to him ” please,thank you”
The man takes it and puts it in his pocket “No wahala Sir” he smiles at him.
John leaves the station, takes a cab and heads to the office.
He reaches the office by a few minutes to nine and makes his way to his department.
“Where is everyone ?” He asks the secretary as he passes her
“Conference room for Monday briefings” she tells him “why are you coming late to work, you want a query? ”
“My dear, you won’t understand but I will yarn you later. Let me get to the conference room and find out what the meeting Is about ”
“Okay, I am coming, just going to drop the files in the HR unit and I will be there”
“Okay,ehen..have you heard any news about any of our staffs..anything at all?”
“Like what?”
“Anything at all…bad news? ”
She shakes her head “No,why should I hear bad news ? And why are you eager to hear one?”
He smiles. “Oh nothing nothing. ” he laughs and walks away. She is staring after him like he was crazy, she shakes her head and walks away.

John is whistling as he enters the conference room, greeting everyone on sight.
”Oh Peter, how are you, did you have a good weekend, I did, oh Tomwia, Boma? How are you?” he says shaking their hands and hugging them
”Are you okay John?” Peter looks at him curiously
”Yes, yes I am fine”‘ he says sitting down
”Really, now you remember I am your friend?”
”Yes now, don’t mind me jireh, something was in my face, but it has been removed, I can see properly, how is the office, any news, everyone here?”
”Well, everything is fine, what kind of news?”’
”Any news, bad news. Missing news, dead news?” he laughs
Peter frowns ”Are you okay?”
”Yes yes!!”
”Maybe him drink jogodo juice this morning”Tomiwa says
”No, just happy Juice Tomiwa, tell me, where is everyone, everyone is here, ?”
”Well, yes, you were the last person to enter the office today”
”Yes, I went to report some stolen devices but that is not important, is Mr Emeka around, Miss Adora…everyone?”
”Yes, but they are in a meeting, I think something is up, Mr Emeka’s face wasn’t too bright when he came to tell all of us to gather around and ..”
”And what?” John has a huge smile on his face , come on mate, tell me the news of his death has reached here, I am too excited I can scream with joy..
”I don’t know, wait they are coming ”
Emeka is coming towards them, Miss Adora is coming behind..
”Everyone gather around, I have some news to break to you all”
”What is happening, ?” everyone is muttering
”Oh, maybe Elvis have left the building in a body bag maybe”‘ John laughs
”Stop that, weitin dey tickle you this morning ?” Temi comes to stand behind them
”Temi, today I cannot be bothered with your tantrums, I am waiting to hear what Mr Emeka has to tell us…maybe, I may shed a pretend tear” he says more to himself than to him.
“Okay, is everyone here?” Emeka looks up
”Yes” the chorus
”No, I don’t see Brian” Tombra calls from the crowd..
”Yes me too, I think he is the only one missing” someone says
John is trying hard to contain his joy ”I think we don’t need him here Sir do we, please we can carry on, he is totally irrelevant , abi?”A few people mutter , I am staring at John..
”It is about him I have called this meeting, Brian as we all know was appointed as a PA to Miss Adora here, but unfortunately, he would not be working , he is-”
”Dead!!” John says, everyone turns to him, I turn sharply to look at him,..
Everyone begins to talk, I hear a few sobs, I turn angrily at John
”Dead?” Emeka asks ”Where did you get that from John?”
”Yes John, who told you Brian Andrews is late ?” I throw at him
Someone opens the door and enters into conference room, he pauses as he hears my statement.
”Whoa!! Who the hell killed me !!!!?” Brian says in shock
Everyone turns, so did John..
He staggers in shock ……..”Brian!!” he breathes.
“Er…one and only” Brian repeats. .. “Who the hell killed me John? You look like you just saw a ghost” Brian steps into the room walking to John .
“But..bu. .but.. you are?” He stutters moving backward
“But…but..bu. .. since when did cat cut your tongue John and why the hell would you think I am dead eh?” He frowns staring at him. So was everyone else
“Brian, what are you doing here, you should he at home for a sick leave?” I call his attention.
“I am fine, as you can see but I am just wondering why John here thinks I am already deceased ”
John is pale, he observe , he is stuttering unintelligible words. .
“Brian Andrews can you please try not to disrupt the meeting. Now that you are here,maybe we can now have a proper meeting. ” Mr Emeka turns to me and eyes me “Do not ever come to my office to take excuse for that fool ” he whispers “see how he fooled you that he is sick and mugged and Injured and he is standing right there like own who isn’t even remotely sick.”
He turns to everyone. ..”Brian Andrews, kindly step away from Mr John and don’t block the view of others please thank you”
Brian is thoughtful. ..
“Be wary of John ” Ikena had said to him today.
“Brian is dead” John had voiced out today.
This wasn’t a coincidence. There is something here that Ikena isn’t telling him,does it have to do with John.
“Brian Andrews I will not repeat myself.” Mr Emeka calls out again
Brian turns away from John, walks to the opposite end of the room and turns to me. I turn away, I am angry at him for not listening to me.
I look at John, he is pale..deathly pale.
What the hell did he mean by “Brian was dead” he would have to explain it to me after the meeting.
John excuses himself almost immediately citing he wants to use the bathroom and leaves the conference room.
He rushes to he male convenience and shuts the door, he is shaking.
“He is dead. He is dead. He said he killed him,he showed me the picture. He is dead,so is it possible that he is” He searches for his phone and then exclaims angrily. ..
That slut stole his phone, he can’t call frank.. he can’t call Frank to ask him what the fxxk happened and how come Brian who he said his boys killed is still here in flesh and blood.
Did he lie ? Did he take his money and lie?
“Dammit !!” He punches the wall..
So if that wasn’t Brian in the picture. . Who the hell did they kill?
He needs that phone,he needs to call frank and have him explain to him.
Dammit !!!
He splashes water on his face trying to calm down.
Okay, relax John . Since he wasn’t the one they killed that means it is a case of mistaken identity. He needs a plan be,get someone else to get rid of him since Frank failed and this time,he would be standing there to makes sure it happens and no mistakes this time.
For now, act cool . Act cool.
Someone walks into the convenience as he turns away from the wash basin to see who came in.
He comes face to face with Ikena,who has no expression on his face. .
“Ikena?” He is surprised
To Be continued .


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