Natasha Reloaded Season 2 Episode 35


Don Pedro smiled as he came out from the room he had used to have pleasure with Maggie his girlfriend but also a dangerous assassin. He walked to his lavishly furnished sitting room with Maggie by his side.

“You are so sweet” Don Pedro said kissing her on the lips “there’s no other girl like you”

“And you my lord, you are very powerful. I love that”

Just then the door bell rang. Then two tall, huge and mean looking guys came in smiling. It was really rare to see them smile. They had maybe gotten something good.

“Thanks Boss, we have received our share of the money and we are really grateful to you”

“It’s nothing” Don Pedro said with a grin. “Just make sure that the money gets to the boys”

“Yes sir, it will definitely get to them”

“You can have your leave” He said dismissing them.

“Honey, you haven’t given me my share of the money” Maggie said squeezing her face.

“Wait, that’s because you haven’t check your messages yet”

She quickly took her phone which she kept on the center table and scrolled down to messages. She saw a message signifying the sum of ten million dollars being transferred to her account.

She screamed with joy and suddenly jumped on Don Pedro’s body smiling.

“You are always my first priority” he said and they were engaged in a deep kiss. Then she traced her way down to his g—n and started unzipping his shorts.

“I know the best medicine I can use to thank you now” she said into his ears.

SHADOW, base.

“Sir you called me” Jay X said entering Captain Val”s office.

“That’s because I need your help” captain val said, “you can have your seat first”

Jay x sat down and was looking intently at his boss. He couldn’t remember when last his boss have needed his help. Maybe this case is very crucial.

Captain Val was about to talk when Idris suddenly entered into his office without knocking.

“My apologies” he said as he saw the look of unpleasantness in his captain face.

“Go Jay X, our meeting is postponed”

“Okay boss” Jay X said leaving captain Val’s office.

“So Idris, what brought you to my office?”

“Sir, it is as a result of Don Pedro. We aren’t doing anything to stop the theif”

“Don’t worry yourself Idris. Don Pedro is nothing but a boy and I believe that in due time he will be locked behind bars”

“But when is that time. The son of a b—h just carted away with over fifty million dollars”

“And I still say it again. Idris don’t worry yourself. I am solidly on it”

“Anything you say captain” Idris saluted before leaving.

Captain val called back Jay X. Jay didn’t waste much time before coming in.

“Sorry for the disturbance. You know Idris”

“It’s nothing captain. So why did you call this meeting” Jay X asked taking his seat before captain val.

“The funeral ceremony of Natasha’s uncle is just few days away, I need your help”

“You need my help?”

“Yes. I want you to sabotage the funeral services. I mean you should make the funeral service a big failure. There’s this necklace in her neck, it is the last thing she have in remembrance of her mum, take it”

“But captain why, what have she done?”

“This is nothing but a test. I can see a strong agent in Natasha but, we can’t just train her without knowing if she is ready or not”

“Oh I see”

“Good, If she passes her test, then all is well and she will be trained. But if she fails, then she won’t be trained at all”

Jay x understood everything and was ready to play the role given to him. He secretly prayed for Natasha to pass the test.


A-Division police force
Canberra, Detective Paul just arrived from the crime scene. He had lost over twelve men in the hot pursuit of Don Pedro. He felt really bad. How can a man like him bring down twelve of his strong men. He had already made a vow to bring down Don Pedro. even if he have to lay down his life to archive his aim, he will surely do it.

Detective Paul was the finest among the other detectives the A division police force have ever had. Right from his passing out, he had always been above colleagues. He had also been given several awards after he had apprehended dangerous and most wanted criminals. He was sure that these case won’t be an exception.

Some policemen in their stations saluted him as he made his way to his office. He entered his office and sat down bringing out some files that contained little information about Don Pedro.

“We don’t even have much information about him. this criminal is really good” he said to himself switching the files one by one. Just then, his telephone rang and he picked it up. The constable had ordered him to come to his office immediately. Detective Paul have no option than to obey the commands of his superior.

Detective Paul saluted the constable and stood at attention before him.

“Why haven’t you reported to my office yet? I just heard that twelve of our men got killed. How true is that?” Constable Mike asked.

“Very true sir. I was about to report to your office before your call came in”

“Hmm, alright you can go but make sure you are planning something good that will apprehend this criminal or else you might get yourself removed from this case.”

“Yes sir, I assure you that I will do my best and I will also make sure he is apprehended”

“Very good. You can go”

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Shadow, Base.
Natasha wore complete black attire. So was all the Shadow agents. Today her uncle will be buried and since she woke up, she had been crying.

The shadows have tried bringing his body from Nigeria but they couldn’t find it. It could be that donflex had them all thrown into the sea. Since they couldn’t get his body, they used his picture to represent him and it made the coffin very light.

“It’s alright dear, don’t cry again” Jummy patted Natasha on her back as they were putting the coffin into the car that will convey it to the burial place.

“Don’t cry again. Are you a cry cry baby?” Konami asked.

“Shut the fvck up Konami” Jummy shouted “this is her uncle for crying out loud”

“Hey, don’t chew me up” Konami said with both hands raised up “alright I am sorry for saying that”

“Better” Jummy said with her hand still on the back of Natasha. Just then, Idris came out from behind them. The sound of the door made everyone looked at him.

He was dressed in a black fitted suit that made him really handsome. Akuku who was by his side too was also dressed in black.

“Ok, everyone get into the van. We are ready and we are set to leave” captain val said to them. He entered the front of the van with the coffin and most of the agents while Natasha and jummy sat in another small black Camry that will be following from behind.

Konami was on the wheels of the Camry while Jummy sat besides him in the front seat. Since Idris couldn’t stay in the van because the van was full, he stayed at the backseat with Natasha.

“Are you guys ready?” Captain val shouted.

“Yes captain” Konami replied with a horn.

“Let’s go” captain val said to Jack who was in the wheels. Jack started the engine and drove off while Konami followed from behind.

“Get ready we’re on our way” captain val secretly type and pressed the send button.