Natasha Reloaded Season 2 Episode 37



Jay X stood up, it’s time to be serious. Jummy gave him a swift kick but he caught her leg, gave her three blows to her stomach and one on her left bre.ast.

She grained but he wasn’t through. He raised her up till she wasn’t touching the ground with her feet and gave her a choke slam. All she could remember before passing out was Natasha running towards Jay X with a stick.

Detective Paul entered his office and sat down. He was just resuming work for the day. He didn’t know what to expect for the day.

“Hello Kelly” he said picking up the receiver of his telephone.

“Good day sir” Kelly greeted from the other end.

“Please report to my office. I have something important to show you”

“Alright boss. I will be in your office in two minutes time”

Joe sat down in Don Pedro’s house. He was the right hand man of Don Pedro and was fully in charge of Don Pedro’s henchmen.

Just then Maggie came in with a white bomb short and a mini white singlet.

“Don Pedro will be here soon” she said to Joe.

“alright thanks”

It wasn’t up to fifteen minutes when Don Pedro came down in a long black suit. He walked and sat down with Maggie. His hand was over her neck.

“Good day Don Pedro”

“Good day Joe. I summoned you here for something very important”

“Which is”

“The sum of ten billion naira will be transferred to the federal bank two days from now. The boss had given orders for the money to get to him”

“Ok. If I get you right, you want me to get the billion van before it gets to the bank?”

“Yes” Don Pedro replied him “remember, if you can’t handle the mission then it’s better you turn it down now, the boss hates failure”

“This is not my first time of working with you Don Pedro. You can trust me on this one”

“alright Joe. You can go” Don Pedro said dismissing Joe.

“So what do you think?” Maggie asked Don Pedro immediately Joe left the house.
“I think he can do it. I have all my trust in him. He won’t let me down”

Maggie smiled. She held Don Pedro’s face and looked straight into his eyeballs.

“When we get the ten billion, what might be your share of the cake?”

“I don’t know. The boss will decide” Don Pedro said “but believe me, am gonna spoil you rotten with my share of the cake”

Maggie blushed and gave Don Pedro a deep kiss. Don Pedro picked up pace and started kissing her. Soon, his hands found way to her big soft b—–s and he began to massage it through her light top.

“Ouch ahh” she moaned into his mouth. He pressed harder on her b—-t an tweaked her n!pples. She in turn grabbed his d!ck and started massaging it too. Their romance were getting hot when Don Pedro’s phone began to ring.

At first, he didn’t want to pick up but the ringing didn’t stop either. Don Pedro had no choice other than to stop his hit romance.

“Who the hell is that?” Don Pedro shouted as he took his phone “Christ, is the boss”

“O boy. You’re in big trouble for not picking up” Maggie said as she walked away shaking her bums side to side.


Idris slowly opened his eyes as he stood up. The tranquilizer had subsided in his system. He walked slowly at first, but later increased his pace as he got close to Natasha.

“Natasha!” He called out as he squatted close to her.

“Natasha!!!” He shouted again. Natasha slowly opened her eyes. Idris studied her closely and found out no injury on her. He will ensure she had an X ray test to ensure she doesn’t have any internal injury.

“Thank God you’re fine” Idris spoke softly placing her head on his chest. His eyes scanned everywhere and he saw his younger brother Farouk coming out from the van unharmed.

“Farouk are you alright?”

“Yes bro am cool”

He breathed down. He was glad nothing happened to his younger brother or else hell is gonna break loose.

“Over here, am fine” Konami said offended a little bit that Idris didn’t check on him but was with Natasha.

“You are on your own” Idris said with a smile as he took Natasha up in his hand and walked close to the van that was upside down.

Captain Val and the rest of the team where out of the van with no injuries at all. Just minor scratches.

“Keep me down. Thank you very much. I think I can walk for now”

“Alright” Idris said and dropped her down.

“Are you alright Natasha” captain Val asked her.

“Yes sir am fine”

Captain Val did check on everyone and was satisfied to see they were all fine.

“The coffin had been taken. Let’s return to base” captain val ordered.

Jummy tried her best to console Natasha but couldn’t. Natasha’s tears were endless. Idris who was standing few meters away was touched by everything that have be going on.

Akuku brought out a white napkin which he gave to Natasha.

“Wait a minute” Idris said after scanning everywhere “where’s Jay X. He wasn’t with us when we moved, when we were attacked and he isn’t here with us”

“I sent him to spy on another secret agent that have been poising treat to a community not too far away” Captain Val quickly covered up. “I hope nothing was stolen?”

“No, my necklace was taken away from me. And the necklace is my most treasured asset”

“Don’t worry Natasha. We will get it for you.” Captain val assured her “I think you should go in and have some rest”

Natasha didn’t argue. She walked out of the room with the soaked napkin in her hand.

“I guess I can’t pull the last stage without your help” captain Val said as soon as Natasha had gone.

“What do you mean?” Konami asked.

“I hope you guys still remember code XV

“Yes we do” they all said.

“All this is just a test. To prove if Natasha should be trained as a super agent or not. Well, I am about to pull the last stage of the test”

“Wait, so you mean the person that attacked us was Jay X?” Jummy asked.

“Yes. The coffin and everything is safe” captain val asked.

“Good let’s move to the next stage” Jummy said.

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“Natasha!!” Jummy called as she had sneaked into Natasha’s room.


“Shh, don’t shout keep your voice down”

“Alright, what’s going on?”

“I am going to a party. I don’t know if you will like to accompany me”

“No, thanks!” Natasha said as she turned over to catch some sleep.

“Wait Natasha. You need to come with me. I promise you that you’ll enjoy it”

“No” Natasha said again. Jummy had no option than to leave her, walked to the door and turned back.

“Guess what, I saw Idris sneaking out. Who knows?” She said and was about to close the door.

“Wait!” Natasha said. “Are you sure about this?”


“Alright, lemme dress up” Natasha said and Jummy grin widely, the plan is working for sure.