The Brat and The She Devil-Episode 56


Ikena is rooted to the floor, ”Fxxk!!” he swears rushing to us ”No No No NO NO!!! ” he exclaims touching Brian’s face, slapping his face ”Brian, Chukwuemeka Andrews, wake up damnnit!!! You can’t do this you stubborn kid!! Wake up!!” he shakes him, slapping him ”He is so cold, so fxxking cold” he grabs him from me and lifts him over his shoulders .
”open the car for me Adora, hurry, we need to take him to the hospital” he shouts rushing to the door

”But he is dead!!” I repeats dazed…

”just open the door for me”
I rush out opening the car door, he places him there as I enter the car with him, closing the door he goes the driver seat and pulls the car out and begins to drive, like a mad man. I raises his head and place it on my thighs, staring at him
Who did this to you Brian? I wipe another tears .”He is dead Ikena, he must be dead for hours” I say more to myself than to him
Ikena isn’t listening to me ” we just need to get to the hospital, if he had listened to me…if he had just listened to me yesterday….oh God!! ” he swears under his breath ”So stubborn, so stupidly stubborn” he causes again
When we got to the check points , I see him bringing out his wallet and showing them and saying ”Code red, emergency” , they let him pass without stopping to search the car, soon we are done with the check points and zooming out of the estate and into the main road.
We get to the hospital and he drags Brian again and flings him over his shoulders and making a run for it, I follow him, they place him on a stretcher as Ikena gets to the nurses who help him with Brian, a Doctor approaches.
”What is his name?”
”Brian And-”
”Brian Andams” Ikena blurts out , I turn to him sharply
”Cause of death, injuries?”
”He was robbed last night, I took him home, he said he was fine, but we just found him like that, he isn’t breathing and we rushed him here, I think he lost a lot of blood and ..i don’t he dead?”
She checks beckoning to the nurses to check the wound ”The bandage looks clean, just small patches of blood”
”I checked it when I saw him, I cleaned it and -I didn’t know what to do” I say, ”I think he has been dead for a while because..he isn’t breathing, nothing” I finish, she nods and uses the stethoscope and places it to his chest , and then she holds his wrists ”I hear a murmur, its faint, the heart beat, very faint !!” she takes ”take him in and connect him to get oxygen and let’s give him a defibrillator to jumpstart him to normalcy,” then she turns to us

”He is alife, barely, I assume the cut from his stomach lost so much blood and maybe that drained him totally, bring a patient to the hospital immediately when such things occur. Why don’t you come this way so you can drop his Id and insurance details with us and pay for the necessary fees..” she ushers us
”I erm… I did say he was robbed right? I got to him late, they took everything from him, he has nothing on him”
”But we do not accept people without a proper identification Sir, it is against the rules, unless he is a criminal and we are obligated to call the police while we treat them..
”He is no criminal. He is my PA, I am sure whoever did this thought him to be someone else ” I say running my had through my hair ”I mean Brian can be a lot of things but he is no criminal, but the country isn’t safe, the streets aren’t safe, robbers and touts going around and look at what they did to him ” I sob, relief washing over me ”I thought he was dead, I thought!!” My knees buckle , Ikena catches me and places me to a chair to sit.
”Take it easy Ma’am, he is fine, you may have saved his life, you stopped the bleeding and cleaned the wound, whatever infection he had would have been cleaned…” she turns to Ikena ”But we need an ID, a means of identification, bio, insurance health details, it is mandatory sir”
Ikena nods pulling her away, I stare at him curiously, they move further away
”Can I be honest with you Doctor?”
”it depends” she states
”Actually, aside the fact that he was nabbed last night and almost killed and no form of identification, it is also possible that the people who did this meant to specifically hurt him, and by having it on record they will find him”
”this is a highly secured hospital sir, he would be safe”
”Yes, he wasn’t even safe and protected from the best, and they would come and finish him up”
”Sir, there is nothing I can do”‘
”There is always something someone can do, look..i will pay you, just sweep this under the wrong, it is for the right reasons, you are saving someone’s life , someone important”
”who is he?”
”Someone whose health challenges shouldn’t be made public knowledge, it would cause a storm to come down and we won’t be able to stop it”
”are you speaking in metaphors Sir?”
”No, literally ” Kenekan would raise Ph city to the ground..
”Sir, this is my job on the line”
”And a life too, just omit it , that is all I say, don’t record it, ”
”And if I do not?”
”Maybe you would have to pray to God to forgive you for your sins when you couldn’t safe the life of an innocent man when they come to kill him when you could have prevented it. Look, everyone has a price, what is yours?”
She sighs, ” A hundred thousand, minus your bill”
”Done, if you would give me your account number I can do a transfer to you now?”
”I will get back to you, let me check him”

”Good, we would wait”

Ikena comes to sit down beside me ”What happened to him Ikena, what do you mean he was nabbed yesterday?”
He sighs ”Wrong place, wrong time, touts, the streets aren’t safe, he fights them off but he was nibbed in the tummy and a few punches to his head and a cut to his lips, when I found him … ” he hesitates ” they had gone,. I was leaving the club”
”I thought you say you go home after you drop me, do you wait for him at the club to? Isn’t your work hours only on weekdays?”
” I went clubbing too, I do have a life Miss Adora, aside driving people around, it was on my way back I saw him lying there not so far, I wanted to take him to the hospital but he refused, went to the chemist, he was attended to, no matter how much i insisted he refused, he is stubborn”
”was that while you asked me to check, go back and check?”
”Yes, I have been trying to call him but he wasn’t picking, no one I knew stayed close to him, so when I realized you were just leaving I had to get to you…you saved his life. What you did, you don’t know what you did..thank you!”
”Anyone would do what they think would help and when I was cleaning the wound I didn’t know he was alife, I thought he was dead, and…I don’t know” I place my hand over my mouth, I swallow..
”well he wasn’t dead ”Ikena says looking at me, a curious stare in his eyes, he says nothing
”why did you tell her his name is Brian Andam?”
”Well, do you have his ID card here and other insurance health details?”
”Good, neither do I and I don’t know anything other than his name which is Brian I panicked and gave her a wrong name and-”
It didn’t make sense to me
”And won’t they request for the one you gave?”
”Well…” he blows out hot air ”Not really, is handled, Brian would get better care in their hands ”
”But, we need to inform someone, I mean we obviously don’t know his family, someone would be worried about him, must have tried to call him all through and couldn’t”
”Do you know his family?”
”No” my brows knot together
”Neither do I, I am just a company driver, nothing else” he lies
”We could inform the company, I mean, they would have information about their staff, I mean when you applied to work there or got employed there are certain details required from you incase of emergencies ”
”Maybe I should call Mr Emeka, I don’t have his personal phone number but if I call the office in Lagos, my former PA Tina, she can be able to forward me a number or someone who would have it, so his family members can be aware, and to cover the expenses and all” I say bringing my phone from my pocket, he stops me
He is staring at me.. he turns away as I begin to scroll down my phone.

Ikena is thinking, if she does that, it gets to Emeka, he would be worried and then he would call the Boss, and then all hell would break lose because Kenekan would want to have the head of the one behind his son’s attack, and he has no glue who the actual person is, that means his own head would go first, then he would rain down in Port Harcourt.
He could be strict when trying to deal with his son, but it didn’t mean he would let someone touch a hair on his head. He turns to stare at me as I place the phone to my ears, he stops me.
”What Ikena?’
”No need to scare anymore people already Ma’am, I am sure he would be fine”
”He almost died Ikena, what if we didn’t get there on time, what if you didn’t get to me, or I didn’t get to him and you never showed up?”
”But we did”
”what if we didn’t Ikena?”
”But. We. Did.” He repeats staring into my eyes and placing his hands on mine, he knew he sounded like Brian now but it was absolutely necessary to calm her down.
I nod, I nod and then I nod again. ”Okay, but his bills, who would pay it?”
”Its covered”
”I do not understand”
”I took care of it, it isn’t much”
”it is awfully nice for a driver to pay the hospital bill of one he drives, like too nice and very strange, I mean you must know Brian as much as I know him which is just a few weeks ago, why would you want to pay his bills, you hardly know him and plus how much do you earn that you would want to do that?”
He smiles sadly ” let’s just say a life is more important at the moment , he can pay me back when he gets on his feet, plus, wouldn’t you have helped if you are faced with that or saving a stranger’s life?”
”Eh I suppose I would,” I lean back
”Then, I did that suppose thought Miss Adora, but that doesn’t matter, what matters is that he is alife”
”yes, he is”
She walks up to us, we get up ”So, he has a concussion to the back of his head which induced swelling, and usually, people who suffer concussion to the head are usually tried to be kept awake especially if it is severe because it might cause internal bleeding and lead to Brian Hemorrhage and when they fall asleep, they sleep into a coma”’
”A coma, Jezz!!” Ikena exclaims as he folds his hands, then he drops them
”Is he in coma right now? Is that why he couldn’t come awake, does his have internal bleeding and the other thing you said?” I ask as fear grips me,
”Yes and No!!”
”please explain”
”Yes, due to the hit to his head it gave him the concussion but., no internal bleeding, he is okay, he lost a lot of blood from the cut to his stomach, we treated and stitch it using laser, it would heal in a couple of days , and he was in a near state of slipping into a long-term coma; he was weak, energy zapped and he had a concussion and yes, he did slip into a coma for a few hours and it was only temporary, …you got to him and stopped the bleeding, that helped, plus warmth, from my knowledge victims are stone cold from drainage but …apparently some warmth got to him before coming here”
”I wiped him with hot water, and held him close to me, maybe?” I tell her, I had no idea what I was doing.
”It helped, warmth, clean wound which prevented infection and ofcourse it stopped the bleeding so it helped him a lot, and right now all he needs is rest, he should come to in a few hours, he is out of danger, and I would prescribe some pain killers, and aspirin for his head, other than that when he comes too, he just needs plenty rest at for the next couple of days, he would be fine, and he should stay off the streets, it’s dangerous. Once he is out of danger you can take him home unless you want us to keep him for observation but since he is without an ID I cant keep him here longer than a few hours atleast, so when he is charged out of danger, you can take him home, with the drugs, rest, he would be back on his feet in no time”
”Thank you Doctor” we tell her, she smiles leaving.
”You want me to take you home?” Ikena turns to me, he can handle things from here.
I shake my head ”Er..” if I go home what would I do? ”No, it’s fine, going somewhere?”
”Yeah, I don’t think he would want to go back to the blood at home”
”You really do care an awfully lot for a driver Ikena, am I missing something?”
He laughs getting up ”Just a driver with a heart Ma’am, would come pick you both in a few hours, call me if anything”‘
I watch him leave, a frown crosses my face..He definitely cares an awful lot for a mere driver to a passenger he takes to work and back weekly, why does it feel as though there was something more to him than he lets on. I turn away from the door and relax on the chair, I wait.
Ikena takes an hour to clean the house, pulling the bedsheets and changing it, once he is done he locks the door and leaves heading down town…
He parks at the station and alights, walking into the building. A few people who know him greet him, he exchanges pleasantries with some, and then he goes to a desk…
”Dude?” he plops down on the chair
Teka looks up from his desk ”Hey Champ, you good, your eyes tells a lot of story, how is the kid?”
”So-So, almost lost him, he is in the hospital”
”You gonna tell me who this kid is though?”
”Just a clients son that is all, but he is important ”
”Apparently so, does his father happen to own a lot of oil wells and shits like that?”
”Do you mind not prying?”
”couldn’t help it, I am curious by nature plus I am a cop, plus a tech expert, plus nothing hides under the radar especially top elites kids like that but, don’t worry, that’s your business. You know you should call them and tell them”
”No, He is stubborn, would hate me if I do”
”What do you care, you are doing your job, since when do you have a soft side?”
”Since I had been driving and protecting a man who has been acting like a kid most of his life and who is trying to be a better man plus… he reminds me of someone I used to know”
Teka smiles ”I am nothing like the rich arrogant spoilt kid”
”Oh you are, you were, you are, the only difference is that you weren’t born with a silver spoon but…you were nasty, but look at you now…a man doing the good work, shouldn’t I be proud?”
”Right !!!” Teka shakes his head standing up and he follows him, they enter into his office and he shuts the door ”So this are what you sent to me, its all here.. I already have plans laid down to comb the area , which would be done when you pull the girl out, after you get your client’s name, and I ran the pictures of the young men on our database, they are all university students as you said, we would move in when you are ready, plus..we need to know who and who all his clients are, there are a number of deaths , kidnappings , robberies unaccounted for…and we think Vampire is responsible for that, look..this is way bigger than what you think, if we catch Vampire, a whole lot of people would be at peace…you just found our terrorist in Ph Ikena after so many years we tried and failed, you should be proud of yourself ”
Ikena chuckles ”And the other two out of the three?”
”Reported it as soon as I came to work, robbery gone wrong, we identified them as Bobo George and Kemes Anuri, both students and check this, cultist too. When we took their pictures to their place of residence, one’s parent had already disowned him due to his lifestyle. The other was in hiding, he raped and killed his half-sister”
”Jesus!! who breeds monsters?” Ikena shakes his head
”Oh well, the devil maybe, anyways, they don’t have much friends, their circle is small and we didn’t tell them they are dead, just looking for them, but it is safe to assume they wouldn’t be missed, but official reports would be released soon, maybe later in order not to spook away Vampire, and the third, is he still alife Ikena the Terrible? You are first to protect a life Sir, ”
”You are a police officer, I am military , we shot first to save another innocent life and ask questions later but we know dead men don’t talk.”
”So he is dead?”
”Let’s just say he wouldn’t be able to use his hand nor his legs, one of them again, but he is okay. i will leave you the coordinates to pick him up when I leave here, you would need him to take you to Vampire’s other spots maybe” Ikena says
”I told you, you are growing soft, it is a good thing, maybe that kid is good for you, the arrogant brat who is nothing like me”
Ikena laughs ” it is a Bad thing, plus he has a name, and he actually isn’t half bad when he is changing to be better. And, I will let you know what I find out, in the main time, when I pull her out and the other girls..the government would need to step in and help them”
”Sure thing”
Ikena drives into the hospital a few hours later, I am sleeping when he wakes me up..
”Brian is in the car, let’s go!!” when I stand up, it is dark already.
”Is he okay?”
”He is asleep”
”Why are we talking him away, he should be in the hospital overnight”
”Doctor said he is fine, he needs rest and he can have it at home, I will drop you off and take him home”
I am shaking my head ”But here, someone would be with him all night, but home, no one is”
”I will be”
I stare at him,” really”‘
”Ma’am, you have had a long day, you should rest”
I thin my lip ”Yes, you are right. But…” I bite my lower lip ”I will stay with him tonight”
”Miss Adora, he is really out of danger, and-”
”I am staying Ikena, that’s it”
”Okay” he raises both hands in surrender, a smile tugging at his lips.
John is on his way to his house, today he had had a good day..a beautiful day, he treated himself to a movie, a good meal and then tonight, he was going to sink into a sweet bambi…
Since the classy Bambi in his company is still a hard nut to crack, he needs to empty his nuts, the whole news of Brian’s death was giving him so many excitements, he can’t wait for Monday to come and his life back to track, even better. He tells the taxi he hired to stop, he walks down to the junction and approaches them, there were about three, standing, waiting..
”Oga, you dey look for me?” one of them come to him, he smiles
”Who can make a happy man happier?”
”It depends, you pay good, we can make you touch the heavens” the other one comes to him, the third follows. They weren’t pretty , no not by a long short, not even close to his Adora, but for his happy mood, he would do. He just wants to pour this excitement and feel even more happy, Monday was too far to stroll in like the world was at his feet.
”For Five thousand, what joys can you give me?” he eyes the first one, she had full waist, firm breast, the cushion behind her would be nice to slap when he sinks into her from behind , yes, she would do.
”I can make you sing, shall we?” she links her hands too his
”Yes, yes, we shall” they walk to his taxi, he taps the condoms in his pocket and slips in..
Yes, today was a great day for him.
Cosmos enters into his room and then drops his bible, then he frowns, someone entered into his room..
”Juliet!!!!” he shouts
Juliet who had been sitting on the hard floor in the small room he gave her suddenly jumps up as fear grips her, when she hears her name again, she runs out to him
He is standing in the middle of the room, a frown on his face
”Who was in my room? Someone was in my room, was it you Juliet?”
She shakes her head ”Then explain to me how the hell is that Unicorn’s Horn not properly placed, did you go into my other room, because I know I cocked it”
She shakes her head
”You are lying to me Juliet, who was here, was it you, were you snooping around?’ he takes full strides to her and pulls her from the hair ”Huh?”
”No please. Please ”
He punches her square in the face, she screams out in pain holding her face
”Please father!!”
”I know someone was here, tell me who, tell me who damnnit!!” he punches her again and again ”Where you looking on how to escape, were you looking for a weapon, were you huh huh?” he punches her again and again, she is bleeding from her nose and her mouth as she wails..
” wasn’t me, it wasn’t me I swear it!!”
”Then who, who? Tell me so I can show Mercy to you!!” She cries as her lips trembles., her eyes pools.
She told him, she told him Father would find out, and then he would kill her, she told him.
”Who Juliet?” he thunders as he slaps her hard.
”It’s, it’s….”

I walk into the house behind Ikena , he goes straight to his room and drops him carefully on his bed, making sure he was properly placed he steps away..
I am looking at Ikena, something tugs at my thoughts, sometimes I don’t think he is who he says he is..
I have worked with drivers and staffs, even the good ones show care but with him, it feels like his care is mixed with a sense of duty to protect…
I don’t know, I squeeze my face in thoughts.
”Miss Adora?” he calls my name, I turn to him
”Are you sure you don’t want me to take you home? It’s late, you need to rest, tomorrow is Sunday, work on Monday, you don’t need to watch over a grown man that would be able to take care of himself when he comes to”
”Neither do you, you have a family to go home to right? I don’t, besides..i won’t be exactly at peace knowing that I saw him almost bleeding to his death, having to clean those blood up, having to hear what the doc said and now knowing he is still not awake… I probably would have nightmares because of the thought of death and seeing all that blood…I rather stay and make sure he is fine, I would go home in the morning” I say turning around, he needs a cloth to cover himself, I see his duvet on the chair, I take it and spread over him, I step away.
”Well..i also don’t have a family to go home to and besides, I am a man, I would be able to lift him around and stuff..and besides, you wouldn’t be able to deal with all that”
I sigh ”I am staying Ikena, and if you want to too you are welcome but I am sure I can manage”
I didn’t know what I was doing or why I was doing what I was doing but I knew that I wouldn’t be comfortable going home and not knowing if he is okay for sure. It didn’t mean anything really..i just, want to make sure, let him open his eyes and he is okay, coherent enough and all, then I will go home.
I wonder about his family, wouldn’t they be worried sick not being able to reach him..
”Don’t you think we should inform the company?” I insist again
”Let’s leave that till Sunday night, then we would know if we should, besides, knowing Sir Brian, I don’t think he would want his parents to worry”
”And how do you know that? I wonder Ikena, if you have known him for a long time, the way you sound sometimes”
”Well, I only know him as long as you have Miss Adora, and I drive him to work and back… that one is a hard nut and when he talks about his family which he rarely does, there is this sense of responsibility, he wouldn’t want to worry them, trust me, but even if they have to know, it isn’t our place, we would just cause them to panic, he is out of danger which is a good thing, when he is well rested I am sure he would give them a call and put their heart at ease”
”what if they have been trying to reach him?”
Ikena looks around, that might be true though.. he dropped his jacket on the chair, he searches for the torch-light phone and goes through the call log, several missed calls and all were from him.
”Well, they haven’t tried to in the past couple of hours, missed calls here are from me when I was trying to reach him”
I nod ”Fair enough!”
”So I am going to go, if anything just call me..that okay Miss Adora?”
”Yes….i think so, yes”
He nods leaving the room, I follow him out and lock up behind him, then I turn around..
”Adora, what the hell are you doing ?” shaking my head I frown when I look at my bag on the floor, I grab it and find my way to the kitchen..
Well, guess I would still be cooking afterall. I was hungry, he might be too when he wakes up and I hope soon.
Okay, if I thought the house looked great, the kitchen looked amazing…and very untouched. Silverwares and cutleries still wrapped and in boxes, pots and other kitchen utencils never been used. So what was he doing? Eating out? And the friend he said he was squatting with, didn’t he cook? Didn’t they entertain visitors who cooked?
I blow out hot air..
Everything was untouched, neat and dusty. Ohhh Adora, what are you doing? I couldn’t very well cook in a dusty kitchen, it wasn’t healthy. Sighing I set about cleaning the beautiful dusty kitchen , washed my vegetables and set a pot on the gas, good thing there was gas.
In an hour food is on fire while I go back to check on him, he hadn’t moved.
I look down at him as I bend, staring into his face, I take a finger close to his nostrils, I feel hot air. Okay, he is still breathing.
I leave him back to the kitchen, maybe I could use a few pieces of the chicken I bought to make some soup for him to drink, yes, I should.
I set back to do so.
Juliet’s nose is bleeding heavily, Cosmos fist wasn’t friendly.. she coughs and winces in pain as he pulls hard at her hair, causing her head to be thrown backwards..
”Please I will tell you” she cries.
”My patience is running thin, who was in here?”
She hesitates, if she tells him that the man who came pretending to look for help was the one and that he is some sort of a police man, he would kill her and then he would run away, if she doesn’t, he might still kill her, but if she says she was the one, he would beat her and beat her some more, but..he wouldn’t kill her, …not now anyways.
”It’s me, it’s me, I am sorry, I am so sorry” she sobs
”then why did you lie?”
”I was scared, I am sorry” she holds her hair as he pulls it back more, sneering into her face
”What were you looking for?”
”I came to clean the room sir, please”
”liar, you were looking for a weapon, something to escape with maybe?”
She is shaking her head ”I swear, look at the room, see, I spilled oil as I was carrying food, it slipped into your room..look at the door from where the oil came and I know if I left it like that you wouldn’t like it so ..i had to open the door, and I had to clean it, and then I cleaned the room too..i am sorry, I am sorry”
”But I told you not to ever enter here when i am away…”
”I know I am sorry, ”
”But I carried my did you get in eh? How did you get in Juliet, you are lying to be Juliet..Juliet Juliet tell me the truth Juliet!!” he punches her stomach, she screams in pain slouching over
”You didn’t lock it well, you jammed the door but, it wasn’t locked, I swear it..please, so as I pushed and used the outdoor key and touches the nobe, it opened, the door wasn’t properly locked sir, remember, that other time you thought you locked it but it locked but it wasn’t, I was the one who told you when you came back..” she cries ”I would never disobey you or go against you I swear it please, please” she cries
He looks at her, ”If you ever come into my room when I am not here, I will kill you, if you as much as disobey me, I kill you, if you do anything I am against, I will kill you Juliet”
She knows ..
”Good, now, get out!!” she pushes her away and causes her to hit her back to the floor, she groans in pain
”I said get out before I change my mind now”
She gathers herself after staggering up and runs out of the door, he looks around his room, just to make sure nothing was amiss, he enters his other room after pressing the button, looks around, he frowns going to his desk..
Then he turns and walks out watching it close behind him.
He has a new client who wants a family dead, some political job, he would call some of his other recruits from the university of port Harcourt..
When he has time to repair his other phone he might decided to pay Koko, Bobo and Kemes.. but for now, they would not be able to contact him for their money.. but the job was done, the Brian fellow was dead, his client John was happy, no more communication…on to other jobs.
He smiles… then he frowns..
What was Koko trying to tell him before the phone got damaged by that stupid Juliet? He rubs his jaw..
Maybe he would take it to the repairs in the morning, oh snap..tomorrow was Sunday, he has to do mass here, maybe Monday.
He needs to take a shower, then he would watch the news to see if those stupid police had thought about him in the last five years..
Sometimes, it felt good being a ghost in a town they consider you the devil..
Even as he is hiding, he is rebuilding back his empire. Does the government think they ruined him after seizing his millions and cars and houses?
Oh they did, but only for a while, soon, he would be back on top , and there wouldn’t be able to stop his rise.
He is Alex Aka Vampire.. the most dreaded and wanted person as long as Port Harcourt station was concerned and may be the Rivers Government too, but they wouldn’t catch him, no, they probably think he is dead, or smuggled out of the country.
He laughs.
But he is hiding in place sight, surrounded by police stations and houses and civilians, in broad day light and no one knows who the fxxk he is..
He had minor changes done to his appears, he had to look like a fxxking Reverend Father, with the glasses, grew a goatee, dyed it grey, a few grew temple, removed the gold teeth, wear long priest ropes to cover his body and arms, and his white color is high enough , removed the piercing from his eyes, ear and tongue.. he looked liked a fxxking priest he couldn’t believe how innocent and fatherly he looked.
And whenever they see him and great him with a bow and hands to their chest and awe in their eyes, he goes ”Bless you son” with the sign of the cross , a touch to their head and a hand back to his with the bible close to his chest and gestulates to the heavens and invites them to his small church.
He throws his head back in laughter ”Bless you son indeed!!” more like ”Come suck my cock short sighted fools!!” he laughs again
”Oh..chai!!! ” he scratches his balls as he strips going to the bathroom revealing tattoos all over his body and his back showing a huge ”X” with a skull at the middle and his name ”Vampire ” scribble with an owl drawn just below it..He disappears into the bathroom and shuts the door.
John breaths heavily on the girl beneath him as she makes sounds, screaming for him to continue and thrashing her hands all over the place and making faces.. ”Yes baby, screw me harder, yes yes yes…oh yes yes” she screams
”Ah harder eh, harder eh!!” he thrust harder into her, his breathing intensifying, he slaps her bottom and plunges deep in to her again ”’Ahhh so sweet, so sweet baby sooo sweet” he thrust deep in and out and slaps her bottom again, grabbing her breasts and squeezing hard, ”harder eh? Harder eh!! You like my boy, he is big and strong eh? Who is your daddy, say it baby who is your daddy!?” He thrusts faster
”You …you is my daddy!!” she wails ”Screw me yes yes yes!! Yes it is big..big yam!!” she hold on the bed moaning loudly..
”yes yes!!” he closes his eyes going faster until his speech his slurred and his eyes goes into his head, he begins to jerk and jerk , jerking again as he screams out his release ”YEEEEEEEEEEEE!!” He exclaims as he falls ontop of her , jerking repeatedly till he suddenly stops, he pulls and rolls away from her, breathing heavily, she collapses on her back since she had been on all fours, after a few minutes she sits up, grabbing her bra to wear and looking for her panties
”Oh you were so sweet, you like it right, I made you see the stars right?” he reaches out to grab and squeeze her bottom again after giving it a friendly pat
She rolls her eyes as she backs him, ”Yes , eh you wanted to kill me, oga you sabi the thing oh, you almost tear me into two sef…chai!!” she lies
He smiles ”Good good, where are you going, I may be excited again” he sits up
”Oga you go pay for the night? If yes then I will stay, if not I get other people wei go want do this night and I need the money”’ she tells him as she pulls on her panties
”How much for the night then?”
”Another five thousand ” she tells him
He frowns, he had spent a lot this past few days, taking drop to go pick Miss Adora before Brian ruined it, now the Hundred thousand he had to pay to that Frank dude to deal with Brian, and now this…
He already had begun eating into his savings, Pay day was still a couple of days away and how does he replenish what he has spent..
His frown deepens..
But, he was happy, and when he was happy, he likes to indulge .
”Okay, stay the night..but know that na both of us they enjoy the thing oh..this one you won run, you that was screaming and speaking tongue as I gave you the sweet hammering of your life eh” he pulls her back to the bed beside him..”No be so?”
”Oga, na so” she smiles but the smile doesn’t reach her eyes , ”Let me tell my roomie that I would not come home tonight”
”Okay” he lets her go to the toilet as she takes her phone with her.
”Babes, how fa, please eh, help me warm that soup wei dey inside that small pot when you reach house, I no go come tonight, na morning I go show” she speaks into the phone as she sits to pee.
”Eh, na that same guy or you catch another one for road?”
”Same guy” she replies as her friend speaks to her through the phone
”How the ‘Do’, make sense?” she could hear her friend smiling
She sighs ”The fool just they ram, I wasn’t feeling anything sef, tiny something, and if you see the way he was bragging as we enter house eh you would think say him jnr reach greek god own. See eh, I wish I can snap it and show you, unku thing no big pass my middle finger when he is flaccid, when erect, add more and if you see the way he was doing ‘Who is your daddy, shei I am big, tell me who is your daddy, I will screw you till you call on Jesus and the saints”
She could hear her friend roar with laughter ”For real?” her friend asks
”Yes for real, but you know the business na, we gats pretend and act like he is the king of sex..oh ah yes yes…you know say I sabi fake shits like that, the fool dey feel mighty proud with himself..omo, the dxxk can’t screw me to save my life jor, na because of money sha, na condition make crayfish bend”
They both laugh ”Abeg no forget my soup, see you tomorrow”
”Okay dear, so another round with the toothpick ?”
Deep sigh ”That is why we have vibrators na, if the thing hungry us proper and no good dxxk, we use am, on other business we dey my friend”
”Na true my sister” they laugh again.
They say their goodbyes and she leaves the toilet returning to find him watching Tv..
”Come come, come say hello to junior while I am watching Tv, it would get him back up for another round”
She puts a fake smile on her face, goes on her knees infront of him, grabbing his fickle member, she notice he flung the used condom into the basket beside her, she turns away and puts it into her mouth, she felt him groan before he lets out a sigh of happiness.
I had had something to eat and cleared my plate, he hasn’t woken up yet. I leave him again, entering the bathroom, I wash my face.
I turn around, I really needed a shower..
But I don’t have nothing to wear, maybe I should just look for any of his cleaned shirts..not like I had a choice, then I could use the washing machine by the corner and wash my cloths and my undies.
Yes, I should do that, I just hope he wouldn’t get angry seeing me in his shirt, I have a good reason for it anyways, not like I wanted to just …wear his shirt..i mean.
I go back out, going through his cloths hanging in the wardrobe, I bring out a white office shirt, I like white, I take it and go into the bathroom, I strip and throw my things into the washing machine, while it is washing I turn on the heater, closing the shower curtain I take a shower, letting the water course through my body.. I close my eyes and let it release my tensed nerves..
Brian stirs awake.
He winces in pain as a sharp one courses through his head, he groans as he raises his hands to touch the back of his head, he felt a slight swell..
”What the tha-” he began as the pain gives him a headache, he removes his hands and tries to seat up, another one slices through his stomach , ”Fxxk!!” he swears , he relaxes backwards and looks at his stomach
What in the lord’s name happened to him? He looks around, his eyes trying to make sense of where he takes a full minute before he releases he is at home, his place in Port Harcourt. Then he touches the back of his head carefully this time, yes, that was swollen.. he touches his stomach, yep..the pain there is twice as worse..
But !!
What..what happened to him, how come he is..—
”Oh!! Damn!!”‘ he relaxes back as it comes flooding back..
The club, two guys jumping him, he beating them, a third guy appearing out of nowhere, cutting his stomach while they round him up, the hit and blows to his head, they wanting to kill him afterwards, Ikena showing up, two dead, the third calling frank, Ikena says he was going to drill the third for information on who wants him out of the way, Ikena wanting to take him to the hospital., him refusing, he brings him home, he gets to his bed and that was it, everything else was a blur..
But he was fully clothed, his cloths and blood stains…but, he frowns.
He has only his trousers on, unbuttoned and zipped to accommodate the plaster on his stomach, and his body looked cleaned, liked someone had cleaned the blood stains, and the nurse at the pharmacy didn’t have the time to do that, and they were in a hurry, he was , he just wanted to get home..
But, he touches his lip, the cut to his lip has a tiny plaster to it, and his head has one to..and it smelt of hospital , he always hated the smell of hospital, everything smelt like hospital and he knows he didn’t go or did Ikena take him there when he slept off? He wouldn’t put it past him.. or maybe he got a nurse to come do it..he wouldn’t be surprised either.
So where the hell was Ikena, probably somewhere in the house, he hopes he didn’t call his father, or mother, most importantly he hopes he didn’t kill the third guy? He couldn’t bring his head to wrap about it.
He still believes that it was a case of mistaken identity but, one of them called his full name, so who the hell has a grievance against him that wanted to harm him..who?”
He sighs.
He couldn’t think about it, his head hurts .
He turns when he hears his shower on in the toilet, he frowns.
Someone was in there, was it Ikena? Why the hell would he be in his bathroom, okay that was invading his personal space.
Or…maybe, it’s a nurse?..
Maybe he got a nurse to stay with him; everything smelt like hospital and he wasn’t alone which meant that someone was kept to stay with him, ..maybe a nurse right?
But why would the person be using his bathroom?
He pulls himself out of bed, holding his head as he sits down. He takes a few minutes to get acquainted with the pain to his head and his stomach, after taking a few in and out breaths he pulls himself up , reaching the wall to steady himself, he makes his ways slowly to the bathroom.
He knocks, once, twice, thrice..
No answer.
He knocks again, no answer. He frowns.
Or did he leave it on, and he forgot to turn it off? But he doesn’t remember doing so.. maybe, Ikena did enter his toilet, and forgot to turn it off.
He opens the door wide and pushes it open, he staggers in..
Then he froze when he sees the outline of a woman through his shower curtain that was too visible and yet not.
Her back was to him, her curves and shape pronounced as her hair is shown towards the shower head, water gushing down over her face, her head and down her body as she washes her face and her hair..
And with her hands raised he could see the outline of her perky firm bosom as she turns slightly to wash the left of her face.. foam latter over her face and ears, trekking down her body..
Okay, if this was a dream, this was too mesmerizing and he didn’t want to break could he.
Or did he die and go to heaven?
The see-through shower curtain gave him a perfect view, not perfect enough to show him who the person was..