Natasha Reloaded Episode 30



They had gone far from Flex Empire and was about to take a U turn when two power bikes came from the side of the road started following them.

One was at the back of the truck, the other was close to the driver of the truck. The two military men sensed danger but before the driver could do anything.


An arrow flew in slashing through his throat.

Lisa followed Lex till he entered his room and sat down on the couch.

“Now are you happy” he spoke softly towards Lisa.

“Happy about what?”

“Don’t give me the crap. It was your heart desire to see Natasha get killed, now are you happy”

“Common Lex, it’s not so, it just that..”

“It’s just what?” Lex shouted cutting her short.

“She’s an enemy to us. You don’t know what she is capable of. You don’t even know that she is dangerous?”

“No, natasha is a harmless little girl”

“Yes, harmless little girl that prevented us from killing the minister of aviation affairs. Or harmless little girl that is after the life of our boss all in the name of revenge. Chill Lex, I think you need a drink” She said and walked to a mini fridge at the corner of the house where she took a champagne and poured it into a glass cup, then she slipped three pills into it and waited for the pills to dissolve before bringing it to Lex.

Lex was glad, he took the drink and drank it at a go. It didn’t take long before the pills had an effect on him.

“Natasha deserves everything she’s passing through” Lisa said looking at Lex.

“But….” Lex wanted to argue but felt very weak and couldn’t talk much.

“No but, am here for you” Lisa said as she held his head and gave him a deep kiss. She continued kissing him as she lay his back gently on the couch. Then she removed her jacket and inner wear till she was claded in her bra.

She threw the jacket to the other side of the room as she continued kissing lex while she undid his button.

She helped Lex raised his back up a bit and she removed his jacket and inner wears too. Without wasting time, she launched at his n—–s and started svcking them one after the other.

Then she stood up, removed her bra and trouser till she was only on her pant. She took her big, erected and pointed n—–s and placed it on Lex’s mouth forcing him to suck on it.

“Ouch yeah” she moaned delightedly. This was her dream come through. She unzipped his trousers and brought out his enormous d!ck and started stroking it, she was about to get intimate with him when the door yanked opened and a young agent walked in.

“Am so..soo. Sorry” he stammered as he turned back to go away.

“Wait” lisa said and he stopped. She dashed towards him and gave him a blow to the head. The blow sent the agent flying away from the room through the door as he fell down dead. She closed and bolted the door as she turned back and walked majestically towards lex.

She had her pants off as she got near lex. Lex was very weak. He was surprised at that, he couldn’t protest or even argue. She held his erected d!ck which she placed on the entrance of her p—y and slid down with great speed taking Lex all the way in.

“Ohhh, so good!! what took me so long!!!” She moaned.

The truck instantly screeched as the other military man beside the driver pushed the right leg of the driver stepping on the brake, making the truck come to a halt.

Leo and Agent S sensed danger and came down quickly while the military man pushed away his dead colleague and started driving the truck away.

The two bike riders screeched and stopped their bikes. Then they came down, dressed like ninjas in all black with one holding a long bow.

“We just killed some rebels and here is another one. One by one they shall all die” Leo said walking towards the enemy.

“The truck is on move, jummybabe you’re next. Get Natasha out of the truck alive.”

“Copy that Agent Idris” was Jummy speaking from the voice transmitter.

“Common Konami, let’s DANCE”

“Yes Idris” Konami replied “let’s dance.

Agent S ran towards konami while Leo ran towards Idris. When Leo got close to Idris, Idris delivered a punch to his eyes and a double spinning kick to the jaw. Leo fell down, he quickly stood up but Idris held his neck and delivered a chokeslam to him.

Konami gave Agent S a knee to the stomach. Agent S groaned and bent down but received a knee to head. Agent S brought out an electric short stick from his back pocket and dashed towards Konami with it.

Konami saw this in time and did a backward roll as the stick passed his head. He quickly stood up and delivered a front flip kick to Agent S and the stick fell down his hand.

Agent S wanted to stand up but Konami jumped up and delivered another blow to his left eye making him to lay down on the floor.

Idris smiled at Leo. He knew Leo was not his match. Leo flipped to his feet. Idris rushed him and gave him a blow but Leo blocked it. He gave Leo a kick but Leo blocked it again. Idris smiled, he quickly used his second leg for a spinning kick but Leo flipped backwards and evaded the kick.

“No, something isn’t right” Idris said to himself.

“Are you surprised? I guess you guys are the shadows, well bad news for you, we are now stronger and faster than you” Leo said but Idris didn’t reply him.

He dashed towards Idris and have him a blow to the face. Idris saw it coming and blocked it but Leo was so fast to deliver another blow to the stomach of Idris which made Idris to squat, then he jumped up and gave Idris a knock out punch.

Konami was about to go when Agent S stood up and ran to him. Konami quickly turned back and gave him his finishing move Hammer Fist Strike. Agent S fell down dead.

Konami turned back and saw Leo dishing blows at Idris and was surprised. It seems to him the Made Men are now stronger than before.

Leo held Idris and gave him a heavy punch to the stomach. He pushed Idris backwards and smiled. Idris waited a while to gain strength, he rushed at Leo again but as he got closed to Leo who was expecting an attack, he just rolled past him and Konami from no where delivered a high knock out punch to Leo and Leo flew backwards.

“It’s time for stealth mode” Idris said.

“Shadow mode activated” Konami said and before Leo could turn back, he couldn’t see Idris or Konami. He was now scared a little. He turned back again but found no one.

Idris now brought out an arrow, he was at the top of a tree and only God knows where konami is.

“Whooop” He shot towards Leo and it got stuck in his back. Before Leo could react, Konami had thrown a grenade towards him which blasted him. Leo fell down lifelessly.

“Stealth mode deactivated” Idris said “common, let’s go get Natasha.”

They both climbed their power bikes and sped off.

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Jummybabe was on her bike in the middle of the road. As soon as the truck came close, it halted and the military man who was driving it came out.

“Get out of the way” He shouted towards Jummy, haven’t seen she is a girl gave him more ego to think he can defeat her.

“I said get out of there” he shouted again and Jummy walked closer to him.

“Give me Natasha and you can walk away unharm”

“Hahaha” the army man laughed “you are just a beautiful chick that can’t hurt a fly” he said removing a double barrel gun from his back.

“Alright but, remember, looks do deceive”