Natasha Reloaded Season 2 Episode 31


“Give me Natasha and you can walk away unharm”

“Hahaha” the army man laughed “you are just a beautiful chick that can’t hurt a fly” he said removing a double barrel gun from his back.

“Alright but, remember, looks do deceive”

Lex slowly woke up with a groan. He found Lisa lying naked besides him and jumped up with all his strength. He also found himself naked and quickly wore his shorts.

“Lisa, what have you done?” He barked as he shook her vigorously.

“oh honey, you were super sweet” Lisa yawned as she closed her eyes and continued sleeping.

“Lisa!! What did you to me?” Lex asked again with anger laced in his voice.

“we had s-x, and so?”

“d–n you Lisa, Fvck you, how can you do such to me?”

“Because I love you Lex, I really love you I swear and I can do anything for you” Lisa pleaded.

“get out, this instant” Lex said pointing towards the door.

“Please Lex, don’t do this to me”

“I said get out Lisa, I hate you” Lex shouted. His words pained Lisa that she stood up and brought out a double barrel gun from under a sofa close by.

“life without you Lex is meaningless” She said and was about to release the trigger when Lex kicked the gun away from her. He didn’t know she loved him this much to an extent of almost committing suicide.

“Do you really love me?” Lex asked. She wanted to point out that his question was dump but she kept quiet, nodded her head with tears coming down from both eyes. It surprised her she could cry for love.

“It’s alright, we are gonna work things out” Lex said hugging her.

“Looks can deceive” Jummy said smiling. Before the man could released the trigger, she had ran close to him and kicked the gun out of his hand.

“Impressive” He said folding his fist and started bouncing.

“Seriously, they always like getting beat up before they will admit to the fact am strong” Jummy said as the man dashed towards her.

He tried giving her a blow but she easily dodged it, He tried kicking her but she flipped backward and evaded his move.

The man smiled, he charged forward but a spinning kick to the head made him fall down and passed out immediately.

Just then two power bikes came to a halt in front of her. Idris and Konami came down from the bikes and walked towards her.

“What took you so long to silence him?” Konami asked.

“Let’s just say I decided to have fun with him first before killing him” she replied. They all walked to the back of the truck.

“It’s locked with a code, what do we do…” Konami hadn’t finish his statement when Idris planted a little bomb he took from Konami’s pocket.

“How did you do….?” Konami asked, he didn’t know when Idris took one of his bombs but got no reply.


The door gave way revealing Natasha who had been crying since.

“Natasha” Idris said softly, if one hadn’t been concentrating, he wouldn’t have heard him.

“Natasha it’s alright” Jummy said entering the truck.

“Who are you and why are you here?” Natasha who was scared asked.

“We are your friends. We are not here to hurt you. Believe us Natasha.

“Who are you!!!!” She screamed with all her might.

“We are the SHADOWS” konami replied her.

Lex came out from the resting room with Lisa both holding hands together.

“What’s up with both of you” Froshberry who just entered asked.

“None of your business” Lisa said with her tongue out.

“Hmm, haven’t seen you smiling like this in a long time. wait, hope you guys aren’t fvcking yourselves” Froshberry asked with a naughty smile.

“Men!!!” lex shouted.

“You’re lucky Froshberry. I would have twisted your neck if not for the close relationship you have with boss” Lisa said. All her jokes always seems terrible.

Just then a young man came from the IT department interrupting them.

“Sir, I think we have a problem”
He said to froshberry.

“What’s it again?”

“Follow me sir” He said leading the way while Lex and Lisa also joined him.

“This is a footage from the surveillance cameras in one local street, one thousand five hundred metres from here” The young lad said as he kept typing before he pressed play.

The video showing from the screen had the truck Natasha was in driving at a steady pace. Then two bikes came from each corner at a certain U turn and started following them.

They saw how one of the biker removed his bow and arrow and quickly killed the driver while still riding his bike on a high speed. This caught their attention and they became alerted.

The next was the combat that ensued between Idris and Leo, Konami and Agent S. They watched the stealth move they used and defeated Leo.

“This is not good. We just killed some rebels and here are some other ones too?” Lex asked

“I say we did go there and dance with them” Lisa said clenching her fist.

“These are not ordinary rebels” Froshberry said in a low tone.

“Who are not ordinary rebels?” Professor Johnbull and the other two made men, Alex and Raphael asked.

“I think you will like to see this” Froshberry said showing the footage from the surveillance cameras. They were patient as they watched everything but became furious at the end.

“You said they are not rebels, so who are they?” Professor Johnbull asked.

“They are the Shadows” Froshberry said and everywhere became quiet.

“I thought those guys aren’t in existence anymore?” Lex asked.

“Yes but as you can see, they are now back and one thing about them is that, they are very dangerous” Froshberry said.

“Sir, you will like to see this” a young girl called and they all moved over to her computer. The video there showed how Jummy killed the driver and the other two Shadow agents joined her.

“They haven’t gone any where sir, there are still there” The girl said.

“Good, now you four should take a truck loaded with guns and go to that place. Make sure you rescue Leo and bring Natasha with you alive, remember Donflex is happy today, lets make it remain that way” Froshberry said.

“Alright, heard you” The four Made Men said going out.

The word SHADOWS struck Natasha like a lightening bolt. She blamed them for everything. In fact to her they were not heros but a group of incompetent fools. First they couldn’t protect her parents, they let them die and second, it was her uncle. Where were they when she needed them most.

“Go out!!!!!!!!!” She screamed and Jummy thought her lungs will pull out “I better die in the hands of Donflex than to follow you”

“Natasha it wasn’t our fault, we were following orders” Jummy said.

“Orders from who, go to hell I don’t care” she said with tears coming down from her eyes. Konami felt great pity for her. If he had known, he wouldn’t have obeyed her uncle.

Idris walked close to her and squatted in front of her
“Natasha” He said again with his slow soft voice “you have to….”

He hadn’t complete his statement when Natasha landed a thunderous slap across his face. Her hand twisted and hurt her but to Idris, the slap was more or less compared to a pinch. His facial expression did show that.

“Go away, I prefer dying here” Natasha said unwilling to move.

“I think we have a problem” Konami said looking at a tablet device in his hand.

“What’s that?” Jummy asked.

“A fast approaching truck” Konami answered.

“More made men” Idris whispered.